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Thread: Legend of the Condor Heroes(2002)

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    Quote Originally Posted by simba
    It's interesting to find so many people here liking this series.

    This series was slammed big time in China! Seems most people hated it. The number of reviews dissing it are funny.

    Obviously, I'm a big LOCH 83 fan. I don't really think the LOCH02 was a bad series by itself. But as an adaptation, it doesn't bring the feeling of the novel to life.

    I've been to those forums. Obviously, those comments are really rude and full of personal attacks. I am a big supporter of ZJZ's productions and whenever I get onto those forums, some members will secretly send me messages asking me to join some smaller forums and QQ groups where I can find other supporters.

    Most young people in China grew up watching TVB series and obviously they haven't adjusted to the new style yet. They will, in future.

    Let's go back to LOCH03, I've mentioned in some other thread -- this series definitely fits the book better and is more serious.
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