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Thread: Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) Wins 2011 Miss Hong Kong Crown!

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    Default Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) Wins 2011 Miss Hong Kong Crown!

    Rebecca Zhu Wins 2011 Miss Hong Kong Crown!

    Twenty-three-year-old Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) was crowned as the 2011 Miss Hong Kong winner at the beauty pageant held on August 7, 2011. Through her beauty and intelligence, Rebecca won the title and lived up to the public’s expectations. Hyman Chu (朱希敏) was the first runner-up, while Whitney Hui (許亦妮) was the second runner-up at this year’s Miss Hong Kong pageant.

    Known as “Mainland Niki Chow,” Rebecca studied ballet and graduated from a performing arts program. Rebecca loved dancing and music, while her desire was to do their best to help people in need. Prior to her coronation, Rebecca received the Most Popular Award from guest presenter, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). When MC Eric Tsang introduced Myolie onstage, he referred to her as “Mrs. Wong” (Bosco Wong’s wife).

    During the segment when the Miss Hong Kong contestants’ family members appeared onstage to cheer for their daughters, Hyman Chu and mother shared the experience of participating in the pageant. Hyman cried forcibly, even causing her to lose her false eyelashes. The scene was quite moving and Eric Tsang’s eyes also became wet with tears.

    Second runner-up, Whitney Hui, also won the Most Photogenic Award. Hailing from London, Whitney was nicknamed as “D Cup Gi Gi” by the media due to her curvaceous figure. The 22-year-old enjoys reading and cooking. Whitney hoped to contribute to society and help people in need.

    Contestant # 6, Nicole Leung (梁麗翹), received the Miss International Goodwill Award. The 26-year-old was a senior marketing director and enjoyed playing the piano and traveling. Nicole was eager to become a successful manager. When the results were announced, Nicole was surprised and very excited upon receiving the award.

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    She also seems to have just injured herself after trying to impress TVB execs

    It was reported that former Miss Hong Kong 2011 Rebecca Zhu had sustained a back injury while practicing for a performance for the upcoming TVB Anniversary Gala.
    Popular Asians website reported that Rebecca, who had been trained as a professional ballet dancer, attempted a straddle split while hanging upside down on a rope web for one of the gala's segments called "Goddesses Love the Web". However, the strenuous move caused the actress to sustain a back injury during practice.
    Although Rebecca had applied a medicated pain patch on her lower back, the 24-year-old commented that she can still feel sharp pains that may have resulted from abrasions between joints.
    It was reported that the actress will now attempt an easier move for the show.
    Rebecca stated, "It was painful just to stand up. I think the injury might be more serious than it seems to be". The actress was also frustrated that her hard work during practice has been a waste now that she is given an easier move.
    Rookie TVB artistes often perform dangerous stunts for the anniversary gala, an attempt not just to thrill fans but to get the chance to prove themselves in front of TVB executives.


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