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Thread: TianShan Tonglao + Li QiuShui vs Zhang Wuji + Yang Guo

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    Default TianShan Tonglao + Li QiuShui vs Zhang Wuji + Yang Guo

    Which duo would win? Tiangshan Tonglao (100%) + Li Qiushui

    Zhang Wuji End + Yang guo after 16 years (100%)

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    The first two are far ahead IMO.

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    Yeah...the ladies will win. I'm not sure Yeung Gor and Cheung Mo Gei *together* could take on even one of them, let alone both.

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    The ladies will win for sure.

    TianShan Tonglao shot Shengsi fu (life and death talisman) to both of them is enough to defeat them instantly.

    Li QiuShui got Xiao Wu Xiang Gong to protect herself. Even TianShan TongLao got problem to defeat her. So the two youngsters will face even more problems to defeat her.

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