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Thread: Lord of the Stars(众星之主) by One Hurt Twenty-Eight(一伤二十八)

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    Default Lord of the Stars(众星之主) by One Hurt Twenty-Eight(一伤二十八)

    Hi guys, this is my first try at translating, not the perfect english, not the perfect grammar, but hey it's wortha try.

    Feel free to correct any spellings/grammar of mine.

    Just tried translating chapter 1, took me hours, not sure how often i will translate, but depends on the feedback,if there's none, then what's the point?

    Although, the whole point of me translating is to practice translating, it's a lot tougher than writing in Englishor in Chinese.

    Some words I looked up from the online translators, some words/phrases are from my own interpertations.
    And the some words are nearly non-translatable, has to use notes to allow the reader understand what this and thatis.

    Lots of the words are so deep, that you can't translate a culture, therefore those cultures/customs are writtenin the notes. Hopefully everything is understandable.

    Thanks guys!

    Lord of the Stars by One Hurt Twenty-Eight

    This is a facinating world, where one seeks the way of the martial arts. Legend says martial arts trained to the top can split mountains and seas, flying high in the sky, travelling deep down into the earth. According to ancient legends, one can turn into xian, and seeks longevity

    A very common youngster travelled into this world, reincarnated into a baby. A world very similar to Earth, but one filled with martial arts. This youngster doesnt have the best talent, even if trainedfor a lifetime, he wont reach the top. However, thats only on the outside, deep inside him, he has the Way of the Dreams. In his dreams he can travel back to his past life or to other worlds.

    All is for reaching the top of the world, to seek to become xian, and gains longevity.

    Dream world includes: Smile Proud Wanderer, Da Tang Shuang Long Zhuan] by Huang Yi, Kun Lun, Cang Hoi, Shu Shan, Hong Fang....
    In ancient legend, there are three thousand worlds, and this dream world can reincarnate into any of them.

    Notes: Many of these worlds are wuxia worlds that have been translated or yet to be translated
    Smile Proud Wanderer by Jin Yong (笑傲江湖:金庸)
    Legend of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong (射雕英雄传:金庸)
    Da Tang Shuang Long Zhuan] by Huang Yi(大唐双龙传:黄易)

    Raws :
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    Chapter 1: Chilling Three Fingers[1]

    The sky is blue and never ending, high up in the sky is the sun filled with warmth which seems to make everyone shine. However, people on the streets seem to lack these warm spirits.

    On the side of the streets,there are some people tightly dressed wearing long robe , according to Earths temperature measurements, it should be about 40 plus degrees Celcius weather. Wearing such outfitstyles should catch ones eyes but according to the people here, its a very common dress code.

    Ji Boyi [2] walks down the street with a purple long robe on. It seems that his beatiful face is making all the girls staring at him. Long hair, down to the shoulderline,as he walks, trembles. Hands behind his back, loose sleeves occasionally show hands white like a pearl that attracts nearby attentions.

    Hardly ever coming out for a walk, hopefully, xiao mei[3] wont give me any trouble!

    Ji Boyi eyes narrowed slightly, flashes a bit of Yin[1], as he thought about his troublesome sister,

    This youngster actually has another name, but it doesnt belong to this world, since hes no longer an earthling, theres no reason to mention that name anymore.

    The world now is very similar to Earth, the present place where hes at right now is called the Red Divine Land, divided into nine states, twelve regions. Its very similar to ancient world, the wholeRed Divine Land is under the control of the Chu country. Across the endless sea, there are some blond blue eyed foreigners who often cross the sea to come to this place.

    And the worlds various physical and mechanical laws and the Earth are exactly the same, the only difference is probably martial arts, such practice can defy all laws of nature.

    In previous life, these are considered a heresey, but here they actually really exist. In occasions, he can see his uncles and fake dad[4] breaking stones with flick of a finger or flying thru methods of controlling Qi, after seeing all of these supernatural sights, he throws all of his previous lifes so called commonsense out of the window.

    The current him, is called Ji Boyi,of seventeen in age,from Xuzhou Taiyue City Ji familys shuzi(illegitimate son)[5] A youngster with only the initial stage of martial arts.

    When Ji Boyi first came to this world, he was very happy, because he felt he have gotten the treatment of being the MC(main character/hero). However, once he turned ten, such ideas went out the window. Firstof all, hes not like all other MCs who are trash, his talent for martial isnt bad. According to light novels, MC all starts out as trash or with a godlike potential that hasnt been seen in thousand years. Whilehe is an ordinary genius who doesnt have these two requirements.

    Although his shuzi status fits this role, but with his previous 30 years of experience, he knows how to social and handle personal interactions/relationships well, even if he cant deceive those monster-likeuncles, he can still get along easily with his brothers. Also, there are no malicious bulter bullying him or deducting his allowance/living expense[6], these kind of tragedies are what all MC should experience.

    After living in this world for 16 years[7], Ji Boyi finally seems settles his restless hearts. Because he isnt the MC, not calming his heart is a total no go. Slowly integrating into this world, only that way can he live a better life.

    The current Ji family is considered one of the better known martial arts family, having a bit of fame in the Red Divine Land. Hes currently at Yangzhous Jiangdou City. Because of some reason, hesbeing sent(banish) to this North Star Academy.

    As he walks slowly down the street, theres a green bloused youngster head filled with sweats running towards him, waving at him frantically while attracting nearby passsengers all just to see whats happening.

    Young master Yi [8], Third Lady[9] and Qian Ziying started arguing, they are about to fight hands on, we cant stop them....

    After seeing this youngster, he already begins to have a bad feeling about it. And really, his troublesome sister is about to give him troubles again, which makes him feel a headache. A step towards the youngsterin front, signaling him to halt.

    Ah[10] Song, speak slowly, whats the matter?

    Just when Ji Boyi is about to allow him to explain the situation, this servant who is called Ah Song grasps onto his arm, dragging him, then turned aboutface and left.

    Theres no time to explain slowly, Young master Yi, the way I view it, Qian Ziying is about to go crazy!

    Looking at Ah Songs impertinence, Ji Boyi frowned, and just as his anger is about to rise, came a thought of something that made him hold back his anger and shook off the hand that is holding onto him.

    Sorry, Young master Yi, I was too in a rush!

    At this time, Ah Song already knows hes at fault. As a servant, how can he touch young masters body, so he quickly apologized at once.
    But, deep down into his eyes shows no signs of it, all of this came into the eyes of Ji Boyi.

    However, after remembering that he is xiao meis servant, he withstood the anger.

    Last year, he and this sister[11] were sent to Jiangdou City according to the familys instructions. After successfully passing the school entry exam, and they finally get a chance to study into one of the betterknown school in the Red Divine Land, the North Star Academy. Since Ji Boyi is normally prudent, and with somewhat of a talent, his fake father sent him on a mission to take care of this spoiled daughter whom his father likesthe most.

    Oh, and forgot to mention, although his fake father has an unattractive appearance, but has a single ability thats surprisingly astonishing, and that ability is to have lots of kids. Through years of trainingin martial arts, even though hes already nearly 100 years old, fake father has been marrying woman left and right nonstop after becoming the family head[12], while nearly having a child every single year.

    But due to the rigorous training of the GongFa[13], fake father already has 37 sons, but daughters has only 3. So, theres way more love shown for his daughtersthan sons. And the sister who is studying with Ji Boyi is the youngest one, you can already imagine how spoiled, arrogant and imperious shes going to be.

    Ji Boyis mother died very early on, if he had never showed any talent and/or his prudence,
    he probably wouldve been totally forgotten by his father.

    His fake father took his character traits into the account and sent him to study with his youngest sister.

    In Ji family, his sister and his social status can be said of like the sky and ground, obviously he being the ground dirt, while his sister flying high in the sky. Every month he only gets the basic allowance,while his sister every month gets about what he gets in a years worth.

    So his actual role is to be his sisters nanny. Today, just as he was about to get a bit of fresh air, he was once again being interrupted by her. Being a princess nanny is very painful and tiresome job.

    This Ah Song came into xiao meis likings by his clever mouth and running errands for her nonstop. In a sense, Ji Boyi is very similar to him, both are servants to that wayward little girl. By the way,since he is usually disguised being kind and tender, so, even the servants who came here with his sister arent afraid of him at all.

    Eyes flashes a bit of Yin, Ji Boyi cannot help but shake his head, if he wants to get more support from the family, he cant just leave his sister alone.

    So he turned around, not sure how he moved but in a crowd of people, it seems like as if he is like a fish swimming, easily taking a step jumping over ten feet of distance, about two or three steps, hesalready at the corner of the street, followed by an agile move, headed towards the direction of the academy, no longer caring about Ah Songs cries and shouts, leaving him behind.

    Although using QingGong[14] uses a ton of NeiGong[15], but if that wayward sister gets into any problem whatsoever, it will be considered a lifetime event.

    When he reaches the gate of the academy, he sees a pink dressed girl anxiously waiting for him.

    Tao-er[16], whats the matter, why did xiaomei and Qian Ziying get into an argument?

    Ji Boyis shadow blinks,and is already in front of this pink dressed girl. This is a girl who was sent by the family to serve his sister, normally stay by xiao meis side to entertain her.

    Young Master Yi, do you know that my Lady and [QingYi]s Ji Qianran usually dont get along. And, recently that Qian Ziying hooked up with Ji Qianran. My Lady met them at the academy and mocked themjust a little bit, with just a few words, Qian Ziyings face got worse and worse, eventually it seems like hes getting ready to hit my Lady!

    After hearing Taoer words, Ji Boyis brows didnt relax at all, that Qian Ziying is a badass at Northstar Academy, and wugong[17] level is slightly above him. However, he shouldnt be one of those type that gets angered easily, Ji Boyi wonders what did xiao mei say to anger him.

    But now, theres no time to ask or think about those in detail. Following Tao-ers guide, Ji Boyi slowly arrives at the academys stars ring[18] gathered with people, faintly can hear his own xiao meisshouts and curses.

    Qian Ziying, are you really going to hit me just for that *****!

    Oh shit!

    Hearing this voice, Ji Boyi doesnt care about his image anymore, directly uses his QingGong to jumping above the crowd to get onto the ring, only to see a yellow dressed robed handsome guy with anger, ashis hand is about to slap on the 14 or 15 year old girls face.

    Stop it!

    At this moment, Ji Boyi yelled this phrase, then from the sleeve took out a white as a pearl, right hand, index finger and middle close together, NeiGong surges, and moving toward Qian Ziyings palms center.

    BO sound came out, when Ji Boyis fingers sword hit Qian Ziyings palms center, he only felt a tremendous amount of Qi
    force that practically made him so painful that he thought his two fingers were about to break apart.

    Never knew opponents NeiGong is that high of level. All Ji Boyi can do is to bite his teeth, and use his ultimate move. Eyes flashes a bit of Yin, deep inside in his body, there are over thousands threadsof meridians[19], tens of thousands strands of NeiGong turning into ChillingThree Finger Qi all rushes out from the fingers to attack, in a split of a second, it shook off Qian Ziyings palm.

    After Ji Boyis used this move, the whole stars ring acts as if winter came, overflowing with wind chilled air , causing nearby people all shivering up trying their best moving backwards quickly as possible.

    Chilling Three Fingers, Boyi-bro[20], no need to use such a nasty move!

    Yellow robed handsome guy felt chilling ice poking his palms, frowned. At the academy, not many people can come into his eyes, but Ji Boyi is one of them.

    Ziying-bro, how can i not use all my strength against you?

    [1] 三阴剑指 - Three Yin Swords Finger: In ancient Chinese philosophy, everything has Yin and Yang and/or is part of it. Yang refers to sun, brightness, warmth,masculine. Yin is the total opposite can refer to feminine, moon, ghosts/spirits, cold, darkness. Fingers Sword(剑指) is hard to translate, its using fingers to act as sword

    [2] : 姬博弈, JI(姬) is a very uncommon surname in Chinese, author using this name should have some meaning to it. Ji refers to very beatiful female inancient China. Many ancient chinese famous beautiful woman have been added the title Ji. Boyi (博弈), this name the author probably allows the readers to get an idea of the MCs traits. Boyi in Chinese often refers toplaying chess, where they calculate every single move, reading into opponents mind, and planning out future moves and strategies. So just by the name itself, we already have a glimpse of what this character is like or whathe is going to turn into.

    [3] : xiao mei = 小妹:xiao means little, mei means younger sister. Although in this context it refers to his younger sister, but it can also used to addressother females who are younger than him.

    [4]:pianyi = 便宜: not sure how to properly translate this, it most cases it means cheap, but in this context it means fake. Such adjective is to show howthe MC doesnt really think that this father is his actual father, lacking a sense of being part of the family.

    [5]:庶子 shuzi = not the firstborn or is concubines child. In ancient China, only the firstborn son is considered to inherit everything in the family, allthe other sons are referred as shu zi. Shu zi has very low status in the family, in many cases even slaves and servants show little or no respects to them. Their status all depends on how the father and family/clan views/treatsthem. This is very common theme among wuxia/ xianxia stories MC most are shu zi, they all are treated very poorly and all of sudden turn into godlike heroes

    [6]: allowance/living expense: they get this kind of income just being for part of the family, these family have their own properties and business,they are verywell of, so every month they give family members some living expense to use. The higher in status you are, the more you get.

    [7]: before it was mentioned Ji Boyi is 17 now he only lived for 16 years is because Chinese calculates age differently, when a baby is born, hes consideredone years old in Chinese age. They call this norminal age(虚岁),and even if hes not past his bday that year, they can still another year to their age. So, say I turn 18 this December, I should be 19 by now then addanother 1 to this age which means I am already 20 years old. Yes, this kind of calculations are confusing, just go along with it for the time being, I only mention this just to hope no one jumps at the author for calculatingage wrongly.

    [8a]: 弈少爷,Yi Shaoye : Shaoye, its a title to address young man with status,kind of like japans -sama, and if this address is used by servants/slaves it means young master.
    [8b] Yi is short for Boyi.

    [9]: 三小姐, Third Lady: In ancient China, sons and daughters of the family are often referred to by numbers, of how they are borned. Third Lady here meansthis daughter is born after 2 other daughters or in some cases can refer to that she is born after two other child.

    [10]: 啊, Ah: A prefix honorific, this is often used to shorten peoples name, Ji Boyi can be called Ah Yi, this is used by people who know each other verywell or when a person has only a one syllable name, the Ah in front makes it sound smoother. Also, Chinese can just mention a persons name to greet one another, so in a sense Ah is like hey man, or yo, whatup dawg, but its very common to see Ah in front of a persons name with no signs of disrepect nor informality.

    [11] this sister is his way to show to show no respect of her

    [12] 家主 family/clan head = this is the leader of the whole family/clan, most ofthe important decisions are made by him, often these families/clans are very big and have usually is separated into two branches,main branch and segment branch. Main branch of the family is usually have a thicker bloodlineand has the most power. Segment branch can be composed of servants/slaves and usually have less of a bloodline to the family, usually has less power but has a bigger population compared to the main branch.

    [13] 功法 Gongfa, Im not sure how others translate it, but I cant find a right word to translate this. Gongfa is like a meditation or excercise program/method,where you practice it and get those super natural powers. It can be done thru meditation or thru excercising which will specifically mentioned. Usually Gongfa is practiced thru by meditation and only trains Qi, which goesthru the body and Qi will slowly give you supernatural powers. While others GongFa thru physical exercise, only strengthens the physical body with very little or no Qi. Different GongFa have different grades, levels, grantsdifferent abilities, so a martial artists future is somewhat dependent on the GongFa he practices. Some top GongFa can even enchance ones talent turning a dummy into a genius.

    [14] 轻功 QingGong: not sure how to translate, because no matter how you translate it will be awkward. This is a method by using NeiGong to make your body lighter,makes you move/run a lot faster. Not sure how other wuxia novels translate this, let me know then.

    [15] 内功 NeiGong: this is probably the lowest level of Qi(inner body energy), this is the Qi that what wuxia novels uses. Wuxia to turn into Xianxia requiresleveling up this NeiGong into other forms, and NeiGong is the lowest state. If you cant imagine what is NeiGong, just think, about how matters are in liquid, solid, gas states. In those xianxia light novels the Qi usuallystarts out as gas form, then turn into liquid then finally solid state in the DanTian(丹田),this DanTian according to the internet is around the pubic area, imagine a circle like organ there, thats where you store thoseQi. I really wonder how others translate Dantian, Neigong, Qinggong etc.

    [16] 儿 - Er : this is only used to address girls, similar to japans (-chan) but it seems more often to be used it in ancient China and/or novels. When usedits often used the last part of the first name then add -er afterwards. So for example, if someone really close to a girl named 珍珠 Zhenzhu, they might call her Zhu-er(珠儿).

    [17] Wugong = 武功 = martial arts

    [18] Stars Ring = just imagine a ring where two guys fight, Stars Ring is just the name of this ring

    [19] meridians = 经脉 = JingMai = passages through which vital energy circulates, regulating bodily functions. If you cant picture this, then just imagineblood travelling thru the veins, its literally the same concept except its with Qi. And meridians are the veins to Qi.

    [20] 兄 = xiong = bro = This is a very frequent honorific used in ancient china, man often refer one another by calling each other bro, bro as in brother. Thisdoesnt mean they have good relationships, its just a polite way to try to get all friendly to each other or at least act friendly. Similar to japanse -san. This honorific usuage is a bit different compared to -er andah-, it can be used after last name, after first name, after first part of first name or even after last part of first name. So Ji Boyi can be called Ji-bro, Bo-bro, Yi-bro, or even Boyi-bro. If you really have to differentiatethen it must be last name adding bro vs first name adding bro afterwards, last name adding bro to it is more bit formal, more like strangers just getting to know each other, first name adding bro, no matter how you go atit feels a bit closer in relationship or at least thats what it looks like. Nowadays, adding bro at the end of the name isnt common anymore, but, calling each other brother(兄弟/xiong di) without each others nameis common, especially in gangs etc.
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