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Thread: The History of the Tang Dynasty Two Dragons (大唐双龙传) - Huang Yi

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    Second part of Chapter 9
    Kou Zhong moved closer towards her and leaned over brazenly, asking,

    "What's your beautiful name, sister?"

    The pretty maid blushed with an attractive expression, before she spoke in a low voice, "You can say anything to me, but don't speak like this in front of madam.


    What worries me most is little mistress' attitude. She had a very bad impression of you."

    Xu Ziling frowned and asked, "We ask her nothing, why should we behave according to what she likes and dislikes?"

    The pretty maid sighed. "I understand that you are truly straightforward people, and that's why I told you these.

    There are many things I cannot tell you, because of the rules of our sect.

    However there's only one principle: be careful of your words and behavior, and you should be safe to go."

    Kou Zhong's curiosity was aroused. "What kind of dangers will we face?"He asked.


    Did Madam save us this time because she is choosing a husband for her daughter?"

    The pretty maid was taken aback and said, "What were you thinking?

    Our princess is already betrothed."

    Kou Zhong sniggered and suggested, "Then she must be choosing a husband for you sister!"

    The pretty maid became even more blushed. "You speak more nonsense, and I will not tolerate you anymore."She scolded.

    Xu Ziling also found Kou Zhong's behavior somewhat inappropriate. "Kou Zhong, you really have to watch your tongue!"He frowned and said.

    Kou Zhong shrugged, saying :"I was just curious. Sister is so beautiful, and I'm not married, is that question a forbidden one?"

    The reddish tint on her face had spread to ears while she shot an angry look at Kou Zhong, then lowered her head and said, "I'm not really blaming you for the question.

    But I had been engaged long ago, he just hasn't married into my family yet."

    "Marry into your family?"Both boys lost control over their voices, exclaiming in surprise.

    The pretty maid obviously didn't wish to discuss further over this topic,

    so she called in a whisper: "Come,

    "Follow me to see madam!"

    Then she led them towards the door.

    They hurriedly followed her behind. As they reached there, the maid paused again and said, "My name is Shan Ruyin, remember it."Before opening the door to let them in.

    Stepping into the large cabin where they met Madam Dongming the other day, they were instructed to sit down in front of the veiled screen. After that the pretty maid Ruyin took her leave.

    They sat there for a painfully long period, with nothing to do besides staring into each other's eyes, before the tender voice of Madam Dongming resounded from the darkness behind the screen.

    "Here we meet again."

    The two answered politely, "Hope you all well, my lady."

    Madam Dongming fell silent for some time before she spoke again, "I had misjudged you the other day. It seems you martial arts are quite excellent."

    Kou Zhong replied with a faked humbleness :"You are overpraising us. Our skills could barely defend ourselves."

    Madam Dongming said nonchalantly, "How many people can confidently claim they could defend themselves before the likes of Du Fuwei?

    I saved you from him, just barely, but for extreme utilization of circumstances and his misinformation,

    while you had escaped from him multiple times. Which is more than enough for making you a name in Jiang Hu."

    Hearing her compliments, they couldn't feel a sense of pride. Because twice they had escaped, they were depending on some cunning tricks and sheer luck, not on their real abilities.

    Madam Dongming suddenly heaved out a sigh and said, "I have a question for you, and I wish you can answer it with utmost honesty."

    They nodded.

    "That night when we became a target of a sneak raid, why did you risk yourselves to give us alarm?"

    "We just couldn't bear to see it, so we decided to teach a lesson to those bastards!"Xu Ziling said, as if it were something insignificant,

    "Had we learned about your amazing abilities earlier, we should just let Seasand Gang suffer a huge defeat!"

    "How dare Seasand Gang offend us by themselves, if not for the supporter behind them,"Madam Dongming explained,

    "Yuwen Shi, who is the third most important person of Yuwen Clan, had rallied some martial experts and disguised themselves as Seasand gang members, so the odds actually turned against us that night."

    "Who knows what dire consequences we would face had they successfully sink our ship. So I'm really grateful for your help."

    They were taken aback hearing this tidbit, not having anticipated there were experts from Yuwen Clan intermingled with the gang members.

    "What I previously couldn't fathom was, since you two were only after fame and fortune, why did you take such risky actions, only to offend Yuwen Clan?

    But just now Ziling has given me the most sincere answer I'd like to hear. "

    Kou Zhong felt ashamed. "Madam you've given us too much credit.

    Actually there was another reason. We heard that Han Pudi the despicable man was under Yuwen Huagu's command.

    Since Yuwen Huaji is our sworn enemy, how could we not screw him up when we got the opportunity?"

    Out of the blue, Madam Dongming broke out laughing for the first time.

    "Han Pudi, Yuwen Huagu, how hilarious nicks you've made them!

    "Since you've mentioned him, I would like to remind you.

    After getting injured in the fight with Fu Juncuo, Yuwen Huaji had secluded himself in cultivation.

    It is said he has made a significant improvement during the year, and he is almost on par with his clan leader Yuwen Shang now.

    So you must not seek vengeance unless you have certain confidence."

    They didn't acknowledge, nor did they actually take her words in mind,

    for they knew all too well that even if Yuwen Huaji didn't make the improvement, they would still be no match of him.

    Madam Dongming continued, saying :"I like your frankness, and the way you didn't take credit for yourselves.

    When you were chased by the gangsters at the harbor of Yuhang, I've already noticed that you were rare talents.

    No one I had seen in my life can be compared with you, besides a young man from Li Clan.

    That's why I invited you to board our ship."

    Kou Zhong smiled bitterly."But eventually you turned us away."He noted.

    "It was not me who turned you away, but my daughter Wanjing."Madam Dongming corrected, saying,

    "She hates those mundane folks who only seek after fame and fortune.

    Now I'm gradually passing down my daily duties of the Sect to her,

    while I merely serve as her counselor.

    So she has the say on almost everything now."

    They were enlightened, and they understood why Shan Ruyin told them that the princess had an extremely bad impression of them.

    Madam Dongming sighed and said,

    "My daughter was born a stubborn girl.

    She seldom changed her mind after making it up.

    Yet unexpectedly, this time it was she who found you, and gave the command to save you."

    Even her mother couldn't fathom her mind, let alone the two strangers they were. They could only listen respectfully in silence.

    "Du Fuwei, Li Mi, Yuwen Huaji...and every person, every gang who knows of you wouldn't let you slip off easily,"Madam Dongming suddenly changed the topic and said,

    "What future plans do you have in mind now?"

    Both boys shook their heads, totally at a loss.

    Madam Dongming's voice sounded a bit more emotional as she spoke tenderly:

    "Before we learned of your involvements in the Secret of Immortality and Yang's Treasure,

    we did intend to recruit you so as to strengthen our male school.

    But now I've changed my mind.

    Not that I'm afraid of getting involved in the matters,

    but I feared that may actually waste your talents.

    Destined or not, the sufferings you've gone through has served as golden opportunities for you to boost your experience.

    It's been less than a year the last time I met you, and you've evolved to become so different than before.

    You are able to restrain your energy from surfacing, which is a feat only achievable by top experts.

    Given that your internal energy is only at a starting level,

    you can definitely make unimaginable achievements in the times to come."

    They were secretly astonished, afraid to be turned away.

    If they cannot stay on the ship, how could they have the chance to accomplish their secret mission?

    Madam Dongming said :"We will reach Weishan Lake by tomorrow afternoon.

    After I settle some errands there, we well continue north via the canal and past Juye Marshlands.

    As the marshland extends for hundreds of li, we can easily elude our pursuers.

    Then I will arrange for you to slip off the ship, after that you'll have the control of your fate."

    Pondering that they would have eight to ten days to finish Li Shimin's assignment, they were instantly relieved.

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    Default the rest of chapter 9

    Inch by inch, Xu Ziling's body awoke slowly from the deepest slumber.

    It felt like as if he was slowly floating up from a silent, dark pit, oblivious of the surrounding world until the instant he reaches the surface.

    Every night when he fell asleep, it was the time for his cultivation.

    Kou Zhong, who was sleeping beside him landed a kick on the side of his leg.

    Xu Ziling had gotten used to this now.

    Through the kick, a thread of Qi was sent into his channels, while his body automatically returned another thread of Qi.

    The comfort in doing this was hard to describe.

    While Kou Zhong was always moving, Xu Ziling's sleep was calm as in the deep ocean.

    Sunlight seeped through the window and poured over the narrow space of the windowsill, a wonderful scene to behold.

    Xu Ziling's mind was as peaceful as a lake, crisply reflecting what he saw.

    He turned his eyes upward at the rectangular bed curtain.

    He observed intently, as though the meshes in the fabric were filled with some profound meaning.

    Although seemingly identical as the other ones, each of these minuscular rectangles was actually unique, whether by its size or brightness.

    Connected to form an inseparable whole, they were so distinctive while dependent from each other.

    He had never thought that a bed curtain could be so intriguing.

    A faint buzz came from the top of the curtain.

    A mosquito tried to invade, only to be blocked by the curtain.

    It tried several times to no avail, before flying towards a corner.

    A gecko crouching on the ceiling was attracted. It swiftly crawled over for a few inches and paused.

    The gecko's movements were steady while flexible, resembling a mix of activity and inactivity.

    An ineffable feeling suddenly filled his mind as Xu Ziling vaguely grasped the inherent nature of these movements.

    At this very moment, a quick and light footstep was heard, growing clearer as it got closer.

    It paused for a second at the door, then the door was pushed open.

    Kou Zhong was immediately alerted to a start, opening his eyes.

    They turned to look and found it was a maid who was tall and strong in stature.

    She was an ugly one, but it was her icy expression that was most upsetting.

    It was cold and emotionless, as if everyone has owed her something.

    After a brief glance at the two when she entered, she seemed to care no more about them.
    Laying down a tub of water, towels and combs for washing and cleaning on the small table by the window, she barked rudely,"Get up quickly! Commander Ming is waiting to breakfast with you."

    They exchanged a look of bewilderment. Neither of them knew who this Commander Ming is.

    Getting out through the curtain, Kou Zhong moved over, bowed deeply and asked, "How may I address you, sister?"

    The ugly maid muttered with contempt, "I'm not your sister, and how to address me is none of your business!"

    Xu Ziling was sitting on the edge of his bed, looking for his boots on the floor, hearing this he said, "If we've done something wrong and annoyed you, just tell us off, so that we can correct it in the future."

    The ugly maid was dumbfounded, not expecting them to be so polite and humble after being treated coldly. Only after sometime did she regain her composure and moved towards the door, saying, "I'll wait for you outside."
    Her tone became a little warmer now.

    Hurriedly the two got washed and dressed. When they stepped out the door, the ugly maid was already full of impatience. "Follow me!"

    Sniggering, Kou Zhong caught up by her side, asking in all politeness, "May I ask a question? Who exactly is Commander Ming?"

    The ugly maid continued to walk them towards the stairs leading to the upper deck, seemingly ignorant of his question. As they were wondering, she suddenly replied in an icy tone, "Haven't you met him last night?"

    Struck by realization, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling understood the Commander Ming she referred to was actually Shang Ming.

    Since there are generals there must be a commander, which gave them the impression that Shang Ming held an very important role in the sect.

    Ascending upon the upper deck, they found the room was large as a hall, where Shang Ming, Shang Bang and Shang Kuitai were sitting at a round table groaning with all kinds of dim sum, exchanging dialogs in a low voice.

    Shang Ming didn't care to stand up to greet them as they approached. Smiling mildly, he said, "Two little brothers, please take your seats."

    As soon as the two sat down, the ugly maid took her leave.

    On either side of the hall there were ten odd huge windows.
    Although curtains had been pulled down, they didn't block one from viewing the beautiful sceneries of green mountains and fields on both sides of the river.

    Shang Bang asked, "Did you have good rest last night?"

    Mouths fully stuffed with food, they could only nodded in reply.

    "We're only a few hours from Weishan Lake, after that we feared no more of enemies' pursuit!"Shang Kuitai remarked.

    "Your weapons are nicely crafted fine steel, where did you acquire them?"Shang Ming probed with interest.

    Of course Kou Zhong couldn't tell him the truth, he lied, "They were gifted to us by Shen Luoyan that bitxh."

    Shang Ming couldn't tell whether he was being truthful, so he broke out laughing, saying, "There are few people who dare call her bitxh in Jiang Hu. You two are very capable indeed. Being sought after by so many famous figures, you've run away successfully time after time. It will be sung for a long time out there."

    Xu Ziling asked curiously, "Where is Liu Qiu island?"

    Shang Ming answered with pride, "It is the most beautiful and mysterious island in the world, situated far off the shores of the continent. It has a pleasant climate, and more than half of its rich lands still unexploited. You can find all kinds of peculiar birds and rare animals all over the island."

    The two listened longingly, as if their souls had flown over the seas to settle down on the island.

    Shang Kuitai asked, "Did you learn your martial arts from Luocha Nv(Fu Juncuo)?"
    Kou Zhong nodded. "Yes, that's right!"
    Shang Bang exclaimed solemnly, "Then it can be concluded that Fu Cailin is really unfathomable."

    Shang Ming attested, "The reputation of a man is like the shade of a tree; Since Fu Cailin's name had been passed around for decades, considered equal to 'Martial Lord' Bi Xuan and 'Reverend Shan' Ning Daoqi, he certainly possesses astounding skills.
    By sending just one of his disciples, he had made the martial world in Central Plains restless, even Yuwen Huaji had suffered a huge setback. From this one can deduce his prowess."

    Since Fu Juncuo was brought up, the two immediately lost their appetite, not wanting to eat any more.

    At this time the ugly maid returned, but Shang Ming and the other two all revealed looks of despise.

    The maid paid her respect and barked in a rough tone, "Princess wishes to see Xu Ziling."

    "What about me?"Kou Zhong asked.

    The maid answered with a silent shake of her head.

    The rest revealed looks of surprise, especially Shang Ming, whose expression was awkward.
    The ugly maid urged, "Why are you still sitting there?"
    Reluctantly, Xu Ziling shrugged and followed her out.

    This was the first time Xu Ziling had set foot on the level beneath the main deck.
    It seemed not so different from the levels above, with a corridor and also the ten odd doors lining up on either side of it.

    The decorations here were nonetheless much more exquisite.
    Carved subtly into the wooden walls, fancy patterns revealed themselves under the dim illumination of ten odd splendidly designed lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

    On the floor, the green embroideries sewn into the fabrics of the carpet gave one the impression of walking on a tranquil meadow.

    The ugly maid kept walking ahead, without a word, before she reached the door at the end of the corridor, where she turned around and said, "Wait here. Princess will call you when she wishes to see you."
    Finishing she took her leave.

    Xu Ziling was secretly amazed by this princess' arrogance. She could've summoned him later if she was too busy to meet him.

    Up until now, he was still unsure why Dongming Princess would like to meet him alone.

    However, His thoughts quickly diverged to their plan about stealing the ledger.
    If there were truly this said ledger, then in which room would it be hidden?
    The doors and walls of the cabins were solidly built, and it would be hard to break in any of them.

    As he was making wild guesses, a voice rang up in his ear, sweet but void of emotions. "Come in!"

    Yearning because of the wait, he pushed open the door. As his stepped in, his view instantly lit up. The room turned out to be rather spacious, and was well illuminated.

    On all sides of the room were numerous bookselves, and a large desk was set by the window.

    A young girl clad in magenta dresses was sitting at the table with her back to him, seemingly busy with her work.

    Her jet-black long hair was dangling leisurely over her shoulder, the alluring curves of her body gave others the impression of a slim and frail lady.

    Xu Ziling bowed, paying his respect :"Xu Ziling is here, your highness."
    The girl turned her head just long enough for a cold glimpse, before turning back and resuming her paperworks.

    Xu Ziling's body shook uncontrollably, not only because her beauty was staggering, but she also gave him a sense of familiarity, as though he had met her somewhere before.

    And her previous short glimpse was full of contempt, making Xu Ziling wonder what's amiss.

    So he stood behind her, not knowing what to say or whether he should just leave instead, which was extremely embarrassing.

    Dongming Princess's voice rang up again, "Why are you bowing so humbly this time? One can tell you're a despicable lad just from this."

    Xu Ziling was puzzled and asked, "Have I really met your highness before?"

    Princess Shan Wanjing stood up abruptly and whirled around.
    Her pretty eyes emitted deep hatred as she stared at him violently. "Aren't you called Zhang Shan or Li Si? How could you forget so quickly?"
    "My gosh! It was you!"Xu Ziling was shocked in realization.

    She was exactly the woman in disguise of a man whom they met in the restaurant the day they arrived in Pengcheng.
    Falsely assuming she was a spy sent by Shen Luoyan, they didn't give her much respect then.
    How could they have known she was actually the Dongming Princess?

    Xu Ziling's eyes naturally fell upon her slender legs as he recalled the scene.
    Shan Wanjing muttered: "What are you looking at!"
    His conscience with guilt, Xu Ziling spluttered, "I...We thought you were..."

    Yet Shan Wanjing interrupted in a nonchalant tone, "You don't have to explain, and I would not hear even if you do. I only summon you here to clarify this: Although you have done us a great favor, yet we also saved you from Du Fuwei. Now we owe each other nothing."

    Surprised by her enmity and unwillingness to hear an explanation , Xu Ziling found her was being unreasonable.

    Yet looking at her jade face beautiful like a painting, he just couldn't lose his temper.

    So he waved his hands, passing it off, "That would be the best, so that we can go on separate ways and are not related anymore, haha!"He laughed, remembering it was one of Kou Zhong's famous mantra.

    "Now we've settled the favors, it's time we get to the grudges."Shan Wanjing grunted.
    Xu Ziling was shocked. "What grudges do we have with you?"He asked.

    Shan Wanjing exhaled a mouthful of air, saying :"I really don't understand why mother would have a keen interest towards you two vulgar fellows! I was annoyed the first time I lay my eyes on you."

    Xu Ziling smiled bitterly and answered, "Vulgar fellows like us definitely couldn't fit into your elegant eyes. But if you determined grudges by vulgarity, then I'm afraid most of the people walking in a street would have grudges with you."

    Even Shan Wanjing herself could not understand why she was so easily piqued by this young and handsome lad.

    "Don't skirt around it. I was specifically referring to what you spoke to me that day."She muttered, "I greeted you with kindness, but you returned it with obscenities."

    Xu Ziling was relieved and explained, "It was just a misunderstanding, we thought..."
    His eyes swept towards the table, and then he was too excited to speak another word.
    Isn't it the ledger that they are after?

    Yet Dongming princess only presumed he had run out of excuses, so she pressed on, saying, "You can't explain it can you? Now I will hit you on the chest with my palm, if you cannot evade it, that's because you deserve to pay back with life."

    Shocked, Xu Ziling regained his senses and said, "Princess you must not use voilence!"

    Shan Wanjing calmly stated, "I'm about to strike now."

    Xu Ziling took two steps back, waving his hands. "Wait, everything can be discussed over!"

    In the blink of an eye Shan Wanjing had drifted over, raised her right palm and pressed toward his chest, slowly and gently.

    Xu Ziling couldn't spare a second thought while concentrating at her strike.
    The way she struck her palm seemed soft and weak, without bringing up any air currents. It was as though she just wanted to give him a gentle stroke.

    As it struck closer cutting out a strange curve in the air, the palm continued to alter its form, making the move extremely unpredictable.

    The strange thing was, he had a feeling that he could clearly sense her consecutive actions and even her intentions.
    That it would probably be his death if the palm could strike on target.

    At the very instant of life and death, he could no longer hold back. Drawing his sabre out of its sheath, he slashed it at her palm.

    Shan Wanjing sneered, continued to drift closer. She made a sinister move, raising her left hand, trying to hit the blade from its side.

    Unexpectedly Xu Ziling alter his move halfway. He suddenly drew back the sabre a little, causing her hand to miss it, and sliced at her wrist.

    Shan Wanjing didn't anticipated his sabreplay could be so agile.

    It would still be easy for her to dodge, yet since she had proposed only one stroke of her palm, it would be embarrassing to continue the fight after that.

    Gritting her teeth, she tried to snatch the blade with her left hand. Simultaneously, her right palm transformed into thousands of shadows as she crushed herself towards Xu Ziling.

    She had boasted to take his life, yet what she truly intended was to vent her anger by knocking him down.
    Now that she was forced to go all out, she could no longer properly exert or retract her strength at will.

    Recalling the gecko he saw in the morning, Xu Ziling naturally shifted sideways. Sabre wresting out of Shan Wanjing's left hand, he sliced again at her right palm.

    Shan Wanjing was astonished by his lightning reactions and she cannot afford to reserve any strength now.

    Utilizing some delicate moves, she stuck her palm to Xu Ziling's blade, which enabled her to catch up with Xu Zilings movements, while her other palm swiftly stroke on his chest.

    Letting out a pathetic cry, Xu Ziling was thrown flying back, breaking the door. A mouthful of blood escaped him as he flew, before Xu Ziling finally dropped down on the carpet soundly.

    Shan Wanjing was terrified. Before she could hurry over to take a look, Madam Dongming's voice had come :"What's going on here?"
    Halting her feet, Shan Wanjing muttered icily: "He had offended me, death is what he deserves."

    Madam Dongming emerged at the doorstep. She was wearing a lake-green gown and a tall knob, highlighting her graceful shape and elegant manner.
    Her face was veiled by a small breadth of silk, as if shrouded by a mist.

    From the other end of the corridor came some voices, apparently the fighting had alerted other people as well.

    Madam Dongming glared at Shan Wanjing for quite a while before she knelt down to examine Xu Ziling's injury.

    By that time Xu Ziling had recovered from a coma, awakening.
    When he was struck by her palm, he did feel a shrieking pain in all his veins.
    However, after he spat out the mouthful of blood, the pain had lessened to a much bearable state.

    Hurriedly getting up while stroking the chest to ease his pain, Xu Ziling said, "I'm Okay now. Princess is really formidable!"

    Then he turned and staggered away, laughing. The only thing in his mind was the tempting ledger on her desk.

    He was feeling guilty about stealing the ledger at the beginning, but that mental burden had been lifted now.

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    Default Chapter 10 A Scuffle on the Lake(1st half)

    Sorry for the long wait, guys. I've been extremely busy last month and will probably be this month, so update interval may be longer than usual.

    Please bear with me and continue to support me! So glad when I saw so many comments during my absence here, thank you!

    Stroking Xu Ziling's chest, Kou Zhong asked worriedly, "Are you really okay?

    That chick is indeed unreasonable.

    We just didn't want to speak with her, and she deem it as hatred."

    "Lower your voice!"Xu Ziling muttered,"If she overheard this then we would be in trouble.Hey! Let me share a tidbit with you. When she struck her palm on me, the Qi in my body automatically surged and I felt much better after! If I had mustered the Qi a little sooner, I might be able to resist her palm easily without getting hurt."

    Kou Zhong complimented, "Well then it is worth taking as long as you survive it."
    He sniggered and continued, "She may be harsh on the outside, but actually she has fallen in love with you unknowingly. She was pissed off because of her betrothal to somebody else, and you showed no interests in her. So she vented her frustration on you."

    Xu Ziling said, "Stop bullshitting, I would be better off without this type of love!"

    Kou Zhong didn't stop his wild imagination and continued to analyze, "You called her a flirtatious and shameless woman, seriously damaging her pride. Yet neither did I treat her any better. So why did she only take it against you but not me? A girl's delicate mind is truly unfathomable. When you went to see her, the lad Shang Ming had such an uneasy expression that it was actually hilarious to behold!"

    Taking it to change the topic, Xu Ziling said, "So the angry princess must have been betrothed to Shang Ming! Well, even all of them knelt in front of me begging, I wouldn't join their sect. What's the point of a man marrying into a woman's house?"

    Kou Zhong jested, "The point is to make women do all the heavy lifting while we enjoy ourselves!"Then he took on a solemn expression and said, "When we reach Weishan Lake tonight, Madam Dongming and the angry princess will leave to meet Li Shimin's father. That would be the time for action. We can climb down to the study through the windows, and it would be a piece of cake."

    Meanwhile, the sceneries outside the window changed abruptly.

    There were no more mountains and cliffs to be seen, but only the wavy water and white clouds and the limitless fields extending between them. They had already reached Weishan Lake.

    The door was pushed open, it was the ugly maid who came in wordlessly as usual.

    She paid a few glances at Xu Ziling before asking hoarsely :"Are you still in pain?"

    Xu Ziling was amazed by her question and was about to answer, when Kou Zhong pinched at his arm. He hurriedly said :"It would take another two days to fully recover I'm afraid. Thanks for your concern."

    The maid coldly said,"Whose concern? It was madam who sent me over to have a look, she wishes to dine with you tonight. Since you're alright then so be it."She finished and left immediately.

    As they were looking at each other speechlessly, there was a knock at the door. Then the pretty maid Ruyin's voice rose from outside, "May I come in?"

    Kou Zhong sprung up and pulled open the door, greeting her :"Good day sister, please come in!"

    Ruyin chuckled and shot Kou Zhong a look. She entered the room and threw her eye at Xu Ziling, who was sitting in the chair as normal.
    "Madam was right, you seemed badly hurt , but it was not so serious at all."She said in surprise.

    Xu Ziling didn't want to lie, so he nodded, "It is still aching, just slightly."

    Ruyin moved over to his side and reached out her hand on his forehead, feeling his body temperature. Withdrawing her hand after a while she said, "Your internal energy is really strange, it feels like a void and makes it hard to determine your true level."

    Kou Zhong tagged closer to her, sniffing at the fragrant air about her hair before whispering into her ears, "This is called unfathomable."

    "Can't you be serious for just a moment?"Ruyin was annoyed and chided, "To tell you the truth, the impression I have about you wasn't any better than princess. You dare hang out with the likes of Baling Gang, are you also man-traders?"

    Kou Zhong was embarrassed and said, "We just didn't know Xiang Yushan was one of them!"

    Ruyin got even angrier. "Then why were you playing in their casino?"She questioned, with her arms akimbo, "Don't tell me that you didn't know it was a casino!"

    Kou Zhong was a little scared and explained hurriedly, "We really didn't know it was a casino, we thought it was a brothel at the beginning."

    "What?"Ruyin exclaimed.

    Kou Zhong knew he had spilled the beans. Sighing he added, "Sister you have no idea what we faced then. We were cornered and we had to find a place to hide ourseleves."

    Ruyin's face was all red as she continued, "That's merely your excuse and I know you guys really meant to hang out in such a lowly place.
    I was so disappointed. Despite your good appearances, you're actually rotten inside. I don't want to speak with you any more!"

    Stamping her feet, she turned away.
    Kou Zhong reached his hand to grab her.
    Ruyin twisted her waist and evaded.
    "You dare touch me with your filthy hand?
    Princess was right, few men in this world are honest."She screamed.

    Not expecting a tender girl like her to erupt emotionally, the two could only stare at her in fright.
    Ruyin's chest heaved up and down rapidly for quite some time before she calmed down a little.

    Watching the two boys with their scared expression, she softened and said, "I seldom got so angry like this, it's all your fault! If you promised me you'll never go to those places again, I shall forgive you."

    Xu Ziling was about to answer, but Kou Zhong answered faster:"Are we supposed to cultivate Virgin Stance then?"

    Ruyin was dumbfounded for a moment before her face turned red. She shot Kou Zhong an angry look and left in fury.

    Kou Zhong heaved out a sigh as the door banged closed. "It was fortunate you didn't speak before me. Otherwise there would be no fun in our lives."

    Smiling bitterly, Xu Ziling said, "And we've offended one more person."No one on this ship is friendly towards us now except for Madam Dongming."

    Kou Zhong shrugged, "They're all weirdos. We'd better get off quickly, or else we become them. And this Liuqiu Island is not worth going, surely there won't be any places for entertainment."

    Xu Ziling sighed, "Entertainment? Every brothel visit we had ended up miserably, it seems we simply lack brothel luck."

    Kou Zhong laughed. "I'm not believing in this shit. Come! Let's start cultivating now. So long as we manage to hear what's going on around, we can carry out our plan."As soon as he finished he started walking back and forth in the room.


    In the evening dusk, the ship sailed at its full speed across Weishan Lake, heading towards the destination.

    A banquet of vegetable dishes was hosted in the dining hall. Madam Dongming, whose face still veiled, looked as mysterious as she ever was.

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were seated on both her sides.

    The three guardian angels were all presented.Shan Yan and Shan Yudie who confronted Du Fuwei the other night appeared emotionless, Shan Qing however wore a warmer expression. Nonetheless even she did not seem to approve Madam Dongming's idea of giving these two no-name lads such a grand welcoming feast.

    The others presented included Shang Ming and an old man. He was Elder Shang, or so he was called by Madam Dongming. He was tall but he got a hunchback. Under the furrowed brows his pupils were glowing with strange violet rays, giving out an imposing aura.Every one of Doming Sect seemed to respect him greatly.

    He only shifted his gaze briefly when introduced to the two boys. His attention had been mostly devoted to the only wine bottle on the table, pouring and drinking wine all by himself. As for all the delicate dishes, he showed no interests at all.
    And soon enough the two boys had forgotten his existence.

    Shan Wanjing didn't present, presumably because she hadn't calmed her rage yet.
    Probably because of Shan Wanjing, Shang Ming posed an even more unfriendly attitude towards them.
    Ruyin, Madam Dongming's personal maid, was there dutifully serving them. However she seemed to have a bad mood, apparently still mad at them.

    In conclusion, it was not a pleasant meal at all.

    After apologizing for her daughter, Madam Dongming engaged herself into idle chatters with Shang Ming and the likes, leaving the two mostly unattended.

    The two were more or less adapted to this kind of treatment, so naturally they wouldn't care.
    Instead they tried their best swallowing all the food on the table. But since they were used to a meat diet, these food could barely satisfied them.
    Struck by their awful manner of eating, everyone apart from Madam Dongming and Elder Shang was frowning with contempt.

    Shang Ming brought up the topic of rebel armies, saying, "Now the most worrying factor is the Turks. Liang Shidu and Liu Wuzhou of Yingyang School both allied themselves with the Turks, and were appointed Bijia Khan and Dingyang Khan respectively. These betrayers are trying to invade Taiyuan under the order of the Great Khan of Turks. If Li Yuan failed to keep Taiyuan, then the Turks would take advantage to invade our nation, and Central Plains would be at risk."

    Everyone was paying attention to his speech.

    Shan Yan said, "Li Clan is now besieged on all sides. Dugu Clan and Yuwen Clan also want to see them fail badly. Yet no one can help them, their have to depend on their own."

    Shan Yudie remarked, "Luckily Li Yuan has several capable sons. Taiyuan is at the upperstream of Fen River, located between Taihang Mountain and the Yellow River. Surrounded by waters and backed by a mountain, they have a geographical advantage. Moreover, their supplies are abundant and they have a well-trained army.

    By gaining support from the local powers and recruiting talented people from nearby, they are expanding rapidly. It's not entirely impossible for them to fight off their enemies."

    Shang Ming belittled, "However Li Yuan has always been hesitant. He was too careful about his relationship with the muddle-headed emperor, being his cousin in law. Sooner or later this will become his undoing."

    If I were Li Yuan, I would raise an army and take down the Capital City directly, given the bulk of Sui Army were busy suppressing Du Fuwei and Wagang Army."

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were secretly amazed. No wonder Li Shimin wanted so desperately to persuade his father to rebel.

    Shan Qing said :"It's a pity we are restricted by our ancestral rules that we must never interfere the affairs in Central Plains. Otherwise when we meet Shimin, we would be able to talk him over."

    Madam Dongming commented flatly, "The things that we can see, others certainly can. This matter should not be discussed further."
    Everyone dared not continue the discussion any more.

    After an awkward long silence, Elder Shang suddenly gazed at Kou and Xu, making them extremely uneasy and unable to swallow the food.

    "Who taught you martial arts?"He questioned in a coarse voice.
    Kou Zhong reluctantly replied, "Mom did."

    Madam Dongming was surprised and asked."Your mom? Who is she?"
    Xu Ziling explained, "His mom is also my mom, others called her Luosha Nv."

    Madam Dongming nodded in realization, "Luosha Nv Fu Junchuo was famed for her mercilessness. It's truly incredible that she actually adopted you as her sons and sacrificed herself for you."
    Recalling the tragedy, their faces twisted in sadness.

    Elder Shang shook his head, saying :"That's not right!How long have you been cultivating?"
    Counting his fingers, Kou Zhong answered, "More than a year now."

    Shan Qing and the likes revealed looks of surprise. Although their martial arts can hardly be considered outstanding, but given the short time span, it's truly remarkable that Xu Ziling could survive Shan Wanjing's palm.

    Elder Shang pondered for a while and sighed, "If you succeed to avoid backfiring, you would definitely make astounding achievements in the future."

    Madam Dongming said :"Meixian(Madam Doming's given name) had examined their channels, but I was at a lost about it. That's also one of the reasons why I gave up the idea to recruit them. If Elder Shang understands their mechanics, why don't you give them some pointers?"
    Elder Shang simply shook his head again and spoke no more.

    After returning to their cabin, both of them instantly felt a sense of relief.

    Kou Zhong muttered, "Too many people in this world would repay your kindness with enmity. Just look at that arrogant Shang Ming and you know. Haha! Fortunately I'm such a broadminded person that I don't mind it."

    Xu Ziling jested, "If you really don't mind, then you shouldn't mention it any more."

    Kou Zhong slapped on his forehead and said, "You're right! From this moment on, let's stopping talking about this guy."

    Xu Ziling asked. "How do we know when is Madam leaving for the meeting with the Lis?"

    Kou Zhong smiled and said, "That's easy! When the ship anchors, it would be time!"

    Xu Ziling said, "If Madam had arranged to meet the Lis on this ship, then we're screwed."

    Kou Zhong was dumbfounded for a while before he muttered, "We can't consider so many factors. As long as they were assembled in the hall above, we should immediately begin our action. The fate of Li Shimin and his father will be in our hands."

    Popping his head out of the window, Xu Ziling observed for some time before saying, "Didn't they say people from Yuwen Clan are going to ambush us? Why haven't they appear yet?

    Kou Zhong said, "Only god knows.Hey!"He exclaimed in surprise.

    The speed of the ship abruptly slowed down. The two grew even more anxious, but could only wait patiently.

    The half-moon was hanging high up in the clear night sky, a fascinating view indeed.

    Under the moonlight, Dongming Sect's flagship slowly sailed toward a small island in the middle of the lake, where another gigantic ship had been waiting for a long time.

    Recognizing that the ship was indeed Li Shimin's battleship, their hearts couldn't help thumping wildly.

    As the flagship came to a halt, the two put their ears against the floor and tried to listen for any movements.

    The cabins beneath them was utterly silent, like the realm of ghosts.

    Just at this moment, the sound of a man sighing rang up in their ears.

    They sat up at once, only to find each other's face pale with fright.
    "That's Elder Shang's voice, I can recognize it."Kou Zhong said, his voice quivering.

    Xu Ziling doubted, "How could that old fellow make his sigh so loud? As if he was just sighing next to our ears."

    Inhaling a deep breath of air, Kou Zhong muttered, "Forget it. We shall climb down through the windows 15 mins later as planned, after getting it we shall escape the waterway."
    Sitting back into the chairs, they waited anxiously.

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    very happy this translation continues. Thank you.

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    Thanks xlandhenry. Very kind of you to continue. I really missed this.
    Bonus. A new day.

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