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Thread: The History of the Tang Dynasty Two Dragons (大唐双龙传) - Huang Yi

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    Thanks Grundle

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    Thanks for taking your time to translate this Grundle. Highly appreciate it.

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    Thanks for translating!!

    This is such an interesting novel!!

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    Hi guys, sorry for the long wait Because Grundle has been very busy lately, so I finished this chapter for him. Part of this update is translated by Grundle.

    ==============End of Chapter 2=========================

    As Du Fu Wei watched, a warm familiar feeling welled up from within.

    He came from a poor family and when he was a child in town he stole, rob and wasted time. He also couldn’t remember how many times he got beaten up for his flirtation with beautiful women. Later after he practiced high-level martial arts, it was his turn to bully other people. After twenty years of practicing advanced martial arts he was able to restrain his sexual appetite and since then he hasn’t raped another woman. Today when he saw those two boys’ appearance it reminded him once again and he muttered in a low voice, “How about dad invites her over here to spend several nights as your wife?”
    Both of them jumped in fright while shaking their hands to reject his offer.

    Xu Ziling solemnly said, “Where’s the fun if you force her to come over here, we prefer to watch and not act.”

    Du Fu Wei discovered that he was starting to like them so he held up his thumb and said, “Good children!”

    Both of them secretly thought he was trying to get on their good side, so that he could get the nonexistent secret method to open the treasure vault. Of course they wouldn’t feel grateful and just pretended to be happy.

    Kou Zhong saw that maiden was already spoken for and he was afraid she would provoke Du Fu Wei because of them, so he gave up the urge to feast his eyes on her and curiously asked instead, “Dad, between you and Yuwen Huagu, who has better martial arts?”

    This was the second time he heard him change Yuwen Huaji’s name to Yuwen Huagu. With a smile he said, “During the time I have been with you two I have laughed more than the last ten years. In the future you must not ask this type of childish questions. Since we have never fought before how can I know who is better?” In order to get the treasure he told them half-truths to deceive them.
    Xu Ziling said, “Overall there should still be some standard, like ‘Lord of Martial Arts’ Bi Xuan, or ‘Leisurely Man’ Ning Daoqi. How many people have fought against them? How could they be ranked so high?”

    Du Fu Wei sneered, “It is true that they are above the most remarkable masters of their generation, but doesn’t every generation produce talented people who are constantly trying to gain the title of number one? How can they keep that ranking forever?”

    Kou Zhong nodded, “What dad says is insightful. But who is on the same level as dad in Jianghu?”
    Du Fu Wei looked at him as an exasperated adult looks at a child and said unhappily, “Quickly eat your food!”

    At the height of their enthusiasm they were embarrassed and had no choice but to bow their heads and eat.

    Du Fu Wei has always been a forceful leader, and there wasn’t a man who didn’t both respect and fear him. How could he know that the two boys were acting as if he were their dad, which made him not know how to deal with them, so he softly said, “If we talk about the origin of martial art schools, they can be roughly divided into the northern and southern systems. They say, ‘Southern people simplify and get the essence; Northerners develop deeper and evolve into more branches.’ By saying North and South we mean the north and south of the great river. The southern schools rely heavily on theories of metaphysics and derive from the so-called ‘canonical’ school in Central Plains dated back to Wei and Jin Dynasty, while the northern schools are influenced by schools from outer regions, so their martial techniques have more variations, and appear to be more dynamic. However, speaking of the top levels, both schools have their own highlights, so it’s hard to tell which is better.”

    As Du Fuwei spoke he noticed the old man’s ears were notably pulsing, who apparently was eavesdropping their conversation. He was secretly alerted, as he had already used internal energy to constrain the sound of speaking. If this man could still hear it then he can be considered a first class expert.

    If it were under usual circumstances Du Fuwei may challenge him, but now he had more important things to do, how could he have the mood to bother? He immediately stopped talking and urged the two boys to finish their meal, paid the bills and left.

    Both Kou and Xu tapped their bellies and followed him.

    When they walked past the maiden’s table, she suddenly extended her leg and inserted it precisely between Xu Ziling’s feet.

    Caught by surprise, Xu Ziling fell onto Kou Zhong’s back with a cry, and the next moment he and Kou Zhong were rolling on the floor like two gourds.

    This sudden incident was unexpected by both parties. The old man immediately scolded:”Wushuang!”
    Du Fuwei has been such an insolent person all his life that one should be thankful if he doesn’t look for trouble. The people he protected being humiliated in front of him, Du Fuwei turned around in fury and his eyes shone with murdering intent.

    The girl called Wushuang was a little frightened under his gaze, yet she has always been a spoiled child so she still argued with disdain:”It was these guys who peeped with their lecherous eyes!”

    Kou and Xu got up in an awful manner, then together they tried to pulled Du Fuwei out in horror.
    To their surprise, Du Fuwei did not move an inch but just stood there and coldly stared at the girl.
    Kou Zhong knew he was about to attack, so he pleaded:”Dad, let’s go! It was our fault.”

    The old man stood up and paid his apology with his hands folded:”It’s indeed my niece’s fault, two little brothers please forgive her. If you were injured, we’re willing to pay for your medicine.”

    Du Fuwei coldly said:”Speak out your school’s name and let me see if I am able to take on you.”

    The other three teens immediately stood up and moved their hands onto sword hilts, scaring the rest of people in the restaurant to hurriedly leave their tables and dodge into corners of the room.

    The handsome man proudly claimed:”My father is Liang Shidu from Shuofang, I am Liang Shunming, as for whether you’re able or not, that’s up to your decision.”

    The other two men and the girl all revealed looks of contempt, who apparently are very proud of Liang Shidu’s name.

    Du Fuwei remained expressionless and said flatly:”So you’re the son of Yingyang School’s chief. Yingyang School has always been a lapdog of the government; I heard it was until recently that it had changed to side with Turkic. Since the two chieves of Yingyang - Liang Shidu and Liu Wuzhou - all become chief lapdogs of Turkic, how come I’m not able to take on you?”

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling had also heard of Yingyang School before and knew it is a famous big school in the north. Thinking that this Liang Shunming should have at least some skills, and that maybe they could take advantage of this situation to slip away, the two boys shut their mouths and moved slowly towards the doorway.

    That old man held back Liang Shunming and the other who had drawn their weapons, then slowly he said:”You’re very knowledgeable and have an uncommon bearing, friend. May I have your name?”
    “This lad is son of Liang Shidu, so you must be someone in relation to Shen Tianqun from Luling, Liang Shidu’s sworn brother. Judging from your age, you should be his elder brother Shen Naitang, am I correct?”Du Fuwei said.

    The old man immediately straightened his body and turned into a commanding figure. Laughing he said:”You’re so familiar with matters in Jianghu that certainly you’re not some common folk. Speak out your name, perhaps we could even have some relations.”

    “have some relations” is a slang in Jianghu, by saying this he meant that they could even be enemies.
    Du Fuwei let out a long laugh but suddenly stopped, his eyes shooting out icy glares. “I hope Liang Shidu has another son, otherwise his bloodline will be dead forever.” He spoke coldly.

    Shen Naitang’s countenance changed. Seeing that even Liang Shidu and Shen Tianqun, the two famous experts’ names could not stop this guy, he realized that this man must have a very strong background. He took a step back, drew out his blade and spoke: “Good! Then let me see your true skills!”

    Liang Shunming has always been proud of his family’s martial techniques, how could he bear the humiliation in front of his lover. He shot forward from Shen Naitang’s side, using his family’s famous Swordplay of the Eagle, he thrust the sword at Du Fuwei’s chest with a deceitful move, which is indeed a formidable attack.

    Shen Naitang was also confident in him, so he moved aside to back him up just in case.

    Du Fuwei actually turned his head around to speak with Kou and Xu in a smile:”Yingyang School situates in the north thus it’s influenced by Turkish martial arts. They emphasize on sinister attacking moves and lack defending moves, so if their attacks are fruitless, they will be beaten.”

    At this second Liang Shunming’s sword had already made to less than three inches from Du Fuwei’s chest, yet suddenly it changed its direction and thrust upwards, aiming viciously at Du Fuwei’s throut.
    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling both watched with eyes wide open. They were now put into a dilemma: Part of them wished Liang Shunming could kill Du Fuwei with this attack, the other part were feeling sympathy for Du Fuwei.

    It was until then that Du Fuwei had made his reaction. He bent backwards and raised his sleeves.

    It was a sound of metal clashing each other.

    While everyone was bewildered, Liang Shunming’s whole body trembled and his sword was struck away, leaving out a huge opening in front of him.

    Du Fuwei straightened his body and then flew a lightening kick at between Liang Shunming’s two legs, actually intending to make him sonless.

    Shen Naitang instantly changed countenance, as he recognized this opponent was the underworld overlord Du Fuwei, who was also known as “Qiankun Sleeves”.

    It is Du Fuwei’s usual tactic to hide armguards inside his sleeves, surprising his enemy every time he uses it.

    He revealed this secret weapon right from the start, because he had made up his mind to kill.

    Now that Shen Naitang realized it was Du Fuwei, how could he still remained confident. Letting out a thundering roar, he drew out the giant blade and rushed forward, chopping right at the left side of Du Fuwei’s neck.

    Giving a cold snort, Du Fuwei sent out the other armguard from within his left sleeve and struck it at Shen Naitang’s blade-edge, while his kick continued to go unchanged.

    Liang Shunming knew he was at a serious disadvantage. Utilizing all that he could muster, he pressed down his left palm and retreat hastily.

    Although Liang Shunming successfully blocked Du Fuwei’s kick, yet he couldn’t stop the staggering Qi energy coming with this kick. He groaned and was thrown back in the air, vomiting blood.

    Shen Naitang was also blocked back a half step after bumping hard with Du Fuwei. “Quick! Get him out of here!”He yelled.

    Seeing that Liang Shunming was flying towards them, Wushuang and her two martial brothers - Meng Cang and Meng Ran all reached out their hands to catch him, yet when they touched his body, they felt Liang Shunming was as heavy as a thousand kilos. Unable to withstand the impact force, all four people were all sent flying back onto a table behind, crushing it into several pieces. Dishes and bottles on the table also collapsed with them and ended up in a mess.

    Du Fuwei sneered and raised his sleeves again. Using his sleeves and the armguards inside, he kept attacking Shen Naitang who could barely defend himself, leaving him no chance for counterattack.
    Fortunately, Shen Naitang was also an extremely experienced fighter with great fortitude, so he could still held off for some time.

    At this time Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling had just walked past the door. Signaling each other, both boys began to run away madly.

    Du Fuwei didn’t expect his two obedient sons who had called him dad would try to run away in such situation. Burnt with fury, his attacks slowed down and as a result Shen Naitang was able to gain back some ground.

    Du Fuwei knew he couldn't to kill Shen Naitang in ten odd moves because of his resilience. After thinking over, he decided to catch the two boys first before coming back to kill these witnesses. He forcefully repelled Shen Naitang and flew out the restaurant.

    At this moment Shen Wushuang and her party had just helped Liang Shunming up, who already suffered an internal injury. They believed that Shen Naitang had heroically driven off the enemy. Much to their surprise, Shen Naitang stumbled back three steps before he finally came to a stop and vomited a mouthful of fresh blood.

    Shen Wushuang immediately left Liang Shunming to be supported by her martial brothers and dashed forward. Holding Shen Naitang’s arms she horribly cried:”Uncle, how do you feel?”

    After taking in a deep breath and cleaning the blood with his sleeve, Shen Naitang spoke in a deep voice:”This man is ‘Qiankun Sleeves’ Du Fuwei, I’m afraid even your dad is no match of him. We must leave right away.”
    ================================================== =========

    [1]Qian Kun Sleeves "袖里乾坤": Literally it means Du Fuwei has all kinds of tricks inside his sleeves. Qian & Kun are two of the eight diagrams(Ba Gua) in Taoism, representing Heaven and Earth.
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    Thanks xlandhenry and Grundle

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    New chapter

    Book 2 Chapter 3 An Accidental Escape

    When Du Fuwei chased out of the restaurant, the street bathed in lantern lights was still crowded with people, which reminded him that this is the red-light district of the town, populated by several large brothels here and there.

    He didn't think for a second before sprinting into an alley and jumped onto a roof. Focusing internal energy on eyes and ears to enhance his senses, he utilized fast-movement techniques to glide from one house roof to another. Before long he had already completed a circle around the nearby streets and alleys, yet he still couldn't find the two little imps, nor could he hear any hurrying footsteps that could be easily identified should they were running away.

    Even with his prowess, Du Fuwei still felt a headache.

    Despite his quick decision to chase out immediately, Du Fuwei still couldn't intercept them, which only indicated that the two imps had been so quick-witted to find a hide-out. Unless he could search the nearby buildings thoroughly, he would lose the chance of finding them.

    And he couldn't stop blaming himself. If only he had incapacitated them earlier, disregarding whatever harm that might cause to them, he would not have suffered this defeat.

    Is it really that he had lost his mind to make such a foolish mistake?

    Heaving out a sigh, Du Fuwei jumped down to the ground and began searching again.

    At this time Kou and Xu had just stepped into a brothel about ten buildings away.

    Of course this is Kou Zhong's idea. By common sense one would think they must have run as far as they could; but if they did, Du Fuwei would only have to interrogate a passerby to know which direction they went. Moreover, Fu Junchuo had told them before that martial masters are all good at tracking, so they acted in an opposite way: squeezing into the most crowded place, thus entered this brothel called Fragrant Lodge.

    However, their clothes and weary looks could hardly please others. As soon as they passed the gate, they were intercepted by four guarding men. One of them yelled :"This place is full, go to another brothel!"

    Kou Zhonng smiled and reached into his pocket, only to remember that he had given all the money to Susu when he felt there was no return. Hurriedly he slapped Xu Ziling's shoulder with his great palm.

    Xu Ziling was so understanding that of course he knew why Kou Zhong slapped him. He took out some pieces of silver and stuffed them into the hands of one man, and said with a smile :"Our father and our five uncles are all high officials in Yangzhou. This time we came with one of our uncles for a large purchasement, whoever pleases us will be greatly rewarded."

    Looking at the pieces of silver in his hand, the man immediately revealed a smiling face and said:"Two noble childes, please come with your humble servant!"

    Pleased, the two followed him into the great hall, where they were greeted by a ugly procuress who pricked up like an old witch. Taken aback, they instantly know the standard of this brothel can hardly be compared to the Chun Feng Brothel in Yangzhou. Yet they were running from the devil so this of course wouldn't mattered much.

    Meanwhile, the procuress also frowned at the sight of these two boys.

    It was not because of their childish looks; She had met with much younger wenchers, but guests like them, with such tattered and dirty clothes like they hadn't taken a bath for years were the firsts to her.

    The procuress stared into the men who led them here and scolded :"Ah Yuan, what's going on here?"

    Smiling, Xu Ziling presented some silver to her. To his surprise, the procuress didn't even take a look at them before rejecting in disdain: "Rules are rules after all, can't you see the sign over there 'Untidy dressing are not allowed'? If you want to be accompanied by beauties in our Fragrant Lodge, go back to take a bath and change your clothes!"

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling pondered. Isn't this the same as asking for their lives?

    Kou Zhong laughed and said :"We come here not only for the beauties, but we'd also like to take a bath here and have our clothes changed."

    "You haven't got even a parcel with you, where are the clothes that you are mentioning?"The procuress doubtfully asked.

    Kou Zhong calmly turned to Xu Ziling and said:"Bro, pay them big for two suits."

    Unwillingly, Xu Ziling was forced to take out one fourth of his property and handed it over.

    The man and the procuress both changed their countenance.

    After the man left, the procuress put up a big smile and respectfully said:"Noble ones, please follow me."

    Thinking about her heavy make-up and hearing her �cutesy� voice, they smiled bitterly. As they were about to follow the procuress, a melodious voice came from behind:"Mrs Chen! Which beauty did these two boys choose?"

    All three of them turned back in surprise.

    A beautiful girl was standing gracefully in front of them, followed by a pretty maid and two strong men. The girl smiled at them, her enchanting eyes and elegant posture all added up to her attractiveness.

    With her fair skin and slender body, the young lady looked nothing like a prostitute, and could be considered a rare beauty even in prosperous city like Yangzhou.

    The two boys were struck by her beauty, momentarily speechless.

    The procuress named Mrs Chen immediately hurried up to greet her with a flattering smile :"Oh, here comes my lovely daughter Qingqing, Mister Lu and his friend had waited for you the whole night."

    Qingqing interestedly sized the two boys up and answered :"It's just getting dark, how could they have waited the whole night? But if I keep them would be a whole night."

    As she was saying these she moved over and walked around the two boys, "Is this your first visit? I just saw you two outdoors, but you didn't see me because I was in a carriage."She said.

    Mrs Chen put up her smile and said:"They wanted to take a bath first, my beloved Qingqing better go and serve Mister Lu instead!"

    "I will only accompany these two boys tonight."Qingqing snorted.

    Then she grabbed them and said :"Come with me!"

    She then had the maid to get some washing supplies, leaving only the procuress in the hall, not knowing what to do.

    The two boys exchanged looks of excitement, thinking that it'd be worthwhile even if they have to lose their virginity to this girl tonight.

    The smile on Qingqing's face instantly went off as they left the hall. She pushed them through the hallway and into a steamy room, which appeared to be a spring-heated bathroom.

    Qingqing pushed them inside and uttered coldly :"Now bath!"

    As they were wondering what's going on, the maid had brought their washing supplies here. Qingqing stuffed all of them into Xu Ziling's hands:"Take your time!"She said.

    Then she left and shut the door.

    Stupefied, they looked at the closed door as Qinqing's nervous voice rose from outside.

    "Has Huang arrived?"

    Then was footsteps leaving.

    Realizing they had been tricked and used, Kou Zhong angrily threw his towel onto the ground.

    Then they looked at each other and both burst out laughing so hard that their tears were running out.

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    Thank you very much for translating this novel xlandhenry!

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    Thank you xlandherry I am really enjoying this book.

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    thank you for the update
    Check out WXFS translated comic of Tian Long Ba Bu
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    The end of chapter 3, enjoy

    After a while they washed all the dirt and submerged their bodies in the warm spring water. Kou Zhong chuckled :"We must have caught the peachblossom curse tonight, first we were tripped by that spoiled girl, then we were used by this cunning chick. It's only fortunate that we didn't lose our lives and become free again."

    Xu Ziling shook his head and laughed :"I'm afraid the old Du should be a hundred li away by now, he couldn't find us and will realize that our qinggong is even better than his. Oh, no!"

    Both boys instantly changed countenance, as they knew if Du Fuwei couldn't find them ahead, he would of course return.

    "Dook! Dook!"was a knock on the door.

    The two boys immediately slipped to the bottom of the pool.

    "Childes, here are the clothes."

    Excited, they jumped out of the pool and open the door. After dressing up they quickly slipped towards the backyard.

    The surrounding buildings were filled with melodious music and joyful laughing, as well as the noisy sound of entertaining, very lively indeed. Pity that the two boys cannot feel a tinge of the happy atmosphere, as if they were living in a icy world void of colors.

    And they had yet to know that Du Fuwei was just stepping into this same brothel at the moment.

    They avoided seeing people as much as possible and hurried into the backyard. The first sight was so disappointing: the backyard was surrounded by two-Zhang-high walls on all three sides, the only exit was a iron gate which seemed to be locked. At this point this large brothel was only a big prison for them.

    Kou Zhong rushed to the iron gate and held up the lock. "Goodness! Who has saw off the lock?"

    Excited Xu Ziling said :"Who cares! Let's hurry!"

    Kou Zhong threw the broken lock away and pushed open the gate. After getting out they closed the gate again.

    Hoofbeats rose as they were wondering where to go, which appeared to be a carriage coming from the shady area of the street. The flyman yelled at them :"Qingqing! Hurry on the carriage!"

    They were puzzled for a second and then realized that Qingqing had planned to run away with this man, her lover.

    At the same time the man had made out the two figures were not Qingqing and her maid, surprised he stopped the carriage.

    Kou Zhong gestured to the guy that he had mistaken them for others, and went with Xu Ziling to the other side of the alley. Walking on for a few steps Kou Zhong dragged Xu Ziling aside and murmured:"I have an idea."

    Enlightened, Xu Ziling said:"Under the cart!"

    They grabbed each other by hands and hurriedly ran back.

    The iron gate opened again, this time it was Qingqing and her maid dressed up in men's outfit. They sprint out and get into to the cart.

    The men who is supposed to be Huang whipped the horse as the cart started off, gradually accelerating.

    Right at this moment Du Fuwei landed on top of the high walls of the backyard and caught sight of the leaving carriage. Lifting his Qi, Du Fuwei glided down about 10 zhang behind the cart and gave chase.

    Watching as the two legs of Du Fuwei approaching, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were so terrified that they dare not breathe any more.

    Du Fuwei boosted his speed and caught up by the side of the cart. Focusing intenal energy at his eyes, his sight pierced through the window curtain and the darkness beyond. Realizing that it was not Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling inside, he somersaulted and jumped onto a house roof, continuing the search.

    Just as the two calmed down, the carriage passed the big board at town entrance and began running on the official road.

    After a while the carriage suddenly stopped.

    Qingqing got out of the carriage and sat beside the guy, then it came the sound of them kissing.

    The two under the cart were secretly admiring.

    After some time, the men asked :"Have you got everything out?"

    Qingqing answered happily :"Of course. Those jewelries and money are earned by ME, it would fit that I take them away."

    Under the cart, Kou Zhong whispered into Xu Ziling's ear:"Seems like he's a greedy wencher who's plotting for both the beauty and her money. Shall we take some for ourselves?"

    Xu Ziling shook his head and said :"We'd better not touch these 'fleshy' money, don't forget what our mum expected us to do."

    Qingqing said anxiously :"Can we go faster, Big Boss Xie's underlings have really fast horses."

    The carriage drove off the official road and into the plains.

    Kou and Xu were clutching under the carriage with their hands and legs, as the carriage jogged up and down on the rough plains, they felt much difficulty to keep on.

    Suddenly Qingqing asked in panic :"Where are we going?"

    Huang answered :"Somehow the carriage is running extremely slow, let's find a hide-out in the woods ahead. We shall continue after the pursueing party left."

    Qingqing was confused:"Aren't we going to take a boat to Boyang? Why do you change the plan?"

    As the cart went slowly into the dense woods, the Mister Huang told Qingqing to light up two wind lanterns, and after going for a little further, it finally came to a stop.

    Kou and Xu could not endure any more and both fell to the grassy ground underneath.

    Lecherous laughing of Mister Huang was heard:"Come on baby, since we have some spare time here, how about having some fun in the carriage?"

    Qingqing said:"I'm so terrified now, how can I have the mood? Moreover Xi'er is also inside."

    Mister Huang said:"How can that be a problem? Sooner or later she will also be mine!"

    They got off from the driver seats and into the carriage. Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling had just stood up and were about to leave, when suddenly a sound of someone struggling came from inside the cart. Xi'er yelled:"Let go of my mistress!"

    Shocked, they realized that this Huang even wanted to murder, immediately they jumped up and open the door.

    In front of them Huang was clutching the neck of Qingqing, while Xi'er was pushed aside.

    Kou Zhong rushed forward and punched hard on the back of Huang.

    Huang let out a pathetic howl and let go of his hand.

    Xu Ziling seized his hair knot and pulled with a unstoppable might, making Huang and himself falling out of the carriage at the same time.

    This man apparently do not know Kungfu, after being kicked and punched for some time he was unable to stand up. He started to beg for mercy:"Please heroes don't kill me!"

    Coughing, Qingqing had to use her hand to comfort her thoat."Stop! Don't beat him anymore!" She yelled in a coarse voice.

    The two boys were dumbfounded.

    "Don't you understand he wants to murder you for your money?" Confused, Kou Zhong asked.

    Nodding, Qingqing walked over and landed a few kicks on Huang's handsome face, then she sat down dispiritedly, saying"Get lost! Quickly!"

    By then Huang's blood was already all over his face, hearing this he felt as if pardoned by the emperor and quickly crawled away, soon disappearing into the woods where the light could not reach.

    The pretty maid called Xi'er had just helped Qingqing up and when the four stared into each other, momentarily they were speechless.

    Her bossom could not help heaving up and down, Qingqing stared into them and said:"You two! Again!'

    Kou Zhong said :"Is this how you treat your benefactors?"

    "Even if I get killed, it's none of your business!"Qingqing stated angrily, stamping her foot.

    Xi'er did not want to see this so she shook her mistress' arm while saying:"Mistress, they are the good guys!"

    Tears were rolling down Qingqing's face, yet she couldn't help yelling madly:"I don't care if they're good or not, get lost quickly!"

    The two were disappointed. Xu Ziling still tried to be nice and suggested :"You can untie the horses, if you know how to ride. That way you can go much faster."

    After that he grabbed Kou Zhong's shoulder and waved goodbye.

    Qingqing cried pathetically: "I don't want to be looked down by those two imps! It's so embarrassing!"

    Looking far into the direction they went, Xi'er only saw the dark forest extending all the way to the horizon. They looked even better than Huang, no wonder why her proud mistress did not want them to see her in such a difficult situation, she thought.

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    Happy new year, guys! Sorry for not updating in a while, was busy with some RL issues. Hopefully I can get back to more regular update next week.

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    Sorry bout the wait, getting busier and lazier these days ...nevertheless, here's a new chapter!
    ================================================== =
    Chapter 4 The Plan to Make Money

    Heading towards southeast for about twenty days, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling - these two weary brothers - finally came to a large county by the coast: Yuhang.

    Having filled their stomach full, Kou Zhong started:"Now we are famous and everyone is perking at our secret treasure. If we begin the adventure in Jianghu before gaining outstanding martial arts, we will surely end up miserably; But if we hide in some place like two tortoises, we will fail our mom's expectation. What say you?"

    Xu Ziling sighed :"I wished we could meet brother Li and Susu again. But Gaoyou is so close to Yangzhou, where Du Fuwei would definitely go searching for the treasure, so we'll have a much higher chance to come across him there! "Then he let out another sigh and said :"We have little money left, and besides, I don't want to steal to earn a living anymore, now tell me what we should do?"

    "Brother Li must have believed that we already died, how is it possible that he will still wait for us in Gaoyou?" Kou Zhong's eyes shone and he continued :"You're right that we should make some money first, or else we won't even have the travelling expenses to go to Luoyang for that Jade of He."

    Xu Ziling was enlightened :"Do you have any idea of making money?"

    "All kinds of money making businesses are based on one principle, to buy when the price is low and sell when the price is high. "Kou Zhong confidently said :"You see, we are now in an area rich of salt, if we buy a damn cart of salt and smuggle it into the inland areas where salt is scarce, we can exchange salt for money as if it was gold. After that we can find a hide out and practice brother Li's Ten Forms of Bloody Battle', of course we won't have to use two laughable tree branches then."

    Xu Ziling asked in disbelief:"But do you know where salt is scarce?"

    Kou Zhong swept a glimpse towards a table on their left and whispered :"Look, what a sweet girl out there!"

    Xu Ziling was worrying about their next meal and had no interest to look at all. He urged :"Answer me first!"

    Kou Zhong pointed at his large head and said: "The most useful thing in this world is my flexible brain. Now that Du Fuwei has cut off the transportation on the River, who has the ability to smuggle salt to the areas west of Liyang, not counting those powerful clans like Song Clan. If we manage to smuggle a cart of salt there, we'll definitely be well off just by setting up a salt stall! Come with me if you want to be rich!

    After paying the bills, they asked for the place where they could buy salt wholesale and left.

    Xu Ziling was not a bit less worried: "We should buy salt befitting our property, otherwise we won't have money left for a mule cart."

    Kou Zhong laughed and said:"It is as if you don't know there's one reliable transport in the world, that it's hand wheel."

    They walked for an hour before getting to the harbor outside the city. The endless sea in front of them extended far beyond their sight. This is the first time they've ever seen a sea, so both of them were struck in awe.

    Kou Zhong exhaled :"How about we sneak onto one of those ships and sail across the sea? Maybe we could become emperors of the other country, and marry ten odd concubines, what a happy ending."

    As Xu Ziling swept his gaze across the harbor, the ships were huddling like trees in forest. Thousands of labor men were carrying cargo off and onto the boards, merchants and travelers alike were all over the place, an extremely busy place indeed.

    He nudged Kou Zhong who was still daydreaming and said :"Come on, make money first!"

    The two boys pushed themselves through the flowing crowds and saw people of all walks of life, even government officials were among them.

    Not knowing if their wanted posts were also issued here, they were forced to elude every government official once they saw any.

    Before long they arrived at the famous salt street, where large salt stalls lined along the coast, with the harbor at their backs. Ships and boats, big and small were all anchored there.

    The ten odd stalls were crowded with people with no exception. Bags of salt were stacking up like huge mountains, which looked so cheap that as if they could take away a bag or two without paying anything.

    They were actually taken aback by the scene. After discussing for a while, Xu Ziling was elected as the herald. Locking his gaze on an old man whos doing calculations behind the counter, he made his way through the crowd with much effort. He made a dry cough before speaking:We want to buy some salt.

    The old man did not even raise his head while coldly replying: All the cargo for the upcoming three months have been preordered, which firm are you from?

    Speechless, Xu Ziling heard Kou Zhong's voice behind him:We shall find another one!

    The old man continued to focus on his calculation, completely ignoring their existence.

    Another man who was leaning against the counter stared at them and said: You two brothers look like strangers here, are you from an other village?

    Nodding, Xu Ziling said: Yes we are from some other place.

    The old man mumbled: Lao Liu, if you want to chat then go outside, don't stand in the way."

    Lao Liu winked at them and led them out of the stall. Sizing them up, he said mockingly: You guys seem to be two douche-bags who plan to smuggle salt to inland area, dreaming of getting rich, huh? But I rarely saw one at your age. How much money have you got?

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling had grown up in the slum, how could they not know that they have met a swindler. They turned around and walked away.

    The man called Lao Liu instantly became hostile and tried to stop them, "Do you think you can leave so easily?"He spoke viciously.


    Kou Zhong landed a fist punch at his lower abdomen.

    Lao Liu immediately curled up his body like a shrimp and kneeled down with his hand covering his belly. He even lost the strength to groan.

    The crowd around them instantly dispersed to evade them.

    Xu Ziling stared at Kou Zhong's fist, exclaiming :"When does your fist become so formidable?"

    Kou Zhong also watched at his own fist in surprise and said :"Is it because I've gained the first level of Stance of Nine Mysteries, which means I am equal to one sixth of our mum?"

    Xu Ziling noticed that at least a hundred pair of eyes were now fixed on them, while Laoliu was still lying on the ground, whether he is dead or not was unknown. He felt quite uneasy and dragged Kou Zhong into the crowd, where all the people automatically went out of their way.

    As they planned to try their luck at another stall, they were called by someone behind: "Two little friends, please hold your steps!" They knew the trouble has come and turned around.

    Three strong men dressed in blue walked towards them in a triangular formation, the leading one was about 30 years old with coarse face, whose movements and expression display some kind of arrogance.

    Yet at this moment he had a smile on his face. Folding his hands in front, he said :"I'm Tan Yong, vice manager at Yuhang branch of Seasand Gang. Two little brothers have really good skills, and I'd really like to make friends with you. Let's go and have some drink and talk, shall we?" The two feel highly honored, but they also knew that getting involved with these gang people would never have any good outcome.

    Xu Ziling shook his head, saying :"We have to hurry with our purchase." Tan Yong moved over and said :"You can give up your mind if you're talking about salt. The fact is that all salt here has been pre-ordered by several big firms. Even if you manage to get some, not only the gangs but also the government officers will try to take rake-offs from you, let alone the salt tax. Your efforts are all wasted eventually, the money you earn are not even enough for a couple of brothel visits. I mean those really cheap brothels in town." Hearing these, their two hearts were sinking. Wouldnt that mean their dream of getting rich is done?

    Tan Yong laughed :"Come with me!" They exchanged a glance before following him into a nearby tavern. Tan Yong first introduced his two subordinates to them; and then he began to casually ask questions about their background.

    Kou Zhong answered, of course by making up stories. He was nowhere near a martial expert now, but his lies were able to fool even Du Fuwei. This Tan Yong is but a lowly gang people, certainly he was fully convinced by their stories that they are Fu Zhong and Fu Ling, and their martial arts are passed down from their family. "Do you know anything besides bare-handed fighting?"Satisfied, he asked.

    Xu Ziling puffed up his chest and claimed :"We are also good at sabreplay, even ten odds ordinary fighters are unable to defeat us."

    Tan Yong suspected :"May I test your sabre skills?"

    Kou Zhong proudly answered :"We are the real gold, unafraid of fire test, but you'd better tell us what benefits we can get first. As the saying goes, a man lives for nothing but wealth, Mister Tan is so thought that you must understand what I mean....Haha"

    Tan Yong laughed and said :"Although this is the first time we met, you two seemed like old friends to me now. Money is unimportant to me, you brothers can get what you want: money, chicks, etc. Let's go and meet our manager, when we become true brothers, everything could be easily settled then."

    Kou Zhong knew this type of people all too well. He chuckled and whispered near Tan Yong's ear :"Mister Tan, are you planning to have us assassinate someone in the other gang for you, making advantage of the fact that we are young and nobody knows us here? After that you can blame everything on us, and we became the poor scapegoats!" Tan Yong was instantly struck dumb and speechless, because Kou Zhong's guess was quite close, although there are some differences in details.

    Slapping Xu Ziling's shoulder, Kou Zhong said:"Bro, let's go!"

    Tan Yong regained his senses and shouted :"Stop!"

    Thinking that he was agitated, Kou and Xu immediately put up defenses.

    Murderous light shot out from the eyes of the other two gang people, who were also ready to get into combat.

    Tan Yong sighed and smiled bitterly :"Little brother Fu is smart indeed, how about we put it straightforward..."

    Kou Zhong stopped him :"Please don't, because by common rules, if you speak it out we could never get out from it."

    Xu Ziling also laughed and said :"We did not want depend on anyone but ourselves, our true skills."Tan Yong and the other two men were struck dumb. They were actually amazed by the boys' shrewdness, which is absolutely extraordinary at their age.

    Kou Zhong drew up Xu Ziling and after paying back respects, they turned around and went.

    Wandering in the street, they felt a bit lost and unwittingly walked towards the harbor again.

    A gigantic ship suddenly came into their sight slowly closing up the coast, while two government ships moved ahead, as if they had been waiting for the other ship's arrival.

    Their attention was drawn to the gigantic ship, as it has a very unique feel with its exotic look and banner.

    As the ship finally came ashore, they could saw human figures on the deck, though they were too far away so they couldn't see clearly.

    They didn't withdraw their gazes until they saw four police officers escorting a government official to board the ship using a hanging ladder.

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    thank you....been waiting a long time for an update
    Check out WXFS translated comic of Tian Long Ba Bu
    Last updated: 02/04/2008

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    Thanks Xlandhenry

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    End of the chapter

    Kou Zhong grabbed Xu Ziling's shoulder and sighed :"It's too difficult to be a merchant. All successful merchants in history are those who care nothing about moralities and laws. Hey, I have a brilliant idea! We shall sneak here tonight and steal a boat of salt then go without paying anything!"

    Xu Ziling was excited :"They've got so much salt that surely they won't go bankrupt even if we took a dozen bags! Let's go steal the first stall, even a thought of that old fellow annoys me."

    Kou Zhong was delighted that he actually agreed, saying :"You're truly a brother of mine. But first we must prepare some tools, like metal wires for lockpicking, and weapons, as well as ropes for tying up our cargo. Our entire future depends on this operation."

    Xu Ziling said :"Since it's you who propose this idea, you should be the one to gather those tools."

    Kou Zhong smiled and said :"Hey, we must help each other in order to get through this. You don't want to do this all alone, do you? To prepare all these by myself I will be so exhausted that I can't even move my legs tonight."

    Xu Ziling had long been used to this kind of talking by Kong Zhou, of course what he said was just kidding around. Kou Zhong has always been nice to his younger brother, though at times, he also liked to take little advantage of him. He was about to speak again when he saw Kou Zhong looking straight forward, his countenance changed.

    Xu Ziling hurriedly turned and saw a group consisted of around fifty odd gangster like people were closing in, all armed with weapons like giant hooks, harpoons and carrying pole. The man leading them appeared to be Lao Liu, and all possible ways for them to escaped were barred.

    The crowds immediately erupted. Even a few police officers were among those who tried to run away, as if there are no laws nor rules to govern this place.

    Kou Zhong exhale a cold breath and said :"Xiao Ling! Did mom teach us how to fight blades with bare hands?"

    Xu Ziling had never experienced such situation before. He shook his head, unable to speak a word.

    Then the next second they both yelled and ran towards the sea.

    The gangsters also yelled at them, chasing them up from behind. In a moment, there was only chaos.

    The two boys were apparently faster than the pursuing party. They ran in between the stacks of cargo piling up at the harbor, passing by the people who were trying to get away from trouble, and before long they already reached the sea shore.

    Kou Zhong dragged Xu Ziling to run towards the gigantic ship that they previously saw. If it is really an foreign embassy ship as they believe, these gangsters surely wouldn't dare to chase on.

    In a mere minute they already covered nearly a hundred zhang and got to the hanging ladder of the ship. Without any hesitation they began climbing up.

    The ladder was almost five zhang tall. As they were about to reach the end of it, four long swords blocked their path. "Turn back!"

    They looked down and saw several gangsters were already on the ladder, climbing towards them.

    They were in a dilemma. The only choice now seemed to be diving into the sea.

    As they were wondering what to do, a soft and melodic voice rang up from the ship :"Let them get on board!"

    "Yes, madam!"One swordsman answered.

    The swords moved away.

    They felt like being granted a pardon by the king and quickly climbed up the ship.

    Just as they got onto the deck, the fight already took place behind them. Four strong swordsmen in white martial suites effortlessly repelled the gangsters as if they were chopping down fruit and vegetables, forcing them to jump into the sea.

    The remainder were all taken aback and retreated to the harbor, not daring another attempt to board the ship.

    The four swordsmen were the only men standing on the deck, and the madam who let them pass was nowhere to be seen.

    The two took a breath of relief, celebrating their escape. They did remembered to wave goodbye to Lao Liu and his men, who still cluttered at the harbor, yelling and screaming at them.

    Suddenly a woman's voice rose from behind :"Childes please come with me!"

    They were both startled. Yet as they turn around, they were immediately excited. It appeared to be a young and pretty maid who was sizing them up in a smile.

    Faking a refined manner, Kou Zhong responded with a bow :"Sister please lead us." He said.

    The maid chuckled and turned around elegantly, leading the way.

    The two boys followed closely behind. Watching at this beautiful view of the maid's back, they were secretly thanking heaven for being so nice to them.

    Walking past the door and into a hallway, they saw three entrances on both sides, yet there is no sign of people inside, which really gives them a mysterious feeling.

    The maid led them to the last door entrance on their left, ahead of them is the stairway that connects two levels of the ship.

    When they were looking around in curiosity, the maid open the door and said :"Boys, please go inside." As they walked inside, both of them were kind of surprised.

    The room was actually quite large, but was divided into two by a bamboo curtain in the middle. At the two corners near the door there were oil lamps and a set of long chairs and table. Besides that there are a number of paintings hanging on the wall. Apparently the decorations in this room were nicely thought up.

    Because the outer part of the room is much brighter than the other part, one could forget about seeing what is behind the curtain unless he/she decides to flip it up. While viewing from the other side of the curtain, everything in the outer part of the room is crystal clear.

    The maid politely said :"Take your seats please."

    After they were seated, the maid left the room and closed the door.

    Sitting there they smelt a weak scent passing through the curtain from the other side, which was quite enticing.

    As Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were mesmerized, the melodic voice rose behind the curtain. "Why were you pursued by those bandits at the harbor, two little childes?

    Kou Zhong recognized the voice,Oh you are the madam! We brothers are grateful for your aid earlier.He replied politely.

    Xu Ziling was afraid that Kou Zhong might spout some nonsense, so he spoke for him instead, We had some quarrels with one of them, and he called for those people to attack us.

    The madam spoke nonchalantly :You talk in a refined manner, and you have very flexible reaction too. But it seems that you haven't practiced martial arts. Hows that?

    Kou Zhong smiled and answered :Our mom taught us, martial techniques and reading and everything. After she died we just wandered around, planning to do some business to make money... A snort from behind the curtain interrupted him, but apparently it wasnt the madams voice.

    They were surprised that there is another woman present, and that her status should be comparable to the madam. But why does she express such unpleasantness at what Kou Zhong said?

    The madams voice rose again :And what about you, the other childe? Do you have any other goals?

    Xu Ziling knew she was asking himself. Wherever we go, we are together. He wants to make money, so do I!

    The madam sighed and said :What else besides making money?

    Kou Zhong said :Thats a good question. Of course one must gain some status after getting rich. The best option is to become a government official. That will be a both honorable and admirable position.

    The madams voice was getting colder :There are so many people out there, suffering from the wars and the tyranny. Havent you ever thought of doing some good to this world, to its people?

    Xu Ziling said :We are too weak and we couldn't get enough to eat, of course we havent thought about this. Kou Zhong was reminded of Li Jing and said :Such great responsibilities are always on the shoulders of those great heroes.

    So we dont have much in common after all.The madam said calmly, Please get off this ship!

    "How can you do that!"They were taken aback.

    The door was pushed open, and the maid walked inside. "Please get out."She said with a serious expression.

    Seeing the change in her attitude, they knew they would only be looked down upon if they begged. They could do nothing but puffing up their chests and followed her to the deck again.

    The four swordsmen stood nearby the ladder, their hands resting on sword hilts, ready to drive the guests off.

    Lao Liu and the band of gangsters were still cluttering around the harbor. Yet they dare not yell anymore, apparently they were afraid of those swordsmen.

    It seems that this place

    Kou Zhong pulled Xu Ziling aside and said :"Let's jump off the ship!"

    Xu Ziling acknowledged his idea. Without speaking another word, they suddenly ran towards the far end of the ship, then jumped over the railings diving into the sea.

    The maid didn't stopped them. She looked casually into their direcion as her lips curled up in a smile, as if she had heard their conversation ealier.

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    Thanks Xlandhenry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anh Nam View Post
    Thanks Xlandhenry
    couldn't agree more .....such a fascinating plot .... dear Xlandhenry , great choice of a pick of story.....can't wait for our heroes to attain their peak forms... keep them updates coming and fast ...

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