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Remembering John Lennon
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Thread: Remembering John Lennon

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    Default Remembering John Lennon

    John Lennon died thirty years ago today.

    Remembering John with one of his songs, but not one of the "usual suspect" songs.

    Not as famous as some of John's other songs, but one of my favorites of his.

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    He looked good with no glasses and short hair. My favorite is still Jealous Guy.
    Less Than Perfect

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    Quote Originally Posted by mi do ri View Post
    He looked good with no glasses and short hair. My favorite is still Jealous Guy.
    The photo and the song "I'll Be Back" are from the Beatles' 1964 film and album A HARD DAY'S NIGHT.

    "Jealous Guy" was one of John's most notable post-Beatles songs. He actually wrote the song while still a member of the Beatles when the band was in India during early 1968 learning about Transcendental Meditation from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. John, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison spent part of the downtime in India writing many of the songs that would end up on the Beatles' WHITE ALBUM later that year. "Jealous Guy" was one of the songs that John wrote during that time in India, but he didn't record it with the Beatles...saving it for his own solo career during the 1970s.

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    Last night I went to a JL tribute show, 50% of the performers were amateurs but the atmosphere was still pretty awesome, esp. when everyone sang Imagine and Stand by me (not written by him actually, but still) in chorus.

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    Default The song that makes us sing

    John Lennon was the member of the most influential boy band of all time ''The Beatles''. He was the musical sensation of 60's and 70's.
    My favorite song of John Lennon is ‘From Me To You’ the reason I love this song so much is because it’s hard to narrow down which one of The Beatles songs really sum up their talent and career. ‘From Me To You’, the classic Beatles song was their number one single; it spent seven weeks in the number one chart spot in 1963 due to its success. Wonder why it was such a hit? You need to take a deeper look at the lyrics to understand. Whilst the majority of their songs are credited to both Lennon and McCartney as the songwriters, it was very rare for the pair to sit down together and write a song. ‘From Me To You’ is one of the exceptions to this as not only did John and Paul write this song together but also shared the lead vocals.

    Perhaps it is simply because this song was at the beginning of their career prior to any disagreements, but the combined writing of the musical couple allowed the track to transcend the group’s rise to fame.
    John Lennon was the finest musician of the 19th century, least I believe so.I will love to hear in the comment box from all of my Lennon fanatics ,if I have missed something.

    To Know more about Beatles you would check this link https://blog.100mph.in/2017/01/30/th...akes-all-sing/

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