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Thread: Would the individual stories of KF, HJ, and DY made for good wuxia novels?

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    Default Would the individual stories of KF, HJ, and DY made for good wuxia novels?

    One of the things that makes DGSD special as a wuxia story and work of fiction in general is that it features not one protagonist, but three, and intertwines their stories around several key themes. The manner in which Kiu Fung, Hui Juk, and Deun Yu's individual stories interplay with one another is a quality that sets DGSD apart and makes the story what it is.

    Do you think the individual stories of Kiu Fung, Hui Juk, and Deun Yu would have been good wuxia stories on their own had they *not* been connected? Granted, their individual stories would likely not be as good as the combined DGSD, but would they nevertheless still be good...or work at all?

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    I think that their individual story would make a good novel.

    Not as complex as DGSD, and certainly not like the mainstream JY novels like LOCH or ROCH, but rather JY-lite novel like Linked-City.

    Han SOlo

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    Agree with Han Solo. Each individual story will make a good JY-lite novel.
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    I think that in one TV series, there are sub-plots centering on each main character. So I also agree that each individual story can stand out as a separate novel.

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    probably would although Duan yu's would be a little problematic i.e. stalker ect. ect.

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