Turning a wuxia novel into a feature film or television series has its challenges, and among these are training actors who might have little or no martial arts experience to convincingly portray martial arts fight scenes. Although professional stunt people handle most of the most dangerous stunts, even the relatively "safe" action scenes that the studio authorities deem suitable for the actors can present their hazards.

During SINA TV's reunion show with the LOCH '82 (TVB) cast earlier this year, Michael Miu remarked how Barbara Yung almost blinded him in one eye with the Dog Beating Stick prop during one of the action scenes between Wong Yung and Yeung Hong. I'm sure stuff like this has happened many times during wuxia film/series production. Are there any other memorable cases of wuxia actors nearly being killed/maimed during filming? Has anyone actually ever *died* during a wuxia production as a result of an accident on the set?