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Thread: Hey I found a Wuxia novel about Europe and Christianity

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    Default Hey I found a Wuxia novel about Europe and Christianity

    The Xia of Europe
    Well I'm a Chinese, my English is not so good so I can't translate a part of it for you.
    I read a post 'What if Christianity had a greater presence in the world of wuxia?' in your forum, I found this idea interesting.
    The leading character, a knight, in the novel I recommended uses 'Cursade Blade', and his cortege uses '36 Rome nail hammer'
    Unfortunately, this novel is not finished yet, but still worth reading.
    Have fun!

    Oops, seems that I forgot something EXTREMELY important.
    The novels written by the author called Ma Bo Yong are cursed, you will be unfortunate if you read or published them.
    So read this spell:'祥xiang瑞ryu御yu免mian,家jia宅zhai平ping安an', then the curse will be removed.
    Good luck!
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