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Thread: Reign Of Assassins 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by charbydis View Post
    I reedited the format. Should be ok now.
    thanks. works. appreciated.

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    I saw this movie a couple of days ago and I loved it. Michelle Yeoh is amazing.

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    Lightbulb formatting

    Although I'm a little late in the game, I really enjoyed this movie too. How do you get the spoiler formatting to show up? I don't get the row of Bold / Italics / etc.

    Is there a setting I have to turn on?!

    click to show/hide spoilers

    • Why is the cosmetic surgeon / doctor saying, “Karma’s a *****,” when HE’s the one who told Ah Sheng about Drizzle’s whereabouts and her new face? What happened to client / patient confidentiality? The whole point of Drizzle changing her face was to lose her past. Gee doctor, “destiny” wouldn’t be happening if only you’d shut your trap.
    • Why did Ah Sheng marry Drizzle / Zeng Jing? He would have eventually found the Dark Stone gang. He must have liked her from the beginning.
      • I’ve watched it 3 times. On the 3rd time, I caught the foreshadowing with Ah Sheng and the fallen bird eggs. He said something like, “It’s so sad that the whole family died.”
      • Jung Woo Sung (who played Ah Sheng) was soooo good. I couldn’t tell that he wasn’t Chinese. The dubbing was terrific, and I loved his acting and expressions. Hoping to see more of his future work.
      • How did Ah Sheng hide his scars on his body from when he had been attacked by the Dark Stone gang? Cosmetic surgery could do that back then? (As his wife, Zeng Jing would have seen the scars on his back.)
      • I really thought that Ah Sheng’s heart being on the right side was a story gimmick, but there are real instances of that happening.
      • How is a guy with a chest wound able to stand straight and carry someone else? (it’s okay, not really looking for replies)

    • Signs that Ah Sheng loved Zeng Jing
      • The way he turned down nympho Barbie’s advances. “Strange.”
      • The way he tenderly carried Zeng Jing back to bed and took off her shoes after she was beaten in the fight.
      • He appreciated the tofu snack that she brought back.
      • He called her his wife. When Turquoise and Lei Bin show up, he asks, “Did you guys do this to my wife?”
      • When Ah Sheng revealed his identity to the Wheel King, and the Wheel King called his marriage ironic, Ah Sheng didn’t say something like, “Well, I just married her to get to you guys.”

    • I thought that Lei Bin looked very similar to Ah Sheng, and when I first watched it, I had difficulty separating some of the scenes between the two. Poor Lei Bin. A man just wants to feed his family and raise money for a noodle shop by KILLING people. Too bad he finally picked a fight he lost.
    • The juxtaposition of certain scenes was very well done.
      • The Wheel King unwrapping the bodhi’s body, while Ah Sheng unwraps the tofu wrap. I didn’t like the premise of the body—let the dead rest in peace—but I guess it’s a little different from the usual fight over a mystical object.
      • Barbie getting buried was kind of funny in a sadistic kind of way.
      • The bridge theme was well done. Selfless love to be a bridge for someone else vs. sadistic possession to walk over someone (Wheel King).

    • I’ve very little respect for Barbie Hsu as the nympho. The nympho’s the type of woman to move up in the world by using her body.
      • “Commenting on her fellow actress, Barbie Hsu’s brazen flesh-baring scene in the movie, Michelle said, “I never did and I don’t think I need to add that to my portfolio,” when asked if she would ever bare it all on-screen.”
      • Barbie’s best scene was when she was trying to leave the Wheel King near the end.
      • Someone mentioned about wanting to see another fight scene between Barbie and Michelle. I’m not sure Barbie could have handled more (?). She was basically standing around and hiding when Lei Bin and the masked assassins attacked Ah Sheng.

    • Angeles Woo (John Woo’s daughter) had really piercing eyes and stood out during the beginning ambush of Drizzle. However, the creepy words and her voice when she died belonged to an older woman. Something to the effect of: “There’s no escape, you’ll die too.” Although Eater Bear (Angeles) is dying at that point in the movie, she’s a little too young to be having those kinds of observations.

    I think this movie could be done as a drama—there are so many characters and backstories and some of the scenes came fast and furious. Who could keep track of the characters in the beginning the first time around? I would keep the actors the same—loved them.
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