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The Golden Age of the Leftover Ladies(盛女的黃金時代 ) - Sammul Chan, Yumiko, Wang Li Kun
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    Default The Golden Age of the Leftover Ladies(盛女的黃金時代 ) - Sammul Chan, Yumiko, Wang Li Kun

    I'm excited for this!! (It finished airing already and is available online and on Youtube!)

    Title: The Golden Age of the Leftover Ladies (盛女的黃金時代)

    Starring: Sammul Chan, Wang Li Kun, Yumiko Cheng, Wang Danni, Lu Yulin

    Synopsis (Courtesy of YesAsia): Popular TVB actor Sammul Chan and Mainland actress Wang Likun are paired up again after the highly rated costume drama Mei Ren Xin Ji. This time, they star together in The Golden Age of the Leftover Ladies, which deals with the social trend that sees more and more white-collar ladies remaining single, and the common issues facing them in their career and love life. Wang Danni, Lu Yulin, and Hong Kong singer Yumiko Cheng co-star in the urban romantic comedy series.

    Fashion magazine art director Liang Shuang (Wang Likun) and her confidante Ou Lele (Wang Danni) are both beautiful and career-minded professionals who are pushing 30 but still single. Their worried parents threaten to arrange blind dates for them, so these "leftover ladies" must find a boyfriend quick! Shuang begins dating rich businessman Fu Yiping who has difficulty making commitments, while Lele starts seeing the handsome Gong Qiang who however is an insufferable control freak - both wrong guys for our heroines. Although badly bruised by these failed relationships, Shuang and Lele are tempted when they meet psychiatrist Li Hao (Sammul Chan) and boxing coach Lu Cheng (Lu Yulin), respectively. Will it work out for them this time?

    This just looks good.... I'm a sucker for these type of dramas that highlight the pressures young women in Asia are facing now for not being married... come on man, 30 is not old...

    Come on ladies! Soldier on!
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    Since people are apparently reading this.... let me throw in a trailer while I am at it....

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