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Thread: Golden statue swordman

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    Default Golden statue swordman

    I have been free reader for such along time in this forum.. I think I am gonna to give something here too.. but I can't read Chinese so I can't translate.. This day I saw someone translate some Indonesian translation in this forum.. so I encourage myself and try to do the same thing here.. I hope it is ok... .. So I chose some unknown author, but I think his work is quite interesting.. and the title is Golden statue swordman. The author name Qing Hong/Chin Hung (I don't know this is real or not) and translator Can I.D. I hope some body here know the real author name and make the correction here. This is my first try, so go easy on me...

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    Sounds good - some unknown author whose works have not been adapted would be fantastic - it would be something new.

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    Book1.1. Mysterious owner of golden statue (1)

    One day in the scorched day at the desert, someone is slowly walking through the desert. Nobody else can be found in that place. Sweat is pouring down from his forehead and sometimes the sound of his breath can be heard. In the sky, some condor is flying around, eager to prey on him if he collapsed.

    Seem like that person cant withstand the thirst, hunger and fatigue anymore, and soon collapse on the ground. Condor are flying around in the sky, preying the dead body.

    And then the condors dive eagerly with two sharp claws ready to rip that human flesh. Suddenly strange thing happen. The right hand of the person strike up like lightning with high precision into the head of one of condor.

    The strike was too fast and with high precision, so there is no chance for the condor to realize it until it was too late. The eagle head was smashed, and its wings flapped some times on the floor and then stop forever.

    The person stands up directly, from his pocket come out a sharp knife. With one chop, the condor head fall to the ground. Blood gushed out from its body and that person drink it gluttonously.

    Seem like he has suffered from hunger and thirst for a long time, he sucks the blood until its completely dried. With long sigh of relief, he shows winning smile and murmur: Life as animal, in the food chain, you already lose one step from me.

    His age is around 20-30 years old, with ragged clothes and tousle hairs but his face still looked fresh. Maybe because he already traveled so long under the sun, his face became tanned. Anyway even now he is unsightly but his eyes are sharp and full of vitality.
    He skin off the eagle and clean off the inside then start the fire to roast it. After the eagle meat baked, he eat like there is no tomorrow. Soon enough all the meat has gone inside his stomach. Patting his stomach he smiled and murmured: Good this time maybe I can withstand 2-3 days more.

    Five sheets of paper contains some writing are being taking out from his pocket, his eyes cant take off from the paper and his mouth cant stop to repeat the writing in the paper : Go west 300lie, Pek Gouw San mountain at the peak of Gouw Ong Hong.. Go northwest 200li, under old siong tree at MauGouw San mountain Go South 200 li, at the peak of Sek To San mountain in the Sek To Tong cave..Go west 200 li, at the peak of Koang Mao San mountain. Go west 200 li, in Hu Lu Tong cave at Lo Cin San mountain..

    After reading 5 sheets of the papers, he sigh.. He tought I had travelled for 1000 li, before night come maybe I could arrive in Hu Lu Tong Cave at Lo Cin San Peak. Hopefully, this time is the last suffering I would get. Then he slowly put 5 sheets of paper inside his pocked.

    This time there is still one eagle flying above his head but this condor doesnt seem interested on him anymore. Then he continued to travel to the west. Using his relieve body skill (ginkang), soon the Lo Cin San mountain was seen In his eyes.

    When the sun slowly hiding behind the Lo Cin San mountain, he arrived at mountain slopes. From a far, he see one old guy sitting under big tree. Approaching the granpa, he respectfully ask: Excuse me, Losianseng!

    What do you want? curiously the old guy asked.

    Pointing the row of mountain, he ask: Is that mountain Lo Cin San?

    Thats right nodded the old guy.

    The legend said, there was a sage name Lo Cin meditated in this mountain, thats why it called Lo Cin San. Why are you asking this?

    I have a plan to sightseeing at the peak of mountain, and I heard there is cave name Hu Lu Tong (wine keg cave), is that right?"

    I never heard that name said the old guy with shooking his head. but at the mountain there is a cave, the only thing, it is far away at the peak of the mountain. When I was young I had climb up once and sar that cave was unique and interesting, but are you really just come here to sightsee?

    The old guy asking this because his clothes already ragged and seems like beggar. With this kind of styles, not likely someone who travelling and sightseeing.

    He didnt asnswer this question, with smiling face his eye focus on the peak of mountain, and asking again:The cave you told me before, which peak is it?

    The old guy point out small road to the mountain and said: You can follow this trail. Go until there is no road, you will see three mountain, and the cave is in the middle one.

    Pausing for a while, he continued:It is almost sunset now, if you want to travel up there, isnt tomorrow morning better? At night there are a lot of wild animal, it will be dangerous.

    No problem at all for me he said with smile. I am a hunter, all wild animal isnt a proble for me. Thank you for your guidance.
    Raise his hand doubly to pay respect and then he walked widely to the small road.

    Heavy fog already surround around Lo Cin San mountain at that time, so after some time he cant see the old guy when he look back. Then he used his ginkang to run fast along the road.

    In the blink of eyes, he already arrived on the end of road. In front of him is big forest. Lift up his head, he see in the distance around half li, three high mountain surround by thick cloud.

    He left out a big sigh and thought:To climb up to the peak of mountain, seem like I need half day, if in the cave he left one more letter and ask me to go to another place It can be said he is too much playing me around..

    Just he thought like that, from behind him come secret projectile with loud breeze.. looks like a rock is been throwing right to his head.

    His body move beside fast and swing his right hand to catch the rock. When he successful catch it, he become irritated, it is just a peach.

    When he see the direction it came from, there is big tree with a monkey hanging there, and its mouth making noise. Seem funny.

    Animal, you dare to make fun of me?

    After said that, he move his body like an arrow out from the bow to the big tree.

    The monkey moves quickly to another tree with squeak sound.

    Seeing that, he become angry and yell:How dare you run, I will see how far you can run.

    He summersault his body nimbly in the air, using his toe step to the branch of tree, he follow to the other tree. But, when he is going to that tree, the monkey already jumped to another tree.

    Now he really mad, and using all his power to chase that monkey. In his heart, he swears he will catch that monkey alive.

    However, that monkey is more nimble, it is moving from tree to another tree. So even the guy already used all his power, he still left behind six meters.

    Fortunately, that monkey direction was same direction to the mountain where he is going to. A guy and a monkey, one behind and another ahead, move through the jungle in high speed.

    Soon, they arrive at hillside, at that time he already closing his distance to three meters. Unfortunately, at the hillside, with just several jump the monkey disappear from his eye. The hill is really high, several hundred feet at least.

    Interesting, I can catch the eagle that fly high in the sky but fail to catch monkey that jump on the tree.

    But he isnt sad. His pursuit take him to the hill, and he insist to climb up to the peak this night.

    After taking a rest for a while, he continues his journey. Around one hour, he arrives at the peak and finds the cave at ease.

    The cave located at the left from the peak, the width around 6 meter and height 4 meters.
    So is this Hu Lu Tong cave? Hm.. I think its right, the old guy before told me there was just one cave. So this must be Hu Lu Tong Cave.

    Because he already traveled for 1000 li, he already lost his patient since be toying around. After walking 6-7 steps, he stand in front of the mouth of the cave. The old guy word was right, it is indeed strange cave. Around the cave there are a lot of rocks with strange form. Some like sleeping tiger, other like jumping monkey and even some like multilevel monument. It is really wonderful view.
    However, he didnt in the mood to enjoy the scene, after searching around the cave, he dumbfound and disappointed.

    What made him disappointed is there was nobody in there. He became suspicious that this isnt the right cave in the letter.
    From the cave name, the shape of the cave supposed to be like Chinese wine barrel (Hu Lu, so there should be two cave connected then it will suit the name. But now what he see jut normal cave shape. Then he concluded this isnt the cave he was searching for.
    The old guy said, there is only one cave, if this isnt the right one, where the hell is Hu Lu Tong?
    The more he investigated the cave, he become sure that this isnt the right cave. How can that man didnt came to see him or leave another letter?

    In the place before, a piece of paper always place in catching eye place and beside the paper there is always a palm mark. But here there is no sign of it.

    Slowly he sigh, and turn around ready to leave the cave.

    He.hee.. why you want to go? Suddenly the voice came out inside the cave, and the voice is so flat that it didnt sound like coming out from human. The voice echoing in the cave..

    His body trembled and freeze.

    You already found the right place, why you want to go?

    Again he heard the voice from inside the cave, and echoing so he cant know exactly the source of the sound.

    He turns his body and look around, and shock: you are

    Thats right.. he heard cold replied. Using his pairs of eyes, sweeping around the cave, his shock become more intense.

    Where..where are you?

    Nearby him around 4 meters suddenly :TingTingTing sound loudly like iron hit the ground sound.

    I am right here.

    He turns around fast to see that direction, but suddenly he feel goosebumps and reflectly go back one step behind.
    Not because the shape of the man so horrible that he frightened. No, it is because that man is a statue from gold which is very shining.

    Inside the cave, stand a golden statue, height around 1 meter with handsome face. Its head wearing warrior hat and the body wear bodyfit clothes, the hand holding long sword around eight cun (I dont know exactly how long is this 8 cun), look so heroic like a famous swordman. It stands rigidly on the flat ground.

    You.. you are human or ghost? he asked with a tremble voice

    I hope my translation is readable.. Please tell me which part to edit if it is unreadable or not making sense.. I am completely newbie...
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    Book1.1. Mysterious owner of golden statue (2)

    The golden statue laughs, and asking back: Did you believe in this world, the ghost really exist?

    No! This time he can hear clearly the voice didnt come from golden statue but from inside the cave behind the statue. Of course, the man is hiding in the roof of cave.

    Then he release sigh of relief, and slowly approach the statue. When he observed more clearly, he can see on the statue there are several black rope to move the statue. There are exactly ten ropes hanging from the roof of cave, then for sure he know that the statue was put down from above. Unfortunately, he cant see anything above because there are big rocks hinder his sight.

    He move his feet forwards, his thought was to see clearly who the man behind the rocks.

    Stop right there! You cant walk more close. A loud yelled was heard.

    At the same time, the statue was moving one step forward, the long sword at its hand crossways to hinder him move forward.

    Inside his heart, he felt ridiculous, he stop and ask: Who the hell are you?

    You dont need to know. Reply the voice coldly.

    Then why you hide above there.

    You dont need to know this.

    He furrowed his eye brow, and smile bitterly: Oh.. so I dont need to know anything!

    After travelling 1000 li, you came here, of course you want to know my identity right?"

    He stunned and shrug his shoulder, You are right, where ever you go if there are two people who dont know each other meet, of course first time to do is introduce yourself.

    But this time, it is not the same situation. The voice said.

    ReallyThis is far beyond my expectations. He shocks his head

    The laugh out loud voice from the statue can be heard. There is one thing that is out of your expectation. This time I will grant your wish..

    Reallly? he smile bitterly.

    The voice become serious and said: thats right, now answer my question first: what is your name?

    He hesitated for a while and then answer: You dont want to tell me who you are, why I should tell you my name?

    Okay, it is alright if you dont want to tell me.

    Nope, I will tell you with force smile he add My family name is Ti and my first name is Then.

    Oooh.. isnt you black clothes warrior (Hek Ie Hiap)Ti Then; whose name shocking entire Jianghu. Said the voice a little surprised.

    Your martial art isnt bad, the news in Jiang hu said it already hard to find a rival of you. But why you go to the peak of Kim Teng San mountain and beg Put Tong Ong alias The lazy oldman Kay Kong Beng to accept you as student?

    With sad smile Ti Then said: Do I need to tell this reason too?

    I didnt order you to tell me.

    Then its good said Ti Then seriously because i dont intend to tell you the reason.

    Laugh out loud the voice said No problem at all, you have secret that cant be told. However, I intend to teach you my martial art.

    You want to teach me your martial art? Ti Then asked strangely but why you make me travel 1000 li?

    Because I want you to inherit my martial art

    Ti Then confused with this strange answer and became silent.

    The voice laugh again and said That day, coincidentally I saw you kneed in front of Lazy oldman at Kim teng San and begged him to accept you as student. But that lazy oldman is like lazy statue dont care at all of you. At that time, my intention to teach you my martial art appeared."

    The voice pause a while and continue:Of course, the skill you got from me if compare to the lazy oldman will be several time more powerful. Once I had defeated him.

    At the first time Ti Then receive the letter with the palm mark on the rock, in his heart he know that his martial art is so high. But when he heard that he said he even had defeated lazy oldman Kay Kong Beng, He absolutely didnt believe this word. For over decades, Kay Kong Beng already known as number one martial art in the world. Never been heard anyone can be rival him. Absolutely never been heard Kay Kong Beng has been defeated by anyone. Now, This owner of golden statue claimed had defeated the lazy oldman, of course he wouldnt believe at all.

    Look like the man know that Ti Then didnt believe his word, still laughing he said: If you dont believe me, next time you can ask him if he ever been defeated by the owner of golden statue..he..hehe I think he wont dare to not admit it because he know that I am still alive.

    Lets say I trust you

    It is okay for you to not believe it. Said the owner of golden statue with laugh. One day you will prove my word.
    But I dont wanna learn martial art from you.

    This time the golden statue owner stunned and didnt believe this situation. Why you dont want?

    Because I dont want to owe you. Straight out Ti Then.

    After said that, he turn back and ready to walk away.

    Wait a moment. Golden statue owner call out loud.

    Ti Then paused and said : What else do you want to say?

    You dont want to owe me because I dont intend to take you as my student right?

    Ti Then Nodded and said: Thats right, If you take me as student, our relationship is teacher and student so it is in norm that student can learn your martial art. But now, you dont want to take me as student, so I dont have reason to learn your martial art.

    He..he.he.. Looks like your character is honest and straightforward..he.he..he..

    Ti Then didnt answer and walk away.

    Dont go! The golden statue owner shout out how about this, we exchange some condition.

    Exchange some condition? Ti Then turn back and ask.

    I will teach you my martial art and make you top three swordman in the world, instead you do some job for me as repayment.

    What do you mean Top three in the world? Ti Then asked and laughed

    It means I have my way to make you become a very high skill swordman and conquer the world in this half years. Beside me and The lazy oldman you can be count the best swordman in the world.

    Ti Then heart waver from this offer, its not right he have ambition to be number three best swordman in the world but he thought that if he can train his skill until that high, at least his problem can be solved easily.

    You really can make me number three best swordman in the world?

    No problem at all. If you finish your training and in Jiang hu you can find anyone that can rival you, then we can forget about this agreement, so you dont need to do what my instruction anymore.

    He paused, and then continued: Of course, you cant deliberately lose to somebody and then broke our agreement.

    If I agree to it, of course I will not do something like that. He said boldly

    So you agree?

    What do you want me to do? ask Ti Then

    My order is easy, I want you to be like this, ha..ahaaha

    Still laughing he move the hand and foot of the statue.

    Ti Then stunned and then smile I am sorry, I am not a blacksmith, of course I cant make this kind of statue.

    You are wrong, I didnt mean that you make a statue for me, but whatever my order is, you must do it without dispute.

    Ti Then feel rage inside his heart, laugh out loud he turn back and walk widely out of the cave.

    Could you hear my word first before leave?

    Ti Then dont care about it and continue to walk away.

    Suddenly the owner of golden statue shout loudly: This agreement just cover for one year, after one year you are free and you can take care of your problem.

    Ti Then Heart waver again, automatic his foot become slower. In his mind, a lot of troublesome things flash out. And he steady his heart to make decision. Even the contract from other side is inhuman and cruel. But this is the only chance he has to improve his martial art. The chance may not be coming again.

    He turn back and ask: What exactly you want me to do?

    Seeing him coming back, the owner of golden statue become happy and laugh You dont need to ask yet, after you finish your training I will tell you.

    This matter should be clear first,said Ti Then. If you ask me to jump into fire, should I do that?

    Jump into fire is just parable. In fact there is nothing like that at all.

    But in this world, there are a lot of the problem that more difficult than this.

    Thats right! The owner of golden statue agreed. But no matter how hard it is, this job will not cost your life.

    Okay. We can stop talk about my safety, but you said I am going to become your golden statue, what your order I must do without hesitation. So if you ask me to kill a righteous man than I must do it too without dispute?
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    interesting story. please continue translating.

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    Thanks. The opening (with the eagles) reminds of of Riddick (movie).

    You might want to allow some page breaks (paragraphs) for easier reading.

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    Thanks for your suggestion.. I hope this format is okay..

    Book 1.2. Become the world best three (1)

    Kind of like that. Just I wont ask you to kill someone.

    Really? Ti Then ask quickly.

    My task for you, maybe you will have some bloody battle and maybe you need to kill someone too, but it is all depend on your wisdom and your skill.

    Hearing that, Ti Then think hard, and then said: I think your task will not be forthright thing.

    Thats right. The Owner of golden statue laugh. But you can use forthright way to done it, specifically, if I want you to bring me chicken, you can steal or buy it, I dont care.

    Ti Then nodded, and he go into a deep though about something. Suddenly he laugh out loud.

    What are you laughing of? Ask the owner of golden statue confusedly.

    When I was at mountainside, there was an old man, he said there was no cave that name wine barrel (Hu Lu), I think this cave name must be you who name it? Ha..ha..ha..

    That right. Said the owner of golden statue. Dont you think so?

    This name really matches. I really dont know what medicine you are selling inside your wine barrel.

    The owner of golden statue laugh out loud and said maybe one day you will know, so answer me are you agree or not?

    TI Then nodded and said Alright, now can you show me your skill, I want a prove that you are unrivaled in the world with superb martial arts.

    Alright, I will use this golden statue to duel with you.

    Ti Then stunned, and said Fight with this golden statue?

    Thats right he said. But not a real fight, but using this golden statue I will show one stance if you can broke this stance, it is enough.

    Haha..ha.. this game become interesting.

    After this golden statue show one stance, you must immediately tell the stance to defeat the stance. If you are too slow then I will assume you lose.

    Of course. Ti Then nodded. In the real duel, if I cant break the stance immediately, at that time I might be hurt or dead.

    I heard your sword skill is flawless and have made your name in Jiang Hu, but I will defeat you in 5 moves, if not I cant preserve my face to talk about our contract.

    From the first time Ti Then roam in Jiang Hu, it was hard to find someone to rival him. When he heard the owner of golden statue will defeat him in five moves, of course he cant believe it.

    He nodded and said: Okay, please show me your moves.

    The owner of golden statue didnt reply, golden statue already moving. The golden statue stand firm, the sword crossway in front of the chest. Looks like living human. The circumstances become heavy. Ti Then Steady his stance too, and focus on the golden statue.
    Prepare yourself shout the owner of golden statue. The golden statue body become a bit lower, the leg stance like bow. Its body move half circular, and the sword in its hand thrust forward. This moves looks so simple and it call Coan Sin Si Yen or Shoot the bird.

    Seeing the moves Ti Then laugh and said Hwi liong Tiam Cu or Dragon turn back to take the pearl.

    Good moves, take this more. The sword from golden statue go down and the left leg lift up, the stance look just like golden chicken with one leg, however the sword suddenly thrust forward.

    Ti Then who saw the moves that is Jin Liong Just Si or dragon dive and raise above water which is common moves, fell ridiculous and said: Sun Swi Tui Co or following the water to push boat.

    Suddenly the golden statue jump up and spin in the air with the sword thrust down.

    Without thinking, Ti Then said: Yu Tiau Liong Bun or fish jump into dragon gate to attack your eyebrow.

    At that time, the golden statue just land and not stand steady yet. Its head move diagonally and his sword that still dip down, suddenly tilt up and thrust in amazing speed.

    Ti Then face change pale and said panicky I use Koay meng huan sin or strange snake turn around. Just when he finish his word, the golden statue jump up again and its sword thrust his left side.

    At that time, Ti Then realizes that the owner of golden statue skill is superb. He is not sad by his defeat, instead he feel delight. He laughed and said Good, I am willingly to learn your martial art, and become your golden statue for one year.

    The owner of golden statue become content and said: In that case, there is one thing you must know. If you have become my golden statue and dare to violate my order, even didnt so your best to fulfill my task, I can kill you easily.

    Okay. Said Ti Then and nodded. I will obey your condition, so now can you please go down and show yourself.

    No. said the owner of golden statue. From this day until you finish your learning , I will stay here in the rooftop of this cave.

    Hearing this, Ti Then become confused and asked: Then, how can you teach me?

    With moving the hand and leg of golden statue, the owner of golden statue laughed and said: I will use this golden statue to teach you my skill.

    Ti Then stunned for a moment and said: If so you dont need to eat..?

    You get me wrong.. I will eat and sleep at this rooftop too.


    Tomorrow morning, you must go down to buy food supply and cooking tool, the day after tomorrow I will teach you.

    YouWhy you must do this?

    This is my secret!

    Cant you tell me? asked Ti Then

    Nope. Said the owner of golden statue. You dont need to know and it will be good for your safety if you dont ask this matter again.


    Alright. Said the owner of golden statue. Its already night, you can sleep inside the cave and if you are hungry, there are some ration on the rock behind you.

    I am not hungry yet, but I want to clean up myself in the wellspring.

    50 steps to the west there is wellspring that will be our supply for this half years, dont you contaminate it. Said the owner of golden statue.

    Okay Ti Then said it short.

    One more thing, are you gonna use this chance to escape?

    It is my wish to improve my martial art, so why I am going to escape? Ti Then said.

    Thats better, now go you.

    Ti Then turn his body and walk out from the cave to the wellspring. Cold water freshen his whole body and made him spirit up.

    At that time, the moon at the middle of sky was covered by the cloud. He lay in the middle of wellspring in the dark surrounding, he though calmly about the weird experience today and decision he made today.

    For his decision to be golden statue for one year and obeying all the command from owner of golden statue, he didnt regret it at all. Even he knew this thing is embarrassing but he though this is his only chance to learn amazing martial art. And the only way to solve his personal problem .

    Now, the suspicious action and deed in the matter of the owner of golden statue still made him confused. He thought and thought many times, but still cant find proper answer. Who is he? Why he didnt want to show his face? What his purpose to make him his golden statue? All this answer cant be found at this moment, but at least he know that he didnt want to show his face not because of his ugly face.

    He didnt hide forever in the roof top of cave, because he had bait him.. Ti Then from Kim Teng San where is so far away to this place..

    So why the owner of golden statue dare to show his face to other people but now why he didnt want to show his face.
    From this he can conclude 2 things. First the owner of golden statue is going to use him to take care of unknown business and he personally didnt want to involve in this matter. Secondly, maybe he is high martial artist who he known well. Thats why he cant show his face.

    Recalling the skill of the owner of golden statue which is really high, even just his palm technique already unbeatable, the prove was he can leave palm mark 3 cun depth in the big rock.

    The next day, the owner of golden statue give fifty taels of silver and list of necessity using his golden statue as mediator and order him to buy it.

    Obeying his command, Ti Then went down from the mountain, until after walk around 50 li he can found a small crowded village. He successfully take all the necessity and food supply to Lo Cin San at the noon.

    All the food supply was put inside the cave, and then he put up bonfire to cook water.

    The owner of Golden statue asked:
    In the past, have you do this kind of job?

    Nope said Ti Then shortly.

    Can you cook? asked the owner of golden statue again.

    If you are not too picky about the taste of any food, I think I can boil some vegetables.

    The owner of golden statue laugh and said even I am not too picky the taste of food, but I dont want to taste raw eagle meat without salt or spice like you.

    After hearing this, Ti Then stunned and asked: So this whole time you was following me?

    Thats right! said the owner of golden statue. I must ascertain if you would change your mind or not in the middle of journey.

    But how could you leave me almost die but didnt help at all.

    You are asking about the incident in the middle of dessert yesterday? asked the owner of golden statue.

    Yeah, replied Ti Then, At that time, I had been hunger for four days without eating even a grain of rice, definitely almost die by hunger.

    The owner of golden statue laugh out loud and said: I knew that you are very hungry and thirsty, but when you collapsed on the ground and not move at all, I already known that you was faking it.

    Ti Then silently didnt reply and light on matches to make fire.

    The owner of golden statue continued to said: You have two purposed to fake your death, first was to bait the eagle for your meals, another was bait me to appear, isnt it right?

    Thats not true. Ti Then protest. Never in my though that you was following me.

    It is true. Respond the owner of golden statue with big laugh, Before I didnt know you are Hek Ie Hiap, Ti Then. But when I was following and observing all your action along the journey, I know you are very smart and cunning..very cunning like a fox.

    If I am a fox then you must be fox demon.

    The owner of golden statue is the man who is going to teach him martial arts to him, so for him to say such unrespect word seem to be strange. But this word was come out from his mouth spontaneously, because even he admired his high skill but he absolutely didnt admire his conduct. He thought that he just exchange some contract with this man so no need to be respect.

    Who knows that the owner of golden statue didnt mad at all, still laughing he said: Thats right, I must be called fox demon, a fox demon who has high intelligent and skill.

    Not long after that, some vegetables and rice has been cooked, Ti Then release a sigh and said: How can I deliver this food to you?

    Just put on the rock right below me, thats enough.

    Following his word, Ti Then put the food on the rocks, using the chance while move back, he glance up but what he see just darkness.

    The owner of golden statue said immediately: We still have time to spend together for half years, I hope you bear your desire to look up here. It will be very dangerous for you.

    Ti thens heart beat hard, he smile forcefully and said: If one day, I get to know your identity, wont you kill me directly?

    That's right, said the owner of golden statue coldly.

    Ti then dont want to talk anymore, he move back and start to eat.

    Good, your cooking skill isnt bad at all. Said the owner of golden statue.

    Ti Then kept silent, not that he dont like to talk with the owner of golden statue, but his nature is reserved and now he just not in the mood to talk.

    When the owner of golden statue heard no reply, he laughed and said: Ti Then, People said you are strange and mysterious guy, why is that?

    Because people in Jiang Hu just know that I am black clothes warrior Ti Then, besides this there is nothing else they know.

    Who is your teacher? asked the owner of golden statue again.

    Dont know.

    The owner of golden statue sneered and asked more: Who are your parent, you should know this arent you?

    I dont know that too. He shook his head and replied.

    Out of the blue, the owner of golden statue laugh out loud and state: Okay. Okay. From our conversation yesterday, I have a secret that cant be told, you too have a secret that cant be told. From this day onward I will not ask any personal thing from you.

    Ti Then just laugh helplessly, Not that I dont want to tell you, but I really dont know.

    The sound of laughter from golden statue owner become louder and louder, the voice echoing in the cave and made Ti Then ears buzz.

    At the third days, in early morning the owner of golden statue already start to teach his martial arts to Ti Then. Using his golden statue, he start to teach some strange moves of fist. Because too many changes in fist moves, Ti Then just remember fifth from the set of fist moves.
    Until the seventh day, he successfully remembered this set of fist moves. At this time, the owner of golden statue start to explain every moves. After three days straight, Ti Then finally grasp all essence and utility of the fist moves.

    But understand it doesnt mean already well practice, so in the tenth night the owner of golden statue said: Starting tomorrow, you can practice by yourself outside the cave. You must master your skill until you can hit and leave the mark 7 cun (1cun=33.33mm) on the tree. By then you can be considered master it around one third.

    The next day, Ti Then following his instruction, started to practice his fist alone outside. In fact, He has good talent. After practice sometimes, he tries to hit big tree with all his power.

    Kraakk.. sound of the big tree collapse after being hit. The tree was break into two.

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    By the way, i realize that my translation is so so. so i think i need proofreader to help me. Anyone interested? Frankly, i don't have patient to check the grammar things. I am new and i think i need to translate in high speed to keep the iron hot. This series have 39 book, not that much. So my target is to finish it around 2-3 months before i get bore.

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    Thanks for the update.
    It is much better now, presentation-wise and readability.

    An interesting storyline...

    PM sent on grammar issue.

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    Initially I suspected that the owner was a cripple. But then he managed to follow Ti Then before...

    The apex of his skill would be leaving 7 cun (233 mm or 10 inch) mark on the tree - wow...

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    Book 1.2. Become the world best three (2)

    Seeing that, Ti Then cheerfully run to the cave and shout: I did it I have master it.

    But the owner of golden statue just smirk at him and said: Did you just successfully hit down a tree by fist?

    Yeah., said Ti Then. That tree is so big, in the past I never can do this thing.

    Maybe you are already forgotten the task that I passed down to you. I clearly told you to practice until your fist can leave a mark on the tree approximately 7 cun, not asked you to knock down the tree.

    Ti Then became confused with his word, and denied : But isnt knock down entire tree is more powerful than just leave a 7 cun mark on the tree?

    You got it wronged. A powerful fist that just leaved 7 cun marks on the tree without knock down the tree itself is what you can called powerful.

    Still cant accept that, Ti Then protest : But to hit until leave 7 cun depth mark will need a lot amount of power, it could knock down the tree too.

    The owner of golden statue lightly laugh: Look likes I need to give you some example for you to make you understand.

    Please give instructions.

    Years before, when I used a sword to kill someone. With just one chopped, I already succeeded to cut off enemy waist. But he didnt realize at all and still cursing me. Until he start to move his legs, his upper side start to disconnect from his below. You know why was that ?

    Ti Then shocked, never in his whole life he heard something so strange, so he asked: Why?

    Because my sword movement was too fast that he didnt realize my sword already cut off his waist. If human doesnt realize he already dead, then all his spirit and energy can prolong his life in a brief of moment.

    Ti Then is astonish and startled: You.. your sword skill really already achieved such kind of speed?

    Thats right said the owner of golden statue. Back to our first meeting, if I seriously using the real sword skill to fight you, maybe you can withstand three moves. But if I want to kill you, I just need one move to finish you off. My skill prioritizes on speed of moves

    I heard that lazy old man Kay Kong Beng is also prioritizing in fast moves. Said Ti Then.

    Even his sword is fast but not as fast as mine. I can thrust 7 times in one move, but he can only 5 times. He paused a while and continued, Now you got it?

    I got it. Said Ti Then with nodded.

    Ti Then turned back and went away from the place, but just a few step he stopped, and asked again, From you observation, how long do I need to leave a 7 cun mark on the tree but do not broke it.

    Listened to his question, the owner of golden statue in deep thought for a while and said: Your talent isnt bad, if you practice diligently everyday maybe half month later you can succeed.

    Ehmmm murmured Ti Then and he moved outside to practice again.

    In the five days straight, he practice hard, and at last he succeed to leave a 1 cun mark on the tree without broke the tree. After that for every three days he succeeded to increase 1 cun depth more. Like the owner of golden statue prediction, he can leave 7 cun mark on the tree after half month.

    At the second month, he started to learn palm techniques from the owner of golden statue. This palm techniques was more difficult to be learned compare to fist techniques. These techniques were really complicated and difficult, his palm must leave 1 cun mark on the though rocks and the rock shouldnt be crack at all.

    Ti Then practice without tire, for 40 days straight he finally succeed this palm techniques.

    If counted from the first day he came up the mountain until now is already two month long, and in this two months was the most hard and difficult in his life, but forgetting his tiredness he practiced like hell because he knew for sure that the owner of golden statue would make him the third best martial artist in the Jiang Hu.

    Another month has passed, fist techniques, palm techniques and body lifting (ginkang) techniques of Ti Then this day has improved so much compare to when he come up the mountain.

    Someday, after dinner suddenly the owner of golden statue asked: Ti Then, how long have you been here?

    Three months and three days. Said Ti Then short.

    He..he..he.. you count it accurately.

    Ti Then ignore his laugh and said again : Our half year agreement still has around 80 days left.

    Thats right, your progress was faster than my prediction, I thought you need at least 4 months to master these three techniques. From these track records, I think less than half years you already can go down the mountain.

    What else you are gonna teach me? asked Ti Then.

    Sword techniques.

    How long it needed? ask him more.

    Supposed to be 2 months long. Said the owner of golden statue, But with your progress this far, maybe just one and a half months is enough.

    If that so, I am going to go down 30 days early?

    Yeah, said the owner of golden statue, The earlier you finish means you can free yourself 1 months early, so no loss for you.

    Of course, when you are going to teach me sword techniques?

    Tomorrow, said the owner of golden statue short.

    The next day, the owner of golden statue fulfills his promise and starts to teach sword techniques to Ti Then. From just a few stances of the sword techniques, Ti Then realized that these sword techniques were hundred times more difficult to be learned compare to fist, palm, and body lifting techniques. Now he sees that to become success, one must endure hardship.

    In the blink of eyes, one and a half months have passed. His sword skill already achieved a completely new level, even he can believe himself. In just one swing, he can cut down three candle with the candle drop down.

    Seeing his progress, the owner of golden statue became satisfied. Enough! Ti Then, In Jiang Hu now beside me and Kay Kong Beng, no one can beat you.

    I myself feel that I have change to a new person. Said Ti Then slowly, Is it real that now I become best three martial artist in the Jiang Hu, I still need to prove this by myself.

    Except that there were high skill martial artist that hiding themselves in Jiang Hu, if not we can said that you are unbeatable with superb martial artist in Jiang Hu.

    Ti Then give small laugh and said, If I can meet high skill martial artist that can defeat me, our contract will be terminated immediately, so I will not become your golden statue.

    Okay, said the owner of golden statue, but you cant fake it or voluntary make yourself lose. If that happen, you will be killed by my hand.

    A gentleman words cant be take back forever. Whatever I promise, I will not take it back.

    The golden statue laughed and said Time will prove it.

    But if Ive really been defeated by other people, how can I prove that to you?

    After you go down, Said the owner of golden statue, I will be a worm in your stomach, forever besides you, so if you have been defeated by other people, I will know it.

    Ti Then feels chills in his spine, he stand up and say: Why you must follow me?

    If I dont do so, how can I give you instruction?

    Ooh.., said Ti Then, Okay, last question. If to complete your task, I can do it without using martial art

    Cant wait till he finished his word, the owner of golden statue cut off and said quickly: you can complete your task using any method.

    If I already full effort and power but still cant complete your task?

    As long as you have done your best, even you cant complete it, I wont blame you.

    Thats good, so when I should go down? asked Ti Then again.

    Before I tell you what your first task, I must explain that from tomorrow morning you are my golden statue. I can order you anything to you and you cant rebut. Another words, even you are alive as human, but you just my statue without soul, thought, conscience, and opinion. If I told you to eat sweet things, you must eat it even you dont like it. You get that?

    Got it. Ti Then nodded, But there is one task you can order me, you cant ask me to kill gentleman.

    Okay, said the owner of golden statue with laugh, but to know good or bad people in this world is difficult thing, can you distinguish it?

    I am sure I can. Ti Then said solidly.

    You are so sure, this means you lack of knowledge of human being.
    Even with deep knowledge, useful or not cant be sure abut that..now tell me your first task.

    The owner of golden statue silent for quite a long time, and then said it slowly word by word, Your first task you must complete is go get married a girl.

    Ti Then face became shock and his face shoed open mouthed What did you said?

    Get married to a girl.

    How absurd is this, I still dont want to marry anyone! Ti Then yelled out.

    Now you listen to me, said the owner of golden statue coldly, you are my golden statue, you dont have soul, you dont know what is good or bad, you dont have any opinion.

    Even in his wildest dream, Ti Then cant predict that his first task was getting married. His heart confused and said : but..

    Stop it, the owner of golden statue cut it off.

    Ti Then inhaled deeply, after calmed down he said bitterly: Can you listen out to my word

    The owner of golden statue cut it off again, No matter what you said, its been too late.

    I signed 1 year contract to become your golden statue, not sell myself forever. Ti Then denied.

    I never said you sell yourself to me forever.

    But married is big event in lifetime. Ti Then argued.

    After our one year contract finished, if you dont like her, you can divorce her.

    What the hell are you talking about, you think married is just some toy thing? Ti Then said emotionally.

    If you think it is not a good thing to divorce, then you can be her husband forever.

    But I dont want to start family yet.

    Thats your opinion? asked the owner of golden statue.


    He..he..he.. but now you are my statue

    You cant destroy my whole life!

    I dont intend to ruin your life, I just asked you to become her husband for 1 year. After that you want to continue or not, it is not my problem anymore.

    Ti then limped down on the ground, his spirit was broken by the word. He sighed and said: I f I know this before..i will not accept this contract.

    This is your own fault, why you didnt ask thoroughly. The owner of golden statue laughed coldly.

    Ti then head down, his feeling now is so confused and regretful, he though: Damn it from beginning I thought there was no more harder job than kill innocent man, how can he asked me to marry some girl.

    The owner of golden statue heard no more from him, asked Ti Then, arent you regretful?

    Thats right!

    You wanna escape?asked the owner of golden statue again.


    Thats good, very good. Said the owner of golden statue with laugh, in fact this task was the happiest task you can get. You know, the girl is so beautiful, and you cant find any girl like this at ease.

    Ti Then heart waver, but he said flatly, Whose daughter is she?

    The only daughter of Toapocu from Pek Kiam Po fortress, Kim Liong Kiam or golden dragon swordman Wi Ci To, Wi Lian In is her name.

    Hearing that name, Ti Then shocked and said faltered: Ha.. the only daughter of Wi Ci To Pocu from Pek Kiam Po fortress? You.. Do you wanna harm me?

    Whenever talk about Pek Kiam Pocu, the golden dragon swordman, there was nobody in Jiang Hu who dont know his name.

    He is martial artist whose martial arts just a bit below the lazy old man Kay Kong Beng, but also a leader in Jiang Hu with largest influence and territory, he has so many student, just from his red sword swordman that he knew already 99 people. Thats why he is known for his clan with most powerful sword skill and most respectful in Jianghu.

    But the source of the shock for Ti Then was not because of Wi Ci To high martial art but because of his behavior and action.

    He heard that how heroic, hospitable, sociable are Wi Ci To, how he stand for justice and become a executioner of death for villain. And now the owner of golden statue want him to married the only daughter of Wi Ci To which is Wi Lian In, no doubt that he is using him to scheme against Wi Ci To. After his scheme succeeded, the owner of golden statue can wash his hand and disappear forever. But, where can Ti Then escape?

    The important part was how he can help the man without clear identity to scheme against the man from white forces.

    The longer he thought, the more anxious he became. He lift his head and ask: What is your real purpose? Why you ask me to marry the daughter of Wi Ci To?

    For this, you need to become in law with Wi Ci To first, then I will tell you.

    If that so, now you can act. Said Ti Then bitterly.

    What do you mean?

    You can act to kill me now.
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    Thankyou didilung. So far so good. Keep the good work.

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    Thanks for the update... Is the link to the original language text available online?

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    I suspect wct is a hypocrite, and has harmed the owner...

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    Aren't that usually the case. In wulin, the noble their air, the more dark their secret is.

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    Book. 2.1. Uproar in Touw Hoa Yuan

    The owner of golden statue silent for a while, with cold tone he asked: You dont want to obey my order?

    Thats right! Ti Then determined.

    Suddenly the owner of golden statue laughed out loud, and said: I understand now why you dont want to obey me, you are afraid that I order you go to harm Wi Ci To, right?

    Am I guessing wrong? said Ti Then coldly.

    The owner of golden statue stopped his laugh, and said boldly: Absolutely wrong, my purposed wont harm anything to Wi Ci To or his students, the only thing that matter is after our 1 year contract fulfilled and you dont want to continue as Wi Lian Ins husband then at that time it will cause harm and sadness to Wi Lian In.

    I dont believe you. Said Ti Then and shook his head.

    I will vow for you now, that if the task is going to harm any people of Pek Kiam Po, I will die with the most horrible ways.

    Hearing his serious and honest vow, Ti Then become more confused, and said: If my task will not harm people of Pek Kiam Po, whats your real reason to ask me to go to become a husband of Wi Lian In?

    I already told you before, I cant tell you my reason for now.

    How can this be... Alright, if I become Wi Lian Ins husband and then you ask me to do harmful thing to the people of Pek Kiam Po, at that time I will cancel our contract immediately and you cant kill me for that.

    The owner of golden statue thought for a while and said: I just can guarantee that I will not harm people of Pek Kiam Po even for a piece of hair of them.

    Ti Then thought quietly, as long as 1 year has passed, he will or not continue become Wi Lian Ins husband isnt a big problem, so he sighed and said: Okay, but you must consider one thing, if Wi Lian In dont want to marry me then it is not my fault.

    With your talent and face, said the owner of golden statue, and with some trick, maybe just 3 months you can get her love.

    He stopped for a while, and continued with laughed: What I mean with some tricks, beside of entering Pek Kiam Po fortress and convincing trust from Wi Ci TO and his daughter, you also need to use some skill so Wi Lian In become resent and bore to In Tiong Liong or dragon in the cloud Hong Mong Ling.

    Ti Then stunned, couldnt digest what that mean, and asked: Who is In Tiong Liong Hong Mong Ling?

    Favorite disciple of Wi Ci To, and also husband will be of Wi Lian In.

    Haaaaaaaa???? Wi Lian In already betrothed to other people?

    Thats right! Said the owner of golden statue. This is a matter that just happened from half years ago, thats because Hong Mong Ling has good looking face, good talent, and good behavior, so he can win Wi Lian In Heart and become her lover.

    Hearing this, Ti Then furrowed brow and said: If that so, you want me to ruin his arrange marriage?

    No! said the owner of golden statue,From my view, you suit for Wi Lian In better than that Hong Mong Ling.

    You praise me too much Said Ti Then with laughed.

    I have investigated this matter secretly, and found that although Hong Mong Ling has good talent but his behavior isnt that good and honest. He secretly go out from fortress and have fun with courtesan.

    Ti Then rubbed his eyes and laughed out loud : Hahaha I understand now, I really get it now

    What did you understand about? asked the owner of golden statue with laugh.

    You are Pocu from Pek Kiam Po, the golden dragon swordman, arent you?

    Hahaha How can you have a thought that I am the golden dragon swordman, Wi Ci To?

    After your marriage arrangement of your daughter and Hong Mong Ling, because you found out that his behavior wasnt honest and good then you thought to cancel this arrangement. But because your daughter feeling is too deep to him, thats why you thought about this method. You asked me to go and ruin their relationship between them and then married to your daughter, with this you can save your daughter from future disaster.

    He owner of golden statue laughed out loud, and said: Ha..ha your brain is so sharp, but unfortunately all your hunch was wrong.

    Ti Then didnt believe him, and with big grinned said again: I have my reason, your sword skill is much higher than other skill; you wont harm any people of Pek Kiam Po, with these we can prove that you are the owner of Pek Kiam Po fortress.

    The owner of golden statue said calmly and softly: Sword techniques from Pek Kiam Po isnt bad at all, but if compare with the skill you already learned until now, I think you can defeat him in several hundreds moves, and about me that I wont harm the people of Pek Kiam Po, but I never disagree if you will divorce Wi Lian In after our contract end. Think about it, if I am Wi Ci To, then I will ask you to stay forever with her, dont you think it make sense?

    Ti Then thought hard, it does make sense. These make him go in deep though, but he become lazy to pursue anymore. He lied down on the rock where he sleep every night slowly, and asked lazily: What else do you want me to do?

    No more, Said the owner of golden statue, My order is in 3 months you must succeed to marry Wi Lian In, other things we can talk 3 months later.

    If she persistently dont want to marry me?

    If necessary, you can make rice become porridge first. After that I am not afraid that she dont want to.. ha..ha

    After said that, he dropped a bundle that look heave in front of Ti Then and said: In the bundle, I have already prepare 300 taels for your fare. Tomorrow morning after you go down the mountain, buy some luxury clothes, you must make over so you look more dandy and gallant.

    Ti Then stood up slowly and picked the bundle, and smiled bitterly: I hope I can find someone who can defeat me before arrive at Pek Kiam Po.

    He..he.. besides me and Kay Kong Beng, dont even dream in your life that you can found powerful enemy to defeat you.

    Several days later, Ti Then was seen at an attic of wine tavern of Siok Si town in Go-Bi. He already stayed at the attic of wine tavern for three days straight.

    This wine tavern that used GO bi lo brands is the most luxury in this town. Wine or foods in the tavern are the best and most famous one. The reason for this cavern become crowded and famous not just because of those reason, more appropriate reason is the quest in the tavern , almost all of them are Jiang Hu people.

    Another reason, the strongest one why people from Jiang Hu like this tavern is its short distance to Pek Kiam Po.

    The lazy old man Kay Kong Beng even is known as number 1 in Jiang Hu, but Pek Kiam Po is a clan that has most power in Jiang Hu this day. Thats why this town becomes the town where most Jiang Hu people come around.

    Ti Then stays around at the attic of wine tavern every day until late night. He didnt change his style yet, messy hair, filthy face, and ragged clothes. But no waiter in tavern wine dare to look down on him, the service is even better.

    Because they have experience that the more strange it looks, the more powerful that guys, dont mess around with this type of guest. Of course, this includes Ti Then with rugged clothes.

    The waiter brings sweet smelling tea and slowly puts in front of him, big smile showed in his face, and said: Khek Koan (guest), Dragon in the cloud Hong Mong Ling has arrived.

    Ti Then spirit up, and slowly asked: Where?

    The waiter closing by his ear and whispered: The man who wear light green clothes and seated at third table from here. Thats him.

    Ti Then turn his head to that direction to see, in that table there are 2 guys who just sit not long ago. One of them is a guy who wears light green clothes Hong Mong Ling, he has sharp face, gallant and really a good looking man, silently Ti Then praised: Hm.. Heis really good looking, and looks like honest man, hehe.. unfortunately, he is kinda pervert and womanizing.

    After thought like that, he asked suddenly: Who is the guy that sit with him?

    He..hee..hi..hi the waiter just laughed off without said a word. Ti Then took out a piece of silver and throwed to him, This .. is it enough?

    The waiter took it fast and put into his pocket directly. He said with smiled: He is son of tycoon Cang, his name is Bun Piau, his alias is Go bi Te Ci or greedy rat from go bi, every day he just having fun at brothel, this day he always play and party with Hong Mong Ling. At this time, they are here, when the night come, they will secretly go to Touw Hoa Yuan to find the famous courtesan Liuw Su Cen.

    Where is brothel Touw Hoa Yuan place? Asked Ti Then with nodded.

    Behind this road.

    Okay, thanks.

    But the waiter didnt move aaway, he laughed and said: Khek Koan searching for Mister Hong, what business do you have?

    Ti Then raised his cup slowly, and drink it up, and then said slowly: How much will you tip me for my answer?

    The waiter became dejected, and didnt dare to ask more, he moved away slowly.

    Ti Then finish up his food fast, then put down a tael of silver on the table, then move back to his inn.

    After sometimes, he moved out from the inn, at that time the owner of the tavern and waiter become confused to see him.

    A man with messy hair, ragged clothes became a handsome and dandy young master. His hand waves a fan platted with gold, he walked with tycoon styles to brothel Touw Hoa Yuan.

    At that time, it is already sunset, lampions has been light up all the place, the road to the brothel already crowded.

    Slowly but sure, Ti Then arrived in front of the brothel. He step in without awkward, a guard can be seen in that place who directly guide him to sit and prepare the tea, laughed and said: Kongcu (young master), you

    Please invite auntie (pimp) to come here. Said Ti Then

    The guard smile forcefully and said: If Kongcu want to find a girl to be accompany with, this lowly servant can find it for you.

    Are you competent enough? Ti Then glanced at him.

    Thats right..I can.

    Good, then I want Miss Liuw Su Cen.

    The guard become stunned, and asked awkwardly: Miss ..Miss Liuw Su Cen?

    Yes Ti Then nodded and replied.

    The guard face became red and nervously said:This..this..this..

    So? You cant, right? Ti Then Laughed coldly and said.

    From his pocket, he took out ten taels of silver and threw to him: Ask your auntie to come here>

    Just tips already 10 taels, even the grandson of king will not give that much.

    The guard took the tips quickly, his face become pale due to extreme happy. After express his gratefulness several time, he turned back and go fast.

    Not long later, a middle age woman with extreme make up come out and approached him.

    Ti Then stood up, and asked: auntie?

    The middle age woman nodded her eyes glanced all over him, and then asked: What is Kongcu honorable name?

    My family name is Lu?

    Ohh.. Lu Kongcu, where are you come from? ask the auntie with smile.

    Tiang An.

    Ooh.. The woman smile become more wide.

    So..Lu Toa KongCu has come to visit , I am so sorry if I didnt come out to welcome you.

    Ti Then just smiled flatly and said: Its okay.

    Please sit down
    Then the auntie asked the guard beside her : Hurry, prepare the most famous tea.

    The guard replied and went off to do his job. Thereafter, the auntie sat in front of Ti Then with smile :Lu Toa Kongcu is a famous scholar in Tiang An town, your high skill in writing and womanizer has sounding far away. And today your presence in here, really become a great honor for us.

    Ha..HaHaI heard Miss Liuw beauty is unrivaled in this town, from a far I came so I hope auntie can fulfill my hope.

    The auntie gladly said: Su Cen, can get your attention, that is her fortune. Kongcu can wait a moment, I will call her.

    Soon she stood up and left.

    Not long after that, a beautiful girl with slender body, she approached him following the auntie. She acted blushful like a shy girl.

    This famous courtesan Liuw Su Cen age is around 17-18 old. Her ace shape like pumpkin seed with beautiful eyes and perfect eyebrows, her lips is mall and red, with pearl like white skin color. Also with expensive accessories, she looks like angel descent from heaven.

    The auntie that saw Su Cen acted shyly, hurried take her to stand in front of Ti Then, and said: Cen-ji, hurried show respect to Lu Toa Kongcu, He is a son of General from Tiang An, also a famous scholar. Today without care of long journey, he has come to see you.

    Still bashfully, Liuw Su Cen paid respect respectfully. Then she said melodiously: Lu Toa Kongcu, please give me instruction.

    The auntie smiled and said: Quit the lip service now, I will guide Kongcu to her room.

    Ti Then stood up and followed them without hesitant. They arrived in front of a door with curtain, the auntie pushed him slowly into the room, and then said: I will order someone to prepare the wine and dish for you.

    After saying that, with big smile she went away.

    Ti Then revealed the curtain slowly and stepped in the room. Liuw Su Chen was seen sitting in front of dressing table with head down. Ti then move closer and said: If my presences disturb your rest, please forgive me.

    You are too kind, please sit down.

    Ti Then slowly sit down, his eyes looking around enjoying the view of the room. He thought :Hmm.. Didnt expect that this room is arranged in such a neat and lovely sight.

    Then he fixed his eye into her face and said: I had heard about your beauty and skill in singing and poetry. Today I hope you can show it to me, so my eyes can open up to enjoy it.

    Liuw Su Cen face became reddish and said shyly: My skill is so bad, I hope Lu Kongcu wont laugh at me.

    While they both have conversation, one waiter was coming in to bring wine and dish.

    Liuw Su Cen saw that wine and dishes already prepared, with soft and tempting tone she said: Kongcu, please sit down.

    Thank you.

    Both of them sit down facing each other, Liuw Su Chen took up wine pot slowly and filled up his cup then her own cup, and said: I will pay my respect to Kongcu with 1 cup first.

    Ti Then took up his cup and finish it up in one gulp.

    Suddenly, he saw Liuw Su Cen close her mouth with hand and laugh melodiously non stop, seems she thought about something funny.

    Ti Then stupefied and said: Is there anything funny?

    Lu Kongcus big name, I already heard about it quite a long time, said Liuw Su Cen still with laughed. But after meeting you today, you are so different from the rumor that I heard.

    Ooohhh.. Ti Then said cheerfully, So the rumor you heard, what kind of person is Lu Kongcu? And What kind of person is Lu Kongcu you see today?

    I hope you wont get mad if I tell you.

    Sure of course I wont, please speak up.

    Liuw Su Cen smile and steal a glance at him, From the rumor, Lu Kongcu is a famous womanizer, and arrogant, but now after I meet you, you dont have a look like that, you are so gallant and forthright.

    Ti Then burst out and said: Miss, you praise me so high, indeed I am arrogant and selfish man, if you dont believe me, I will prove it to you later.

    Besides of that, Liuw Su Cen smiled and said: There is shadowlike between your eye brow, it looks like your heart has some sorrow and restless thought, this thing too didnt match with what I heard

    Ooh.. It seems like Miss could foretell from people face.

    Ehm.. just a little for chit chat, this time Kongcu left Tiang An town of course not just for fun, right?

    I came indeed because of your beauty, no other matters.

    Okay, how about I play one song for Kongcu. Then she started to pick Khim, and played a song. The song her picked was a sad song.

    Ti Then enjoyed the song, and slowly put down the cup, he said : Your singing come from your heart, it makes people who heard become sad endlessly. Now.. I dont want to think about sad thing, so I hope you wont sing a song that can make my tears out.

    Liuw Su Chen replied with smiled: If that so, I will sing more cheerful song.

    Her tender fingers start to play around the string, just when she want to sing, the sound of knocking was heard.

    Who is there?


    Ohh.. Auntie, please come in.

    The auntie slowly open the door and go in. She approached until beside Liuw Su Cen, and whispered in her ear.

    Auntie.. Just tell him today I feel sick, so ask him to come tomorrow.

    The auntie steal a glance at Ti Then her face shows bitter smile, Impossible. Even we said you feel sick, he will forcefully come in.

    If that so, just tell him I have a guest today, and ask him to come tomorrow.

    But, it isnt easy for him to come, how can we ask him to back empty hand?

    Auntie, Liuw Su Cen became unpleasant. You just teach me to sing and how to deal with man, but you never teach me to separate myself to become two.

    This girl! Now you even talk rubbish.

    What can I do now?

    The auntie whispered to her: Just go out and meet him for a while, if you already talk some words to him it is enough. At least he wont get offended.

    Liuw Su Cen hesitated, but then he turned to TI Then and smile brightly Kongcu, I have a little matter to do, could you excuse me for a while?

    Who Has come? Ti Then said with annoying face.

    Oohh.. He He is just my guest that cant be offended, and he just arrived. Said her shyly.

    Why he cant be offended?

    Because his origin is a little bit special. Liu Su Cen headed down.

    All the man who knows you, of course must be a little special, but tonight I wonder who is he, if his origin cant beat me, then ask him to roll out of here.

    The auntie become anxious when she saw his arrogant , she replied fast: KOngcu, please dont say like that. Although he is not a son from bureaucrat or officer but from a really famous person, the kind of us didnt dare to offend him.

    Ti Then wrinkled his eye brows, asked quickly: Who the hell is he?

    He is swordman from Pek Kiam Po fortress, his name is the dragon in the cloud Hong Mong Ling.

    Hu said Ti Then I thought he was someone famous and respectful, who knows just a rough man who like to use fist.

    Brak.. the sound of the door being broken. A man stood dashingly in front of the broken door. He laughed coldly and said: Thats right, I am just a rough man who likes to use fist to abuse someone to kneel in front of me and curse his own parents.

    The man who just came was the dragon in the cloud Hong MOng Ling, and behind him stood the other man who was the rat from Go-bi, Cang Bun Piauw.

    Using his cold eye, Ti Then stole a glance at him and shout: Whose son of a *****' dare to disrupt my pleasure? Looks like you guys already bore to live?

    The auntie saw that both of them already mad and face each other became anxious and confused, shook her hand and said: Both of you, please dont be mad, this is all my fault. Mister Hong, let me introduce you, This Kongcu is the son of General Lu Ko Sian Lu Thayjin from Tiang An town, this day he

    Hong Mong Ling pushed her away harshly, and walked in the room with wide step. His sharp eye stared at Ti Then, his mouth laughed coldly: He..he..he.. Just a womanizer. GoodGood.. I Hong Mong Ling, especially like to beat a Kongcu that is womanizer.

    After said that, he increase his tone and yell: Kneel down!!

    Ti Then didnt show any concern to him, he slowly filled up his cup with wine, and slowly sipped it up. After that he turned his head to Liuw Su Cen and said: Miss. Liuw, didnt you said you will sing me a song?

    From the moment Hong Mong Ling came into the room, Liuw Su Cen already move to the corner, even now she dont dare to say any words.

    When Hong Mong Ling saw his word didnt get respond at all, his rage burnt out. With cold laughed, he attacked with his right palm move to catch Ti Then right hand artery.

    This move was done in high speed, even for people with martial art will find it is hard to evade this.

    But Ti Then moves was faster several times than him.

    He lifted up a little of his right hand and precisely catch his artery first, followed by moving his hand circular, both feet of Hong Mong Ling lifted up from the ground, his body spin in the air. Before he fell down, his neck behind head already get hit by Ti Thens palm.

    When his body hit the floor, he already passed out with his body sprawl beside Ti Thens feet.

    When the greedy rat from Gobi Cang bun Piauw saw the thing went bad, he hurried turn back to run away, but just when he his feet start to run, his head already been hit by a cup that had been thrown by Ti Then. His body swayed a little and then collapsed.

    The auntie face became pale when she saw all the incident happen before her eyes. She shouted, Damn..Oh No.. This is disaster..

    Ti Then calmly stood up and moved the body of greedy rat from Gobi, into the room, and said with ease: Dont be afraid, even more big problem, I still can withstand it.

    With almost cry face, the auntie said again: Lu Kongcu, you dont understand, you already beat him and you are just temporary quest here. When Kongcu leave this place, your business is done here. But we, we must stay here after this incident. After this incident, our Touw Hoa Yuan will be hard to evade disaster that will come.

    Hearing that, Ti Then laughed and replied: Auntie, how much do you know about Pek Kiam Po?

    The name of Pek Kiam Po has already been sounding all over the world, his swordmen from fortress, all are high skill ones, about this everyone know about it.

    But there is one thing you missed out.

    What is that?

    The people from Pek Kiam Po from his Pocu Wi Ci To until all his subordinates and disciples are upright man, they wont revenge to Touw Hoa Yuan just because of this small matters.

    The auntie glance at Hong Mong Ling that lied on the floor, he said doubtfully: I doubt about that, for example this man, he..

    Ti Then burst out and cut it off: He never do evil and harmful thing, his flaw just a bit womanizer.

    In fact, when Hong Mong Ling had fun in brothel, all was secret so his future in law wont know. So even today he get some loss, when he go back he wont dare to report this.

    The auntie sighed a relief slowly and said: Your words made sense, but I am still afraid that Mr. hong will release all his anger to us in the future.

    The auntie glanced at Hong Mong Ling again, and asked: Now he is unconscious here, what should we do now?

    Do you have horse carriage?

    Ehm. I have one, usually it was used by my child to sightsee outside the town.

    Order your man to prepare it, I will take him to Pek Kiam Po fortress.

    The auntie shock when she heard that, she asked, Kongcu arent afraid of Pek Kiam Po people?

    I have my way to deal with them.

    The auntie pointed to Cang Bun Piauw and asked: Mr. Cang isnt a member of Pek Kiam Po, Are you gonna sent him to the fortress too?

    Thats right. Ti Then said and nodded.

    In her heart, the auntie hope all the problem can be solved quickly. So she go out to prepare the thing quickly.

    After the auntie out of the room, Ti Then turn back and said to Liuw Su Cen: Heeeii.. I have made mistake to the friend of yours I hope you dont mad at me.

    At this time, Liuw Su Cen face showed amusement, she laughed and said, Lu Kongcu dont say like that, Mr. Hong deserve his beat. I dont have any feeling to him, in the past I had been force to meet him.

    After said that, she lower her voice and asked: Lu Kongcu, will you come here in the future?

    About this, I am not sure, maybe I will come, maybe not

    Liuw Su Cen face became reddish and headed down, she said shyly, If Kongcu wont reject my hope, and didnt bore with my face, I hope you will come again.

    At that time, the auntie went in and said: The horse carriage is ready, when Kongcu is going to leave?

    Now He said and got up.

    From his bundle, he took out hundreds taels, and put it on the table. After that, take out Hong Mong Ling and Cang Bun Piauw bodies from the room.

    Replied to Szfong : I just have in Indonesian translation. The author name usually is mixed up, so I don't know how to find original one. Maybe someone had read about it and know about it.
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