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Super Snoops 《荃加福祿壽探案》
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Thread: Super Snoops 《荃加福祿壽探案》

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    Default Super Snoops 《荃加福祿壽探案》

    Super Snoops (荃加福祿壽探案)

    Liza Wang
    Johnson Lee
    Wong Cho-lam
    Louis Yuen
    Ella Koon
    Linda Chung
    Aimee Chan
    Shek Sau
    Kiki Sheung
    Toby Leung
    Matthew Ko
    Elvina Kong
    King Kong

    Hello,have anyone watch this comedy here,is this comedy better than Man With No Shadow?
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    Since 'Man With No Shadow' is not a comedy, how to compare?

    This is a slapstick comedy.
    If you like slapstick comedy, you might like this.
    If you like Old Time Buddies and Liza & the Gods, you might like this.
    If you like series wear characters suddenly sign out of the blue, you might also like this.

    I've watch 6 episodes. There are scenes that are too silly and too dragged out for me. But, overall, I enjoy this series. The cases are quite interested although not without flaws. And there are some touching moments.

    The series is about 4 Snoops who has special ability. They got the ability from a freak accident (or maybe not accident, but, some alien bestow the ability on them). They ability can only be used once every 24 hours for 1 minute and need to have a certain trigger. Liza Wang run a Private Investigation business and helped by Louis, Wong Cho Lam and her daughter Toby. Johnson is a police officer but I don't know whether he will change to PI or not.

    - Liza Wang - see the future (not all, bits and pieces only). She also know kungfu.
    - Louis Yuen - super strength
    - Wong Cho Lam - walk through any barriers ( can also bring people with him)
    - Johnson Lee - people will tell him the through when he touch them (only works on women)
    - Toby Leung - no special power but like to invent stuff (invention mostly faulty)
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    Watch until episode 14. I like Christine Kuo in this series. She acted well in the part where she disguise as a man. Very funny, especially the part where she spurt out the soup. I think Christine Kuo's acting will surpass Aimee's in the future. Aimee's acting hasn't improved much many series I have watch her in. Or maybe she was always casted in those fierce role, she her acting seems the same?

    He kid actor who acted as Linda's young brother also acted well. Kudos to Linda and him for acting their parts well.
    click to show/hide spoilers
    Not easy to act such relationship, given their age difference.
    什麼是朋友?朋友永遠是在你犯下不可原諒錯誤的時候,仍舊站在你那邊的笨蛋。~ 王亞瑟

    和諧唔係一百個人講同一番話,係一百個人有一百句唔同嘅說話,而又互相尊重 ~ - 葉梓恩

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