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Thread: Incredible! Actress's Joey Wong 'aborted' baby survives, now 17

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    Default Incredible! Actress's Joey Wong 'aborted' baby survives, now 17

    Incredible! Actress's 'aborted' baby survives, now 17

    Actress Joey Wong's aborted child is apparently back to haunt her.

    According to a Hong Kong tabloid, Wong had allegedly undergone abortion at a hospital in Taipei, Taiwan in 1994.

    The Taiwanese-born actress, who is based in Hong Kong is also said to be seven months pregnant at that time.

    The baby apparently survived the "induced labour" and was later sold to a famous infant-trafficker in Taiwan, Fu Rui-Jio.

    Fu sold the baby to a couple surnamed Yeh, but they returned the baby after discovering she had hearing problems.

    Fu sold the girl to a woman named Du afterwards.

    Fu was later sentenced to jail and is allegedly an ex-staff of the hospital where Wong had her abortion.

    When contacted, Du admitted that Fu had confessed that the baby belonged to Wong after she took her in.

    Du even presented a picture of the girl, who resembled Wong when she was younger.

    The girl, now 17, is currently studying in a secondary school in Taipei and is deaf.


    I don't know news this is true or not,her fan said is false news while other say is true and condemn her in other forum

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    Was Fu ever prosecuted for her trafficking?

    I wonder about the intention of this sudden exposure of the "truth". Why wait 17 years to tell the story? This seems a lot to me like a conspiracy on Joey's expense.
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    Has this at least been refuted or "no commented" by Joey Wong or her representatives? Sounds straight out of a Thai drama.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ByTmE View Post
    Has this at least been refuted or "no commented" by Joey Wong or her representatives? Sounds straight out of a Thai drama.
    Joey's dad has denied the allegations.
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    Poor Joey....
    Sidenote back in the day she was by far the most gorgeous actress ....
    Amazing looks and performance in the Chinese Ghost Stories.
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