OK. I watched this series when i was little so i don't remember the actors or the name of the series... Help???

Plot. Time frame current time not a period piece.
Female lead is a young 20 something poor girl living with mom. Story begins with her rushing to work and crossing through a park and bumps into a handsome guy in a suit (lead male). She apologizes for the bump and rushes off only to notice that her wallet is missing. The thought that the guy picked her pocket and rushes back to yell at the guy to return her wallet.. blah blah blah.. she snatched HIS wallet thinking it's hers and rushes off to her job at a resturant. Not sure what she does there but she was walking around holding a sign.

When she got to work she found her real wallet and felt bad that SHE stole someone's wallet... and to make matters worst... the wallet's owner happens to be a customer at her work place that day. She felt embarassed and tries to be unnoticeable in case he recongizes her so she hides behind her sigh which makes her job difficult. She ended up crashing and the guy notices her. That's all i remember of the beginning.

anyways. the story unfold and the lead girl finds out that she looks like the lead guys adopted father's (boss) wife. The boss is a super rich corporation or hotel magnate who's wife died and daughter went missing or died, i don't remember. But the lead girl looks very much like her and there's a protrait of her in the boss's home.

Later on leader girl and guy starts to fall in love and it was revealed that she was not the blood daughter of her current mom but the daughter of the boss and the wife. There was a happy father daughter reunion. She starts to work at her dad's company.

There was a business partner maybe a vice president of the company who's works with the boss. He is the bad guy in the series. He has a daughter who is inlove with the lead guy and always plotting ways to get the guy and separate the two lovers. She even went to set up scene where when the lead guy was drunk one night she pretended that they ended up in bed and eventually got pregnant. This led to the breakup engagment of the two leads.

There was also the incident where the father (boss) faked his own death because someone was trying to assisinate him so he went into hiding in his hotel without telling his daughter.

In the end, it was found out that the business partner was the bad guy and he escaped to a amusment park where he hid in a ferris wheel car and shot himself.

That's all i remember of the series.. If anyone remembers this series and knows the name of it.. PLEASE... tell me.. i am trying to add my favorite taiwanese series in my collection and this one has been bugging me since i have no idea any of the actor's names ..

Thank you in advance..