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Thread: How to type Chinese in Win 7

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    Default How to type Chinese in Win 7

    Can I get some help? I need to type Chinese and another language but I don't know how to make it work. I already added the Chinese keyboard via Control Panel and I also downloaded and installed the Optional Language Pack for Chinese. I selected "CH" in the task bar and tried typing but the characters don't appear. Did I miss something?

    In Vista, all I had to do was add the keyboard; I didn't need to install any extras. When I type the pinyin and press enter or space bar the characters appear in a drop-down list. I tried doing the same in Win 7 but it doesn't work.
    Last edited by dictionary; 03-23-11 at 12:20 AM. Reason: Oh, I forgot to mention. I have Win 7 Ultimate. If that helps.

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    Try typing your question in Google; you'd get a lot of answers.
    This one appeared on the 1st page of the search results (but not on the top), but it appears to go through the whole thing step by step. Good luck!
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    what about SPT, I need my SPT fix ASAP, pretty pleaseeeee...
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    Thank you very much. I did do all of that before but nothing worked. So I reformatted my computer and tried again and voila! It works now.

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