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Thread: Fangzheng much more powerful than Ren Woxing?

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    Default Fangzheng much more powerful than Ren Woxing?

    I think we generally classify Fangzheng and Ren Woxing on the same general level, with Fangzheng superior.

    It is possible that Fangzheng is actually on a level higher than Ren Woxing and deserves his own tier between DFBB and the rest? He subdues/quickly puts Ren Woxing in an unfavorable position and generally a fight between supposed equals doesn't finish that quickly. We are also reading the fight from RWX's perspective, and we know he's trying his hardest -- but perhaps Fangzheng still has some elite, deadly techniques he has not pulled out yet due to his peaceful and generous nature.

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    This made me think. If the epitome of 9 Yang is equal to the epitome of the best internal in Shaolin and Yijinjing is an epitome art. Would that mean, internally, Fangzhang = Zhang Wuji?

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    It seems that Fangzheng's orthodox internal energy was superior to RWX's unorthodox energy, but I'm not sure if FZ actually has more energy. I wonder what would happen if he encountered someone with RWX's amount of internal energy, but orthodox.
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