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Thread: Is there any alternative IT helpsite as good as

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    Default Is there any alternative IT helpsite as good as

    Is there any alternative IT helpsite as good as

    I make use of experts-exchange a lot last time and it's very helpful. But, since the old owner gone bankrupt and the site take over by a new owner my account has become very limited.

    Is there any alternative website that's as good as but not as restricted?
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    Tom's Hardware Forums.

    It's not exactly the same thing but the people there know their stuff.

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    Yahoo Answers is pretty good for most questions.
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    Default of course
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    I usually use google or yahoo for any IT questions that I find difficult to answer myself. I guess that is the most economical and convenient way for me. But I would suggest you to get a specialized IT provider if you are talking about a huge business. There are some who can customize according to your preferences and even have a 24 hour helpdesk just in case something goes wrong.

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