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Thread: 'Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Review'. Ethical?

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    Default 'Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Review'. Ethical?

    Yesterday, I caught this show called 'Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed in Astro AXN. I've seen some episodes of this show before while it was shown in local free channel but didn't follow it.

    My question is, do you think the Mask Magician revealing the trade secrets of magic performers ethical?

    I'm curious to know how this magic tricks work, but, at the same time, I always feel the Mask Magician is unethical to do such a thing to his fellow magicians. Breaking their rice bowl. (That's why I didn't follow the show).

    According to this article,, the reason the Mask Magician is willing to reveal the secret is the following.

    Valentino said his motive behind the shows was to force magicians to invent new tricks and illusions rather than constantly relying on the old ones. When he finally revealed himself at the end of the fourth show, he emphasized that he felt revealing the secrets would encourage kids into trying magic instead of discouraging them, and that the entertainment of magic shows was more in the magician's showmanship instead of the wonder of how the trick was pulled off.
    Personally, I think the motive is solely $$$$$.
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    Of course it's unethical. To my knowledge, that is a major taboo in the industry. That is why Besides, when you reveal those secrets, magic loses its lustre and entertainment value, and that makes the audience a victim of their own curiosity.
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    As an amateur magician, I disapprove of what he does. Creating new techniques is not as easy as it sounds. Alot of the techniques have a history as well, and is a respectable skill in and of itself. He shows no consideration going around ruining the efforts of all those before and all those after him.

    On the same token, there's nothing stopping him, you can't really patent a trick or a technique. Thankfully, he only does big stage magic. Close up magicians like myself are not affected as much but it still sucks that he sold out.

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    i like the show, ethical or not is not important to me haha.

    plus busting noob *** magician is a real treat too.

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