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Are You Just A Dream? : A Love Story that will break your Heart
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Thread: Are You Just A Dream? : A Love Story that will break your Heart

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    Default Are You Just A Dream? : A Love Story that will break your Heart

    This fanfic was made for one of the most popular and talented stars in the Philippines.

    These stories are works of FICTION and of the writer's own creation. Any similarities between FICTIONAL and real characters and events is solely based on the author's creation, nothing more.

    (Are You Just A Dream?)

    Concept by: jabbaandkabafan
    Revised Concept and Episode Guide by: etxetera & Lipstick City
    Written by: Lipstick City
    Translated by: Wahwahwah and Chasty10
    Edited by: jabbaandkabafan
    Original Script posted at http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/...5#post51297435

    The Cast:

    Mark Anthony Fernandez - The Ultimate Leading Man
    Claudine Barretto - Multi awarded Actress
    Heart Evangelista - Best Actress


    Mark and Heart are husband and wife. But their one-year marriage seemed destined to end in a painful annulment. Heart was driving home from a 3 day business trip in Subic when the phone rang. It was her husband Mark on the other line. Heated arguments erupt over Mark wanting to file a petition for annulment of their marriage and Heart disagreeing. She's begging her husband to try and save their marriage.

    She's driving too fast and BAM!!!, her car hits a man's body. She was numb with shock, as she sees what she has done. Heart was shaking as she goes out of the car. She sees a man, blood coming out of his nose and a child beside him. The man has blood all over. Both were unconscious. The man was holding the little body. It looked like the man tried to protect the little boy from being hit directly by her car. Neither of them look well.

    Very frightened and not knowing what to do, Heart leaves the scene. She didn't know who the man and child that she had run over were. She calls 911 to report the incident with calm so she won't be questioned further. She watches from a distance as the medics help the victims who were rushed to a nearby hospital. In the emergency room, her husband Mark is the doctor on duty. He attends to the victims. The man is dead. The child is comatose and has a 50-50 chance to live.

    Claudine is the boy's mother. She becomes hysterical after she was told about the accident. Before they got hit by Heart's car, the man, who is Claudine's fiance and her son were on their way to a surprise birthday party they prepared for her. To make matters worse, this is the day of her birthday and her son is in the hospital, comatose. Claudine is devastated by the death of the man she is about to marry.

    Heart feels extremely guilty about the lives she destroyed. She begs her doctor husband Mark to talk to Claudine and to console her through this ordeal. Little did Heart know that Mark and Claudine had a past.

    A decade ago, Mark and Claudine met and fell deeply in love, but they bitterly parted ways. Claudine is the woman who caused Mark to almost give up on his life. Mark had a very difficult time accepting their bitter break up. In her last note to Mark, Claudine said that, what happened was just a physical joining of their bodies, nothing more.

    Later, Mark meets Heart. Heart helps Mark pick up the pieces of his life and get over his broken heart. During that entire time, Heart never saw a single photo of Claudine so she had no idea what the ex who broke her husband's heart looked like. She only knew her nickname is Dine. Mark and Heart get married but their feelings are somewhat lopsided. Heart loves Mark more than Mark loves Heart. The words I love you were never spoken between the two of them.

    This accident caused Mark and Claudine to reconnect. Mark pursues Claudine and betrays Heart. Heart later learns that Claudine is the woman who Mark wanted to be with and share his dreams with. Her leaving made him want to give up everything. Heart finds out about
    Claudine's real identity and learns about the betrayal. Heart wants to confront Claudine, but how can she when she knows that the accident she caused, killed Claudine's fiance and left her son unconscious and on the brink of death?

    Mark will be torn between Heart and Claudine.

    In a heartbreaking hospital scene where the child almost dies, Mark and Heart found the truth about the identity of the child's father.

    This is a love story that will break your heart.

    Episode Guide

    Episode 1 - The Surprise Party

    Episode 2 - The Accident

    Episode 3 - Chinagirl's Guilt

    Episode 4 - Pogiboy and Optimum meets again

    Episode 5 - The Love that Never Was

    Episode 6 - Complication

    Episode 7 - Jealousy and Betrayal

    Episode 8 - Torn between Optimum and Chinagirl

    Episode 9 - Revelations

    Episode 10 - The Ending
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    Opening Scene: At a quiet street just a few blocks from the busy shopping areas, there are exclusive shops that few know about. They are the kind of shops that you have to make an appointment before they would even answer and let you in the door. It was a beautiful day. A tall, good looking man and a boy, about 6 years old, just left one of the jewelry shops on the street. They are chatting happily and are very excited about the little package they just picked up.

    As they are crossing the street to get to their parked car, the man notices a car coming closer, full speed towards them. He only had a split second to react, he quickly put himself in between the car and the boy. The car didn't even try to brake and it hits them hard! BAM!
    The driver felt a horrible thud and she immediately sensed something is terribly wrong.

    The driver comes out of the car and sees the man and the boy laying unconscious on the road. They are covered in blood. It was a horrific scene. They both look bad but the man is even worse. His body is broken and his face is unrecognizable from all the blood. In her panic, she immediately got back in the car and drove away. She dials 911 from her cell phone and reports the accident, trying to sound as calm as possible so she wouldn't raise suspicions.

    Several minutes later, the ambulance that the driver called came and got the man and the boy. A distance away, the woman who was the driver is watching them. Her whole body is shaking. She's trying to calm herself down. All she wanted to do is run over and find out the condition of the man and a boy, but she felt trapped in her own body. Consumed with guilt and fear, she attempts to get near them again and again, but she stops herself every time.

    Scenario (Claudineís house)

    (Kitchen preparing young son for school)

    Claudine : Yaya, please hand me Markyís school lunch.

    Yaya : Here you go.

    Claudine: Thanks. When Marky leaves school, please check if he is sweaty. You know how he is. Please change his shirt, we donít want him to get sick.

    Yaya : Yes, ma'am.

    Claudine: Whereís Marky? Please go to his room and tell him that breakfast is ready. Heís gonna be late, thereís so much traffic.

    Young son : Mommy! Where's my shoes?

    Claudine : Right there in your room, baby. Yaya, please find Markyís shoes. Come on baby, you'll be late for school. Hurry up! Eat your breakfast.

    Young son : Mommy are we going to go to the beach with Tito Paolo?

    Claudine : Yes we are going to the beach with Tito Paolo. Why?

    Young son : Yehheyy!! I'll build a sand castle!

    Claudine : Come on drink your milk. Don't forget to brush your teeth when you are done

    Young son : Yes mommy!

    Claudine : Yaya, did you find Markyís shoes?

    Yaya : Yes ma'am, here they are.

    Claudine: O good! Please put them on him.

    Young son : I'm done mommy.

    Claudine : Go ahead brush your teeth. Yaya, please tell Mang Jun that weíre leaving.

    Yaya : Yes, ma'am.

    Young son : (Running out of the house) Bye mommy!

    Claudine : Hey! give me a hug!

    Young son : (Gives her a hug and kiss) I love you mommy! mmmmwah!

    Claudine : (Hugs and kisses back) I love you too baby! mmmmwah!

    Young son : (waves as he gets in the car) Bye mommy!

    Claudine : Bye baby!

    Scenario (Heart and Markís house)

    (Master's bedroom)

    (Heart is packing for her 3 day business trip at Subic)

    (Heart is calling Mark on his cellphone)

    Heart : (thinking) Mark, please answer your phone. Where are you?

    (Heart calls the hospital)

    Heart : Hello, could you connect me to Doctor Fernandez office, please?

    Operator : Hold the line, ma'am.

    (Mark's office )

    Secretary : Hello, this is Doctor Mark Fernandez office, how can I help you?

    Heart : Can I speak with Mark, please?

    Secretary : May I know who's on the line?

    Heart : This is Mrs. Fernandez.

    Secretary : Maíam, Dr. Fernandez is not at his office. Heíll be at the operating room for two more hours.

    Heart : Oh! Anyway, please tell my husband that Iíll be in Subic. I have 3 day business meeting there.

    Secretary : Yes ma'am, .

    Heart : Thank you. Please don't forget to tell him I called.

    Secretary : Yes, Mrs. Fernandez.

    (Heart leaves the house in a hurry)

    GAP 1

    Scenario (Claudineís Coffee Shop)

    (Claudine getting ready for the day at her Coffee Shop)

    Employee 1 : Good morning, Ma'am Claudine,

    Employee 1 : Ma'am, weíre running out of sugar and coffee.

    Claudine : Oh really? Please remind me again later.

    Employee 1 : Yes, ma'am.

    (Car stops next to the coffee shop)

    (Someone leaves the car and goes in the shop. It is Claudineís boyfriend, Paolo)

    Paolo : (hugs her from behind) You're the best sweetheart! (kisses her)

    Claudine : (kisses back) My employees might see us.

    Paolo : Donít worry about them! They are are terrified of you. They know you own this coffee shop

    Claudine : Still, itís embarrassing!

    Paolo : Itís your birthday three days from now. What's your plan for your birthday?

    Claudine : Not much. Maybe weíll just have dinner with Marky?

    Paolo : Well, okay, Iíll take care of it. I want you to look gorgeous that day. Just leave everything to me.

    Claudine : What are you planning, Mr. Paolo Avelino?

    Paolo : Itís a surprise, Miss Claudine Barretto.

    Claudine : What? Tell me!

    Paolo : Itís a surprise! hahahah! It wonít be a surprise if I tell you.

    Claudine : Not fair!

    Paolo : By the way, Iíll pick Marky up from school later.

    Claudine : Okay. Actually, I needed Mang Jun later to buy some supplies for the coffee shop.

    Paolo : Okay! Iím leaving now, lots to do.

    Claudine : Good, Iíve got so much work too.

    Paolo : Are you kicking me out ?

    Claudine : Don't be too dramatic! Go on! Your boss is probably forming a search party for you right now.

    Paolo : (kisses and hugs her) I love you so much Claudine.

    Claudine : Aren't we having a very mushy morning? hahaha!

    Paolo : (waving) Bye! I love you so much!

    Claudine : Bye! (thinking out loud) I love you too!

    GAP 2

    Scenario (Hospital)

    (Mark is leaving the operating room)

    (Mark is exhausted. He is walking back to his office)

    Scenario (Markís office)

    Mark : Anyone looking for me while I was gone?

    Secretary : Yes, Doc, but I told them to come back because you were in the OR. Oh, and your wife called. She said that she has 3 day business meetings at Subic.

    Mark : Thatís all she said?

    Secretary : Yes Doc.

    Mark : Ok, thanks.

    (Mark enters his office)

    (Mark sits on the couch, he lays back to rest)

    Scenario (hospital parking lot)

    (Mark gets in his car)

    Another Doctor : Hey man! Are you leaving?

    Mark : Yeah!

    Another Doctor : Let's have a drink first!

    Mark : Okay, I'll follow your car.

    Another Doctor : Okay (thumbs up)

    Scenario (A Bar)

    (Mark at Another Doctor drinking)

    Another Doctor : In six months our divorce will be finalized.

    Mark : divorce?

    Another Doctor : Yeah! I went to America to become a surgeon. Thatís where I met my wife and thatís where we married.

    Mark : I'm sorry to hear about your divorce.

    Another Doctor : Our work is difficult. Weíre on call 24 hours a day. Weíre like soldiers. My wife didnít understand our work so she divorced me. How are you and Heart?

    Mark : I'm filing for annulment but she doesnít want it

    Another Doctor : Annulment? Youíve only been married a year. If you ask me, Iíll think about it long and hard. Heart made a lot of sacrifices for your relationship. It would be a shame if your marriage ends in an annulment.

    (Mark thinks hard about what his friend said)

    Scenario (Claudineís Coffee Shop)

    (Car stops in front of the coffee shop)

    (Paolo and Claudineís young son enters the coffee shop)

    Young son : Mommy! mommy! I'm here!

    Paolo : I donít think your mom is here.

    Employee1 : Good afternoon, Sir Paolo.

    Paolo : Whereís Claudine?

    Employee 1 : She left to buy some supplies. Sheíll be back soon. Would you like some coffee, sir?

    Young son : Where's my mommy?

    Paolo : Sheís not here, sheís running errands. (to employee) Yes, please give me a cup of coffee with cream.

    Employee 1 : Yes sir.

    Paolo : This works out that your mom isnít here. So, what are we doing for your momís surprise birthday party?
    Fiancť and young son discusses the surprise birthday party for Claudine)

    (Claudine enters the coffee shop)

    Claudine : Hi guys! What are you talking about? You act like youíve seen a ghost!

    Paolo : (standing) Nothing. Weíre talking about a computer game (gives Claudine a kiss)

    Young son : Mommy! (hugs and kisses Claudine)

    Claudine : Hmm, I know you two. You guys are up to something, what are you talking about?

    Paolo : Nothing! I donít know why you donít believe us (winks at young son)
    Young son: Yes, mommy (winks back at Fiancť)

    Claudine : Ok, Iíll drop it for now. Wait here, while I take these supplies to the kitchen.

    (Paolo gives young son a high five)

    Paolo : Marky, weíre going to have a surprise birthday party for your mom, promise to keep it a secret?

    Young son : Yes, itís a promise, Tito Paolo!

    Scenario Heart's office

    (Heart is thinking about the argument she had with Mark before she left for her business trip


    Mark : (yelling now) When can we discuss our annulment? When ? Tell me so I can adjust my schedule to your schedule! Is this how we are? I have to make an appointment with my own wife?

    Heart : (calmly) Please donít raise your voice. Please Mark, don't do this. We can work this out. Please don't do this. We can save this marriage. What do you want? You want me to quit my job? I will! If that is what you want! Just don't leave me, please Mark!

    Mark : This is not going to work, Heart. Itís not just your work thatís our problem. Itís us! Don't you understand?

    Heart : (crying) No. Mark No! Maybe youíre right. Weíre both busy and donít have time for each other. Please we can work this out.

    Mark : I'm sorry Heart. Iíve made my decision (Mark leaves)

    (Officemate enters Heartís office)

    Officemate 1 : Knock! Knock! Heart? Heart! Are you okay?

    Heart (surprise) Huh? Pardon me?

    Officemate 1 : (smiling) I knew you were daydreaming. Are you thinking of Mark?

    Heart : Oh no. Iím thinking of my presentation at Subic

    Officemate 1 : Donít pull my leg. I know you too well. Weíve known each other for a long time and I know your moods. Are you having problems with Mark?

    Heart : He's asking for annulment.

    Officemate 1 : And?

    Heart : What ďandĒ?

    Officemate 1 : And what? What have you got to say about it?

    Heart : Of course, I donít want it. I really want to save our marriage.

    Officemate 1 : Youíve only been married a year. Maybe youíre still in the adjustment period. Why is Mark asking for an annulment already?

    Heart : Iím confused as you are.

    (Heartís secretary knocks on the door)

    Secretary : Miss Heart, your meeting is about to start.

    Heart : Okay, Iím coming.

    Officemate 1 : Good luck on your meeting, Heart.

    GAP 3

    Scenario (Claudineís house)

    (Paolo getting ready for Claudineís surprise birthday party)

    (Guests start to arrive)

    Guest 1 : This is a fabulous birthday party for Claudine

    Guest 2 : When Paolo falls in love, heís all in.

    Guest 3 : Yeah, you know Paolo is generous with the love of his life.

    Paolo : Youíre talking about me again.

    Maid 1 : Sir Paolo, the catering guys are here.

    Paolo : Let them in.

    Guest 4 : Wow, looks like there will be so much good food!

    Paolo : I have to leave for bit. I have to pick up Marky and then Claudine. Donít forget to turn off the lights so when we come in, it looks like no one is here.

    Guest 5 : Paolo, the only thing you guys are missing is a wedding!

    Paolo : (laughing) Donít worry, a wedding is next!

    Guest 1 : Thatís just right! I want to see my friend in a wedding gown.

    Paolo : Ok, Iíll be back.

    To be continued

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    Scenario: (Marky's school)

    A car parks in front of the school, Paolo gets off the car

    He searches for Marky among the children coming out of the school

    Marky: (waves) Tito Paolo!

    Paolo: (looks behind him, waved and smiled) Marky!!

    (He walked over the young boy and reaches for his school bag)

    Paolo: Let's go?

    Marky: Are we going home now?

    Paolo: Yes we are kiddo! Our surprise party for your mommy is all set. But first, we have to get Tito Paolo's gift for mommy.. Then we will both bring your mom to the party!

    Marky: Yipeee!

    Scenario (inside the car while driving)

    Marky: Tito Paolo, are we going to pick up mommy now?

    Paolo: Yes Marky, we're going to go to your mom but we have to get something first.

    Marky: Where are we going?

    Paolo: Iím going to pick my gift for your mom.

    Marky: Tito Paolo, can you please tell me what it is? Please?

    Paolo: Can you keep a secret? Don't tell your mom ok?

    Marky: Yes Tito, I won't tell mom. I promise!

    Paolo: Iíts a ring. Marky, Im going to ask your mom to marry me. Can I ask you something? Do you approve of us getting married? (looks at Marky) Would you like me to be your Dad?

    Marky: Yes tito! I like you to be my dad!

    Paolo: Thank you Marky, It will be an honor for me to be your dad.... and your mom's husband.

    Mark: Just promise that you will never make my mommy cry.

    Paolo: Marky I will never ever make your mom cry. I promise you.

    Oh we're here. Just stay here Marky. I'll be right back quickly.

    Marky: I want to go with you Tito Paolo! I want to see your gift to my mom. Please?

    Paolo: Alright! Come with me

    (Marky and Paolo get out of the car to cross the road. )


    Scenario (conference room in Subic)

    (A business meeting just ended. Heart is leaving the room)

    Officemate 1: Are you leaving for Manila now?

    Heart: Yes

    Officemate 2: What? You're leaving already? Why not join us for a nightout?

    Heart: You all can go ahead for a night out, you guys deserve it. I really want to go home. We've been here for three days. I also feel like I owe my husband some explanation for leaving him in haste. I might need to fix some household drama.

    Officemate 1: Awww, Too bad you can't join us.

    Heart: There's always a next time. Enjoy Subic! Bye!

    Officemate: You drive safely and take care!

    Heart: Okay... Thanks!

    (Heart gets in her car and drives away)

    Scenario (Heart driving)

    Scenario (Jewelry Shop)

    Sales Clerk: Good afternoon, may I help you?

    Paolo: I custom ordered a ring. and I'm here to pick it up.

    Sales Clerk: Just one moment sir, Iím just going to check if itís ready.

    (after a while the sales clerk shows the ring to Paolo)

    Sales Clerk: Sir, here's your ring.

    Marky: Tito Paolo, I want to see! Can I see it please?

    Paolo: Here it is Marky? Isn't it beautiful?

    Marky: Wow! Cool! It's so beautiful! Mom will love it!

    Paolo: (to sales clerk) Miss I already paid the ring in full.

    Sales Clerk: Yes sir. Thank you.

    Paolo: Marky, we're ready to bring your mom to her party. We are going to the coffee shop to pick her up.

    Scenario (Heart is driving home from 3 day conference in Subic.. Her phone rings)

    Heart: Hello? Mark? I'm on the road. I'll talk to you later, I'm

    Mark: I need to talk to you about the annulment.

    Heart: (annoyed) I said I'll talk to you later. I'm driving.

    Mark: (exasperated) Can you just pull over so we can talk?

    Heart: I don't want to talk about it now.

    Mark: (gets mad) NO! I want to talk about the annulment NOW. We need to talk about it now!

    Heart: (pleading) Please Mark not now!

    Mark: I already made a decision.

    Heart: (begging) Mark please let's work this out. I know we can work this out. Don't do this to me, please!

    Mark: I made a decision. I'll file for annulment.

    Heart: (angry) Don't do that! I will not let you! I'm not going to give in to what you want.

    (turns off her cell phone)

    Mark: Heart?.. Heart!

    (Heart cries as she speeds off)

    Gap 2 (Heart still crying and driving recklessly.)

    Scenario (Paolo and Marky leave the jewelry shop. They cross the road to get to the car.)


    (Heart steps on the breaks. Confused)

    Heart: Oh my God! What was that?

    (She slowly realized what happened. She was in shock and felt the chills all over her. She felt her body
    shake as she starts to get a grip of the nightmare she just created)

    Heart: Oh my God!! What just happened?? Oh God!

    (Heart is still holding the steering wheel of the car. She is terrified and cannot move a single muscle

    (Finally, she gets out the car and sees the bloodied man she just ran over)

    Heart: (gasped) This can't be happening!

    (Her eyes finds the little boy who was with what seemed to be now a lifeless man. Her shock turns to crippling fear. She stands there frozen and can't find the courage to get near her casualties)

    (Heart made a swift decision as self preservation kicks in. She flees the scene hurriedly, leaving the man and the little boy, abandoned in the middle of the road.

    (Heart speeds off, confused and desperate. She is quiet but the sound of her own heartbeat is deafening).

    (She knows she needed to do something at least for the man and the young boy. She decided to dial 911)

    (Heart calls 911)

    Heart: Hello 911. There was an accident...

    Scenario Ė (Paramedics helping the victims. Heart is nearby watching as the man and the young boy
    was being carried off to the ambulance.)

    Scenario: (Emergency room)

    (Ambulance arriving at the emergency entrance)

    Nurse 1: (to aid) We need the stretchers here fast!

    Nurse 2: We need to page Dr. Fernandez. Tell him itís an emergency!

    Operator: Paging Dr. Fernandez to the emergency room now. Paging Dr. Fernandez to the emergency room now.

    (Dr. Fernandez running to the E.R.)

    Mark: What happened here? Check the blood pressure.. (Mark immediately attends to the patients)

    Paramedic: Victims of hit and run doc.

    (Mark checks the first victimís pulse, heartbeat )

    Mark: He is dead. He has serious injuries and has massive fractures. He probably died immediately on impact. Where is the other patient?

    Nurse: Iíts a small boy, he's here.

    (Mark looks at the little boy)

    Mark: He's not looking good. He has serious head injury. This boy needs surgery at once. I need the operating room now!

    Gap 3

    Scenario (Claudine's coffee shop)

    (The telephone is ringing)

    Claudine: Hello?

    Hospital staff: Can we please speak with Ms. Claudine Barretto.

    Claudine: Yes speaking. May I know whoís calling?

    Hospital staff: Are you Ms Claudine Barretto?

    Claudine: Yes that's me. What can I do for you?

    Hospital staff: Ma'am this call is from the East Hospital, we need you to come here quickly. Your son was in a serious accident. The man who was with him was pronounced dead on arrival. Your son needs to be operated on, the soonest possible time.

    Claudine: What? I don't understand what you're saying?

    Hospital staff: We're so sorry Ms Barretto. You need to come here to East Hospital quickly. Your son needs a surgery. He was in a bad accident. They were hit by a car. The man who was with him, Paolo Avelino is already dead. We're so sorry again, Miss Barretto, but you need to come here now.

    (Claudine becomes hysterical as the gravity of the news hits her. )

    Claudine: My son! Nooooooooooooo!! Nooooo!

    (coffee shop employees run to help her)

    Claudine: Marky! My son! My son!!

    Coffeeshop employees: Help!
    (oncerned) Ma'am. what happened?

    Claudine: (crying) call Mang Jun quick! We need to go the hospital. Marky and Paul were in an accident!! My son! Marky! (crying)

    Scenario (Hospital)

    (Claudine runs toward the nurse information)

    Claudine: Where is my son? He was in an accident!

    Nurse: The patient is in the emergency room maíam

    Scenario (emergency room)

    Claudine: (frantic) Where is the boy who was hit by a car?

    Nurse: How are you related to the boy ma'am?

    Claudine: (screames) I am the MOTHER!

    Nurse: He is still in the operating room. He suffered major head injuries because of the strong impact of the car that hit them.

    Claudine: (weeps) My son.. Marky... Oh my God, please.. Marky, my son!

    Scenario ( Dr. Mark is operating on the boy)

    Scenario ( Claudine waits outside the emergency room. She is still inconsolable.)

    (A friend arrives in the hospital)

    Friend: (hugs Claudine) What happened?

    Claudine : An accident!. They were in an accident!

    Friend: Whaaat? How did it happen?

    Claudine: They were hit by a car! He was with Paolo.

    Friend: Where is Paolo?

    Claudine : (crying) Paolo is dead.. He was dead before he reached the hospital.

    Friend: Oh my God! I'm so sorry dear. Oh my God!

    (Dr. Mark comes out of the operating room)

    Mark: Are you a relative of the patient?

    Friend: Iím a friend of the patient's mother. She is signing something at the billing office.

    Mark: The patient is in critical condition. We don't know if he is going to survive the surgery.He is in a comatose state.

    Friend: What do you mean Doc?

    Mark: We don't know when he is going to wake up. We will transfer the patient to the ICU. The patient's family can see him there.

    Friend: Thank you Doc.

    To be continued

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    (Mark walks along the hospital corridor, exhausted. He was called by a nurse)

    Nurse: Dr. Fernandez! Doc you forgot this!

    Mark: (stops to get his things from the nurse)

    (Claudine walks toward her friend)

    (Claudine passes by behind Mark while he was getting medical files from the nurse)

    (Mark didn't see Claudine as she walks by)

    Scenario (outside the operating room)

    Friend: Claudine, they just got done with the surgery. The doctor said....

    Claudine: What did the doctor say?

    Friend: Claudine, don't be upset.. try to be calm. The doctor said Marky is in a coma.

    Claudien: What do you mean?

    Friend: They do not know when he is going to wake up. Im so sorry Claudine

    Claudine: (cries) My God! Marky, my son..

    Friend: Let's us go to the ICU, they said they will bring him there after the surgery.

    Scenario (Mark's office)

    Mark: (thinking) Why did I feel so anxious during the surgery? Why do this child feels so familiar? I felt an attachment for this patient that I never felt before.

    (Mark searched for an answer in his mind, heart and gut, but he just felt more confused)

    Mark: (thinking) Maybe I just feel sorry for the poor child.

    Scenario (ICU hospital)

    (Marky is laying down on the hosbital bed with an IV. He has a bandage on his head )

    (Claudine is beside him, looking at his son)

    Claudine: (crying) Baby, Mommy's here. Marky? Do you hear me? This is mommy. I love you baby. (cries)

    (Friend enters the room)

    Friend: (whispers) Claudine, Paolo's parents have claimed his body... They are preparing for his funeral.

    Claudine: (Claudine remains quiet)

    Friend: You need to go home Claudine.

    Claudine: No! No, I can't leave my son. I don't want to leave him here. (crying)

    Friend: Claudine I will be with Marky. Go home now. Just do as I say. You might need to come home to get some things for Marky.

    Claudine: NO! I'm not going anywhere!

    Friend: Come on Claudine. Just come back in a little while. I'll be right here.

    GAP 1

    Scenario (Claudine's house)

    (Claudine enters the house. She sees the guests and the food for the surprise birthday party Paolo prepared for her earlier)

    (A guest approached her)

    Guest1: Claudine, we heard what happened. We've been here since this afternoon. We really waited for you. We're sorry for what happened.

    Claudine: What is this?

    Guest 2: Paolo and Marky prepared a surprise party... For your birthday.

    Claudine: (weeps) My God! Why did this all happen today? God! Why did the accident have to happen on this day? Why?

    Claudine: Why? My God?!

    Guest 1: Nobody wants this to happen. It was an accident. Calm down please. Your friends are here for you Claudine. We're very sorry for your loss and for what happened to Marky

    Claudine: (crying) It hurts so much! God! It hurts so much!!! Oh my God!!

    Scenario (Mark and Heart's house)

    Heart: (in the shower) Oh my God! Did I just ran over a man? A man and a helpless little boy? No! It was all an accident. Everything will be alright, I need to calm down. God, did I just kill them? Please Oh God! No!

    (Heart shudders in fear)

    Heart: (thinking) I want to know who they are. I need to know who they are.

    (Heart is crying, her whole body trembling)

    Scenario (Hospital)

    (Heart asks a nurse at the information desk)

    Heart: Nurse, I just want to inquire about a patient -- they were in an accident. A car ran over them?

    Nurse: Who among them ma'am?

    Heart: The man with a little boy?

    Nurse: Oh yes. The man was pronounced dead on arrival. The boy needed an operation, it was performed by Dr Fernandez. The patient is now in the ICU.

    Heart: (shocked) What!! The man is dead?

    Nurse: Yes ma'am. How are you related to the patient?

    Heart: A friend... I mean.. . Im a friend of the family.

    (Heart is trembling, her knees weak as she walks to the ICU)

    (Heart slowly peered inside the room. She caught a glimpse of the young boy .

    ( She felt so sorry for the child. Every bit of her being was wracked with guilt but she feels helpless about the situation)

    (As Heart was going out of the hospital, she sees her husband Mark)

    Mark: (surprised) Heart! What are you doing here?

    (Mark approached Heart and gave her a peck)

    Heart: Nothing. I just checked on someone. One of the patient's mom is a friend. Are you going home?

    Mark: Yes, come on let's go home.

    Mark: Heart, by the way ... About this morning. I'm sorry.

    Heart : This morning? What about it?

    (Heart looked worried and anxious)

    Mark: Are you okay?

    Heart: Yes I'm fine! Why?

    Mark: You seemed preoccupied. Are you sure everything's okay?

    Heart: Yeah I'm sure

    Mark: I was talking about what happened this morning. I apologize for being rude to you on the phone, I'm sorry.

    Heart: Oh that! Yeah, Im used to it by now. You get mad pretty quick then you ease off in no time.

    Mark: (chuckles) I really am sorry. I was a jerk. I should have been more careful because you were driving. I should have not picked a fight while you're on the road.

    Heart: I will accept your apologies if you treat me to dinner tonight.

    Mark: Ok!

    (Heart and Mark get in the car and leaves)


    Scenario (Restaurant, Mark and Heart are having dinner together)

    Mark: I was thinking... About the annulment.

    Heart: (evades the topic) Can we just not talk about it now?

    Mark: Hang on, just listen... I think you're right, we should give ourselves another chance.

    Heart: What do you mean?

    Mark: I thought about what you said, that we can work this out. I realize, you are right. So let's work things out.

    Heart: Really? You are not going to ask for an annulment anymore?

    Mark: Yes... I won't.

    Heart: (brightens up ) Thank you so much!

    (Heart stands up and reaches out to kiss Mark on the lips. They held each other tight.)

    Mark: Wait! I have an idea! Why don't we take a trip somewhere? We both could use a vacation.. like a second honeymoon?

    Heart: I like that!

    (Heart and Mark continues to dine together, romantic music playing in the background)

    (Later on, while walking out of the restaurant Mark gave Heart a kiss and they stopped to hold each other tight)

    Scenario (Mark and Heart in the car, driving home)

    Mark: I noticed you've been quiet the whole time. Heart, is something bothering you?

    Heart : (caught offguard by the question ) What? yeah.. I'm okay. I'm just tired from the long drive

    (Heart suddenly remembers the accident, and the child who was laying in the ICU)

    Heart: I heard on the news about an accident. A man and a little boy were struck by a car. They were brought to your hospital.

    Mark: Yes they were. The man died before he was brought to us. The little boy is now in a coma. They were both hit and thrown
    roughly by an evil and dumb driver. I can't understand how anyone with a conscience can leave them just like that. Anyway, they both have serious injuries, but apparently, the paramedics said, the man took the direct hit as he was protecting the boy. Both could have died..

    Heart: (agitated) What? The boy is in a coma?

    Mark : Yeah. Heart are you okay? Is something wrong. You look so tense.

    Heart: No. Im okay. Im just tired.

    Mark: You seem so wound up.

    Heart: No, really .Im fine.

    Scenario ( Mark and Heart's house)


    (Heart is having a nightmare)

    Heart: Ahhhhh! aaahhh!

    Mark: (wakes up) Heart! Heart! Wake up!

    Heart: (screaming) AAAAHHHH!!!!

    Mark: Heart! Wake up! Wake up!

    (Heart wakes up screaming. She starts crying and looks very frightened)

    Mark: (holding Heart) Calm down.. hush.. I'm right here.. Calm down..

    Heart: (crying) Mark, don't leave me. I'm so scared!

    Mark: (calming Heart, stroking her back) I'm right here. I am not going anywhere. It's just a bad dream. Hush now. Stay here. Im just going to get a glass of water.

    Heart: (thinking) My God what have I done? That poor little child! (crying)

    (Mark comes back with a glass of water)

    Mark: Here, drink it. What did you dream about?

    Heart: I.. . I can't remember.

    Mark: Okay, go back to sleep.

    (Mark cradles Heart in his arms, as they both go back to sleep)

    Gap 3

    Scenario (Hospital Chapel)

    (Claudine enters the hospital chapel, kneels and prays)

    Claudine: Lord! I wish it would have been me who got hit by that car! I wish it would have been me, not my son Lord! I would gladly take his place. My son is just a little child. He's so young and innocent to go through all this.


    Scenario (outside the ICU)

    (Heart is trying to take a look at the little boy in the ICU)

    (Claudine is behind Heart, observing her)

    Claudine: (puzzled) excuse me?

    Heart (startled. She looks up behind her and sees Claudine)

    Claudine: You need anything?

    Heart: Oh nothing. I was just lost. I was looking for a patient I thought I'll find him here.

    Are you related to the boy?

    Claudine: Yes. He is my son.

    Heart: I'm sorry.

    (Claudine nodded)

    Heart: By the way, I'm Heart.

    Claudine: I'm Claudine

    Heart: I'm so sorry about your son.

    Claudine: (Claudine didn't know what to say)

    Heart: Oh! I have to go. I'll just ask the help of the information desk to find my friend's hospital room.

    Claudine: Okay

    Heart: Nice meeting you.

    Claudine: Nice meeting you too.

    (Heart leaves. She proceeds to go to Mark's office.)

    Scenario (Dr. Mark's office)

    Heart: Is my husband in?

    Seretary: Yes' ma'am.

    (Heart knocks at the door to Mark's office)

    Mark: (looks up) Hey, why are you here? This is a pleasant surprise.

    (Mark stands up to give his wife a kiss)

    Heart: I just want to invite you for lunch.

    Mark: You're just in time. its my lunch break. I'll have my next surgery a little later.

    Heart: Come on!

    Mark: Okay!

    (Mark and Heart go out to eat lunch together)

    To be continued

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    Scenario (At a Restaurant)

    (Mark and Heart enters the restaurant)

    (A waiter greets them and sits them at a vacant table)

    (Mark orders some food)

    Mark : So, what else would you like?

    Heart : That’s it, whatever you ordered is fine.

    Mark : (tells the waiter) That’s all. We’re good. Thanks.

    (waiter leaves)

    Mark : I meant to ask, what were you doing at the hospital?

    Heart : Huh? Oh, I was just visiting a friend.

    Mark : A friend? Must be an important friend for you to take time off work.

    Heart : Not exactly. I just feel so bad for her.

    Mark : What’s wrong?

    Heart : Her son was in an accident.

    Mark : Your friend’s son?

    Heart : Yes. He’s at the ICU right now.

    (The waiter brings their food.)

    Mark : Oh, here’s our food.

    (Mark and Heart eat their meal)

    Scenario (Hospital ICU)

    (Claudine is talking to her son on the hospital bed)

    Claudine : Marky, baby, I miss you so much. Weren’t we going to the beach and you were going to build a sandcastle? How can we go if you’re still sleeping? (weeping)

    Scenario (Hospital hallway)

    (Mark’s passes by the ICU. His heart is beating fast)

    Mark : (wondering) Why is my heart beating so fast? Why do I feel this way?

    (Mark starts to go back to the ICU but a nurse starts to talk to him)

    Nurse : Doctor Fernandez, the patient on the third floor is looking for you. She doesn’t want the nurse to give the IV. She only wants you.

    Mark : Really? Okay, I’ll go see her.

    (Mark leaves for the third floor)

    GAP 1

    Scenario (Hospital)

    (Claudine is walking towards ICU)

    (Claudine enters the ICU and sits next to her child.)

    Claudine : Baby, I have something for you. It’s your favorite stuffed toy! I also brought your favorite books. Remember I used to read your favorite fairy tale before bed? Mommy loves you.

    (Claudine gives her son a kiss)

    Scenario (Hospital)

    (Heart enters the hospital)

    (Heart sees Claudine out on the hallways)

    Heart : Hi! How is your son?

    Claudine : (very sad) There’s been no change in his condition.

    Heart : (avoiding eye contact) I'm so sorry. Please don’t lose hope, your son will pull through.

    Claudine : I hope so.

    Heart : I was going to ask you to have a snack with me, if that’s okay.

    Claudine : Sure, let’s go.

    Scenario (hospital canteen)

    (Heart and Claudine sitting down and having their snack)

    Heart : I'm sorry about your husband.

    Claudine : My husband?

    Heart : I heard your son and his dad were at the accident?

    Claudine : He's not my husband. And he's not the father of my son. Paolo is my boyfriend.

    Heart : I'm sorry.

    Claudine : Why do you keep saying 'sorry'?

    Heart : What? Oh, I’m just so sad for what happened.

    Claudine : Do you work here?

    Heart : Oh no. My husband is a doctor here. He’s a surgeon. You know, I took a leave from work to spend more time with my husband.
    We almost got separated because we don’t spend enough time with each other.

    Claudine : That’s good that you are able to save your marriage.

    Heart : I love him so much. I don’t want to lose him. I don’t think I can live without him. Wait, why are we talking about my problems?

    Claudine : (smiles) That’s okay.

    GAP 2

    Scenario (Hospital ICU)

    (Mark enters the ICU)

    Mark : (thinking) Why do I feel this way about this child?

    (Mark approaches and holds the boy’s hand)

    (The door opens and Claudine enters)

    (Claudine sees the doctor holding her son’s hand)

    Claudine : Doc?

    (Mark turns around and sees Claudine)

    (Mark at Claudine stare at each other)

    Mark : (very surprised) Claudine?

    Claudine : (also surprised) Mark? What are you doing here?

    (Mark couldn’t speak for a second)

    Claudine : Are you the doctor that saved my son’s life?

    Mark : This child is your son?

    Claudine : Yes, Marky is my son.

    Mark : Your son’s name is Marky?

    Claudine : Yes, his name is Marky.

    Mark : How are you? How have you been?

    Claudine : (sighs) I've seen better days, I guess

    Mark : I am so surprised to know this young boy is your son.

    ( Both, didn't know what to say)

    Mark: It's been a long time since we've seen each other!

    Claudine : Yes. It’s been seven years.

    Mark : Claudine, I have to ask you? What happened? You just disappeared. I looked all over for you.

    Claudine : Mark, please, let’s not talk about the past anymore.

    Mark : I have so many questions for you.

    Claudine : We really have nothing to talk about.

    Mark : No. No Claudine. I have to know why you left me.

    Claudine : Look Mark, I moved on and so should you. We should not dwell on the past anymore.

    Mark : I deserve a better explanation than that crappy note you left.

    Claudine : Please, Mark.

    Mark : You made a promise. We had dreams together. We promised to always be with each other. Why did you leave me?

    Claudine : But your dream to be a doctor did come true, didn’t it?

    Mark : I am so happy to see you again Claudine!

    (Mark holds Claudine tightly)

    GAP 3

    Scenario (Mark’s office)

    (Mark is deep in thought)

    Scenario (At a beach resort)

    (Mark and Claudine are at the beach playing, chasing each other)

    (Mark making a sandcastle)

    Mark : I want our house to be like a castle

    Claudine : Like the sandcastle you are making now?

    Mark : Bigger! I’ll be the king and you will be my queen.

    Claudine : Wow! I’m the queen and you are the king! Uh oh, the waves just took your castle.

    Mark : It’s all your fault.

    Claudine : My fault? Why? Ha ha

    (Mark chases Claudine, they play some more in the waves )

    Scenario (Nighttime, they are sitting on the beach, looking at the stars in the sky)

    Mark : I love you Claudine.

    Claudine : I love you too Mark.

    Mark : I hope all my dreams come true with you by my side.

    Claudine : I will always be by your side.

    Mark : Promise me Claudine. Promise me you will never leave me no matter what happens.

    Claudine : I promise, Mark. I will never ever leave you

    (Mark and Claudine kiss)

    (Mark carries Claudine towards their room)

    (Claudine is saying i love you. Mark starts to kiss her neck. He slowly turns her around to face him, they kiss and fall on the bed)

    (Mark and Claudine rolling on the bed and they make love)

    Scenario (Mark’s office)

    Mark : (thinking) After all these years, it’s still you. I still love you Dine!

    (Mark lets out a sigh, he shuts his eyes close as if trying to hold on to a cherished dream before waking up)

    To be continued

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    Scenario (Mark and Heartís house)

    (A car enters the gate and parks. Mark gets out of the car)

    (Heart greets Mark outside the front door)

    Heart : Hi! Youíre home early.

    Mark : Yeah, I left work early.

    Heart : Thatís great. Go have your shower. Iíll cook you some dinner.

    Mark : No, thatís okay. Iím really not hungry. I just want to rest.

    Heart : Oh okay. Maybe you want some coffee, or hot tea?

    Mark : Coffee sounds good.

    Heart : Ok, Iíll make you some coffee. Go hit the shower.

    (Mark gives Heart a kiss and goes to their room)

    Scenario (Mark in the shower)

    (Mark is thinking about Claudine)


    (Mark hold the boy's hand. He feels he knows this little boy. Does he know him from somewhere?)

    Claudine : Doc?

    (Mark turns around and sees Claudine. They stare at each other)

    Claudine : Are you the doctor that saved my sonís life?

    Mark : This child is your son?

    Claudine : Yes, Marky is my son.

    Mark : Your sonís name is Marky?

    Claudine : Yes, his name is Marky.

    Mark : How are you? How have you been?

    (Mark is still in the shower deep in thought. He lets water hit his face )

    Flash Back

    Mark : Claudine, I have to ask you? What happened? You just disappeared. I looked all over for you.

    Claudine : Mark, please, letís not talk about the past anymore.

    Mark : I have so many questions for you.

    Claudine : We really have nothing to talk about.

    Mark : No. No Claudine. I have to know why you left me.

    Claudine : Please, Mark. This is not the time to talk about the past.

    Mark : You made a promise. We had dreams. We promised to always be with each other. Why did you leave me??

    Claudine : But your dream to be a doctor did come true, didnít it?

    (Mark holds Claudine tightly)

    Scenario (Mark in the shower)

    Mark: Claudine, I missed you so much!

    GAP 1

    Scenario (Mark and Heartís lanai)

    Heart : Here's your coffee.

    Mark : Thank you.

    (Mark is staring at Heart)

    Heart : (wondering) Is there something wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?

    Mark : Like what?

    Heart : Just like that! Why are you starting at me?

    Mark : No I'm not.

    Heart : Yes, you are. Iíve noticed something is wrong since youíve been home. Are you okay?

    Mark : Yeah. I'm okay.

    Heart : Mark, Iíve been thinking about quitting my job. We've been married for a year now. Iím thinking itís about time to start a family.
    I want us to try to have children.

    Mark : Are you sure?

    Heart : Yes I'm sure. Actually, I told my work about it.

    Mark : They said itís okay for you to quit?

    Heart : Yes. They just want me to train my replacement before I leave.

    Mark : If that's really what you want. Itís up to you.

    Scenario (Mark and Heartís bedroom)

    (Heart is dreaming about the accident. She screams)

    Mark : (waking up) Heart! Heart! Wake up!

    (Heart wakes up terrified. Mark holds her)

    Mark : (still holding Heart) Night terrors again?

    (Heart nods, trembling)

    Mark : It's okay. I'm here.

    Scenario (Hospital)

    (Heart is outside the ICU room and is looking for Claudineís son)

    (Heart sees Claudine in the room with her son weeping)

    Heart : (thinking) Oh my God! What have I done? What have I done to this poor woman? I killed the man she loves, her son, now in critical condition. Her life is destroyed because of me!

    (Heart leaves, crying. She feels extreme anguish for what she has done.)

    Scenario (church)

    (Heart enters the church, kneels and prays)

    Heart: Lord, please forgive me. I am tormented by guilt and remorse. How can I atone for this terrible thing I caused Claudine?

    Heart: I didn't mean for this to happen but I am a coward. I don't have the strength to confess what happened to my husband or Claudine. (crying). I wish I was the one who got hurt. That poor boy. Please save his life Lord. Please save his life.

    Scenario (Mark and Heartís house)

    (They are having dinner)

    Mark : My secretary told me you were at the clinic today. Youíve been coming in to the hospital more often these days.

    Heart : Yes I was. I was visiting my friendís son.

    Mark : (surprised) Your friendís son? You must really care for your friend to take this much time from work to visit.

    Heart : I feel so bad for her child.

    Mark : What happened to her child?

    Heart : Her boy was in an accident. I want to ask you a favor.

    Mark : What is it?

    Heart : I was wondering if you can help her.

    Mark : How can I help her?

    Heart : Can you talk to her? Help her with what sheís going through emotionally?

    Mark : You are really worried about your friend.

    Heart : I am. I feel terrible for her. Please Mark, can you do that for me? Please!!

    Mark : I don't know Heart.

    Heart : Please Mark, I'm begging you to help her. Please!

    Mark : Is your friend that important for you to ask me like this?

    Heart : If I have to beg you then I will. This is extremely important to me.

    Mark : (smiling) Okay, if it is that important to you, then I will.

    (Heart gets up and gives Mark a kiss)

    Heart : Thank you so much.

    (Heart gives Mark a hug)

    GAP 2

    Scenario (Hospital)

    (Mark and Heart getting out of the car and walking to the hospital)

    (Claudine is in a hurry, sheís walking towards ICU and passes by Mark and Heart)

    (Heart sees Claudine)

    Heart : Claudine!

    (Claudine turns around and sees Mark with Heart)

    (Mark and Claudine look at each other)

    Heart : Claudine, i want you to meet my husband. Heís a doctor here.

    (Claudine tries to avoid Mark and Heart)

    Claudine : Hi! I have to go.

    Heart : Oh, okay.

    (Mark is very surprised that Heart and Claudine know each other)

    (Claudine quickly walks to the ICU)

    Heart : Hmm that was odd. Maybe you intimidate her.

    Heart : Mark, Claudine is the friend I was telling you about. Please help her son in the ICU. Heís comatose right now.

    (Mark is surprised by what Heart told him)

    Heart : Mark are you okay?

    Mark : Ha? Yeah, I'm okay. She is your friend?

    Heart : Yes, she is. I hope you can help her. She really needs your help. She is all alone because her boyfriend also died in that accident.

    Mark : Her boyfriend?

    Heart : Yes, her boyfriend was with her son when they got in that accident. But she told me that her boyfriend is not the father of her child.

    (Mark is even more surprised)

    ( Heartís cell phone rings)

    Heart : Hello? Oh. Iíll be right there. Mark I have to go back to the office.

    Mark : Okay, take care.

    Heart : Bye!

    (Heart gives Mark a kiss and leaves)

    (Mark hurriedly makes his way to the ICU)

    (Mark goes in the ICU and sees Claudine next to her child crying)

    (Mark tries to go near Claudine, but she quickly stands up to avoid him)

    (Mark takes her in his arms and holds her tight)

    (Claudine hugs him back and sobs on Markís shoulder)

    Claudine : (still crying) I donít know how long I can stand seeing him like this.

    Mark : Donít lose hope. Put your faith in God.

    Claudine : I donít think I can take it anymore.

    Mark : Iím here for you.

    (Mark tightens his hold on Claudine)

    GAP 3

    Scenario (Claudineís coffee shop)

    (Mark and Claudine gets out of a car that parks in front of the shop)

    (Claudineís friend sees Mark and Claudine going in the shop)

    Friend : Claudine!

    Claudine : This is Mark. Mark, this is my friend.

    Friend : Hi! Mark!

    Mark : Hi!

    Claudine : Heís Markyís doctor. Heís the doctor that saved my sonís life.

    Friend : Heís a doctor?

    Claudine : Yes, he is.

    Kaibigan : Wow! I didnít know doctors could be this good looking.

    Claudine : Mark, would you like some coffee?

    Mark : Sure, please.

    (Claudine pushes her friend, whoís still ogling Mark, out the room)

    Claudine : Donít you have something to do in the kitchen?

    Friend: Oh yes! I do have stuff to do in the kitchen. Iíll see you later. Enjoy your coffee.

    (Friend leaves the room)

    (Mark and Claudine are amused at the friendís antics)

    Mark : It's nice to see you smile again.

    (Claudineís a bit embarassed)

    Mark : This is your coffee shop?

    Claudine : Yes it is.

    (Mark sips his coffee)

    Mark : Do you know anything about who hit your son?

    Claudine: The police told me that there were no witnesses. They have no leads or clues.

    Mark : So that was your boyfriend that was with Marky?

    Claudine : Yes, that was Paolo with Marky . (Claudine starts to cry) They just picked something up for me at the jewelry shop right before they got hit by a car

    (Mark holds Claudine tight as she cries on his shoulder)

    To be continued

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    Scenario (Heart's Office)

    Officemate 1: Heart, are you sure you want to quit your job?

    Officemate 2: I am going to ask the same girlfriend.. are you sure about this? You might regret this decision. A good job is hard to come by.

    Heart: Yes , I am sure. I want to start a family. I told Mark, I'm ready to be a mom. I'm actually excited to stay home and take care of my husband.

    Officemate 1: Is this Mark's idea? Did Mark ask you to quit your job?

    Heart: Mark has nothing to do with this. He was even surprised when I told him I'm resigning from work and I wasn't joking. He can't believe that Im actually doing it.

    Officemate 2: I can't imagine his surprise. You are such a workaholic.

    Heart: I just realized our relationship should be my priority. I just feel I need to focus on my marriage right now.

    Officemate 2: Well. if you have already thought things through, I guess we're just going to wish you good luck.

    Officemate 1: We will miss you Heart..

    Officemate 2: Yes, we will surely miss you dear

    Heart: You guys sound like we are not going to see each other anymore. I'll be around.

    I will drop by here in the office if I get bored at home.. (smiles)

    Officemate 2: We sure hope you're going to keep in touch and visit us here.

    Heart: Im not going to leave you just yet. I still have 3 months to train my replacement. You guys are being so dramatic. (laughs)

    (Heart and her officemates hugged each other)

    Scenario (Claudine's coffeeshop)

    (Mark and Claudine are talking privately when Mark's cell phone rings)

    (Mark excuses himself, he stands up and talks on the phone)

    (Claudine stares at Mark as he was talking on the phone)

    (Mark walks back to the table and sat in front of Claudine)

    (Claudine tries to avoid looking at Mark)

    Mark: That was Heart.

    Claudine: Your wife is really nice.

    Mark: How did the two of you meet?

    Claudine: I just met her in the hospital.

    Mark : Really? I thought you were old friends.

    Claudine: I think your wife loves you very much.

    (Mark stares at Claudine's face.)

    Claudine (stands up) You have to excuse me. I have to attend to my coffee shop needs so I can go back to the hospital.

    Mark: I'll wait for you so we can go back to the hospital together.

    Claudine: No, don't bother. I will just ask my driver to bring me to the hospital. I think you should go ahead, your patients might be looking for you. Thanks for the offer anyway.

    Mark: Uh okay. Alright. I'll be going now.

    Claudine: Okay, bye. Thanks for driving me here. I really appreciate it.

    (Mark nods and smiles. He got in the car and drove away)

    (Claudine, watching Mark as he drives away)

    Scenario ( Mark and Heart's home)

    (Mark is standing outside alone )

    (Heart sees Mark who was in deep thought)

    (Heart runs to give Mark a hug from behind)

    Heart (whispers) What are you doing here?

    Mark: (surprised) Nothing... Just getting some fresh air.

    Heart: Can I keep you company?

    Mark: Sure!

    (Mark and Heart walks hand in hand toward the the lanai and sit beside each other)

    (Heart rests her head on Mark's chest)

    Heart: What are you thinking?

    Mark: Nothing. Nothing important.

    Heart: You seem lost in thought. Is there something wrong?

    Mark: Nothing.

    Heart: What is it?

    Mark: I told you there was nothing wrong.

    Heart : Okay, if you don't want to tell me its fine, I'm not gonna twist your arm.

    (Mark holds her close and they hugged tight)

    GAP 1

    Scenario (Hospital)

    (Mark is in a hurry. He is walking to the ICU)

    ( Mark goes inside the room, walks slowly toward Marky's bed. He stares at the little boy)

    (Mark holds the boy's hand)

    Mark: (thinking) Why do I feel like I've known you forever? I don't know you, yet you're so familiar.



    Scenario (Mark and Claudine in a Park)

    (Mark is looking at the children playing)

    Mark: Look at them. They are so happy, not a care in the world!

    Claudine: Do you like kids?

    Mark: As a matter of fact , I do! I love kids! When we get married, I want to have lots of kids!

    Claudine: (her eyes widened) Lots of kids? That's what you want?

    Mark: Yes! A whole basketball team!

    Claudine: Are you nuts?

    Mark: And I want my first born son to be named Marky.

    Claudine: (playfully sarcastic) Marky? Sounds like you really like your name. Mark and Marky, how creative!

    Mark: Yes I want our son to be called Marky

    Claudine: Why Marky?

    Mark: So that everytime his mom says his name, she will be reminded of how much Marky's dad love her.

    Marky will remind you of how much I love you... of how much we love each other.
    Flash Forward (Present time)

    (In the ICU)

    (Mark touching Marky's cheeks)

    Mark: We have the same name kiddo. I hope we'll be friends when you wake up...

    Scenario ( In the hospital lobby)

    (Mark sees Claudine while doing his rounds. Claudine is alone by herself, looking pensive)

    (Mark approaches Claudine)

    Mark: What are you doing here?

    Claudine: (surprised) Oh.. Its you.

    (Mark grabs Claudine's hand)

    Mark: Come on. Go with me.

    Claudine: Wait! Where are we going?

    (Mark is not saying a word. He is taking the lead while firmly holding Claudine's hand)

    Claudine: Wait! Where are you going to take me.. hey!

    (Mark brings Claudine on the rooftop of the hospital)

    Mark: This is where I go when I need to let it all go and scream the place down.

    Mark: Go on.

    Claudine: What?

    Mark: Go on and scream! Shout at the top of your lungs. Just scream as loud as you can!

    (Claudine walks slowly to the edge of the rooftop and lets out an intense scream. She did it over again as she cries until she felt a comforting reprieve from her pain.)

    (Claudine turns around to face Mark)

    Mark: How do you feel now?

    Claudine: I feel so much better.

    (Mark and Claudine stare at each other)

    (Mark moves to get closer, their faces an inch away from each other. Mark reached out for a kiss)

    (Claudine averts her face )

    Claudine: I have to go.

    (Claudine leaves as Mark remains on the rooftop, alone)

    Scenario (Mark and Heart's home)

    (Mark and Heart eating dinner together)

    Heart: So when are we going to have that second honeymoon you mentioned last time? I'm eager to book a flight so everything will be set.

    Mark: Whenever you like.

    Heart: Whenever I like? How about you? Aren't you excited about our plans ? When would you want to schedule it?

    Mark: I'll leave all the planning to you. Anywhere. Anytime. It's fine with me.

    Heart: Okay

    ( Mark's cell phone rings)

    Mark: Hello? Yes, this is Dr. Fernandez. Oh okay. I'll be there in a minute.

    Heart: Who called?

    Mark: The hospital called, we have an emergency. They need me to go there right now.

    (Mark stands up)

    Heart: You're not going to finish your dinner?

    Mark: No, I have to leave right away.

    Heart: I'll wait for you, we'll finish dinner together.

    Mark: Don't bother waiting, It might take a long time before I come back.

    (Mark kisses Heart)

    Mark: I'll see you later.

    (Mark gets in the car and leaves hastily)

    GAP 2

    Scenario (Emergency Room)

    (Mark arrives and promptly goes to the emergency room)


    (Mark and hospital staff are busy attending to the emergency patients)

    (After a while, Mark comes out of the emergency room. He is now exhausted)
    (He passes by the ICU. )

    (He peers in the door to check on the little boy, Marky)

    (Claudine is there sleeping by her son's bed)

    (Mark, reaches out for a blanket to cover her)

    Mark: (thinking) I still have feelings for you Claudine.. I still love you so much!

    (Claudine suddenly wakes up)

    Claudine: Mark! What are you doing here?

    Mark: Just passing by, I attended to an emergency. I was just checking on Marky.. and you.

    Claudine: Oh

    Mark: Did I wake up you up?

    Claudine: No, I just dozed off. Its okay.

    Mark: Okay, see you later. I'll go now.

    Claudine: Okay, bye.

    (Mark leaves and heads off to his office)

    (Mark is still thinking of Claudine)

    (Mark hurries to go out of the hospital building)

    (He bought a cup of coffee and doughnuts)

    (He strides back to the ICU, bringing coffee and doughnuts to Claudine)

    (Mark enters the room)

    Mark (panting) Ah, Claudine!. Help yourself with a steaming cup of coffee and some doughnuts (smiling)

    Claudine: Oh, thank you. How nice of you! You seem out of breath. Were you running?

    Mark: What? No? Am I? (still out of breath) Im fine. (smiling)

    (Claudine smiles back at Mark)

    Mark: Im leaving now. You take care okay?

    Claudine: Thank you again for bringing me breakfast.

    (Mark goes out of the ICU with a smile on his face)


    Scenario (Mark and Heart's home)

    (Heart is sleeping in their room. )

    (Heart is having a nightmare of the accident)

    ( The tragedy vividly played out once again in her dreams)

    (Dream sequence)

    Heart is crying while driving fast. As if driving

    recklessly can take away the hurt she feels after talking to her

    husband on the phone.

    She is driving like mad until a loud thud somewhere made her step on her breaks.


    She immediately felt something is terribly wrong.

    Heart: Oh my God!! Oh my God, what just happened??

    Heart is still holding the steering wheel of the car. She is terrified to find out what happened.

    She gets off and sees the man that she just ran over

    He is sprawled on the road, bloodied. His arms flung out on his


    Heart: This can't be happening! Oh my God!

    Next to the man, laying unconscious is a little boy

    He is about 6 years old, his small hands seem to speak of

    his innocence and helplessness.

    His school uniform, glistening with

    wet, fresh blood.

    Heart: Oh my God! What have I done?!

    Her shock turns into panic.

    She cannot stand the sight of her casualties.

    She needs to go away, far away.

    She gets inside the car and drives away as she tries to mute

    the deafening murmurs of her conscience.

    "This is not happening, this can't be real"

    She repeatedly tells herself.

    Until her conscience lets out a violent scream.


    Scenario (Heart waking up, screaming and crying)

    Heart (crying) I didn't mean to do it!! Im so sorry!! Im so sorry! I did'nt mean to do it!!

    (Heart continues to weep, )

    (She is guilty and remorseful)

    GAP 3

    Scenario (Mark and Heart's home)

    (Dining room)

    (Mark is in a hurry to leave)

    Heart: Mark, wait! Are you not going eat your breakfast?

    Mark: No, I am really in a hurry. Im just going to eat at the hospital cafeteria.

    Heart: Wait! Wait for me I want to go with you.

    Mark: Why? Is there something wrong with your car?

    Heart: Ha? No? My car is okay.

    Mark: Then, why don't you just use your car?

    Heart: I want to go with you to the hospital. Then I'll just take a taxi home.

    Mark: Are you sure? You want to take a cab going home?

    Heart: Yes! Its fine..

    Mark: Alright .. let's go!

    Scenario: (Mark and Heart in the car as he is driving down the road)

    (Suddenly, a man and a boy cross the street. )

    ( They barely hit the crossing pedestrians)

    (Heart screams in panic)

    Heart: Aaaahhhhh! we are going to hit them!!!

    (Mark steps on the breaks in time)

    Heart: Ahhhhhhh!

    Mark: Heart... It's fine! We didn't hit them.

    Mark: Heart, are you okay?

    (Heart is shivering in fear, pale and very distressed )

    Mark: Heart what is going on? You look so pale and you're trembling.

    Heart: I can't breathe!

    Mark: I'll pull over!

    (Mark pulls over on the side of the road)

    Mark: Heart just relax. Calm down now. What's wrong? Tell me what you're feeling.

    Mark: Come here.

    (Heart holds Mark as she tries to calm herself. )

    Mark: Calm down now. Everything's okay. I'm here. Calm down.

    (Heart sobs as she holds Mark close. Mark hugs her tight)

    To be continued

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    Scenario (Outside the hospital)

    (A car stops in the hospital parking lot )

    (Mark and Heart get out of the car)

    Mark: Are you sure, you'll be okay here?

    Heart: Yes I'll be okay. Don't worry. I think you should get to work. Go ahead, I'll be fine.

    Mark: Call me if you need me okay?

    Heart: Okay I will.

    (Mark kisses Heart)

    Mark: Bye!

    Heart: Bye!

    (Mark enters the hospital)

    (Heart walks outside, looking for a cab)

    (A car stops and Claudine gets out)

    Claudine: Heart!

    (Heart didn't hear Claudine )

    (Claudine calls her again)

    Claudine: (yells) Heart!

    (Heart looks around to see who called her and sees Claudine)

    (Claudine walks toward Heart)

    Claudine: Heart!

    Heart: (surprised) Oh hi!

    Claudine: (smiling) Can't help but notice, but you seem a little out of it. I'm hoarse from yelling your name (smiles)

    Heart: (evasive) Uh.. yeah. You have to excuse me, Im in a hurry. I have to go, bye..

    (Claudine, baffled by Heart's behavior)

    Claudine: Okay, take care..

    (Heart leaves hastily)

    Scenario (outside the hospital ICU)

    (Mark hesitates to go inside the ICU room)

    Mark (thinking): I wonder if she had lunch? I'm gonna ask her. Oh jeez never mind.

    Mark: But she might be hungry by now though.. Nah, she's just going to turn down the invitation.

    (Mark starts to walk away but decides to go back and knocks on the door. Suddenly the door opens)

    Claudine: Mark! What are you doing here?

    Mark: (startled) Ah uhm (clears throat) I'm just going to check on Marky!

    Claudine: Well, you just checked on him 10 minutes ago.

    Mark: (embarassed) Ahh oh yeah. That's right. Are you going out for lunch?

    Claudine: Yes I'm just going to the cafeteria for a take out.

    Mark: You still haven't eaten lunch?

    Claudine: Not yet.

    Mark: I still haven't gone out for lunch too. Listen, there's a restaurant nearby, wanna try it? My treat.

    Claudine: No don't bother, I'll just go to the cafeteria.

    Mark: No, really its fine! I heard this restaurant serves great food. It's just nearby.

    Claudine: (hesitates a little) Well... If you insist and If its not too much trouble.

    Mark: Its no problem, I have no patients anyway. Besides its only a short distance from the hospital.

    Mark: So, lets go?

    Claudine: Okay, let's go.

    (Mark and Claudine walk together as they go out of the hospital)

    Scenario (in a restaurant)

    (Claudine and Mark enter the restaurant and each takes a seat facing each other)

    Claudine: I thought you said this restaurant is just close by?

    Mark: But its worth it I promise. Their food is great! You'll thank me later, you'll see.

    (A waiter approaches to take their order)

    Mark: What do you like?

    Claudine: Whatever you recommend. You can order for me (smiles)

    (Mark and Claudine having lunch)

    (A car parks in the restaurant parking lot, Heart and her friends get out of the car)

    Officemate 1: This restaurant is filled to the brim! Looks like all tables are taken. Let's just look for another restaurant!

    Heart: We're here anyway, let's just come in. Im starving!

    Officemate 2: Yeah, let's just come in and grab the first available table. I'm so hungry I could eat anything.

    Heart: Girls, let's just go in.

    (Heart and her officemates go inside the restaurant )

    Officemate 1: Heart, isn't that Mark over there? That's him right?

    Heart: What? Impossible! He never goes out of the hospital for lunch when he's on duty.

    Officemate 2: That's Mark alright! And he's with some girl!

    (Heart sees Mark and Claudine eating together)

    Heart (thinking) Is it Claudine? He is with Claudine?

    Offcemate 1: Are you not going to approach them?

    Heart: Ahh.. no. Let's just go somewhere. This place is too crowded anyway. Let's look for another restaurant.

    Officemate 2: Im all for it! Let's just go somewhere..

    (Heart catches a last glimpse of Mark and Claudine eating together before she heads out.)

    GAP 1

    Scenario (Mark and Heart's home)


    Heart: By the way, I saw you and Claudine eating lunch together.

    Mark: You saw us?

    Heart: Yup, but I was with my officemates so I just decided to leave.

    Mark: Why didn't you say hi?

    Heart: I don't want to bother you, you seem to be having a great time.

    Mark: I'm getting a hint of jealousy in your voice.

    Heart: Me? I'm jealous?

    Mark: Yes.

    Heart: No way! Me? Jealous? I was the one who asked you to be there for her. I was the one who suggested that you should keep her company and comfort her. Why would I be jealous?

    Mark: No really, honestly? Are you sure, you're not jealous?

    Heart: Yes, I'm sure!

    Mark: Then, come here.

    Heart: I don't want to.

    Mark: Come on, come here. Close to me.

    (Mark grabs Heart's hand)

    (Mark holds Heart tight and kisses her lips)

    (Scenario Heart and Mark's home)

    (Mark and Heart having breakfast together)

    Heart: Can we go out for lunch later?

    Mark: Sure!

    Heart: I already arranged our vacation plans for next month. You should already file for your vacation leave.

    Mark: Alright! Iíll do that.

    Heart: I already asked for a leave, Iím excited to go to this awesome bed and breakfast. Iím sure youíll love it.

    Mark: Okay. Iím leaving now. Are you going to ride with me?

    Heart: No, my friend will pick me up. Iím carpooling with her to the office.

    Mark: Why are you not driving your car lately?

    Heart: I'm fine carpooling with my friend. Besides, itís convenient. We have a meeting to go to, anyway.

    Mark: Okay, suit yourself. Iíll go now.

    (Mark kisses Heart and leaves)

    Scenario (Heart and Markís bedroom)

    (Heart sees Markís medical bag)

    Heart: Oh no! Mark forgot his stuff.

    (Heart heard a car horn. Her friendís car is parked outside)

    (Heart hurriedly goes out the house and gets in her friendís car)

    Scenario (Heart is in her friend's car. Her friend is driving.)

    Heart: Can we stop by at the hospital for a minute?

    Officemate: Why?

    Heart: Mark left this at home. Itís his medical stuff. It might be important

    Officemate: Okay.. weíre going there.

    Scenario (hospital)

    (Mark enters the ICU. He sees Claudine crying)

    Mark: Claudine?

    Claudine: Oh.. It's you.

    Mark: Are you crying?

    Claudine: No, I just have a terrible cold.

    Mark: I'm just making sure everythingís okay. Iím here to check on Marky.

    Claudine: Okay.

    (Mark examines Marky)

    Claudine: When is Marky going to wake up? (cries) When is my son going to wake up?

    Mark: (comforting Claudine) Im sorry... But, I have no answer for that Claudine.

    Claudine: (crying) Marky has been here for weeks! Weíve been here for a long time! I miss my son so much!

    Mark: Have faith Caludine. I wish I could say anything to make you feel better. Just be strong, be strong for Markyís sake.

    (Claudine weeps, Mark reaches out and hugs her)


    Scenario (outside the hospital)

    (Heart gets out of the car. She swiftly enters the the hospital )

    (Heart asks the help of the information desk)

    Heart: Nurse, can I please see Dr. Fernandez? Is he doing his rounds?

    Nurse: One moment, maíam. Iím just going to check.

    Heart: Thank you.

    (Nurse calls Markís office)

    Nurse: Maíam, Dr Fernandez is in the the ICU.

    Heart: Thanks for the help.

    (Heart hurriedly goes to the hospital ICU)

    (She slowly opens the door and sees Mark and Claudine holding each other)

    (Heart was taken aback by what she saw. )

    (She hastily leaves)

    (Heart drops Markís medical bag at the information desk)

    Heart: Nurse, can you please just give this to Dr. Fernandez.

    Nurse: Sure maíam. I will.

    (Heart gets in her friendís car, still thinking of what she has seen in the ICU)

    Officemate: Heart, is everything okay? You look like you've seen a ghost.

    Heart: What? No, everythings fine, letís just go to the meeting, weíre running late.

    (Heart and her officemate leaves)

    GAP 2

    (Scenario : Heart's office)

    (Heart is talking to Mark on the cell phone)

    Heart: Hello Mark, I was trying to call you for hours, why are you not answering your phone?

    Mark: I'm sorry, didn't mean to miss your calls. I was in the operating room when you were calling.

    Heart: Oh, is that so? Are you free? Can we have lunch together?

    Mark: I don't think I could go out. I need to watch a patient. The hospital is really busy. I'll probaby have a late lunch.

    Heart: Fine, I'm just going to have lunch with my officemates then.

    Mark: Okay.

    Heart: See you later, bye.

    Mark: Bye!

    (Scenario: Hospital)

    ( A fellow doctor calls on Mark)

    Surgeon: Why not go ahead and take a break Mark, you look worn out. I'll be here to watch the patient.

    Mark: Really? Thank you so much, I really appreciate it bro. Actually, the Mrs. just called and asked if we can go out for lunch.

    Surgeon: No problem dude, go ahead and have lunch with your wife. I'll just call you if you're needed here.

    Mark: You're a life saver! Thanks again.

    (Mark calls Heart's cell phone but he keeps on getting a "can't be reached at this time" message)

    Mark: (thinking) Geez, woman. Turn on your darn cell phone..

    (As Mark descends from the hospital second floor, he sees Claudine)

    (Claudine is leaving the hospital building)

    (Mark runs to catch up on Claudine, he yells her name)

    Mark: (yelling) Claudine! Claudine!

    (Claudine, stops and looks over to see who was calling her)

    (Mark walks toward Claudine)

    Mark: Where are you going?

    Claudine: I need to see someone at the coffee shop.

    Mark: Do you need a ride?

    Claudine: I'll take a cab.

    Mark: I could drive you to your coffee shop.

    Claudine: Aren't you busy? Don't you have patients to see?

    Mark: No I'm free, besides its very hard to find a cab during lunch break.

    Claudine: Are you sure its no trouble for you?

    Mark: You need to get there right?

    Claudine: Okay then..

    Mark: Let's go!

    Scenario (inside the car, while Mark is driving)

    Claudine: I'm sorry Mark.

    Mark: Sorry for what?

    Claudine: For leaving you without saying goodbye.

    (Mark comes to a stop on the side of the road)

    Mark: I'm listening Dine.

    (Claudine turns to look at Mark as he calls her "Dine". She becomes emotional as she remembers how he used to call her by that

    Claudine: (tears up) I really didn't want to leave you Mark.

    Mark: But you did! How could you leave just like that?

    Claudine: You have a lot of ambition in life. You have big dreams you want to pursue. I was afraid I will just get in the way and mess up your plans.

    Mark: You promised you'll stand by me. We promised we are not going to leave each other's side. We swore that we will be with
    each other no matter what. But why? Why did you leave?

    Claudine: I'm so sorry.

    Mark: I've looked all over for you.

    Claudine: Forgive me Mark. I'm really sorry.

    (Mark holds Claudine tight)

    Mark: I still love you so much Dine.

    (Mark and Claudine stares at each other's eyes, Mark reaches out to her to kiss her lips, she kisses him back)

    Scenario (Heart's office)

    (Heart looks at her cell phone, she realizes that Mark has been calling her)

    (Heart calls Mark's cell phone, but she gets a 'cannot be reached' message)

    (Heart calls the hospital)

    Heart: Hello? Could you please connect me to Dr. Fernandez' office please.

    Operator: May I know who's on the line.

    Heart: This is Mrs. Fernandez

    Operator: Hold on ma'am, I'll connect you.

    (Mark's office)

    Secretary: Hello, Dr. Fernandez' office, may I help you?

    Heart: Hello, this is Mrs Fernandez, can I talk to my husband please?

    Secretary: He's not here in the hospital ma'am.

    Heart: What do you mean he's not there?

    Secretary: He went our for lunch, ma'am.

    Heart: Do you know who is with him?

    Secretary: I'm sorry ma'am but I don't know.

    Heart: Okay, just tell him I called. Thank you.

    Secretary: Yes ma'am.

    GAP 3

    Scenario (Claudine's coffee shop)

    (Mark and Claudine enters the coffee shop)

    Mark: It looks like no one is here.

    Claudine: Wait a minute.

    (Claudine walks away to call someone on her cell phone)

    Claudine (on the phone) So what time? Okay, I'll be here, I'll wait.

    (Mark looks around, checks out the place)

    (Claudine walks toward Mark)

    Claudine: My friend is still running errands. She will come here as soon as she's done. Thanks for the ride. You can leave
    me here. You might need to get back to your patients.

    (Mark holds Claudine's hand)

    (Claudine tries to look away, avoiding Mark's intense gaze)

    (Mark moves to get close to Claudine, his lips touches hers)

    (Claudine closes her eyes)

    (Mark and Claudine share an emotional and intimate moment as

    they kiss passionately)

    (Mark and Claudine hold each other tight)

    Mark: I love you Dine.

    Claudine: This is wrong Mark.

    Mark: Which part of this is wrong?

    Claudine: This!

    Mark: I love you so much. I never stopped loving you Claudine! My feelings for you have never waned even years after you left.

    Claudine: What about Heart?

    Mark: What about us? What about my feelings for you? I went through hell looking for you. And now that I have found you
    there's no way I'm letting you go.

    Claudine: What about your marriage? This is wrong. This is unfair for Heart.

    Mark: I don't want to lose you. Not again. Never again Dine!

    (Mark puts his arms around Claudine and envelopes her in a tight embrace)

    Scenario: (Mark and Claudine's house)

    (Mark arrives and gives Heart a kiss on the cheek)

    Heart: (confrontational) I thought you were too busy to find the time to go out and have lunch with me?

    Mark: Well.. Yeah?

    Heart: Did you have lunch with Claudine again?

    Mark: What kind of question is that?

    Heart: Just answer the question. Did you have lunch with her again?

    Mark: I am so tired and have no energy for a third degree right now.

    Heart: Why don't you just answer my question?

    Mark: Please stop it Heart!

    Heart: (yells) Answer my friggin question!

    Mark: (yells back) Yes! We were together! Satisfied?

    (Mark storms out, leaving Heart crying, alone in their house)

    To be continued

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    Scenario (Hospital)

    (Mark is walking towards the ICU)

    (Mark opens the door to the ICU and sees Claudine holding her son’s hand and reading a book)

    (Mark doesn’t disturb them, he quietly closes the door and leaves)

    Scenario (Mark and Heart’s house)

    (A car enters through the gate and parks. Mark exits the car)

    (Mark goes inside the house and walks towards their bedroom. He sees Heart sleeping on their bed. He sits on the bed next to her)

    (Heart wakes up and holds Mark tightly, crying)

    Heart : I'm sorry Mark.

    Mark : Heart, why are you saying sorry?

    Heart : I’m saying sorry to you because I didn't trust you.

    Mark : Let’s not talk about it anymore. Go back to sleep.

    (Heart pulls Mark close, Mark responds with a kiss
    and at that moment it was enough to calm her fears )

    Scenario (Hospital)

    Mark : Hello?

    Heart : Hello Mark? It’s me. Are you free later?

    Mark : Why do you ask??

    Heart: It’s my boss's birthday. Can you go with me?

    Mark: Sure, but first I have to check if I’m free.

    Heart: Okay, pick me up from the office later.

    Mark : Sounds good.

    Heart : Bye.

    Mark : Bye.

    Scenario (Hospital ICU)

    (Mark enters and sees Claudine’s friend)

    Friend : Good morning Doc.

    Mark : Aren’t you Claudine’s friend ?

    Friend : Yes, that was me. From the coffee shop?

    Mark : Oh yeah. I remember. Where’s Claudine?

    Friend : Paolo’s parents were here. They picked her up to go to the police station.

    Mark : Police Station?

    Friend : Yes. They wanted to ask about the accident. They wanted to see if the police have any new leads.

    Mark : I see.

    Friend : They’ll be back soon.

    Mark : (nods) I’ll check on Marky now.

    (Mark checks on Marky)

    Scenario (outside the Hospital)

    (Mark is leaving the hospital, looks up and sees Claudine sitting on a bench under a tree)

    (Mark approaches Claudine and sees that she’s crying)

    Mark: Dine, are you okay? I saw your friend at the ICU, she said you went to the Police station.

    (Claudine cries even harder. Mark holds her)

    Mark : What's wrong? Why are you crying?

    Claudine : The police said there were no witnesses to the accident. No one saw a darn thing.

    Mark: Have faith, Dine. It will be okay. They’ll find who did this to your son.

    Claudine : (crying) I miss my son so much.

    (Mark holds Claudine even tighter)

    GAP 1

    Scenario (Church)

    (Mark and Claudine getting out of their car)

    (Claudine kneels down to pray. Mark is watching Claudine intently. Claudine is crying, Mark is feeling her pain)

    Scenario (Outside the church)

    (Mark and Claudine are leaving the church)

    Claudine: Thanks for coming with me, Mark.

    Mark: Don't thank me, Dine. I’ll always be here for you.

    (They embrace)


    Scenario (Heart’s office)

    (Heart is waiting for Mark)

    Officemate 1 : Heart, you want to go with us? What if Mark doesn’t make it?

    Officemate 2 : Why don’t you call him. Just tell him to meet us at the party.

    Heart : Go on without me, guys. I’ll wait for Mark. He probably just had to see a patient.

    Officemate 1 : Just call him!

    Officemate 2 : Okay, if you are going to wait for Mark, we’ll wait with you.

    (Heart is calling Mark)

    Scenario (outside the church)

    (Mark’s cell phone rings)

    Claudine : Aren’t you going to answer your phone? It’s been ringing for a while, it might be important.

    Mark : Your’e right. Excuse me, while I get this call.

    (Mark steps away and starts talking to Heart. Claudine watches him.)

    (Mark finishes his call and walks back to Claudine)

    Claudine : Was that Heart?

    Mark : (he lies) No, it wasn’t. But I do have to go back to hospital

    (Mark and Claudine get in his car and leave.)

    Scenario (Heart’s office)

    Officemate 1 : What did he say?

    Heart : (sad) He said he can’t make it. He has to see a patient.

    Officemate 2 : There you go! Just come with us then.

    Heart : You guys go ahead. I’ll meet him at the hospital. I want us to have dinner together.

    Officemate 2 : All right then. If that’s what you want. See you later.

    Heart : Enjoy the party.

    (Heart’s officemates get in the car. Heart is by herself)

    Scenario (Hospital)

    (Heart is in a taxi and sees Mark’s car pulling into the parking lot. She is surprised to see Mark and Claudine get out of the car)

    Heart : (thinking) Why are they together? Mark said he’s with a patient.

    (Mark is getting out of the car, looks down and sees something. He calls Claudine)

    Mark : (loudly) Dine! You left your purse!

    (Heart is blown away by what she heard)

    Heart : “Dine”? He called her Dine? She’s Dine?

    GAP 2

    Scenario (Mark and Heart’s house)

    (Heart is in the dining room, drinking by herself)

    Heart : (crying) She’s Dine? How did this happen? Of all people, why did it have to be her?

    (Heart is recalls how she met Mark)


    Scenario (Heart’s car)

    (Heart is driving and sees a man, obviously drunk, trying to walk across the street)
    (Heart drives by the guy, but keeps an eye on him in the rear view mirror)

    (She sees the man trip and fall. She stops the car and gets out)

    (Heart approaches the man laying on the street)

    Heart : Are you okay?

    (Mark is very drunk, looks at Heart for a second, but can’t focus. He tries to stand up to leave but he trips again and Heart helps him up)

    Mark: What are you doing?? Leave me alone!!

    Heart: Geez! I’m just trying to help you.

    Mark : Why? Did I ask you for help? Get out of my face!

    Heart : (offended) If you don’t want me to help, then fine!

    (Heart leaves Mark sitting on the sidewalk. She drives away but rain starts to pour down hard. She thinks of the man. She drives back to where Mark was sitting and sees him just drenched.)

    (Heart helps Mark in to the car)

    Scenario (Heart’s house)

    (Heart helps Mark into her house and lays him on the couch)

    Heart : Hmm, Drunky Brewster finally fell asleep.

    (Heart changes Mark’s wet clothes. She notices Mark looks like he’s been crying)

    Heart : What could his problem be that he’s crying like this.

    (Mark suddenly wakes up, he grabs Heart)

    Mark : (sobbing) Dine, I love you so much. Why did you leave me?

    (Heart is startled. Mark holds her even tighter)

    Mark : (still crying) Dine, I love you so much.

    Heart : (thinking) I’ve never seen a man cry like this. He must be so hurt.

    (Heart felt bad for Mark and hugs him back)

    (Mark falls asleep again while in Heart’s arms. Heart slowly lays him down. She can’t keep her eyes off the sad look on Mark’s face)

    Heart : I wonder who’s ‘Dine’?

    Scenario (outside Heart’s home)

    (Heart is playing with her dogs. Mark wakes up and sees Heart and the dogs. Heart turns and sees Mark)

    Heart : Oh good, you’re awake. I made some breakfast. It’s in the kitchen, help yourself.

    (Mark walks through the gate, leaves without saying a word. Heart watches him go)

    Heart : Ha, the nerve! He didn’t even say thank you.

    Scenario (At a Bar)

    (Heart is with friends, they go inside the bar)

    (Heart sees Mark drinking by himself, very drunk)

    Heart : (to friend) Just a sec..

    Friend 1 : Where are you going?

    Heart : I need to go to the ladies room.

    Friend 2 : Hurry up girlfriend! It’s party time!

    (Heart goes to Mark)

    Heart : Are you really trying to kill yourself?

    (Mark ignores Heart)

    Heart: You know alcohol is not going to solve your problem with Dine.

    (Mark gives her an angry look)

    Mark: What the hell do you know about my problems?

    Heart: I know you love her very much because you’re trying to kill yourself over her. She doesn’t know how lucky she is that someone is doing this for her.

    (Mark gets up and leaves. Heart follows him out the bar)

    Heart: Look, I know you want to kill yourself, but killing yourself by drinking is the hard way. If you lay down on the street, you’ll get run over. Bam! It’s quicker!

    (Mark keeps ignoring her and walks away)

    Scenario (Heart’s house)

    (Mark is outside, ringing the door bell. Heart answers the door)

    Heart : (surprised) You? Why are you here?

    Mark : I just want to bring this back (holding some clothes). I also want to thank you for helping me.

    Heart: Well, this is a side of you I haven’t seen. I didn’t know you could be nice and polite.

    (Mark is a little embarrassed by what Heart said)

    Heart : Listen, I’m sorry about what I said last night.

    Mark : That’s okay. You’re right. I’m the one who should apologize.

    Heart : Why don’t you come in.

    Mark : No, that’s okay. I really just want to return these and to thank you. My name is Mark, by the way. Mark Fernandez.

    Heart : I’m Heart. Heart Evangelista.

    Mark : Thanks again, Heart.

    Heart : You’re welcome.

    (Mark leaves and gets in his car, drives away)

    Scenario (At a restaurant)

    (Mark and Heart are having a romantic dinner)

    Mark: Thanks for going out to dinner with me.

    Heart: You know, this doesn’t make up for your stinky attitude. (half joking)

    Mark : I'm sorry about all that I’ve said before

    Heart : I do understand, you know.

    Mark : Thanks.

    Heart : By the way, do you work?

    Mark : No, I don't. I haven’t been working for a while.

    Heart :Huh?

    Mark : I was in med school. First year. But I stopped.

    Heart : Financial problems?

    Mark : Not really.

    Heart : Oh I see, not “financial” problem, “heart” problems.

    (They have a chuckle)


    GAP 3

    Back to Present

    (Heart is very drunk and weeping)

    (Mark enters the home and sees Heart taking a drink)

    Mark : Heart? What are you doing? Are you drunk?

    (Mark takes the wineglass and wine bottle from Heart)

    Heart : Gimme that! That’s my wine!

    Mark : What’s going on with you? Why are you doing this to yourself?

    Heart : Mark, why didn’t you tell me? Why?

    Mark : That’s enough! You’re drunk! Let’s go to the room.

    Heart : Mark, tell me the truth. Is Claudine “Dine”? Is she your ex-girlfriend?

    Mark : Let me help you up, you’re blitzed!

    Heart : (sobbing) Tell me Mark! Is she “Dine”? Please tell me ! (screaming now) Tell me the truth! Is she Dine, the ex that broke your heart?

    Mark : Yes! Claudine is Dine, my ex girlfriend.

    Heart : (quietly) Do you still love her, Mark?

    Mark : You’re drunk. Let’s go

    Heart : (screaming) For God's sake! Why can’t you answer a simple question? Do you still love her??

    Mark : I'm sorry, Heart.

    Heart : You're sorry for what? For lying to me? For still loving her? Just tell me the truth, Mark! DO YOU STILL LOVE HER?!? Answer me!

    Mark : Yes! i still love her. I still love Dine very much!

    (Mark grabs Heart and embraces her)

    Mark : I'm so sorry Heart.

    Heart : Please leave me alone. Please go Mark. I want to be alone now.

    Mark : Heart, I can't do that.

    Heart : Just, just leave me alone. I need to think.

    Mark : Heart, don't do this.

    Heart : (screams) I said leave me alone!

    (Mark finally leaves. Heart is left alone crying. She weeps bitterly as if to purge herself of all her pain and sadness.)

    Heart : (sobbing) Why does it have to be Claudine? Why her?

    Scenario (Hospital)

    (Heart is walking towards ICU)

    Heart : (thinking, angry) How can you do this me, Claudine?

    (Heart enters the ICU and hears Claudine crying)

    Claudine : Marky, baby, mommy misses you so much. Please wake up. Please wake up for mommy.

    (Heart is frozen. What she heard stopped her from confronting Claudine)

    Heart: (thinking) What do I say to the person who I've hurt so much? Whose life I practically destroyed? How can I confront Claudine when I’m the reason she’s here.
    The man who loves her is dead and her little boy is laying
    there, still unconscious. All because of me. Because of me...

    (Heart walks away, crying )

    To be continued

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