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Thread: Taking a personality assessment for a promotion?

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    Default Taking a personality assessment for a promotion?

    So I was offered to apply from within for a new position that would be a promotion. I've already been with my company for almost 3 years but was told I'd have to take the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) for it. They already know me and know my personality pretty well so I don't see the point. Plus I think they have the long version...waste of time that I could be completing tasks and getting stuff done.

    Has anybody else had to do something like this? Is this normal?

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    Not for promotion. But for recruitment. I have not taken any MBTI test before. Since it is a long version, I believe there will be a number of counter-checking questions. So it will help to do the test carefully and truthfully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wkeej View Post
    Not for promotion. But for recruitment.
    So are you saying that you haven't DONE this for promotion but for recruitment or that it's not normal for promotion but it is for recruitment? I don't plan on doing it any other way than truthfully and carefully IF I chose to do it but it seems pointless when the best way to get to know someone is working side by side with them for 3 years...just saying. Not sending me to CPP to read up on a personality assessment I'm going to have to take....

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