[COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3]The term ‘builder’ is always associated with the home builder, who possesses the savvy, to beautify and give life to one’s ‘shelter’. In olden days we have studied that the essential needs of a man constitutes food clothing and shelter. All the three fundamental needs have changed their nature as time passed and today just like food and clothing, a shelter demands much more. A shelter was always synonymous with home, and now a home or a house reflects the lifestyle and is also a matter concerned with one’s status.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3]In such a situation, a builder has to perform the role of a psychologist, as he is supposed to understand the need of the customer and the motive behind the introduction of certain ‘uncertain’ designs, patterns and structures. The growth of a builder depends on how effectively he analyses the mind of the customer and his needs. This analysis helps him to form designs and patterns which will not only satisfy the customer but also generates admiration for the builder.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3][SIZE=3]The builders are the building blocks, of one of the finest and planned cities, in the world, which is none other than Washington DC. From the perspective of a [/SIZE][SIZE=3][/SIZE][SIZE=3]Builder Washington DC[/SIZE][SIZE=3][/SIZE][SIZE=3] would have served him with a unique identity and a clear means of generating income. A builder thus holds an elite position in the American society. The numbers of builders are increasing day by day, with the ever growing needs of the people. Above all this, studies show that whether it is Washington DC or any other part of the world, people have an inclination towards their past and their cultural beauty, which reflects in their architecture also.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR]