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Thread: Unexpected Downsides of High Intelligence

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    Default Unexpected Downsides of High Intelligence

    Unexpected Downsides of High Intelligence. What do you think?
    什麼是朋友?朋友永遠是在你犯下不可原諒錯誤的時候,仍舊站在你那邊的笨蛋。~ 王亞瑟

    和諧唔係一百個人講同一番話,係一百個人有一百句唔同嘅說話,而又互相尊重 ~ - 葉梓恩

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    A quick read. Interesting article. can't say much as I do not consider myself intelligent. One point which I agree with article is that intelligence is not enough. One will need EQ, network, and a bit fair of luck.

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    4 out of 5 apply to me. I'm not particularly smarter than other people though. Nice read!
    I like me.

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