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    Default Game of Thrones HBO series

    For all the Game of Thrones fans, I'm sure you are already aware that HBO is coming out with the series on April 17th. They did some marketing in NYC last week by getting Top Chef Tom Colicchio create some dishes influenced by the locations in the books and serve them at a food truck at a different location in NYC every day. I got a chance last Friday to try it out: head cheese, roasted venison, and delicious lemon cakes.

    And over 10 minute long sneak preview:

    West coasties should check out the food truck too...
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    It's been so long since I read the books. Bran looks about what I'd picture him as. Ned Stark looks too fat in my opinion. Sansa doesn't look cosmo enough. Jon Snow is about half right.

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    I recently discovered this after being a Song of Fire and Ice fan for years and was intrigued! I've been reading good reviews on the series and might give it a try once season one is done running....

    I'm particularly excited that Peter Dinklage is playing the role of my favorite character- Tyrion! Foul-mouthed, wrenching, cruel dwarf whose understanding of the twisted game of thrones, and somehow decent person deeeeeeep inside may yet one day save Westeros yet!

    I'm also cheering for the Starks, and it's been said before, but deserves to be said again, that Wall comes off amazingly in CGI here... beyond my expectations.

    Ned, Arya, Cat and most of the cast are just how I imagined them (care not one whit for Danys so didn't even have a mental image of her), but Jon looks a lot older... still "I am the Watcher on the Wall" future Night Watch commander seems a fine actor.

    And most exciting of all?

    Dances with Dragons is out in July!

    Lots for fans to celebrate this summer.

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    My favourite characters so far are Tyrion and Jaime, which is accurate to how I feel about them in the book. Though I only started liking Jaime towards the later books. I hate TV Sansa more than book Sansa. I just wished she'd get written off instead. Danaerys is crap, but more bearable than the book cause her scenes aren't so long and she's naked in half of them. Cerse is doesn't throw enough tantrums in the show, she's almost soft spoken.

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