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Thread: Let It Be Love 《4 in Love》

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    So many WHB actors showed up here - it was fun to play catch the cameo. All in all I thought it was fun cheeky series - some of the jokes are pretty subtle and the pacing is slower for a comedy (thought it was pretty quick pacing for a Chik series).

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    I am surprise on how this series turned out. I went in thinking it was a terrible series. Turn out to be a good series.

    Four love stories all in one without the main characters knowing that they are linked together. I like it. Nothing was force. I love how they find out they are linked together at the end. Nothing was force. Everything work out well.

    Hayley and Nick story was the least interesting to me among the four. I just didn't really care about that relationship as much as I did with the others. Just not my type.

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    The way the series ended was perfect. They didn't have all four main characters meet each other. It was great to see the series end with Uncle and Hayley mom riding off.

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    Looks like TVB are still clamping down on people publishing theme videos even if all that does is generate PR for their series. Their right, I guess, although it's also their loss.

    Is this series worth watching for Tracy Ip? I really do not like Charmaine Sheh and Elvina Kong, but if Tracy's acting has improved and made for a memorable character I might just get this due to the good reviews!

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    Tracy Ip's expression is still minimal most of the time. But, if you are watching for Tracy Ip, give this series a go. This is Tracy's biggest role in a series so far and her character is likable.
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