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Thread: Wuxia Serial/Fan-Fic ala SPCnet

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    Yah is this thread still active?
    Is it too late for my character to be added in?

    If not,
    I would like to play a scheming and crafty bad guy who invents all kinds of strange weapons that never work. My scheming plans always fail and I'm a coward. I always try to act like the big evil guy but always end up embarrasing myself. I'm something like Zhou Bo Tong stripped of all the martial arts and who turns into a bad smelly egg.

    Is there anywhere where my character can be slotted in?

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    If there're too many bad guys then maybe I could be a good guy who hardly honours my words and runs away at any opportunity. The other respected good guys think I'm a useless bum and I'm always trying to prove otherwise.

    Oh yes I almost forgot, my character name would be "Lao Ah Pek", styled "Eternal Disaster" and my best martial arts skill is called the "Flying Pigs Palms" or "Fei Zhu Zhang Fa".

    Haha this is going to be fun...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MYF
    I'm not sure what this is all about (haven't read it yet...) but a quick scan through seems to reveal a lot of respected posters goofing off

    Just wondering, have y'all given up on this?

    There are senior members including SPC here.

    I wonder why nobody continued or started this fanfic. it has a potential to become an interesting round robin. I hope someone will start the story

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    I'll probably be a punk without any knowledge of martial arts but then later on I learn ancient martial arts and dominate the martial world! MWHAHAHA!

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    I wonder if this is still active... if it is I want to create a character! Probably someone like Huang Rong who in the beggining is thought to be a boy, but later it's reveal that my character's a girl! Well... Someone answer me please?

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