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Thread: HELP - Chronicles of the Shadow Swordsman 1985 with Michelle and Damian in CANTONESE

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    Default RE: I am also looking for one

    This movie is avery nice movie back in the mid 80s. In fact, I have enjoyed watching most of the ATV movies which
    are no longer in production and available from the publisher. is only a retailer who sells. I did write to them to request the publisher to reproduce the movie so that
    more people could buy those good old days movies such as Buddha Jih (1 & 2), The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, The Fist (Chen Zhen), Legendary Fok Yuen Kap and many more great shows.

    Hope the publisher will take into consideration of all these old movie reproduction and dubbed back into their original
    language (Cantonese).

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