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Thread: [TVB-1990] Mystery Of the Twin Swords - ENG-SUB & VIET DUB

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    Default [TVB-1990] Mystery Of the Twin Swords - ENG-SUB & VIET DUB

    Here is the Drama's info:

    Mystery of The Twin Swords


    Roger Kwok as Ah Yat
    Dicky Cheung as Ah Yuet
    Carol Yeung as Ching Ching

    # of Episodes: 24


    The universe consisted of three groups: Immortals, mortals, and devils. Every century, there was a duel between a representative from the realm of immortals and a rep from the realm of devils (Hell) to determine who would be in charge of the universe. Each rep was selected from a realm of mortals (In other words, there was one mortal to fight for the immortals and one mortal to fight for the devils).

    After all, I'm doing all this on my own...

    PS: This is my first fansubbing series. I hope I'll get the chance to sub more series in the future. Hope you all enjoy~
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    Sorry, Mi_Chan. We do not want to be hold responsible for copyright infringement or any legal issues with TVBI company. Therefore, I had to edit your post. I understand you are fansubbing, but there are legal issues that we have to consider. Please do not post any more links to download TVB series or music.

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