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Thread: The History of the Tang Dynasty Two Dragons (大唐双龙传) - Huang Yi

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    Default The rest of Chapter 10

    As sudden footsteps rose from the corridor outside, they could only complain bitterly inward. Fortunately it passed their door and faded away soon.

    Kou Zhong leapt up and said, "It's time!"

    At this critical juncture, there came a knock on the door.

    They were secretly cursing while the voice of the ugly maid rose up behind the door :"Get out quickly!The princess wishes to see you."

    With wriggled faces, they followed the ugly maid to Dongming Princess's study room on the lower deck. The maid pushed open the door and muttered coldly, "Go!"

    Hardening their resolve, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling reluctantly entered.

    Dongming Princess had resumed her male costume, seemingly ready to go off for some business. She was sitting in a chair and facing them with a calm composure.

    Under her intimidating gaze, the two instantly felt their heights shortened by an inch.

    Stealing a glimpse toward the desk, they found no trace of the ledger any more.

    Words cannot describe a tenth of the frustration they felt.

    Shan Wanjing began nonchalantly :"I was having a bad mood that day, and it was my mistake to unintentionally hurt Mister Xu. Take this as my apology."

    Although her apology sounded polite and sincere, but they could feel she didn't mean it.

    It became obvious as she didn't even offer them seats, as if the two were merely her subordinates awaiting her orders.

    Shan Wanjing coldly stared at them for a moment before speaking again, "Don't you have anything to say?"

    Kou Zhong replied, "What should we say? You can say whatever you want now!"

    Shan Wanjing's lips curled up into a smile as she shot a meaningful gaze towards Xu Ziling. "It was true that I didn't treat you fairly, but that's because you asked for it."She spoke softly, "All the unhappiness is going to end anyway, since I have arrangements for you now."

    Simultaneously, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling exclaimed, "What?"

    Shan Wanjing answered indifferently :"Do not be surprised. Few powers in Jiang Hu could provide you shelter nowadays, while Li Clan is one of them. As long as I speak up for you, considering the relationship between us, they will definitely look after you."

    Hearing this they almost wanted to cry. If they really have to follow her onto Li Shimin's warship like this, with their mission uncompleted, how shameful would it be when they meet Li Shimin?

    Kou Zhong hurriedly said, "Princess is too considerate. We've been used to a carefree lifestyle, we're most afraid of depending on others for a living. If princess isn't happy having us around, then we shall jump into the lake now. Then everyone will be happy."

    Shan Wanjing's eyes flared, "What are you saying?" She muttered.

    Xu Ziling felt offended and said, "Zhong Shao had said it so clearly. How could you have missed it? We'll never beg anyone, and we would not accept the so-called benefits from the likes of you. We're packing up our luggage now. Say whatever you want, but it won't change our mind."

    Of course they did't have any luggage to pack, he deliberately said that in the hope that it could buy them some time.

    Once Madam Dongming and this angry bitxch left for the meeting, they could sneak back to steal the ledger before getting away.

    Shan Wanjing shouted, "Hold your steps!"

    Shocked, they paused and stared back at her.

    Her chest was heaving up and down as Shan Wanjing tried to calm her fury. Even she herself didn't understand why she would be infuriated of what Xu Ziling had said.

    After a long and embarrassing silence, Shan Wanjing had calmed down. Sighing she suggested in a softer voice, "How about this?
    I will just plead them to give you a ride. When you reach safety, you can leave and go wherever you like. Maybe you are still unaware of, but the Emperor has given a decree that the Secret of Immortality be reclaimed whatever the cost."

    It was the first time she seemed to show some hospitalities in her tone.

    Since they already had a perception towards her, the two didn't feel it, nor would they accept her offer even if they did.

    Kou Zhong laughed and said, "If that's the case, we must not board Li Clan's ship all the more. At the end of the day Li Clan is just another lapdog of the emperor, who knows if they will betray us."

    The beautiful princess apparently was more tolerant towards Kou Zhong's jesting.

    She smiled and said, "Do not think lowly of them. When you meet Li Shimin, you will know what a real hero looks like. And I could promise you in the name of my Dongming Sect, that those kind of things won't happen to you."

    When she spoke of Li Shimin, she was continuously gazing at Xu Ziling with her dewy, beautiful eyes, as if she was hinting that he was no match of Li Shimin.

    Xu Ziling didn't realize the subtle meaning of her words. He shrugged ,"Who cares if he is truly a hero or not. We've enjoyed our freedom so we are not interested in affiliating with the hero you speak of."

    Kou Zhong was reminded that Madam Dongming had advised them to experience more in Jiang Hu, so he said, "I'm afraid Princess didn't get Madam's approval for this proposal, did you?"

    Her face instantly turned icily cold. "Get out now!"She swayed her sleeves furiously, " Don't let me see your faces when I come back. You take no regard of your lives, then so be it."

    As if pardoned by the emperor himself, the two gladly exited the room.

    * * *

    Skillfully they scaled downwards on the wall without any trouble, arriving outside of the study's window.

    The lamps in the study had been put off, and it was utterly quiet.

    They dared not hesitate any more. After making sure nobody was hiding inside, they immediately crawled through the windows and entered the study.

    For the next hour or so, they had been busy searching thoroughly across the study, using the techniques that Chen Laomou taught them.

    They've searched every inch of the room, but the ledger was nowhere to be found.

    Slumping down on the floor the two almost cried out in frustration.

    If they could get the ledger, they would not only do a great favor for Li Shimin, but would also get an opportunity to destroy Yuwen Huaji's clan.

    But now everything is gone.

    The ledger is simply not in the study any more.

    Kou Zhong painfully stated, "That bitcxh must've brought the ledger to square the accounts with Li Shimin. We're done here. The worst thing is we must leave immediately, otherwise when she comes back, we'll be thrown into the water like junks."

    Xu Ziling was also dejected and said, "Better sooner than later, if we have to go."

    Just at this moment, the easily-recognizable sighing of Elder Shang rang up in their ears again.

    Realizing the imminent threat, they sprung up at once. As they were about to shoot out through the window, the window flipped up and Elder Shang leapt in like a wild cat, having no resemblance of an aged man's sluggishness.

    The only escape route blocked by him, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were helplessly forced into a corner.

    Elder Shang raised his left hand and sniggered, "Are you looking for this ledger? Come get it if you have the guts!"

    Dumbfounded, the two could only stare at the precious ledger in his hand and dared not act rashly.

    Elder Shang commented flatly, "Madam has entrusted the safeguards to this old man, of course I cannot fail her. I've been paying attention to you, eavesdropping your conversation. I've even given you warnings. How disappointed I am that you wouldn't listen."

    Kou Zhong smiled bitterly and said, "We were asked by our friend..."

    Elder Shang coldly interrupted, "I don't care what cause you have, what I know is that this ledger will have severe implications to the reputation of Dongming Sect. Without this incident however, we're still unaware that this single ledger would become the root of so many troubles. When madam comes back, I would ask her to destroy it, lest it become the tool for those court infightings."

    For the two boys, it was not the ledger that they're concerned about but their lives.

    Even until now, Elder Shang had been suppressing his voice, as if he was afraid that it would alert other people. Which gave them hope that he would eventually let them off.

    Elder Shang casually tossed the ledger on the desk and revealed a smile. "You're still good in nature, I can tell. Sometimes when I heard you talking, I cannot help laughing out."

    Kou Zhong whispered, "Could Elder Shang please let us go this time?"

    Elder Shang shook his head, "I'm fond of you, for sure, but letting you off is another thing. I've been true to the rules of my sect all my life, how could I make an exception for you two lads? When madam is back however, I can speak some good words for you.
    Now, kneel before me."

    Both of them instantly thought of Dongming Princess, and their hands moved to the hilts of their sabres. They would rather die than to be humiliated by her.

    Elder Shang shook his head, sighing, "I'm not sure if I could withstand the combined strength of you two ten years from now, yet at this moment you're not even close. Come!"

    Exchanging glances with each other, the two knew there's no other way and drew out their blades into attack.

    Elder Shang revealed a look of surprise while he raised both his sleeves and flung at the two sabres that were striking towards him at the speed of lightning.

    He would have to win it clean and fast. If he had to used others' help to subdue the two, then his pride would be damaged.

    Peng Peng!

    With two thuds, the sabres were knocked out of their hands, the flesh torn apart where they held them. The great impact caused them to stumble backwards, and their chests felt like being split open.

    As they were secretly lamenting their own demise, Elder Shang suddenly groaned in pain and staggered sideways.

    While they were still wondering what happened, a man in black had slid in through the window. The man was wielding a short sword about one foot long in either his hands, and was attacking Elder Shang relentlessly even as he was still flying midair.

    In the blink of an eye, an injured Elder Shang had already exchanged ten odd moves with the intruder,

    while the two boys just slumped down on the floor.

    In the spacious study, the man in black shifted about Elder Shang like a ghost, taking the upper hand to launch never-ending waves of strikes, giving no chance for his opponent to catch a breath.

    With their improved discernment at this time, they knew this man could be considered a top-notch fighter, even when compared to Du Fuwei.

    As they were in a dilemma whether to call for help, Elder Shang let out an earth-shattering cry, getting out of his opponents sword formation.

    With a thundering crack he broke through the wall behind him and retreated to the next room.

    The man obviously didn't came for Elder Shang.

    He swiftly swept towards the desk, grabbed the ledger without paying any attention towards the two, and slid out of the window.

    Footsteps and voices of men yelling were coming closer and closer.

    The two sprung up as quickly as they could and shot out throught the window, plunging into the lake below.

    Diving deeply in the stingingly cold water, the two tried to get away as fast as they could from the flagship.

    Ominous feelings suddenly swept across their minds, yet before they could react, someone had already seized them from behind.

    At the same time, threads of Qi entered their bodies, shutting down ten odd main acupoints in quick succession.

    Assuming the two were properly under his control, the man grabbed them by their arms and shot forward underwater at an incredible speed.

    After swimming away for over ten zhang, the man finally emerged from the water.

    People clamouring could be heard coming from the flagship, where it had fallen into a chaos.

    The man sneered, then continued to swim forward swiftly like a fish, with only his feet paddling in the water.

    Meanwhile the exotic energies in their channels had automatically unblocked all the main acupoints.

    As the two were still wondering whether it's time to strike, the man suddenly cursed, "Damn these reckless idiots!"

    Peering through their half-open eyelids, the two saw there were more than a dozen yachts catching up behind them.

    The man hurriedly submerged again, pulling them down with him.

    Knowing that they've got an opportunity, Kou Zhong signaled Xu Ziling by slightly prodding him, and together they mustered all their strength, then struck the man's abdomen with their elbows.

    Reeling in pain, the man was forced to release his grip on them, while spatting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

    Kou Zhong had noticed earlier that the ledger wrapped with water-proof oilcloth was tied around the man's waist. Utilizing his skillful hands, he snatched it effortlessly.

    Xu Ziling tried to punch at the man's face, yet despite his injury, the man was still able to evade it and shifted away from them.

    The two dared not give pursuit. Instead they dived deeper and deeper until reaching the bottom of the lake, before swimming toward the island.

    This strategy clearly showed their wisdom. The man was an expert swimmer and it would be difficult to get rid of him.

    Yet however formidable he was, the man dare not swim back, where he would be easily surrounded by people from both Li Clan and Dongming Sect.

    Meanwhile the pursuers of Dongming Sect would just search the waters farther away, because they couldn't have suspected that the two were turning back.

    Before long they had arrived beneath Li Shimin's gigantic warship.

    Floating back to the water surface, they found the lanterns on Dongming Sect's flagship were all shining as bright as day, while it was pitch dark on Li Shimin's warship.

    "I hope little Li's men won't mistake us for burglars."Kou Zhong whispered excitedly.

    "Let's get on,"Xu Ziling urged,

    "My bones were nearly scattered apart by that old fellow just now!"

    After so many difficulties, they finally accomplish the seemingly impossible mission and earned their rewards deservingly.

    Moreover, they didn't steal the ledger but took it from the mysterious intruder, which kind of making their conscience less guilty of the whole thing.

    As they climbed up and past the windows of the cabin belonged to Li Shimin's younger sister, Kou Zhong suddenly recalled her soft and melodic voice. Driven by curiosity, he reached his head wanting to take a sneak peek.

    From the darkness a dagger shot out like a lightning bolt and froze just in time when it was about to touch Kou Zhong's throat.

    Kou Zhong was so frightened that he almost lost his grip. He dared not make even the slightest of movements, hanging by the window transfixed.

    Right in front of him, the face of an adorable girl appeared, who was sizing him up indifferently.

    As Xu Ziling caught up beside Kou Zhong, he nudged him to continue climbing, completely ignorant that Kou Zhong's life was being threatened.

    The young girl whose beauty could rival that of Princess Dongming uttered in a low voice, "Who are you?"

    "I'm Kou Zhong, Li..."Kou Zhong replied with a difficulty.

    The girl retracted her dagger and called out :"Get in quickly, lest others would see you!"

    Overjoyed, Kou Zhong called Xu Ziling over. Then together they climbed into this girl's bedroom, with water still dripping down their clothes.

    The first thing Kou Zhong did was to take out a parcel and unwrap the oilcloth.

    The ledger was sitting nicely in the parcel.

    The two burst into cheerful cries in their excitements.

    Apparently the girl was aware of their deal with her brother. She picked up the ledger and quickly browsed through it before saying happily, "It's indeed the ledger we need. Please stay here for a minute, I'll go and see whether my second brother is back."

    She awarded them a sweet smile before leaving.

    The two sat down against the wall, both had the feeling that they just went through death and came back to life.

    Kou Zhong sighed and said, "This girl is so beautiful. If I knew earlier I would've given up the money for her."

    Xu Ziling laughed, "This one is yours. Next time when we run into another sweet girl, it will be mine."

    Kou Zhong laughed bitterly and said, "Yours? Mine? Forget it! You know what we are. She is the beloved daughter of a clan's leader, the world would end before we got a chance!"

    Xu Ziling exclaimed, "When have you become so modest? Did you alway say that you'll become a top fighter in the martial realm? And what about our dreams of becoming great generals and prime ministers? Why give up so easily?"

    Sighing, Kou Zhong said, "That's just saying. Our Kongfu is much worse than that unfortunate martial expert just now. Being caught in surprise, he just spat a mouthful of blood and got away. And that old fellow said there will be ten odd years before we could really display our skills without being shamed. Oh yes, we must ask little Li for two more sabres, otherwise we couldn't even fight anyone."

    Xu Ziling said, "No! That way we could never learn to fight with bare hands. Even without a sabre, we can use our hands to perform the ten forms."

    They waited eagerly for about an hour before Li Shimin's beautiful sister finally returned. She had changed into a colorful dress, which perfectly showed off her elegant figure.

    Noticing they were sitting like two beggars on the floor, she was bewildered and said, "Why are you sitting on the floor? Get up quickly!"

    When the two clumsily got up, the door was opened and Li Shimin rushed in like a gust of wind, embracing them tightly regardless of their wet clothes.

    He exclaimed excitedly :"You've done it! Madam Dongming personally wrote a letter just now and asked me to bring it to father immediately. Li Clan will definitely repay you handsomely when we conquer this land in the future."

    ============End of Chapter 10 and Book 3=============================
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    Default Book 4 Chapter 1 A Soaring Ambition

    A short update to begin Book 4!

    Dawn was breaking when Xu Ziling woke up from sleep.

    Unexpectedly, Kou Zhong had risen up even earlier than him for the first time ever, standing by the window, gazing beyond.

    The bedroom little Li had arranged for them was the one next to his beautiful younger sister's.

    Xu Ziling moved beside Kou Zhong, while the latter sighed, "Xiao Ling! I've fallen in love."

    "What?"Bewildered, Xu Ziling exclaimed.

    Kou Zhong whispered, "Don't you think little Li's sister is exceptionally pretty?

    She is so kind and elegant. And think about her inviting eyes and shapely bosom! Her slender pair of legs will be enough to lure every man to death!

    The red blush on her face, the smooth and white skin, make her even more adorable.

    Oh my! If I could hug her naked body every night into sleep, I wouldn't dream of anything else! Because I simply can't think of anything that's of more pleasure!

    When she speaks, her voice and expression are so mesmerizing, so are her occasional smiles when she lay her eyes upon you. Xiao Ling! I'm nearly drowned in love."

    Grabbing his shoulder, Xu Ziling laughed so hard that he almost choked on it.

    "Is this what you call love?"He joked, "You're merely lusting for her."
    He then asked curiously, "Did you always say the more girls you have the better? Why all of a sudden you seem to be content with just one?"

    "Could you please stop bringing up the old scores again?"Kou Zhong sighed, "When I said those things, that was because I have no love interests at all and was just comforting myself. Now that I have one, of course I have to be devoted to her. Understand?"

    Taken aback, Xu Ziling gave him an embrace and said, "Looks like you are serious after all."

    "Of course I am serious."Kou Zhong complained, "Little Li will go to Taiyuan and force his father to rebel soon.

    Given Li Clan's reputation, their solid foothold in Taiyuan and the elite forces they have, they actually have a good chance at the throne. After all we have to join a rebel army, why not just join little Li's? Considering this great merit we've done, he shouldn't offer us some lowly posts."

    Xu Ziling was speechless for some time."Haven't you grown tired about rebel armies after seeing so many bad ones? We'd be better off doing the salt business, and when we're rich we could help out the poors. Isn't it much more promising than to sell our lives fighting for someone else?"

    Kou Zhong laughed and said, "This time it's different. Hey, just look at Little Li's righteous face, you know he is miles more decent than the monstrous likes of Du Fuwei and Li Mi!"

    Xu Ziling smiled bitterly and said, "You can save these bullshits. At the end of the day you just want to get close to Li Xiuning.

    But don't blame me for giving you this piece of advice:This noble girl may seem to be nice to us, but I can also feel she's keeping a distance. A highborn girl like her will definitely not find us, two little rogues grown up in the lower town to her liking."

    It was Kou Zhong's turn to grab his shoulder and said, "She is still a stranger to us, of course you can feel the distance. Nothing is impossible in this world. To woo a girl, naturally you have to use some effort and patience. Later when little Li ask us to join his ranks, just remember to let me respond."

    Xu Ziling frowned and asked, "Then who is to save Sister Susu?"

    Kou Zhong obviously didn't think of it and was struck speechless.

    Xu Ziling sighed, "Just go and woo the girl of your dreams! I will go and fetch Susu by myself. But I really don't want to join any armies - As for the ledger, I shall take it for avenging our mom."

    As Kou Zhong was taken aback, there was a knock on the door.

    * * *

    They followed a maid onto the upper deck, where Li Shimin had hosted a banquet to welcome them.

    Also accompanied are a handsome young man, a tall and slim scholar who was in his forties.

    Li Shimin stood up and greeted them, "Brother Kou, Brother Xu, please have your seats. Make yourself at home."

    The other two also stood up and paid them respects, which really gave them a bit of surprise.

    Li Shimin first introduced the middle-aged scholar, saying:"This is Mister Pei Ji, his 'Fan of Ecstasy' has met many heroes in duels. He's also Deputy Overseer of Jinyang Palace and my father's chess mate.

    Pei Ji took a glimpse or two towards them before answering modestly, "Shimin has overpraised me. My trivial skill is unworthy to display, how could I duel any hero with it?"

    He then turned to the other handsome youngster and said, "Speaking of Kungfu, here we have Cai Shao to be proud of."

    The man called Cai Shao hurriedly gave his humble replies.

    Clad in a splendid robe, coupled with his exquisite sword, this Cai Shao displayed a noble and elegant demeanor, which instantly won their admiration. Compared to Li Shimin however, he was a tad less imposing and short of an indescribable charisma.

    He also carried some kind of arrogance towards them, unlike Li Shimin's intimacy.

    While Pei Ji merely treated them as two juniors who just happened to make some accomplishments out of luck. After they were seated, he began to chat with Li and Cai and show no more interests in the two.

    Being used to this kind of treatment, they didn't care at all but focused on the delicious food on the table.

    From Li Shimin's point of view, Pei Ji and Cai Shao were certainly more important than Kou and Xu.

    However he didn't forget his guests, and personally picked up two cakes for them. "These are called 'Steamed Hu Cake'. The fillings were made of ground mutton and scallion stalk, seasoned with soybean sauce, sesame and salt. It's very delicious."He introduced.

    These cakes were only popular among the northerners so they never had one before, but after tasting they found it quite delicious.

    Cai Shao suddenly spoke,"This time uncle has no choice but raise the army, and Guanzhong Plains shall be taken first of all. So we have the two elite forces in Puguan and Huoyi, under Qu Tutong and Song Laosheng respectively, to deal with. Uncle must be careful about them.

    "Qu Tutong and Song Laosheng definitely need to be watched,"Pei Ji stated,"but I'm more concerned about the Turks, whose power grows day by day.

    Nowadays, from the countries in the east like Qidan and Shiwei, to those in the west like Tuguhun and Gaocang, every one of them had sworn allegiance towards them.

    Whoever rose an army in the north, had to rely on them. Liu Wuzhou, Guo Zihe and Liang Shidu are the examples.

    When we lay our siege on the Guanzhong Plains, we have to be extremely cautious of Turks and Liu Wuzhou who might attack from the rear."

    Li Shimin replied confidently,"That's okay. Strategy and ruses can be used to make up for the numbers. The only thing I'm not certain now is my father. I'm afraid he is still hesitant, and would lose the golden opportunity."

    "You can count on me for that matter."Pei Ji promised,"Wenjing and I can persuade him, and given the dire situation we face now, how could your father have a better choice?"

    Li Shimin nodded in pleasure. Then he turned to Kou and Xu, saying, "We owe these to two brothers. We could hardly create such an atmosphere, if not for the theft of the ledger.

    The best part is the muddle-headed emperor himself had gone to Jiangdu to deal with Du Fuwei, which is really a rare opportunity."

    The two glanced at each other, both surprised that the emperor actually went to their hometown Yangzhou.

    Suddenly a tinkling sound of jewelries drew their attention. They turned and caught sight of Li Xiuning's alluring silhouette with amazement.

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    Bonus. A new day.

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    Thanks xlandhenry

    I think this two fellows are very very fortunate........
    This story become more increasingly interesting .....

    I think ,how about a sudden-surprise lack in story....all is as predicted-flow
    Await for another good scene .......

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    Thanks for the translation......very good story in continues-flow......

    "After they were seated, he began to chat with Li and Cai and show no more interests in the two.
    Being used to this kind of treatment, they didn't care at all but focused on the delicious food on the table."

    Bad treatment toward this two fellows......It's always to be repeated again and again.....
    But I see they have not troubled at all .......
    Humble-hearts as them.....a very good example as Leader-hearts.
    How ever ,much-poverty have made them also a low-mental (or beggar-mental) ,as their acts toward foods.
    Await for a mental-change attitude to become great leaders......wait for the writer ...

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    She was wearing a hat as round as a bowl, with laces hanging down from its edge and jewelries embedded on the surface.

    The exotic style of this hat was not only splendid but also displayed the beauty of the indistinct face hidden beneath it.

    Her clothes were even more different than the giant sleeves and broad opening that were commonly seen in Central Plains and southern provinces.

    It has a large lapel and much narrower sleeves, which was similar to those worn by the foreign girls they saw in Pengcheng, though the texture was much better.

    These clothes showed off a woman's shapely figure much better, and make it much easier for the wearer to move around.

    Cai Shao immediately stood up, his eyes glittering with eagerness. "Sister Ning finally comes. Brother has been waiting you for so long that my heart nearly burns to char."He greeted her passionately.

    Li Xiuning replied him with a sweet smile, seemingly ignorant of the other people.

    Moving over to Cai Shao directly, she allowed him to gently support her from her side and help her to her seat, before saying hello to her elder brother and Pei Ji, then to Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling at last.

    Kou Zhong was like being struck by a bolt of lightning, his face turned ashen as he watched the intimate couple of Cai Shao and Li Xiuning with astonishment.

    Xu Ziling felt sorry for him, but he had no way to comfort him.

    Seeing Kou Zhong weird expression, Li Shimin moved over and whispered, "Brother Kou, are you okay?"

    Li Xiuning smiled mildly and said, "He must've caught a cold."

    She turned to Cai Shao and explained, "Last night when I saw them, I was wondering if they were the water sprites coming out to consume men's lives."

    As she talked with Cai Shao, smiling tenderly and exchanging glances with him, Xu Ziling's heart sunk to the bottom, knowing how badly Kou Zhong would feel.

    It came to his realizement that, like Pei Ji and Cai Shao, Li Xiuning merely regarded them as her elder brother's subordinates.

    Kou Zhong lowered his head and spoke with a husky voice, "Nothing.

    I am not only a water sprite, but also a hungry one. I just had too much."

    Li Xiuning sensed the unpleasantness in his tone so she said, "I was just kidding, Brother Kou please don't take it to heart."

    Unintentionally however, her words had given others the impression that Kou Zhong was the one being unreasonable.

    Both Pei Ji and Cai Shao revealed looks of distaste.

    Meanwhile Li Shimin was only grateful towards them, for thinking up such a brilliant idea.

    In order to lighten the awkward atmosphere, he smiled and said, "Brother Kou is just joking!


    I'm really curious about that mysterious guy who dared sneak onto Dongming Sect's flagship last night. Do you have any idea who he was?"

    Cai Shao wanted to show off in front of his lover, so he snorted and said,

    "Just some no name burglar, otherwise how could Brother Kou and Brother Xu get a chance?"

    His words suddenly made Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling uneasy, since it would imply they were also not very capable.

    Li Xiuning had been more thoughtful than Cai Shao. Frowning, she said, "Seeing how this man could get onto the ship which is packed with experts, he can't be some no name."

    Cai Shao smiled and said, "But he did waited until Madam Dongming and Princess left for the meeting on our ship."

    Li Xiuning shot a meaningful gaze at Li Shimin, saying,

    "Sister Wanjing was so eager to see second brother. If she had stayed on the ship, that thief wouldn't have a easy time, and Elder Shang would not be injured!"

    A regretful expression flashed past Li Shimin's eyes. He reprimanded, "Xiuning, don't you forget I have a wife now. Every coin has two sides though, if not for this mysterious intruder, we could not possibly have Madam write this letter of importance."

    Peiji muttered, "Nephew Shao must not underestimate this man. He was able to put Elder Shang into a serious disadvantage, and I think he lost the ledger to us only because he was too conceited."

    Li Shimin nodded, "This man must come from Yuwen Clan. Yuwen Chengdu is top swimmer in the clan, but it could not be him. Otherwise Brother Kou and Brother Xu would have difficulty to unblock their acupoints."

    Noting that everyone including Li Shimin was not very confident about their skills, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling felt somewhat dejected.

    Taking the chance Kou Zhong made a gesture towards Xu Ziling.

    Xu Ziling instantly got his intention. He slightly nodded and spoke solemnly, "We brothers would like to take the ledger away for an important quest."

    Li Shimin and the likes were all startled.

    "This ledger has records of all the deals between Dongming Sect and the other factions,"Pei Ji spoke with authority, as he was the eldest there, "I think it'd better remain with us."

    Li Xiuning apparently was more considerate towards the two. She persuaded, "If this got leaked out that the ledger is in your procession, Dongming Sect would never let you off, let alone the other factions."

    While Cai Shao reveal a look of irritation.

    Xu Ziling didn't back down and continued to ask, "This is only for our personal affairs, how's Brother Li's opinion?"

    Frowning, Li Shimin suggested, "The first time I met you guys I knew you're my kin.

    If you really don't have any urgent matters, why not join hands in our cause?

    When my clan gains success, you will definitely enjoy richness and power."

    Kou Zhong flatly rejected, "Your hospitality is much appreciated.

    However we really do have urgent matters to finish, and we hope you could return the ledger to us and send us off at the next port."

    Cai Shao was displeased and said, "How's this..."

    Li Shimin immediately gestured, interrupting him.

    After staring at the two for quite a while, he sighed,"If I say no to you, then what I said about our friendship and trusts are all but lies.

    Do as you wish then.

    Just remember that whenever you change your mind in the future, you can always come to me."

    In front of them, Juye Marshlands extended beyond their eyes could see, through the mists that shifted as the wind blew.

    Kou Zhong watched as Li Clan's warship gradually disappeared into the mists, his eyes seemingly out of focus, his mouth abnormally quiet.

    Xu Ziling stood beside him on the west bank of the lake, and for a moment he couldn't find anything to say.

    Only after some time did he probed, "Zhong Shao!

    Are you really alright?

    Kou Zhong answered flatly, "What else can I be?"

    From his tone Xu Ziling knew he had not let go yet.

    "A real man must never fear of having no wives.

    Besides, you didn't lose because you played badly, just because that fellow got in the way earlier!"

    Kou Zhong's eyes . "I would rather she hates me!"He muttered after a long silence.

    "What?"Xu Ziling exclaimed, not understanding.

    Kou Zhong whirled around, clenching his fists tightly. "I would rather she hates me, just like how Dongming Princess hates you.

    That way, at least there's a part in her heart specially for me.

    She showed no disappointment when we were leaving, because we are merely two pawns who happened to be running some errands for her clan. And I'm not eligible for her to even dislike me."

    Seeing his reddening eyes and gritted teeth, Xu Ziling couldn't help being reminded of Shan Wanjing the Dongming Princess.

    He sighed, "How am I any better than you? Haven't you heard just now that the unreasonable princess only admires someone who have status like Little Li?"

    Kou Zhong was taken aback and fell speechless.

    Turning around to look at the mists which had started to dissipate, he suddenly laughed.

    Xu Ziling was curious, "Is it that laughable?"He asked.

    Kou Zhong laughed so hard, to the point he had to sit down to ease his breathing. "I had thought it through, that's why I'm laughing."

    Xu Ziling also sat down and asked wistfully, "Please educate me."

    Kou Zhong stared at his face for some time before saying, "Speaking of appearances and talents, I don't believe we're that much inferior than Little Li or that fellow Cai.

    But why did they all regard us as nothing?

    Because we lack achievements.

    Whether it is in Jiang Hu or not, he who lacks achievements will never earn others' respects."

    Xu Ziling frowned and asked, "If what we seek, be it fame or money or status, is only for gaining others' respects, then isn't it that we're just labouring for others?"

    Kou Zhong shrugged and said, "Eventually we're benefiting ourselves, being respected by others is merely a bonus.

    It would be a huge pity if we live through a precious lifetime, achieving nothing at all."

    Xu Ziling jested, "What kind of stupid idea you have this time?

    Better not being salt traders once more?"

    Kou Zhong shook his head. "I want to be the emperor."He said.

    "What?"Xu Ziling was totally baffled.

    Kou Zhong abruptly stood up, raising his arm and punching his hand upwards, "I, Kou Zhong, shall conquer this land and build up a dynasty to be remembered by a thousand generations to come!"He called out to the sky.

    Xu Ziling sprung up, reaching his hand on Kou Zhong's forehead just to assure he was not getting a fever.

    Kou Zhong waved away his hand with annoyance and grabbed his shoulders instead. "We must set our goal high,"Kou Zhong's eyes glimmered as he said excitedly,"When we fail to reach it by some distance, there's still something that we could be proud of.

    Now we're different from what we were.

    Our talents are not inferior than anyone, and our Kungfu only needs more refinement.

    Let's go to Yingyang to look for Sister Susu first, better if we could find Brother Li.

    Hey, brother for life, will you help me achieving this goal or not?"

    Xu Ziling's scalp grew numb when he heard this, yet under such circumstance he found it difficult to reject him. Nodding, he gave his promise.

    Kou Zhong cheered and sprung backwards, landing on a huge rock over one zhang away. He laughed and said, "Come!

    Let's see who runs faster first! Then we shall do some bare-hand fighting exercises, since we don't have even a tiny skinning knife!"

    Also feeling excited, Xu Ziling leapt forward and gave chase to Kou Zhong who had already run away.

    =======================End of Book 4 Chapter 1===========================

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    Thanks for the update! Can't wait to soon read the next exciting chapter.
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    Thanks xlandhenry

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    Thanks xlandhenry ..........

    Kou Zhong stared at his face for some time before saying, "Speaking of appearances and talents, I don't believe we're that much inferior than Little Li or that fellow Cai. But why did they all regard us as nothing?
    Because we lack achievements. Whether it is in Jiang Hu or not, he who lacks achievements will never earn others' respects."

    Xu Ziling frowned and asked, "If what we seek, be it fame or money or status, is only for gaining others' respects, then isn't it that we're just labouring for others?"

    Kou Zhong shrugged and said, "Eventually we're benefiting ourselves, being respected by others is merely a bonus.
    It would be a huge pity if we live through a precious lifetime, achieving nothing at all."

    Xu Ziling jested, "What kind of stupid idea you have this time? Better not being salt traders once more?"

    Kou Zhong shook his head. "I want to be the emperor."He said.

    "What?"Xu Ziling was totally baffled.

    Kou Zhong abruptly stood up, raising his arm and punching his hand upwards, "I, Kou Zhong, shall conquer this land and build up a dynasty to be remembered by a thousand generations to come!"He called out to the sky.

    That's a turning point from a beggar mentality to become Leaders-mentality.........
    Gooooood points unleashed........
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    [Have not come into this thread as I prefer to read multiple updates for this long novel in one go]

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    thx for translating this novel
    this thread is the 1 that actually brought me to this place and led me to bunch of other great translations. i usually read everything in 1 go till the newest update but somehow i cant get past the first few chapters simply because of the comics. but still trying though coz havent finish reading the comic and trying to forget the whole story before reading this again (coz i hate spoiler and the comic spoil it for me T T )

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    Where are you Mr. xlandhenry.........????

    Await for the next scene of this good story.......
    Very appreciated your hard-works in translation this story......

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