Hey everybody. Hope this isn't considered spammy. I posted a new thread because this is technically a different publication, and the old thread probably isn't interesting to most people anymore.

Kunlun Journal of Chinese Historical Fiction now has an official newsletter, Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove. Read more about it here.

Here's the text of the post so you don't have to leave the forum:

Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove is the official newsletter of Kunlun Journal. But it is more than just a newsletter. In addition to keeping subscribers updated with important information relating to Kunlun Journal, such as issue release dates, submission deadlines, and other news, Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove will also offer exclusive content not available on the blog or anywhere else.

Think of Seven Sages as an e-zine, a supplement to Kunlun Journal. The journal is only published every four months, but Seven Sages will be published more frequently, and at no set interval. The content will vary. For example: essays and other articles on wuxia, Chinese literature, Chinese culture, news about movie and book releases, reviews, commentary, videos, special offers, and any other fun stuff I want to include. One special feature of Seven Sages will be novel serializations. Only subscribers will have access to novel serial installments.

How is the Newsletter different from the Blog?

The blog is basically for news and updates related to the journal. Some of the posts so far have diverged from that, such as the guzheng performance post, or the Better Know a Writing App series. These kinds of things will now show up in the Seven Sages newsletter. The blog will continue to be updated regularly, but the updates will be more directly related to the journal and its subject matter.

Seven Sages, on the other hand, will offer more varied content, some of which is directly related to the journal, such as essays about the wuxia genre, or a review of an historical fiction book, but other topics will be covered as well. I live in Taiwan, so from time to time I might write about something related to the culture here in Taiwan, or Chinese culture in general. I might write an article about some subject of Chinese history, or I might give a quick Chinese language lesson.

Seven Sages is meant as a place to post content I believe readers will be interested in, and using an email newsletter as the medium is a way to establish a closer relationship with my readership. My main goal is to establish wuxia as a genre in English, and to popularize Chinese literature and culture in general, and I hope to use Seven Sages to help with that.

Why should I subscribe to the Newsletter?

You should subscribe to the Seven Sages newsletter if you want to stay updated with the goings-on of Kunlun Journal and also read interesting stories and articles related to Chinese literature and culture in between releases of the journal. The idea is for Seven Sages to be fun to read, and I will strive to make it fun to read. If you don't like the newsletter, or otherwise no longer wish to receive it, unsubscribing is quick and easy. As always, any feedback or suggestions on how to make it better are always welcome.

Another reason to subscribe to the newsletter is because I am working on getting a novel serialization going on the site, and it will only be available to subscribers. There will be more information on that as the time approaches.

Finally, you needn't worry about spam. I hate spam as well, and I won't spam you. I will not sell or give away any email addresses to anyone either. Your email address is the only information I need from you. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. You can also sign up via the red box on the sidebar to the right. Just put in your email address, hit subscribe, and then it will send you a confirmation email. Open that email and click on the link to confirm your subscription.

I hope you all will enjoy Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove.