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Thread: Huan Zhu Ge Ge: The Final Discovery

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    Default Huan Zhu Ge Ge: The Final Discovery

    This fan fiction will be continued from the last chapter of the real HZGG story.
    For those who haven't read the books or watched the series which I'm not recommend you to watch… Okay, so let me refresh your memories with the story, not to detail, though…
    The story starts off with Xiao Yan Zi accidentally losing a child. The Dowager Empress was now increasingly unhappy with Xiao Yan Zi, believing she is not lady-like enough to be Yong Qi's wife, let alone to be an empress. At the same time, Qing Er and Xiao Yanzi's brother, Xiao Jian, were also in love. But Tai Hou (The Dowager) doesn't like Xiao Jian, especially after when she found that Xiao Yan Zi and Xiao Jian's parent was killed by Qian Long.
    Before she found out this fact, when they went to Chen's family, she met Zhi Hua and thought that she was more suitable for Yong Qi than Xiao Yan Zi. Tai Hou made a plan to separate them: Yong Qi and Xiao Yan Zi, Qing Er and Xiao Jian. She threat that she would kill Xiao Jian if Yong Qi does not marry with Zhi Hua, and request that Zhi Hua should be wife and Xiao Yan Zi should be the mistress. To save Xiao Jian's life, they accept Tai Hou's conditions and Xiao Jian were also sent away so that he would not have chance to meet Qing Er.
    Although Yong Qi gives in to marry with Zhi Hua, she remain as a virgin after marrying Yong Qi for quite a long time. But for some incident, Xiao Yan Zi was persuading Yong Qi that Zhi Hua has that right to have a child of Yong Qi, and she actually forces Yong Qi to enter Zhi Hua's room. Not long later, Zhi Hua was found pregnant
    Not much time after the news, both Yong Qi and Er Kang was told to take part in the war with Mian Dian. In the war, when Er Kang fights with the eighth 'prince', he found that 'he', or rather 'she', was actually the eighth princess, Mu Sha. Mu Sha was attracted to Er Kang and used some trick to make the Qings thought that Er Kang was dead, and bring him back to Mian Dian. In the end Yong Qi abandons Zhi Hua and her son, and lives like a commoner with Xiao Yian Zi, Qing Er and Xiao Jian. They own tea field and Yong Qi becomes a physician.
    That's the summary of the 3rd series, thanks to Wikipedia for such details information…
    This story of mine will start around seven years after the two couples, Xiao Yan Zi, Yong Qi, Xiao Jian and Qing'er left the palace. They all live in Da Li with their kids, while Zi Wei and Er Kang in Fu Residence. Anyway… In my story, Zhi Hua wouldn't have a baby. She miscarriage her son to captured Yong Qi attention. But failed, and Yong Qi left her in the palace. I'm adding up names for their children because I thought that after 7 years, they all should at least have one kid. And I also add some new characters into this story.

    Mian Yi : Yong Qi and Xiao Yan Zi's eldest son. Seven years old
    Mei Ling : Yong Qi and Xiao Yan Zi's daughter. Five years old
    Yan Long: Xiao Jian and Qing'er's only son. Five years old
    Dong Er : Er Kang and Zi Wei's eldest son. Eight years old
    Xiu Lan : Er Kang and Zi Wei's daughter. Six years old
    Yong Dong : Yong Qi's little brother. 7th Prince.
    King Qaxan: Mongolian King
    Prince Yuan Yu: Prince of Mongolia
    This story is dedicated to Wen Jie, who is kindly giving me the idea of the entire story. I made some changes and adaptations from her idea into my story. Now, Wen Jie, enjoy the story. I hope you like it… ^^
    Others are welcome to read this as well!!

    Any comments on my fanfiction are welcomed! Thanks!
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    Chapter 1: A Place To Call Home

    A carriage with two horses rides along the road to Da Li. A middle aged man was ordering the horses to move forward. Four people inside the carriage are busy looking around. The scenery is indeed beautiful. They passed the river and headed to the mountain when suddenly their carriage stops. The man opened the carriage's door and helped the people inside to come out. They all are looking at the scenery around them, green field in front of houses, clear sky, and pure air, very natural.

    "Lu Ge, this place is perfect. Is this the place where we all will be staying?" asked Xiao Yan Zi happily. She can't help it but jumped all over the place.

    "I can see that you like it, Shao Nai Nai." Lu Ge smiled to Xiao Yan Zi. "I have bought two houses and a field; quite big for all of you to work on it. Follow me, Shao Ye, Shao Nai Nai." He added and gestured to all of them to follow him.

    Yong Qi, Xiao Yan Zi, Qing'er and Xiao Jian stood in front of two little commoner's house. The houses seem dusty and weak that even a small wind would blow them away. Xiao Yan Zi looked at Yong Qi with a worried expression. Yong Qi realized that his dearly beloved wife is looking at him. He smiled to her and shook his head with a 'we-will-talk-about-it-later' kind of expression.

    "Lu Ge, You've been helping us from the start. I, Xiao Jian, couldn't express how much we thank you. Please… Accept this." said Xiao Jian while giving Lu Ge a pocket of money that they've been saving for houses.

    Lu Ge shook his head and gave the money pocket back to Xiao Jian. "Xiao Jian, you helped me once, the kind of help that I couldn't forget. So please… let me do something for you now." He said with a smile.

    "Lu Ge, really, you've helped us much. Please… we insist you to take this money, as the payment of our houses and field." Yong Qi added and the rest of them nodded in agreement. Lu Ge smiled to them and accepted the money. He thanked all of them and left with his carriage. "Xiao Jian, Qing'er, have some rest. We will meet you guys for dinner and we will talk again about what we're going to do next." He said. Xiao Jian nodded and took Qing'er's hand, lead her to enter one of the houses. Then Yong Qi followed Xiao Yan Zi inside.

    Yong Qi gasped when he saw the inside. Fully furnished but for common people that is. As for Yong Qi, a bed, one big table and two chairs cannot count as fully furnished at all. Xiao Yan Zi walked back from the kitchen and took a cup of tea with her. She smiled and gave it to Yong Qi. Yong Qi pulled a chair and sat, drinking his tea.

    "What do you think of our new house, Yong Qi?" she asked calmly. Xiao Yan Zi understood Yong Qi's uncomfortable face.

    "Well… This house is good. Quite big for two people and fully furnished, I can't complain." He said, smiled to his wife. Yong Qi pulled Xiao Yan Zi's hand and made her sat on his lap.

    Xiao Yan Zi laughed. "You're a bad liar, Wu Ah Ge." She whispered on his ear. Xiao Yan Zi looked at him with worry expression. "Is it really okay with you to live here, Yong Qi? I'm not complaining about your behavior, though. I mean, I understand that it must be hard to live here, especially for you, considering that you were an Ah Ge before." She continued.

    "Okay. That's enough." said Yong Qi. "If we're going to live here, Xiao Yan Zi, you'll have to promise me something." Yong Qi chuckled when Xiao Yan Zi nodded enthusiastically. "We will not talk about Ah Ges or anything that refers to City of Memory. Second, you have to promise me that we will work hard to settle our life here. Not playing around and do nothing. Can you do that, dear wife?"

    Xiao Yan Zi punched Yong Qi's chest playfully. "Hey! I'm not just playing around and do nothing, dear husband, I'm helping people." She said. She hugged her husband. "Does that mean you're okay to stay here?" she asked and Yong Qi nodded. "Then, yes. I promise to do whatever you want me to do." she said with a smile on her face.

    They all gathered around the table for dinner. Qing'er cooked while Xiao Yan Zi helped her, trying not to cause any mess with the food. "Now, what are we going to do?" asked Qing'er. She is a bit afraid of how to live in a village. She can cook and do all of the house chores, but work in a field? She doesn't think so.

    "We'll have to start working on our field if we want to harvest them on time. Xiao Yan Zi and Qing'er can do the house chores." Xiao Jian suggested an idea to divide the work.

    "I want to help! I don't want to sit all day, waiting for the time to brow some tea…" said Xiao Yan Zi.

    Qing'er nodded. "I, too, can help you, Xiao Jian, if you teach me how to do it. I'm a fast learner, you know." She added. Xiao Jian smiled and nodded.

    "I have good news. Lu Ge had talked to the old Tai Yi here, so that I can work there as his assistant." He said cheerfully. Everyone took their cups and made a toast for Yong Qi's new job.

    "Second good news." said Xiao Yan Zi suddenly. The rest of them looked at her curiously. "We're expecting, Yong Qi!"

    Xiao Jian and Qing'er happily hugged Xiao Yan Zi, while Yong Qi looked at her with shock face. "I'm going to be a father? Is that true, Xiao Yan Zi?" he asked. Xiao Yan Zi nodded. Yong Qi approached his wife and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. They both stopped and blushed when they heard Qing'er and Xiao Jian's giggles.

    "That reminds me, you CANNOT work in field, Xiao Yan Zi until our child is born." said Yong Qi. "You've miscarriage twice before. So, you've got to be careful this time."

    "No! I will be fine. I will take care of myself." She said. Yong Qi opened her mouth to say something but Xiao Yan Zi cut him. "No. You listen to me, Yong Qi. I will be fine. Trust me. And you'll have to teach me literature, music, and anything that you've learnt. Because I want my children to be good in everything, and I want to teach them myself."

    Yong Qi chuckled and nodded in agreement. They all cheered again for Xiao Yan Zi. "This is our new place to call home, indeed." Yong Qi thought. "We will be happy here."

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