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Thread: Is there any point to "low sodium soy sauce"?

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    Default Is there any point to "low sodium soy sauce"?

    If you want less sodium, couldn't you just use less normal soy sauce and achieve the same result?

    For example, if low sodium soy sauce contains 30% less sodium than normal soy sauce, couldn't you just use 30% less normal soy sauce and get the same result? Perhaps by diluting it with water to achieve similar taste.
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    maybe. But I have found that low sodium soy sauce is sweeter than normal soy sauce. Also the color of the food is not as rich so my meats turn out a little lighter

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    I use low sodium soy sauce so that I can use more of it, for instance, to make my pad see ew brown without making it taste salty.

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    There's more thing to add than water. Also, how much water should you add to get right taste? I always ask for soy sauce with low sodium when eating at a Japanese restaurant.

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