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Thread: 无极剑神 - Limitless Sword God

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    Default 无极剑神 - Limitless Sword God

    Alright, so I am going to start translating this novel, thanks to a interesting synopsis done by mike211 on the recommendations thread. Here is a few things to note though:
    1. My chinese level is very low, since I immigrated to America when I was very young, therefore, the first few weeks/months, the translations will be slow.
    2. I am doing this for the sole purpose of improving my Chinese, so quality should increase as time goes on.
    3. My first release will be probably 2-3 days from now, but my release schedule will be 1 chapter per week. When I have the ability to not sacrifice quality, I will increase the number of chapters per week.
    4. This is my first time making a wordpress account, so I am still fairly new to this, hopefully I can give everyone decent translations.
    5. I will not be accepting donations until I can get a decent amount of chapters done/week, so for now, let's see how it goes :P

    My site is:

    Here is a synopsis done by mike211:

    A prodigy fallen from grace due to a rare medical condition.
    Years go by, the prodigy spending all his time on gambling and alcohols wasting his youth away, but one day everything changes.
    Lean, the only one who stood by him was force by his clan to be a sacrifice pawn to be married off to someone she didnt love, only to be killed by the groom on the wedding night.
    Burning for revenge, he seeks out for a cure for his rare medical condition from both righteous and evil side.
    Many years go by, finally the prodigy not only has found a way to cure his rare condition but also gain much knowledge's on martial art.
    But before he could cure himself, he received new that the groom have suffer a major internal injury. Rather than to cure himself and train up which could decades of years, prodigy thinks that this is a good opportunity for revenge.
    Carefully, he laid schemes to trap and kill the killer but he unfortunately he underestimated the strength of the killer and was killed instead.
    As he regains conscious, he comes to a realization that he have went back 15 year in time.
    This time, he vowed that he must prevent Lean from ever getting hurt again.
    But first he must cure his rare medical condition.

    Remember, first translation will be done by Thursday 10 pm EST(UTC -5), and will repeat on Thursday of every week. (for the summer) I am not sure about after summer ends, which it will in 2 weeks, hopefully, I can keep up with 1 chapter/week.

    Most likely, I will post on the forums first, since the wordpress thing I got to figure out right now lmao.

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    Thanks for picking up this novel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chosen5000 View Post
    Thanks for picking up this novel.
    Yeah no problem, just remember only 1 chapter guaranteed per week for now, may increase later on.

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    Better than nothing at all but i hope if a translator offers to help that you accept.

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    Ok well, posted on my site, but I will post here also:

    My site is:

    By the way, this took like 5 hrs.......-_-, I suck so bad at translating....

    Chapter 1 - The Trash Master and Phoenix Maid
    It was a cold night. In a shabby hut, a candle was flickering.
    Inside the simple and cramped room of the hut, there was only a single bed and chair. Near the bedside, there was a young girl wearing a plain white military uniform, who was gazing at the young man on the bed with a pained face full of tears.
    The man, whose pale blue eyes were closed shut, was in a coma.
    The door was pushed open.
    A handsome man with a tall build appeared at the entrance of the door.
    "Miss, he probably is already dead! I will arrange people to clean up the corpse, time is in the essence, let's quickly go back home. If the master of the main house finds about the unexcused absence, you and I will receive punishment. "
    "No, I will not go back, I will stay here to accompany young master, " said the young girl as she laid on the young master's chest crying.
    "Have you forgotten your responsibilities, quickly come back with me!" said the handsome man as he frowned.
    "Young master has a sudden accident, what will I even do after I arrive back home? Young master gave me a home, raised me since I was little and now with him by himself, how can I leave him? " as the young girl said with tears raining down from her tired red eyes.
    "You......" A angry scowl emerged on the handsome guy's face, but he could not say anything.
    Just then, a slight groan was heard from the person lying on the bed.
    The surprised girl suddenly stopped crying and rushed to the bed and saw that the thin pale young man slowly began to open his eyes?
    Did he wake up?
    The two people in the room were stunned.
    In fact, Suyun had already woke up.
    However, he had a severe headache, his whole body felt weak and he was unable to move.
    Even though the voice of her master was strange, she was very familiar with it. The girl listened intently to the words the young master spoke without missing a word.
    Qing er? Is it really Qing Er's voice?
    Impossible, Qing er is already dead, but this can't mistake it.
    Suyun painfully recalled, as his remembered events from the past, his emotions burst out.
    "Young master.... " the startled Suyun said quietly and then cried out "Great, you have woken up!"
    Suyun slowly opened her eyes, only to see peerless female face greeting him.
    The girl face was flawless, with eyes shimmering like precious stones, red cherry lips, basically a flawless beauty, which would bewitch and intoxicate anyone.
    She was quite young, only about fifteen or sixteen, but her body was exquisitely graceful, with a well endowed chest. However, it was evident that she was still a child, as there were crystal tears on her face. Suyun could not help but pity her.
    Suyun intently stared at the girl.
    "Qing.....Er? Is it really you?" Suyun gawked.
    "It is me.....master, it is me! Qing Er grabbed her master's freezing cold hands: "master, you had an accident. As soon as I heard, I rushed here. How are you feeling? Do you feel better? Do you feel there are injuries anywhere else on your body?" Qing Er asked full of concern.
    Suyun looked at himself puzzling.
    What happened?
    The familiar people, the familiar scene, isn't this the small hut that little Qing Er used to lived in?
    Wasn't this room sold already?
    Furthermore, Qing Er, isn't she......
    Suyun could not understand what was going on as his head became dizzy.
    "After eating a mysterious spirit pill, he still did not die! Hmph, so he remains a miserable wretch!" the handsome man beside Qing Er said under his breath. (TL: I think that's what it says, or maybe am I wrong??? 吃了灵玄士一击还不死!哼,果然是贱骨头!旁边传来一记冷哼,正是那名青衫男子)
    "Ling Xuan Shi?" Suyun could not recall anything, since his mind was still foggy.
    Suyun covered his head: " This terrible pain, this memories seem so hazy."
    "Seems that Suyun head is heavily injured!" said the handsome man under his breath.
    "The mysterious spiritual power inside your body must have not been eliminated, eat some medicine, take a long rest and you should recover within a few days." Qing Er said.
    As Suyun stared at the Qing Er's beautiful little face, his heart twitched and he suddenly reached for Qing Er's hand and refused to let go.
    Qing Er could not react.
    Her reflex was to let go of the hand, but her heart wanted to remain like this. The scene produced a lovely atmosphere between two young people.
    The handsome man was enraged, he quickly took away Qing Er's hand and said "Outrageous! Suyun! You cheap bastard, even daring to touch Qing Er! I will hack you to death!"
    After he finished speaking, he then proceeded to cut Suyun's head off.
    As the sword neared Suyun, a barrier was formed, the man was forced back.
    The man began to use spirit and mysterious power to break the barrier.
    "Mosha, what are you doing? He is my master? Why are you trying to hurt him?" SuQing angrily shouted as she bit her teeth. (TL: think it is name Mosha right?? 莫沙,你要干什么?)
    "Master? Only you think of him as master! However, he is considered as garbage by the main house. You still care about him? Do not forget you are a promising person in the main house, but this guy, you should quickly cut all ties with him!"
    "Master has always taken care of me! I will not back down to support young master." Qing Er said as she bit down her lip firmly.
    "You need to understand compromise. Look at this garbage, eighteen years old, with even seven artifacts, he could not reach the spiritual realm! He does not even think about practice, if he is not drinking wine, he is gambling, how is he different from mud? I heard that you used to serve under him, even got beaten a lot, how do you still have feeling for this scum?! He is an ordinary man now! You and him are in two different worlds. Do you understand now?" Mosha shouted.
    "You.......don't badmouth my master!" Qing Er face reddened from anger and angrily shouted "Get out of my face!"
    "Quickly, come back to the main house!"
    "If you don't get out, I will not leave here today!"
    "You.....well! Really ignorant!" The man could only helplessly comply and quickly walked out of the room.
    The door was slammed shut.
    A silence soon entered the broken home.
    Like the calm after a storm.
    Qing Er's complexion finally lightened a bit. Afterwards, she quickly went to the window of the room to look outside for Mosha, finding that no one was watching, she quickly took out a grey bag from under her belt and placed it under Suyun's blanket.
    However, as she was completing the action, a hand grabbed her arm.
    Startled, Qing Er looked up to see Mosha looking at her questionly.
    "What is this?" asked Mosha.
    "Money." Qing Er lightly whispered, scared that people outside could hear.
    Every month, Qing Er would give Suyun money to survive.
    "Where did you get this money?"
    "Didn't Qing Er tell Mosha already? The main house treats promising candidates very well, such as giving them money. Because I never finish spending them, I always just give the rest to Shuyun."
    As Qing Er's head faced down and looked uneasy.
    "You don't even know how to lie." as Suyun shaked his head: "300 is you monthly allowance, but you always give me all of it?"
    A surprised expression came on Qing Er's face.
    How did master know that?
    "What day is it?" Suyun asked.
    "New dynasty, Year 1001, March 3."
    After Suyun heard this, he became silent.
    "Master, wrong?"
    Qing Er asked with a puzzled expression.
    Suddenly, she was in a tight hug from Shuyun.
    "Qing Er, sorry." Shuyun apologized.
    It was a simple phrase, but it was left in unsaid for fifteen years.
    Qing Er was completely flabbergasted, she simply could not understand her master's actions. After her master had an accident, it seemed that he became a change man.
    After a long time, she gently spoke: " master, no matter what happens, you have to live, for your wife, but also for yourself, you have to live on, okay?"
    Shuyun nodded.
    A light smile crept unto Qing Er's face, as she turned to leave the room.
    "Master, the hour is late, in a moment, I will get some spirit doctors to look after you. I have to quickly go back to the main house, this time the house head is outside doing business, so he is not at the residence. I sneaked out, even if house head discovers me, I would not be afraid of fines, but I was worried about master, so....Qing Er will leave. Take the money, maybe use it to buy some food and clothe?"
    "No, Qing Er, you take it. Later, don't come to deliver money to me anymore." Suyun grabbed the purse and threw it at Qing Er.
    Qing Er was stunned as she caught the purse: " Was the money not enough?"
    "Nope, I just don't want to live like this anymore."
    Qing Er was startled by this, as she eyed the man in front of her.
    He was surprised to find a smile on her face: " Well Qing Er, quickly go back now!"
    "Mas.....master, is this okay?"
    "I feel great."
    "Quickly go! If you stay any longer, the house head might find out and I will also get in trouble."
    Qing Er bit down her dark pink lips: " Then....master, if you have any difficulties, don't hesitate to let me know, we will solve any problem together, no matter what happens, Qing Er will stand beside master."
    "No problem!"
    Qing Er hesitated, took a step back and quickly left the hut.
    Suyun took a deep breath, while looking at the flickering candle, his heart rate began to beat really fast.
    Just a few moments later, the door was opened again.
    however, it was not Qing Er, but the young handsome man, Mosha.
    "You did not go?" asked Suyun.
    "I sent her away. I came back to specifically lecture you." said Mosha as he coldly stared at Suyun.
    "What do you want to say?" asked Suyun.
    "Good things." said Mosha
    "Talk." said Suyun.
    "Even though Qing Er was your mother's child, Qing Er is very gifted, who would later play an important role in the Su family, a difficult and long road. Furthermore, her partner have already been decided. Although she is grateful to you as a parent, but now you are not in the main branch, I mean look at yourself, what is the difference between you and trash? Look at her, just the Phoenix Branch! Just don't think you can eat swan meat as a toad, alright?" (TL: Basically, a chinese saying that mean that because you are poor, don't associate yourself with successful/promising people)
    Suyun was silent.
    "Get over youself!" Mosha sneered, as he turned to leave.
    "I want to ask something." suddenly, Suyun asked.
    Mosha stopped in his steps and turned around.
    "Qing Er's marriage is forced, but how was Tian Wei Branch involved?
    Mosha cheekly surprised: "How do you know?"
    "This is a secret?"
    "Not really, but right now Qing Er does not know! I believe you have heard of the Tian Wei Branch before, every person in there is famous. Anyways, don't bother miss anymore! Otherwise, don't even mention Tian Wei Branch, the SU family will not even let you! There is absolutely no place for you!."
    After finishing, Mosha quickly left.
    Suyun laid on his bed.
    Previously, after waking up, his mind was dizzy, but now the memories were clear.
    Just now, Qing Er and Mosha's remarked convinced everything in his heart.
    He had been reborn.
    In his memory, Qing Er was already dead.
    In his memory, at ten years old, Suyun was considered as a genius, already at fifth stage. During that time, even Qing Er could not compare to his talent. Qing Er and Shuyun was always monitored by the main family, as the most promising candidates for the main house.
    However, after the fifth stage, Suyun talent disappeared. For the next eight years, his progression only increased to only sixth stage.
    Suyun gradually faded from the main house concerns and left the spotlight.
    Later, Suyun's parent kicked him out since he became a disgrace to the family, causing his self-esteem to lower further and caused him to fall into depression.
    His daily alcohol consumption and gambling caused him to lose everything else that he owned.
    On the other hand, Qing Er's talent continued, which caused her to reach the next realm to directly obtain access to the main house.
    And yet Suyun now eighteen, will have his last strength test, which will probably be still only sixth stage.
    From Su Family Rules, he will be banished to the outer sect and loss of all family privileges.
    The Su Family is brutal, it is the survival of the fittest.
    For this reason, he left home because of unsatisfactory results and took out his anger at the family steward.
    That is the content of my previous world, but this is a new world, so nothing is set in stone.
    The Su house wants to climb the ranks of Tain Wei Branches, so they specially arranged a marriage using Qing Er. With Wing Er's looks, talent, she was not short of admirers and many houses coveted her.
    The romantic life of Qing Er was not Suyun's business, but Qing Er was against the arrange marriage candidate.
    But what could she do? The marriage had been set, only to serve as a political marriage to increase Su Family's relationship with Tian Wei Branch. After Qing Er finally could see that nothing could be changed, she decided to give Suyun one last visit, but Suyun was out in a bar drinking his sorrows away, so he missed the parting.
    Qing Er decided to flee, but could not get far. The Tian Wei Branch was enraged and executed Qing Er.
    Suyun remembered it was New Dynasty, May 9, Year 1005.
    After Qing Er died, the Tian Wei Branch made a cover story that said the Qing Er died from disease, which Suyun believed initially. However, he later found out from the gossip of elders the truth on the matter.
    Thus, Suyun woke up from his position.
    After his last family member was gone, he began to truly understand himself and recognize the world.
    No one will deliver him money every month, no one will help take care of him when he is sick, no one will care about him.
    Suyun found out that after losing everything, he came to understand that he owes Qing Er a debt.
    He decided to take revenge.
    However, how is Tian Wei Branch easy to deal with? How can he compare to the experts of the spiritual realm in the branch. This was just wishful thinking.
    Nonetheless, Suyun did not give up, he left the Su Family to travel the world. He looked for an expert to become an apprentice so that he could repair his condition, temper his heart and mind.
    Even so, people were confused at how he could not enter the seventh stage, even skilled teachers were helpless.
    Therefore, Suyun became more desperate. He eventually embarked on a road of no return, he sneaked into the mainland demons, found a spiritual artifact, risking confrontation with the Rumo sects. He discovered that he could replace human blood with demon blood substitute.
    But reality was cruel, even though the blood was changed, it was still difficult to repair.
    In heaven, Suyun had nowhere else to go.
    It was a road of no return, however, there was a chance to become a world-class expert.
    This was the original reason that Suyun suddenly lost talent and suffered from an odd disease.
    This spiritual person will suffer a rare disorder. However, the disorder was rare, so it was hard to detect. Nonetheless, if it is detected, curing it was not difficult.
    However, there was a good opportunity to attack the Tian Wei Branch, but he did not have time to fully cure the illness. Therefore, he could not wait, since to completely cure the disease it would take decades.
    But now was not the same!
    Before, he had carefully set a strategy, an attempt to use an artifact to behead the Tian Wei Branch elders. Then borrow the artifact's power to destroy the Tian Wei Branch.
    However, he underestimated the strength of the elders of the Tian Wei Branch. Suyun was eventually killed by the elders.
    After death, his consciousness returned back to his shack fifteen years ago. He returned before Qing Er would flee from Su family by three years, four days after being kicked out from his home.
    "God has given me a second chance?" Suyun muttered.
    A vow suddenly appeared in his heart.
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