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楚留香新传 The New Legends of Chu Liu Xiang (2012)
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Thread: 楚留香新传 The New Legends of Chu Liu Xiang (2012)

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    Default 楚留香新传 The New Legends of Chu Liu Xiang (2012)

    With all the hype surrounding the brand new television adaptations of acclaimed wuxia novels 笑傲江湖 Xiao Ao Jiang Hu (written by Zha Liang Yong) and 新白发魔女传 Bai Fa Mo N Zhuan (written by Liang Yu Sheng), here is the third upcoming TV adaptation to complete the trifecta (this one has already finished production and will broadcast soon) ...

    ... 楚留香新传 Chu Liu Xiang Xin Zhuan (written by Gu Long).

    This new, upcoming series can be considered a sequel to the most recent adaptation, The Legend of Chu Liu Xiang (2007), which adapted the three novels of 楚留香傳奇 (Chu Liu Xiang Chuan Qi) ... namely Fragrance in the Sea of Blood (血海飘香), The Vast Desert (大沙漠), and The Thrush (画眉鸟).

    The New Legends of Chu Liu Xiang (2012) will adapt four of the five novels of the "newer" series, 楚留香新傳 (Chu Liu Xiang Xin Zhuan) ... namely Legend of the Bat (蝙蝠傳奇), Phantom Love and Heroic Romance (鬼戀俠情), Legend of the Peach Blossom (桃花傳奇), and Legend of the New Moon (新月傳奇). The Midnight Orchid (午夜蘭花) will not be adapted.

    The series stars Ken Chang (Zhang Zhi Yao) as Chu Liu Xiang. Other stars include Louis Fan Shao Huang, Jin Qiao Qiao, Michael Tong (Tang Wen Long), Dai Chun Rong, and Roy Liu De Kai.

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