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Thread: Celebs when they were in school

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    hey xiaolong do you have their school pics? all those seems to be from when they were already in the industry.

    I think people think about plastic surgery too much. Just because someone looks better when they are older doesn't mean they had plastic surgery.

    everyone's had a bad picture day and choosing a particularly ugly photo to compare proves nothing.

    BTW...Rainie Yang's picture from above looks like her Metro Garden days. She was quite young then too.

    Whats the legal age for cosmetic surgery anyway? I thought it was 18, wouldn't have been illegal for people to allow underage kids get surgery?!

    And to disprove the notion I shall go look for better looking photos...

    clearer picture of Lin Chi Ling's...can't find another picture. She looks better in this clearer photo.

    Elva. Tracy Su. no comment.

    Wilber Pan looks like he lost weight and go a better hair cut and Jacky looked the same. So no issue.

    Rainie looks same in above photo, considering the girl quit school early any work from her Metro Garden's days would be school pictures.

    Takeshi Kaneshiro. Unable to find school pictures.

    Ariel Lin...


    Yang Mi...She doesn't look like she's in school since she's not wearing uniform.

    Vicki Zhao

    Song Hye Kyo

    Jang Na Ra

    Gillian Chung
    Currently in love with Bae Suzy...for superficial reasons.

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    is it just me or do all the females wanna scream hellfire on the notion of plastic surgery lol no offense. yes enough make up applied the right way can even cure ugly, but imo most of those girls obviously went under the knife.

    p.s regarding the yang mi pic. all those pictures do is prove yang mi was a goddess b4 and after!

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