Is this the right place to ask if I don't know the exact title of the Chinese TV or Taiwanese series, but I know 2 actors name and the storyline?

The reason I don't know the title name is because I can't read Chinese and I got my girlfriend to read it and she translates the word which says something in Chinese "revenge or hate". On the DVD cover it said 2009.

Actors name on the DVD cover:

- Min Guo
- Xun Chou Ji

I tried searching the internet but it came back empty.

Story summary:

  • 2 good friends become doctors, but one is arrogant and decides to the surgery by himself and he kills the patient which turns out to be his father in-law.
  • He asked for his friends help and asks if he could take the blame. His friend decides to help him out and goes to jail for a long time.
  • Result of that decision the man that went to prison his wife suffers and becomes ill. With the bad situation she is in she decided to ask her husband friend for help which he promised to take full care of his family.
  • The wife decides to take her life because she is really ill and canít afford to take care of her daughter. Her decision to take her resulted in the man taking in her daughter as a member of his family. The wifeís daughter and the doctors son becomes pretty close and take care of each other. When they grow up the son falls in love with her but cannot tell her because of her dad. His dad has told people outside that the daughter is his with another woman.
  • Anyway 20 years in the future the son and daughter have grown up as the son went to America to finish his doctorís degree.
  • The sonís mother forced him to marry some girl in a rich family but he doesnít want to. He wants to love and marry his sister (but they donít have the same blood, her father went to jail for sonís father and his mother jumped off a tried to drain her).
  • They both show signs of true love but the girl is confused because she thinks they have the same father. Anyway as the story goes on the son tells her that he loves her and they are not brothers.
  • Her mother blackmails the son and the son knees outside the rain begging his mum to let him go.
  • Anyway as the story goes they both say they love each other but now everybody in the family knows they are not blood brothers and sisters, but the sons mother cannot accept these two being together because if people knew outside the family people would laugh in which she sort of forced the girl to let the her son and make him hate her. In which later she make her son hate her by telling him she loves somebody else and kissed somebody else.
  • In the end both the girl and boy get to together and the girl calls his real father ďba-baĒ

Iím not really good at listening or reading Chinese but in mandarin I remember hearing her brother calling the girl Small Rock.

I want to know the exact title name and all the main cast real names. Especially theirs a cute girl in the film