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Thread: The History of the Tang Dynasty Two Dragons (大唐双龙传) - Huang Yi

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    Default Book 3 Chapter 7 Prostitution and Gambling as One Business

    The two had fled to an alley, from which they could see the walls and the gate of Emerald House, the brothel owned by Xiang Yushan's father.

    Consisting of numerous courtyards which couldn't be seen through from the opening, it seemed indeed much larger than Yihong Abode.

    The sky was getting darker as the sun went down, and the lights over in Emerald House were lit up.

    Yet the scene only brought them a sense of sadness, reflecting their uneasy feelings.

    Leaning against the wall like they used to, they sat for quite a long time before Kou Zhong gritted his teeth and said, "The bitxh is indeed merciless! She even intends to kill her benefactors!"

    Xu Ziling muttered, "She was just afraid we would end up in old daddy's hands. Now what should we do?

    Although we've made a promise to Brother Li to wait until Madam Dongming arrived, yet old daddy's men had already caught up with us. It's about time we leave."

    Kou Zhong agreed,"Life is more important. Brother Li wouldn't blame us. Let's leave this city at once and run away as far as we can. Then we shall make our way to visit Sister Susu in Yingyang after that.

    Since her mistress is being held as hostage, we can bring her south. Then we can pick up our salt business at ease."

    Xu Ziling smiled bitterly, "If we left through the gates openly, it is the same as sending ourselves directly into old daddy's hands or that *****'s custody.

    The best option is to hide until midnight, then we can climb over the city walls to escape.

    With our skills plus a set of ropes and hook, we can definitely make it."

    "I came to realize you have as much intelligence as I do."Kou Zhong praised,


    We've got sufficient money to buy a iron hook from a smith. As for the ropes, it's easy as hell to steal one."

    After making the plan, they felt invigorated again.

    They snack out from the other end of the alley into a main street, but after wandering for a long distance, they found every shop had closed down except for taverns and brothels.

    Suddenly Kou Zhong came up with an idea. "How about we asked that Xiang Yushan for help? He seemed very friendly this morning. He might help since his friends are in danger."He suggested.

    Xu Ziling suspected, "Is he really that type of person?"

    Kou Zhong grabbed his shoulder and together they returned to the alley, walking towards the Emerald House. "This is the only way out. We have to go for him, even if he is the devil."He said painfully,

    "Our biggest problem is we are now wanted by the government, turning to them will only get us killed.

    And who knows if they were bribed by that bitxch or old daddy?

    I'm too afraid to trust anyone now."

    Xu Ziling was also worried."After that bitxch told us things about brothels, I really don't want go there. Is there any other way?"

    Kou Zhong said, "Yes, one other way is to dig a tunnel, which I'm not joining you.

    Don't be so easily affected by others' words, okay?

    As far as we know, all the *****s in Yangzhou willingly trade their flesh for money.

    And think about those ministers at court, who are also trading their lives, serving the emperor like dogs for food.

    At least being *****s won't get them killed so easily.


    Here we are!"

    Under the fancy lantern lights, they crossed the street, which was still crowded with people and horse carriages.

    Yet they felt a tinge of fear for the its future, after having witnessed the massacres of war.

    At the entrance, they waited until a well decorated horse carriage entered the gate, before following it inside.

    Two of the six men guarding the gate moved forth to greet them.

    Beholding their nice clothes and confident aura, the guards dare not offend them. One of them politely asked :"Welcome two childes, I wonder..."

    Kou Zhong understood the importance of extravagance.

    He casually stuffed a handful of coins in the man's hands and spoke with some arrogance, pretending to be a noble childe.

    "We are the old friends of your boss's son Xiang Yushan. Has Yushan arrived yet?"

    The guards' attitude became even more polite.

    "This lowly man's name is He Biao, two childes please follow me."The man hurriedly said.

    Kou Zhong puffed out his chest and said, "Make way for us!"

    He Biao acknowledged as he bowed and led them along.

    The two followed him across a large courtyard, where at least ten carriages were parked, towards the main building.

    When they arrived at the steps leading up to the building, a middle-aged woman with fair looks moved towards them, dressed in all finery.

    He Biao leaned over and whispered a few words, paid his respects and left.

    The woman beamed before squeezing herself in between them, holding their arms. "So you happen to be little master Xiang's friends. How may I address you two childes?"She asked in a sweet tone,

    "Oh yes!

    I almost forgot to introduce myself! You can call me Feng Niang."

    Enjoying this intimate contact she offered, Kou Zhong was dragged along into the building while he replied, "My name is Zhang Shi, and his is Li Min.Hey!

    Feng Niang, you're so beautiful that our souls are almost sucked out by your charm.

    Feng Niang's body shook as she laughed, "Mister Zhang turns out to be an experienced player of flowers, despite your young age!

    But don't flatter me so easily!

    Otherwise you may regretted it when I keep asking for your company tonight."

    Then she shot a glad eye at Xu Ziling, saying, "Mister Li is much better than you."

    Kou Zhong had become too elated to worry about 'the bitxh' and 'old daddy' at all.

    He jested happily, "He is just pretending to be a frequent visitor. You can test him if you don't believe me!"

    Xu Ziling was embarrassed and said :"Don't listen to his bullshit, I..."


    Feng Niang grabbed them by the arm and seat them in the corner, at one of the ten odd tables hosted inside the main hall."You don't have to explain, how can I mistake it?"

    Two maids, aged around sixteen, moved over and waited them heartily, filling their cups with tea and presenting towels.

    Eyes sweeping around, they saw the hall was already seated by ten odd groups of guests, creating a extremely lively atmosphere.

    After sending a man to inform Xiang Yushan, Feng Niang turned back to them, "For smart men like you two, our girls would definitely vie for your company!"

    Finally getting relaxed, Xu Ziling was about to speak,

    when Feng Niang excused herself and walked over to greet another group of people who looked like merchants.

    Kou Zhong called over to the two maids who were waiting them and said :"Sisters you can leave us, we wish to discuss something in private."

    So the two maids left together.

    Kou Zhong said, excited,"Have you ever been so respected?

    Let's spend the night here! Who would have guessed we are actually hiding in a brothel?

    Thanks to brother Li for everything we enjoy now. Let's just stay here until tomorrow night so that we can board the flagship of Dongming and fulfill the promise for him."

    Xu Ziling murmured "Hey!

    "Somehow I'm feeling extremely nervous, not knowing what to do."

    Kou Zhong said, "Actually I'm also somewhat afraid. Yet there must be a first time for everything, otherwise we never become a true man."

    Later we must asked Loyal Friend Yushan for the two most beautiful girls, and make sure they would be responsible for 'turoring' us!


    But if we ask that explicitly, isn't it a bit embarrassing?"

    As they were minds were messy like strangling weeds , Xiang Yushan had arrived.

    For some reason he had a more confident air about him, in his own 'house', with a much better look than in the morning when they met him on the street.

    And the four strong men following him also added to his impressive aura.

    When he was still a zhang away Xiang Yushan broke out in laughter, "I wondered who the hell was Mister Zhang and Mister Li! Turn out to be you brothers! "

    Feeling his warmth, the two secretly thought he was befitting the title of Loyal Friend. So they were much relieved and stood up to pay respects.

    After they were all seated, Xiang Yushan asked, "I wonder what did two brothers come to Pengcheng for? Sightseeing or running some errands?"

    Kou Zhong realized he was probing for their background, so he smiled and answered, "As the saying goes, 'Better walk ten thousand miles of road that read ten thousand volumes of books'.

    Our sole purpose of wandering around the country was to broaden our view."

    Then he leaned closer and whispered :"Frankly speaking, we've come to this brothel with this same purpose.

    Since this is the first time we set foot in a brothel, I wish elder brother Xiang could take care and guide us well.


    Elder brother Xiang is wise, you should know what I meant?"

    Xu Ziling was amazed. Kou Zhong really had his way, to have made such embarrassment sound so proper.

    =============================TO BE CONTINUED===========================
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    As I re-read my previous post, it seemed I'd forgotten to edit certain words, which were censored mercilessly by some profanity filter...

    The ******s were meant to be "wh0re", if it's not apparent to you

    Nevertheless, here's the update to finish the chapter!
    ================================================== =========================

    Xiang Yushan revealed a meaningful smile and nodded. "No problem, you can count on me."

    Then he pondered for a while before saying solemnly, "Brother Zhang and Brother Li please excuse me for discussing this matter with new friends. After all, what men like us crave in this world are no other than wealth and women. You two have really extraordinary appearances, and I saw the fine steels you are carrying. You are definitely not some common folks. I wonder what two brothers have planned for your future careers?"

    Kou Zhong laughed and replied, "We have only plans for tonight's entertainment. As for tomorrow, just leave it for the next morning.Haha..."

    Xiang Yushan joined him in laughter, saying :"So two brothers have endless money to spend. No wonder you're not a bit worried by the future. I truly admire you."

    Xu Ziling spoke frankly, "Elder Brother Xiang is definitely wealthier than us. We happen to have some money to spend because we just made a bargain. We will have to save up money again after we spend it all!"

    Xiang Yushan revealed a trace of profound smile, saying, "I wonder what kind of business do you brothers used to do?"

    Momentarily startled by this question, Kou Zhong replied in a low voice,"Speaking frankly, it's salt business! Hey! You know, the kind you don't have to pay taxes."

    Acknowledged, Xiang Yushan said pleasantly, "Oh, that's surprising! No wonder I found you guys so congenial! Maybe there are even future possibilities of us cooperating!"

    Xu Ziling was surprised and asked,"Does Elder Brother Xiang also run salt business?"

    Xiang Yushan answered casually, "It's even more profitable than salt business. But please let me keep it secret for the time being. We shall discuss with Brother Zhang and Brother Li our plan of making big money later, only after you have had all kinds of fun in my Emerald House."

    Kou Zhong was excited. "There is really a business even more profitable than seasand? Then I must listen to you cordially later."

    Xiang Yushan said, "I have one more thing to inquire before bringing you two to broaden your view."

    The two was delighted and both nodded, urging him to his question.

    This Xiang Yushan was at most three years elder than the two, but his shrewdness would seemed to be of a much grown-up elder. By leisurely engaging in some random chatters, he had already collected what he wanted to know about them.

    Xiang Yushan smiled mildly and said, "Now that the country is in chaos, many heroes have risen to challenge fate. Two brothers are from the martial world, you must know the rules.
    I crave to befriend you brothers, so I wish you could let me know your martial school, so that we can communicate with each other in a frank manner."

    Exchanging a few glances with each other, Kou Zhong said, "We learned our martial skills from our families. Xiao Min's father and my father were escorts at Yanazhou's Huyuan Escort Agency, and they were sworn brothers. They came across some bandits in the last escort and lost their lives. That's why we have to wander around to make a living."

    How would Xiang Yushan know he was just making up stories? He let out a laughter and said, "Please follow me, two bros!"

    Excited at the thought that they would soon learn the most important lesson in their lives, the two hurriedly followed him.

    Both excited and worried, they followed Xiang Yushan out the main building. Stepping into the rear courtyard, they found it was where all the living rooms were located. A stone path connected the back door of the main building to another gate. On either side of the path there was a well maintained garden. At the moment, the path connecting the two places was crowded, with people coming and going.

    Hearing the babel coming from beyond the big gate, Kou Zhong couldn't help asking "What's that place?"

    Xiang Yushan proudly announced, "That's the biggest casino in Pengcheng!"

    Xu Ziling was startled into a hop. "We don't want to gamble!"He said.

    Xiang Yushan smiled."Of course I understand. Yet throughout history, prostitution and gambling have never been separated. A place without brothels and casinos is no place of prosperity. The Emerald House is of great importance to Pengcheng, because we combine these two businesses into one and attracted tens of thousands people, bringing properity to the city. Don't you want to broaden your view? Ease your mind and follow me around."

    They shot each other a look and both started to realize that this 'Loyal Friend' wasn't as simple as he seemed.

    In Yangzhou, the biggest casino was owned by Bamboo Flower Gang. Without a strong background supporter, who dare put his feet in such a profitable business?

    When they stepped across the grand gate of the casino, Xiang Yushan spoke loudly, "These two are my friends, you must serve them well."
    The men guarding the gate hurriedly nodded in all politeness.

    As they walked inside the casino, a plump man with the stink of coins immediately came over to greet them, saying, "Third little master, do you want me to prepare a room for your guests?"

    Xiang Yushan waved him off. "We're just looking around, go tend to the needs of other guests."He said. The plump man answered and walked away.

    While Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were stunned by the sight before their eyes.

    Since it's the first time they visited a casino, everything in their eyes seemed so splendid, from the gambling tables and devices, to other furnitures and decorations.

    The place was also extremely large. It was divided into three halls, front, middle and the rear. Every hall had its own accompanying chambers connected to it. So although the casino was holding over five hundred people, it doesn't feel squeezing at all.

    But it were those young and alluring female dealers as well as the tea-serving girls that attracted most of their attention. They were clad in sexy clothes too. Wearing only red cloths that barely covered their breasts, and green short skirts, their jade arms and slender legs were totally exposed to the air. As their strolled elegantly between the tables, the fleshy waver of their breasts and buttocks made the two boys stare with their minds swaying wildly.

    Nonetheless Xiang Yushan and the other gamblers seemed to turn a blind eye towards them.

    A pair of servant girls moved over with flowery smiles, served them with cakes and tea, and helped removing their outer garments.

    Their movements were tender and caring, and occasionally they would rub their alluring bodies against the two boys.

    As the two took off the outer garments, revealing the tights and their muscular shoulder and waist, Xiang Yushan's eyes glittered. "Two brothers have really nice builds rarely seen."He exclaimed.

    The two servant girls also feasted their eyes upon them with fiery passions.

    One of them actually hugged Xu Ziling from behind, before she giggled and left with the other girl, taking their garments.

    The two had never before received such privileged treatment and both were overwhelmed with joy.

    Xiang Yushan reached out his hand and stroke on Kou Zhong's leather vest, before asking in astonishment, "This is made from decent bear hide, which can only be found at the northern borders and worths gold. I had paid a lot of effort to get my hands on one before, how did brother Zhang get yours?"

    How could Kou Zhong explain to him that it was given by Li Shimin? So he lied, "Elder Brother Xiang is really knowledgeable. We traded salt with a traveling merchant for these two vestments. It was indeed a pricey deal."

    By then the two servant girls had returned. They each took one arm of the brothers' and pressed it on their breasts, their eyes burning with fire.

    Xiang Yushan introduced the two girls. One was named Cuixiang, the other Cuiyu. Then he said, "Mister Zhang and Mister Li do not need your company right now, we will call you later!"

    Disappointed, the two girls went back to their work.

    Kou Zhong was amused. "Now I see why gambling and prostitution are one. Elder Brother Xiang's father indeed has the business mind."
    Xiang Yushan beamed in agreement.

    Xu Ziling asked, "How come each of these girls has a Cui in the name? And I wonder how did the name of Emerald House come by?"
    A look of admiration in his eyes, Xiang Yushan slowly explained,"It's the name of a alluring beauty. She's had her man though. She's now the most beloved concubine of our gang's Chief."

    Kou Zhong was full of surprise. "Elder Brother Xiang is a member of a gang? I wonder what's..."

    Xiang Yushan interrupted his question, saying, "We'll talk about that later, come! Why not join in for a couple rounds? Here! You get what you win, and I'll pay for what you lose."

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling was startled by Xiang Yushan's extreme 'loyalty', and grew suspicious for the first time.

    Although they had never stopped dreaming of getting rich, yet their need for money was based on living, not that they had a greedy nature.

    Grown up in the lower town, they had long understood a principle: Nothing is free. Besides, they've just been used by their beautiful mentor, how would they trust this new found friend so easily?

    Xu Ziling let out a dry cough and said, "We're not at all interested in gambling, how about calling for those two pretty girls and...
    Hey! that thing! Is that okay?"

    Xiang Yushan shrugged it off, saying, "Their looks can hardly be considered beautiful here. Our most popular girls here is Cuining and Cuizhi, who could only be seen in VIP rooms. Let's walk around here for some more time before I bring you to have fun with them! I can guarantee that you would enjoy this visit."

    They were somewhat relieved that Xiang Yushan didn't force them to gamble. Together with Xiang Yushan, they wound their path around the tables which were all crowded with gamblers, walking towards the biggest middle hall.

    Xiang Yushan continued to introduced, "This casino was specially designed by the experts who are well-versed in the theory of the Five Elements. A main hall and eight smaller ones were laid out according to the Nine-Palaces formation. The hall in the middle, the largest one, is designed to watch over the others in each direction. So it has the color of bright golden yellow, instead dull yellow. The number of tables is twenty-five. Because five is the number of the earth element, and twenty-five the square of five. It means doubling the profit."

    They were amazed to know that even the design of a casino would have to employ so much knowledge.

    The two lads were curious people. Their interests roused, they kept asking questions of this or that, and momentrarily they forgot to look at the pretty maids who were batting their eyes at them.

    Xiang Yushan brought them to a big table crowded with thirty or so gamblers, where they saw a beautiful dealer who were throwing the dice. She threw it into a cubic container, closed its lid and raised it above her head. After shaking it wildly for some time, she put it down and said, "Dear guests please lay down your wager."
    And the gamblers laid their wager.

    Xiang Yushan explained, "This is Yabao. If you guessed correctly the number of the dice roll. you'll be paid with triple that of your wager."
    Kou Zhong exclaimed, "Yet the odds is only one sixth. While the casino took all the wager betting on the other five numbers. No wonder casinos are profiting."
    Xiang Yushan laughed, "You can also bet on the color of the dice roll, which has an odds of one to one, fair enough."

    Xu Ziling watched carefully, and found most people were betting on the number of dice roll, obviously in the hope of winning triple prize. So the color game was only there for the sake of diversity!

    Xiang Yushan instigated, "How would you like to take a bet or two?"
    Shaking heads was their response.

    Xiang Yushan didn't show any dissatisfaction and led them into the middle hall.

    Both Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling's eyes instantly lit at the sight of a distinguished, beautiful woman, who was sitting at a table left of them, gambling excitedly.

    Not only did she have a gorgeously painted face, but the neck of her dress was cut extremely low, revealing almost half of her milky breasts and the deep cleavage between.

    They've often heard people said the northerners were more open-minded, due to their heritages of the northern tribes. However, the sight of a woman presenting herself in such low cut dress publicly still made their eyes wide open.

    A bitter smile escaped Xiang Yushan's lips as he said, "This is the last woman you would want to woo, seriously. Don't be fooled by her exotic looks. She is Ren Meimei, also known as 'The Wanton'. She is actually the third-in-command of Pengliang Association. She is good in martial arts, but the thing she really excels is playing with men. Every man who had affairs with her ended up miserably, even I do not dare to offend her."

    Kou Zhong swallowed down a mouthful of slaver, and asked in a low voice, "What is Pengliang Association?"

    Xiang Yushan was startled. "You haven't heard of Pengliang Association? Peng refers to Pengcheng, Liang refers to Liang County 60li northwest of here. Pengliang Association is one of the 'Eight Gangs and Ten Association'. Wherever their members go, the Jiang Hu fellows alway lend them some convenience."

    As he finished explaining and was just about to drag them away, Ren Meimei swept her gaze from the table towards them. Her eyes literally glowed when they fell upon Kou and Xu. "Yushan, why are you standing there watching like a fool? Come here and say hello to me!"She chuckled and said.

    Xiang Yushan waved his hand in response, while muttering to them, "No matter what she may ask of you, remember to push it to me."
    Then he moved forward, heeding her call.

    The two were immediately having headaches when they realized they once again had to deal with these gang folks. Left with no choice, they reluctantly followed Xiang Yushan and moved towards Ren Meimei.

    ============================END OF CHAPTER========================

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    I love that the "Twin Dragons" are such typical 'boys will be boys'.

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    Default Book 3 Chapter 8 The Casino Strife

    Chapter 8 is sinificantly longer than the other chapters, here's the first part.
    ================================================== ======================
    Ren Meimei left the table and stepped toward them.
    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling took a glimpse of Ren Meimei, who was clad in a dress which wrapped tightly around her, emphasizing the perfect curves of her body. Immediately their hearts were thumping wildly.

    The woman with flirtatious behaviors moved her enticing body before the trio, and after paying another close look upon Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling, she smiled at Xiang Yushan, saying, "These two childes seem to be strangers. Are they your friends?"

    "Lady Meimei you'd better stay away from them."Xiang Yushan said with a bitter smile.

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling had not expected Xiang Yushan to be so straightforward, and both were startled.

    Ren Meimei didn't appear to be annoyed. She strode behind them and chuckled, "Third Little Master Xiang must have spoken badly of me behind my back, but you must not trust him. If he could be considered a good man, then I would become the Goddess Guanyin who saves the world."

    Letting out a dry cough, Xiang Yushan said, "Lady Meimei you must not damage our friendship. Our Baling Gang bears no past grudges with your Pengliang Association..."

    Ren Meimei whirled in front of them, chuckling while covering the mouth with her hand. "Look! Third Little Master Xiang always uses his Baling Gang to bully us weak ladies, how gallant he is! Hmm..You two lads are really handsome, no wonder Third Little Master chose you. What are your names?"

    Baling Gang sounds familiar, they thought, for the moment however, they couldn't recall who told them this name before.

    Xiang Yushan was not pleased. "Lady Meimei did you lose money?"He said, Just let me make up the loss. Please don't spout these nonsense anymore."

    Ren Meimei was obviously not afraid of him. She eyed Xiang Yushan flirtatiously and said, "Do you know me Ren Meimei as such an unruly gambler? You're the one that is spouting nonsense!"

    Suddenly, she reached out her hand to seize Xiang Yushan.

    Xiang Yushan snorted coldly. He raised his right palm and slapped at the attacking hand.

    Ren Meimei smiled gleefully and said, "I'm not resorting to violence!"

    Yet that was merely what she said. She flipped her hand under Xiang Yushan's, and flicked a finger at the pulse point.

    Xiang Yushan drew back his hand a little, and used the back of his palm to counter her finger.

    Nimble while properly conformed to the way of attack and defense, these few exchanges of movement all took place within a narrow space of no more than one feet wide. Amazed by the delicacy, Kou and Xu watched with their eyes wide open.

    Ren Meimei chuckled. "You went into hiding to practice martial skills, didn't you? No wonder a couple months I haven't seen you, and now you became so arrogant."

    While she was speaking, her hand swayed slightly, neither attacking nor defending yet seemed like both.

    The two watched, fully understanding her intention and tactics.

    Xiang Yushan was bewildered by this strange move of Ren Meimei and retreated in suspicion.

    The two secretly sighed knowing his defeat inevitable. Ren Meimei chuckled and her finger had already shot forward like a bolt of lightning, thrusting at Xiang Yushan's palm.

    As if struck by electricity, Xiang Yushan trembled. Ren Meimei grab him by the sleeve his robe, dragging him sideways as he staggered. She then turned and smiled at the two boys, saying, "I will come back to accompany you guys, after I have a private talk with Yushan."

    Together they moved to a corner of the hall, murmuring to each other.

    Suddenly Xu Ziling's complexion changed. "I remember it! Didn't the beautiful mentor tell us Baling Gang is the lapdog of the Emperor? The gang that abducts people for him?"He blurted, his voice coarse with fright.

    Kou Zhong gasped, "Then what good does it mean now that we seem to become his targets! Hurry up! Let's go now!"

    Xu Ziling pulled him back, saying, "No! They are coming back now. We shall act according to circumstances. Alas! It really surprised me that the man-trader Shan has quite excellent martial skills. We had actually picked this scum and martial expert on a street full with people!"

    Judging from the intimacy between Ren Meimei and Xiang Yushan as they moved closer, it was apparent to them that a secret deal had been struck.

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling immediately felt their scalp numbing, knowing they'd become some cargo waiting to be traded off.

    Ren Meimei laughed at them merrily even before she reached closer. "I now understand that two little brothers wished to taste the tenderness of girls here. Your sister I will see to that." She said.

    While Xiang Yushan's tone was drastically different from moments ago,"Lady Meimei rarely took a liking in someone, you shall be honored. I will prepare a VIP room for you to chat and entertain with wine and girls."

    Kou Zhong chortled and said, "Why so hurry? I suddenly want to gamble. I am excellent in Pai Gow."
    Xiang Yushan laughed and said. "Then you should go to the VIP room. Lady Meimei also loves to play it, best that you can play with her."
    Kou Zhong was struck speechless.

    Xu Ziling shrugged and said, "You have to first ask my opinion if you want to gamble away our money. I know nothing about Pai Gow, so I wish I can stroll around for some more time to broaden my view."

    Ren Meimei moved her delicate body between the two and took their arms. She shot a look toward Xiang Yushan, smiling. "Let me tend to their needs then."

    Xiang Yushan nodded and turned around, leaving them.

    Arm in arm, Ren Meimei walked them into the rear hall in an intimate manner. "Do not listen to those backbiting of me from Xiang Yushan the lad."

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were about to say something, when their eyes fell upon her and saw the pair of puffy balls bouncing up and down as she walked. Their hearts raced and they instantly forgot what to say.

    Then they were not afraid of her any more. The charm emitted by her body and expression were enough to allure one into dying willingly for her.
    While Ren Meimei was secretly delighted.

    She had met thousands of men. With just one glimpse, she knew the two were virgins.

    For her, a woman excellent in exploitive 5ex, they were like wine and honey bestowed by Heaven, benefiting for her Qi cultivation. Which was the very reason she had tried every means to retain them from Xiang Yushan.

    At this moment she was exerting advanced seducing techniques, trying her best to rouse their most primitive desires.

    Xu Ziling had a slightly stronger will than Kou Zhong. Initially he felt a surge of daze but then he was all sober again. Seeing that Kou Zhong was unknowingly licking his own lips, panting like a lecherous slave, occasionally shoving his elbow against her bosom, he knew Kou Zhong had succumbed.
    With a quick wit he blurted, "Old daddy is coming!

    Kou Zhong was terrified and woken from his daydreams. "Where is he?"He asked in fright.

    Ren Meimei was bewildered. "Didn't his daddy pass away?"She asked in curiosity.

    Xu Ziling was relieved. He lied, "That's only a joke we often make. It means the ghosts are coming, so no man is coming!"

    Alerted, Kou Zhong tried to refrain from looking at the woman's breasts any more.
    Ren Meimei was annoyed by this sudden interruption. She twisted her waist, rubbing her voluptuous body against them. It was a heated body, so much so that it warmed even their minds.

    Yet since they grew suspicious, the two had forced down the burning desires, while secretly cursing, not knowing when they could get rid of it.

    If she were to continue tempting them with her body, they wouldn't know how long they could keep to themselves. They feared the dire consequences should that happened - the warning Xiang Yushan gave them was still ringing in their ears.

    Kou Zhong chanced to see there were only five guests seated at the table to their left, leaving seven or eight seats empty.
    Inspired, he suggested, "Let us gamble first!"

    Wrestling free of Ren Meimei entanglement, he sat down into one of the empty seats.

    Ren Meimei didn't mind a bit of it. Smiling she sat beside him on his left, while Xu Ziling took the seat on his right.

    As soon as she sat down, the attention of everyone at the table were drawn toward her breasts.

    When she ran her shiny eyes across the five men, they all stared back with lecherous looks. One of them was even salivating.
    ============================TO BE CONTINUED================================

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    is there such a thing as being first on this thread?
    thanks a lot xlandhenry

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    Default Part 2 of chapter 8

    The dealer girl was at her twenties and of fair features. When compared to Ren Meimei, however, she was immediately outshone by the latter's beauty.

    They were playing Pai Gow(*) at the table. Though Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling had never dipped themselves in the art of gambling, yet grown up in the lower town, they certainly knew the ways.

    Ren Meimei appeared to be in a great mood. "Let me serve!"She called to the dealer.

    The girl knew well enough of her. She hurriedly agreed and receded to the side.

    Seated in the dealer's chair, Ren Meimei laughed and said, "Quickly lay your wager!"

    It set the atmosphere ablaze as everyone hurried to lay their wagers.

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were secretly lamenting. To gamble away the money they had earned after so many difficulties was hurting indeed.

    Ren Meimei's pretty eyes rested upon them as she urged, "Didn't you wish to bet? Lay your wager!"

    "We hold our ground first,"Kou Zhong smiled and said,"Only after we figure out your tricks will we lay our wager."

    Ren Meimei answered with only her giggles. She skillfully mixed the tiles together and divided them into stacks before throwing the dice to decide who gets served first.

    It was out of question she deliberately did some tricks, losing thrice in a row. The cheers and excited cries of those gamblers drew more guests from several tables around them, who quickly occupied the remaining empty seats.

    Ren Meimei smiled at Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling, saying, "I'm having a bad luck at the moment, if you want to win then quickly lay your wager."

    From behind came somebody's snarling, "Get off the seat if you don't lay wager!"

    Ren Meimei stared at the speaker with a threatening look. "I'll snap the hands of those who dare suggest to take their seats!"She shouted.

    The men apparently knew her power and fell silence,not daring another word.

    Reluctantly, Kou Zhong took out a tael of silver and placed it as wager.

    Ren Meimei giggled and winked at them.

    Under the gaze of a few tens pairs of eyes, she began to rearrange the tiles, when suddenly a tender voice called, "Hold it."

    The voice came from behind Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling. Between them, a slender and lovely hand reached out onto the table, laying down an ingot of gold weighing at least ten taels, beside Kou Zhong's pathetic piece of crumbled silver.

    Gamblers instantly broke into cheers of excitement.

    An ingot like that worths at least several hundred taels of silver, a heavy wager indeed.

    Ren Meimei's eyes glared with lightning as she looked upon this fair lady, who had shoved a handful of men away when she squeezed in.

    Surprised, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling bent their heads behind to look, while the pair of slender hands gently pressed down on their shoulders.

    They saw her and both cursed. It turned out to be the Serpent Beauty Shen Luoyan.

    Shen Luoyan looked down, revealing a sweet smile."I told you lads not to run around without caution. Look!
    You almost lost your virginity and money to her!"

    Murderous looks flashed past Ren Meimei's pretty eyes."Who are you?"She questioned in an icy tone.

    After confronting her gaze for a moment, Shen Luoyan smiled, saying,"The banker shouldn't care who laid the wager, Third Chiefess must know the rules already. If you're afraid of losing, then just admit it and quit."

    Despite knowing her identity, this opponent still posed such aggressive attitude. Ren Meimei's mind quivered at the thought.

    Recomposing herself with her ever-alluring smile, she said,"Only an ingot of gold, I think my Pengliang Association is still able to afford it."

    Hearing the name of Pengliang Association, more than a dozen spectators and gamblers immediately fled in silence, some even leaving their wagers behind.

    The crowd around the table became sparse, and two seats were left empty again.

    Kou Zhong had regained his senses by then. He patted Shen Luoyan's threatening hand on his shoulder and said, "Fair lady, there's an empty seat beside me, why do you choose the harder way to stand?"

    Shen Luoyan smiled mildly. She bent down and kissed slightly on each boy's cheek, before seating herself beside Kou Zhong.

    Seeing her confident composure, Kou and Xu didn't know whether they should be worried or excited about her soft lips and intimacy.

    Ren Meimei spoke no more and went on rearranging the tiles.

    At the meantime, several men showed up beside the table.

    Since Xiang Yushan was among them, they were likely the casino's men.

    Standing beside Xiang Yushan was a plump man clad in splendid robes. He had a broad face, small eyes. Small as they are, the eyes were glittering with energy, suggesting that he was not an easygoing person.

    Together with Xiang Yushan, all three of them were eying Shen Luoyan suspiciously.

    Shen Luoyan seemed to care not the slightest of their attention.

    She leaned towards Kou Zhong, whispering in his ear, "This time I've saved you, repaying the favor you did me. Now we owe each other nothing."

    Ren Meimei piled up the tiles in stacks before batting her eye at the plump man."Oh, Master Xiang has come personally! Would you like to make a bet?"

    The Master Xiang let out a laughter as his meaty body slumped in the empty seat opposite of Shen Luoyan.
    He sighed, "Since third chiefess is serving, and the smart counselor of Wagang Army Lady Shen agrees to play with me, how can Xiang Gui reject you all?"

    Ren Meimei trembled in realization as she turned her gaze towards Shen Luoyan. "So you're the Smart Counselor Shen Luoyan. No wonder you've spoken such bold words. Yet I Ren Meimei have to finish this game, no matter I'm winning or losing."

    Shen Luoyan beamed, her eyes bounced between Xiang Gui and Ren Meimei. "You two had given me too much credit,"She said flatly, "I came only to deliver Master Li's message, bold or not, it was not my words."

    "This time I came under Master's order, to take care of these two naughty boys. Please kindly excuse my bad manner, otherwise when my master falls Pengcheng some day in the future, we'll have a harder time making such friendly conversations with each other."

    Hearing the name of Wagang Army, every one of the remaining ten odd spectators was gone in a blink.

    Even all the hundred or so gamblers in the entire hall ran away, the moment they knew what was going on here.

    Yet there was one remained. He wore a tall hood, his face ancient and solemn. He glared at Ren Meimei with his rigid eyes, saying, "Why haven't you thrown the dices yet?"

    =========================TO BE CONTINUED=================================

    *Pai Gow: A traditional chinese tile game which I think is quite interesting. See Pai Gow for more explanation.

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    Default 4 layer in Huang Yi's Wuxia

    Huang Yi's Wuxia compose of four layers,

    the 1st layer is a Wuxia story,

    the 2nd layer is political and military power struggle,

    the 3rd are schools fighting for political influence and

    the 4th seeker seeking path.

    In the Twin Dragon,

    The Wuxia is the growth of the two dragon, from street boy to grand master,

    the power struggle is the creation of tang dynasty,

    the schools were the establised and the banned school, which goes thru almost all Huang Yi's Wuxia except step into the past, because no banned school before Han dynasty.

    the 4th is introduction to many spiritual path view in twin dragon.

    For those who enjoy more than Wuxia, enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akolaw View Post
    Huang Yi's Wuxia compose of four layers,

    the 1st layer is a Wuxia story,

    the 2nd layer is political and military power struggle,

    the 3rd are schools fighting for political influence and

    the 4th seeker seeking path.

    In the Twin Dragon,

    The Wuxia is the growth of the two dragon, from street boy to grand master,

    the power struggle is the creation of tang dynasty,

    the schools were the establised and the banned school, which goes thru almost all Huang Yi's Wuxia except step into the past, because no banned school before Han dynasty.

    the 4th is introduction to many spiritual path view in twin dragon.

    For those who enjoy more than Wuxia, enjoy.
    Well said!

    It's different than traditionally wuxia as it focused on neither wu(martial arts) nor xia(gallatry) but more than that, such as the story itself(schemes, warfare etc) and conceptions, I hope you guys can enjoy his style of writing.

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    Default Update to finish chapter 8

    Yet there was one remained. He wore a tall hood, his face ancient and solemn. He glared at Ren Meimei with his rigid eyes, saying, "Why haven't you thrown the dices yet?"

    Despite his taller than ordinary stature and the proud way he stood, bending his hands back, it was almost strange that nobody had noticed his presence until all gamblers had left, until he opened his mouth to speak.

    Three groups of people were sitting at the table then. Ren Meimei, Kou and Xu and Shen Luoyan, Xiang Gui with his son Xiang Yushan and their two followers. All three groups turned in astonishment.

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were frightened, their souls almost scattered to pieces as they screamed, "Old daddy is here!"

    The man was indeed Du Fuwei, and no one other than him would have such prowess to come and go as he pleased.

    He revealed a strangely comforting smile. "My two obedient sons are really smart, even your old daddy was almost fooled."He spoke in a soft tone,"Now that I see you were not in the bellies of those wolves, I became so delighted that I instantly forget all your mischief."

    Shen Luoyan had studied the other rebel leaders well. She recognized him first and exhaled, "Du Fuwei of Jianghuai Army!"

    Hearing this, both Ren Meimei and Xiang Gui shuddered, while becoming even more bewildered, not knowing the true relationship between Du Fuwei and the two lads.

    All the while Du Fuwei was staring at Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling. His eyes didn't left them even as he replied Shen Luoyan,"Zhai Rang still hasn't lost his life to Li Mi's plots, has he?"

    Shen Luoyan trembled slightly as she answered humbly, "General Du has been joking."

    Du Fuwei sat down with a confident aura, his eyes shifting to Ren Meimei's face as he said nonchalantly, "I haven't seen the Ghostclaw Nie Jing for a couple of years already, does he still have to be accompanied by women every night?"

    Since she identified Du Fuwei, Ren Meimei the tigress had become a tamed kitten. "First Chieftain is as he always was."She answered timidly.

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling felt both excited and worried as they witnessed Du Fuwei suppressing all the other parties with ease since he took stage.

    They're of no match to this sly old fox, by wisdom or physical strength.

    They had been fortunate to have escaped when Du Fuwei was too careless and underestimated them.
    Now that times had changed, and Du Fuwei would not be easily fooled again.

    Du Fuwei turned to Xiang Gui and said, "I heard you're one of the four top martial experts under the Smoker Lu Kangshou, and that you're responsible for finding him handsome lads and gals. Have you taken some fondness to my two naughty sons?"

    Xiang Gui was startled and hurriedly explained, "General Du you have misunderstood me. Your sons are merely honored guests of my casino, they're of no other relationship to me."

    Du Fuwei nodded. "Then that would be the best!"

    Du Fuwei had always been merciless and would kill whoever offended him, everyone knew that too well to speak against him.

    Even Yun Yuzhen, being a chiefess of a gang and supported by Dugu Che, would have to bowed before Du Fuwei.

    No one party in this room can be considered a worthy opponent to him, unless Li Mi could come in person.

    Du Fuwei's eyes returned to look at Ren Meimei's pretty face. "And the dices?"He demanded.

    Threatened, Ren Meimei could scarcely refuse him. She threw the three dices onto the table at once.

    The dices spun, rapidly at first. Then as rapidly they slowed down, seemingly forced so by some external force. In the end, three dices abruptly stopped spinning at the same time, each with One facing up.

    It was until then did they notice, Du Fuwei's left hand had been pressing on the edge of the table. Undoubtedly he had sent his internal energy across the table to control the spinning dices. Pondering that they could not have done this trait, everyone secretly admitted inferiority.

    After Du Fuwei's display, even Shen Luoyan who was hesitating whether to intervene had withdrawn her plan.
    It's not that because she had no chance; This time she had come with not only ten odd experts under her command, but also Zu Junyan, who's on the same rank as herself.

    Du Fuwei smiled and said, "It seems I've got the first hand."

    As soon as he finished, a stack of cards suddenly drifted across the table toward him, as if they were moved by an invisible hand. Flipping over, two of them made a pair of "Heaven", the other pair "Supreme", a sure win.

    Everyone could feel their scalp numbed, not only because of his incredible internal energy, but also because he had seen through the tricks Ren Meimei had applied when she rearranged the tiles.

    Kou Zhong sighed in disappointment, "Pity old daddy didn't place your wager. Say if you had placed a few tens ingots of gold, and spare only a fraction of the prize to your sons, then we would've been rich now!"

    Du Fuwei laughed. "I've already placed the wager. It is you two naughty sons. Come!"He called, "Time to go home."

    Xu Ziling chuckled and said, "Please forgive your sons' impiety. We're not going back. We'd rather do what mom instructed us to suicide than be scolded and tortured by you old daddy."

    Shen Luoyan was totally dumbfounded at what they said about daddy and mom.Common sense told her they were definitely not Du Fuwei's sons, so she couldn't help admiring their guts for retaliating Du Fuwei.

    Unexpectedly, Du Fuwei was not a bit irritated. Sighing he said, "It's of no question that I won't let you commit suicide, nor would I believe that nonsense you spoke. Yet your daddy has really been missing you since you've gone. I cannot bear to punish you now, and would even recognize you as my trueborn sons, to succeed my heritages."

    Of course they didn't believe him, yet they didn't know what to do either, as running or fighting was not an option when Du Fuwei understood what they were capable of.

    Right at this moment, a laughter rang in from the middle hall, "General Du! It seems your sons are very disobedient to you, why not leave them with us to foster?"

    Everyone was flabbergasted. Who would dare to intervene, knowing it was Du Fuwei to be his opponent?
    Without turning his head, Du Fuwei asked, "And who are you? Name yourself first, and I shall see if you are qualified to restrain my sons."

    About 3 zhang behind Du Fuwei emerged two females, one is taller, the other shorter. The taller one spoke, "Shan Xiu and Shan Yudie, Dongming Sect guardians from Liuqiu here pay their respects to General Du."

    "Dongming Sect has always been running a weapon business, never directly interfering with the conflicts of Central Plains. I wonder what has caused your special interests in my two sons."

    Staring into each other's eyes, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling felt a complicated mix of joy and anxiety. While feeling extremely delighted that the guardian angels of Dongming Sect finally found them, they were not a bit less worried whether their most terrible old daddy could be defeated.

    Although the appearances of these two females were nowhere near the angels in common perception, yet they were not ordinary women either.

    Shan Xiu is slim, almost bony. Her height is comparable to Du Fuwei's, and with her hair knot standing tall on her head, her out-of-focus eyes, a gown too large to fit her body, one would certainly be reminded of a wandering ghost should he came across her in the wilds at night.

    Yet somehow she impressed others with a pure and clean aura, making one wonder if she was actually immune to any disease or poison.

    While Shan Yudie had a plump body. She's shorter than Shan Xiu by more than a head, her looks younger by ten odd years. She had a round face that resemble the full moon, and all the friendly look can hardly convince others that she's actually one of a lead martial experts of Dongming Sect.

    What caught most eyes was a flexible whip wounding around the waist of either of the two females. Made from numerous small steel segments connected end to end, the whip was indeed a peculiar weapon which was very difficult to master.

    Since Dongming Sect is famed for its weapon smithing, these specially made steel whips were certainly of extraordinary quality.Everyone in that hall was immediately taken aback.

    Shan Xiu, the slim and tall one spoke flatly, "They've done a great favor for our sect, warning us against Yuwen Huaji's sneak raid. If General Du can leave them with us, our sect will definitely repay you accordingly."

    These words were spoken in whole politeness, offering Du Fuwei a lot of respect.

    Without hesitation, Du Fuwei sighed,"Forgive me if you will, but that's impossible. Two angels, please return."

    At the mean time, Ren Meimei,Xiang Gui and the likes were totally dumbfounded.
    Dongming Sect being the largest weapon supplier in the world, if Du Fuwei could earn their support, it would benifit his cause greatly.

    It was of course puzzling to think that Du Fuwei actually turn down Dongming Sect, just for these two no name lads.

    At the same moment, Madam Dongming's familiar voice rang up in Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling's ears, giving them instructions for later movements.

    Shan Xiu also sighed nonchalantly, "Then we have no choice but to resort to fight."
    No sooner did she finish than Du Fuwei had already launched his attack.
    His target was Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling.

    He would not let the chance slip away again, after the last experience.
    As the solid rectangular table splintered to pieces, Du Fuwei shot towards them.
    At the same time, thousands of sword shadows exploded from Shen Luoyan's hand as she thrust her blade at Du Fuwei.

    Amongst these people, she was the most informed about the two lads' background.
    After she had been unable to gain their loyalty earlier, she decided to kill them at all cost, removing the most unpredictable factor from the game - the Yang's Treasure.

    Of all rebel armies, Wagang Army maintained the highest momentum. Should any other rebel army discover the Yang's Treasure, the scale would probably turn against them.

    That's why she would rather see them dead, together with the secret of the Treasure.

    Now that Du Fuwei had Dongming Sect turn against him, with her and Zu Junyan's aid, she was not going to give up the two lads to Du Fuwei so easily.

    While Ren Meimei and the others hurriedly retreated out of the hall.

    Du Fuwei seemed to anticipated Shen Luoyan's attack. His left sleeve flung up and hit Shen Luoyan's sword tip.
    The thousands of swords became one as Shen Luoyan flew backward, repelled by Du Fuwei's Qiankun Sleeves.

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling rolled backed, men and chairs alike, towards the wall opposite of the entrance. Even Du Fuwei were astonished by their swiftness.

    The two Guardian Angels of Dongming Sect - Shan Xiu and Shan Yudie - had flown in front of him.

    Simultaneously their hands reached from their waists, and the next second the whips flew out like two snakes. Thin as a finger and more than one zhang long,consisted of 18 steel rings, the whips spanned across the space between them, one aiming at Du Fuwei's head and one at his back.

    As if he had eyes on his back, Du Fuwei flung his sleeve backward at the whips' ends.
    Ding! Ding!
    Shaken by the incredibly strong force sent out from his sleeves, Shan Xiu and Shan Yudie were forced to step back.

    In a brief moment, Du Fuwei had repelled three experts with ease, before he accelerated and flew above the two lads, while they were still rolling on the floor.

    Just as he was about to capture Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling in his claws, the wall in front of him exploded with a boom, with sands and stones shooting at him as if they could see.

    For the first time since the begin of this fight, Du Fuwei revealed a serious look on his face.
    Given no time to spare for the two lads, Du Fuwei wove his sleeves into hundreds of illusions, sending all the sands and stones shooting back through the hole.

    At the same time, his lips blew a whistle that resounded throughout the halls, calling for his ten bodyguards to assist him.

    Another large hole was broken open of the tiled roof above them, and down it came a sword which shone like the sunrays, aiming straight at Du Fuwei's Tianling acupoint.

    Biting cold air enveloped Du Fuwei, shutting down all the openings around him.
    Formidable as Du Fuwei, he would have to give up on chasing Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling, who were crawling up to get through the hole on the wall, and concentrated his power to counter this stunning swordplay.

    Sleeves and sword met, creating a thunder-like thud as two Qis clashed against each other.

    Like a piece of white cloud, a figure shifted elegantly in the air, flying sideways and slowly descending into the middle of the hall, where now it stood a maiden of astounding beauty, who was pointing the tip of her blade towards Du Fuwei.

    Her face shone like jade and her lips were like painted, displaying the charm of youth.
    Her hair was shiny and black like onyx, and the contrast make her milky skin even more alluring.

    Although wearing a men's topknot, her hair wrapped in a piece of white headband, yet her beauty would shame even the likes of Shen Luoyan.

    Du Fuwei had been sure it was Madam Dongming so he was momentarily startled at the sight of this young girl. "How may I address you, young lady?"He asked.

    Fighting noises echoed from the middle hall, which appeared to him that his men were intercepted by other parties.

    At this time Kou and Xu had already fled through the hole, while Shen Luoyan and the two guardian angels of Dongming Sect were standing 3 zhang from him, watching.

    The beauty paid Du Fuwei a brief glance, her eyebrows frowning slightly, the color of annoyance on her face would stop anyone from acting impolitely. "This junior is Shan Wanjing. I just experienced your formidable skills."She spoke tenderly.

    A cold flare flashed past Du Fuwei's eyes as he nodded and said, "So you're Dongming Princess, no wonder you possess such wonderful skills."

    Then he stared at the hole through which Kou and Xu had fled, uttering in a deep voice, "I've long been told that Madam Domgming is renowned for her unique skill - Sleeves of Waterclouds. Since you've come here today, why not show yourself and let me witness it. Otherwise I may have to attack with all my strength and offend your daughter."

    Only these few lines could make Shan Wanjing proud of herself, to think that how many people in Jiang Hu would be worthy for Du Fuwei to attack in full force?

    Madam Dongming's voice passed through the hole, tender and melodic while deep and magnetic. "General Du is angry. And what good does your anger do you?"
    "Dongming Sect values friendship and enmity greatly, and pay back accordingly. Creating grudges between us brings no benefit to your great cause."
    "Besides, general you have already made several miscalculations tonight and lost your moral, why not make peace with us for the better?"

    Du Fuwei was secretly alerted. He did feel somewhat frustrated, and being in this government-controlled territory, it's unwise to linger for too long. He pondered for a while before answering with a laughter, "Well said! I Du Fuwei also value friedship and enmity greatly, and I will definitely pay you back accordingly. So be it."

    In a flash he had shot into the middle hall, followed by a few painful screams and then an utter silence.

    Shen Luoyan was all pale when the three people of Dongming Sect left, simultaneously breaking out through the roof. Then it was Zu Junyan who hurriedly ran in, exclaiming, "He fled after killing five of our men."

    Shen Luoyan had anticipated the outcome, so she calmly commanded, "Report to Master immediately. If we could intercept him on his way back to Jianghuai, then we'd gain at least a quarter of the country."

    Her eyes turned towards the hole on the wall and she looked contemplatively at the rear courtyard bathed in starlights.

    A mist of melancholy enfolded her as the images of Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling came into her mind.

    She did make up her mind to kill the two, all for her master's greater plan.

    Yet she couldn't deny the fact that she had grown a delicate fondness for them.

    These two lads were interesting people indeed, she thought.
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    Thanx for the update, please update often....

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    Many thanks for the update xlandhenry. It's harder to keep track of who's who now. I guess I will have to re-read the translation sometime and make a character list.

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    thanks xlandhenry

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    Default Chapter 9 Dongming Princess

    A short one, the first part of chapter 9, enjoy!

    A yacht sailed swiftly across the waters, drifting towards the flagship of Dongming Sect which was anchored in the middle of the river.

    Sitting in front were Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling, while the one rowing the yacht was another guardian angel Shan Qing, who was quietly eyeing them with a smile.

    Shuffling past an area densely packed with ships big and small, mooring to the bank, the yacht was exposed in the lantern lights radiating from the flagship.

    Her sleeves blown by the breeze and shone by the lights, Shan Qing, who had merely above average looks, was instantly shrouded by a aura of mysterious beauty.

    Kou Zhong praised with flattery, "Lady angel, you're really beautiful!"

    Shan Qing of course understood he was just sweet talking. She smiled and warned, "Do not make fun of me. Madam doesn't like boys who are always spouting nonsense. If you cross her line, you'll have a hard time ahead."

    Displeased, Xu Ziling muttered, "Saving us doesn't mean you can treat us ...Ouch!"
    It was Kou Zhong who shoved him with his elbow, reminding him of Li Shimin's quest and he shut up at once.

    Shan Qing naturally didn't suspect there were so many twists and turns.

    As soon as she boarded Dongming with the two, she had ordered men to make preparations to set sail.

    Kou Zhong was flabbergasted and asked, "Where are we going? At this time of the night?"

    A handsome man clad in white came over to meet them, followed by two middle-aged strong men.

    Shan Qing explained :"Our Dongming Sect has two schools, females are surnamed Shan, males are surnamed Shang. If you were to join our sect later, you have to change your surnames."

    The men in white spoke flatly :"My name is Shang Ming."

    Then he introduced his two fellows, who are Shang Bang and Shang Kuitai.

    Shan Qing continued, "The female school is led by four guardian angels, while the male school has four guardian generals.
    The other two generals are Shang Ren and Shang Wannian, who are not here today."

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling would want to ask Shang Ming's title, yet they swallowed the question down their throats, observing his cool attitude towards them.

    Shan Qing warned them:"You'd better stay in the cabin. Skilled experts of Yuwen Clan had got the news and they are coming. The situation is becoming more treacherous."

    Reminded of Yuwen Huaji, their sworn foe, the two were secretly shocked and followed a men into the corridor obediently.

    Once again they walked down the familiar corridor. As they were hoping the men would lead them downstairs, the men stopped in front of the cabin at the end of the corridor instead.
    Pushing open the door, he invited them in.

    "Are you two hungry now?"He asked.
    Now being reminded, their stomachs immediately muffled as the two nodded non-stop.

    The man laughed and said, "Please use some rest here, I will bring you buns later."
    "How may we address you, uncle?"Somewhat moved by his hospitality, Xu Ziling asked fervently.

    "Just call me Uncle Liu!"The man replied.

    After he left and closed the door, the two settled themselves beside the window, their minds filled with unease.

    Xu Ziling whispered, "This Dongming Sect is really strange. All males share the same surname and females another, they must have established a very strict order. Moreover, by the looks of it, it seems they are trying to force us to join them, which is weird indeed."

    Kou Zhong sniggered and said, "Who cares. We'd jump into the river as soon as we get the ledger. Just ensure to keep water from it, as we may be able to use it to frame Yuwen Huaji, hitting two birds with one stone!

    Xu Ziling smiled bitterly, "Easy said than done. Just randomly pick a guy from the crew, and I guarantee he could beat the shxt out of us!"

    Kou Zhong shrugged it off. "That's why we were asked to steal, not to rob it from them. "

    As they were talking, a maid came in and served them dim-sum which looked quite delicious.
    But she was not the one who had brought them to Madam Dongming last time, and was at least two league inferior in appearance.

    After she was gone, they immediately threw their heads on the dishes, swallowing as much as their mouths would allow
    As they finished and were still mesmerized by the taste of food, the flagship trembled to a start.

    Kou Zhong popped his head out of the window, only to find the ship was turning into a course sailing north.

    "Yi?"He exclaimed,
    "Why are we heading north instead of west? We'll reach Weishan Lake soon!"

    Xu Ziling pulled him back at once, saying :"Don't make such noises okay? The Madam Dongming is really formidable, even old daddy was thwarted by her."

    Kou Zhong slumped into the chair by the window and helped himself to a cup of tea before chiming in agreement :"Since the ship has started, it means she's safely returned."

    Looking at Xu Ziling whose eyebrows are wrinkling with a worried look, he asked curiously, "What are you thinking?"

    Xu Ziling answered dispiritedly, "Although we might look like experts when we swung swords, we are actually far behind in cultivation. Did you remember? Like two idiots, we didn't notice Shen Luoyan was there until her palms pressed on our shoulders. How could a real expert fail like that?"

    Kou Zhong nodded, saying, "Our cultivation is definitely lacking, and...Well, what we really lack is the experience of being experts. We need more time getting used to that role, most of the time we forget we are experts now!"

    As Xu Ziling couldn't help breaking into a laughter, there came a knock on the door.

    They suddenly found it quite embarrassing that a moment ago they were discussing the topic, the next moment they were unaware of a person's coming who was right at their door.

    Kou Zhong let out a dry cough and said, "Come in please!"

    The door swung open, and a pretty face emerged, calling :"Good morning childes!" Before she moved into the room.

    It turned out to be the pretty maid who led them to Madam Dongming that day.

    Both boys stood up and paid their respects.

    The maid's eyes glittered as she spoke to them happily, "You've grown a little taller than last time, and smarter by a large margin!"

    Feeling warmth in her words, Kou Zhong sniggered, "Is it because we are wearing nicer clothes so that we seem taller?
    And maybe we become smarter because we've got some money in our pockets?"

    The pretty maid chuclked, covering her mouth with hands, "You really like to joke, Brother Xu is much more solemn than you."
    "Only because he has yet to reveal his true color!"Kou Zhong jested.

    While Xu Ziling was amazed, "How come sister knows our names now?"He asked.

    The pretty maid seemed to be reminded that she had talked too much, and she ceased to smile, saying, "Now the whole country has been messed up by your doings, only the deaf haven't heard your names! Now I'm bringing you to madam."

    Then she burst out laughing again, "Don't reveal your greedy colors again this time."

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