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Thread: Toyota recalls cars again

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    Default Toyota recalls cars again

    Toyota is recalling 1 million cars in Canada and the US. Affected models are Corolla and Matrix made between 2005 and 2008.

    What's wrong with Toyota.
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    Nothing is wrong.

    It's very common to have recalls from car manufacturers but lately the news decided to put more focus on it.

    IMO, it's partly to "educate" buyers that American cars are comparable to foreign manufactured cars.

    Not sure if the media has mentioned this but some (if not all) of Toyota's productions are assembled in US. So the emphasis of Toyotas having issue has almost no effect on my future decision to purchase from them or not.
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    Despite the problem, I still trust Toyota over Ford and GM. My next car will probably a Toyota or Nissan. However, I intend to keep my Honda Civic for a long time since it's still reliable.

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