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    Default Tales of Xillia

    Any "Tales of" fans out there? Oh well, Tales of Xillia came out a few weeks back and I finally got my import version 2 weeks back and finally beat it last week-end.
    Overall great game. This game is flawless with it's great battle system. The only complaint I have is that why is it so addicting.

    In this "Tales of" you can play as Milla or Jude both of the two main protagonist. You can actually chose a story to play as for the first time in "tales of" history. This game really have a great combat system that never gets old. You would purposely go touch monsters so you can fight them. The leveling up system is way different too. Kind of like FFXIII's style.

    The game feature two main characters, Milla and Jude. Both characters live in the world of Liese Maxia, where humans, spirits and demons are able to reside together in harmony. Milla notice that many Spirits are dying and she went to the school of Jude where she felt the most energy is flowing from to investigate. Due to many events the two ends up traveling together. And thus the story begins. Didn't want to put too much spoiler there. Great game and story.

    Opening for this game:

    Song sung by Ayumi Hamasaki

    Milla Maxwell, one of the main characters in the game. She have the ability to control and summon spirits such as:
    Knome: The earth spirit, she control anything relating to the earth itself.
    Undine: The water spirit, she can shoot water guns at enemy afar.
    Ifrit: The fire spirit, he can blow fire to enemies.
    Sylph: The wind spirit, she blow enemies upward.

    Jude, he is a student from the school in which Milla went to investigate.
    He joins her later when Milla helped him. Jude fight with his fist and feet.

    Rowen, obviously the oldest in the bunch. He joins you later when you helped him with something.
    Rowen is the butler of a rich family in a small town. He fights with his sword and his spells.
    His spells consist of tidal wave that engulf the entire field of combat.

    Alvin, he is a man of many faces, he joins later after he helped Milla and Jude escaped.
    Throughout the entire game I was not sure if I should trust him due to him acting suspiciously most of the time in this game.
    He fights with his handgun and his sword he carried on his back.

    Elise, a young girl who is very shy, due to her growing up alone she is often bullied in her home town.
    She joins the group after Jude helped her from the villagers picking on her.
    She uses Tipo to attack, (the talking friend on her shoulder) and she uses her staff to cast magic spells.
    She cast spells different from Rowen, her spells consist mostly of dark elements.

    Leia, she is the childhood friend of Jude, she is also learning to become a healer just like him.
    Leia is very clumsy and funny, she joins you later when you helped her find a cure for the town.
    She fights with a pole and is very fast, making her one of my favorite fighter in the group.

    Some battle footages from the game:
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    Is there a planned american release for this? Looks pretty cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grundle View Post
    Is there a planned american release for this? Looks pretty cool
    Not that I know of. This game is truly a master piece though. Which sucks that there's no English release.

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