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Chen Si Cheng 陈思成
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Thread: Chen Si Cheng 陈思成

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    Default Chen Si Cheng 陈思成

    I'm surprise he doesn't have a thread on spcnet.tv. Thought I should start one on him since he's the lead actor cum screenwriter cum director (= super multi-talented) for Beijing Love Story, which a lot of us have been watching

    Name: 陈思成 / Chen Si Cheng
    Nickname: 橙子 / Cheng Zi
    Profession: Actor, singer and director
    Birthdate: 1978-Feb-22
    Birthplace: Shenyang, Liaoning, China
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 70kg
    Education: Shanghai Theatre Academy, Central Academy of Drama
    Talent agency: Huayi Brothers

    As an Actor
    Jin Guo Da Jiang Jun/Mulan as Prince Yang Jun (Zhejiang TV, 2012)
    Beijing Love Story as Cheng Feng (Zhejiang TV, 2012)
    Xin Yi Jian Mei/New Twig of Plum as Liang Yong Chang (Jiangsu TV, 2010)
    Pretty Maid as Xiao Qing Yu (Hunan TV, 2010)
    Wang Zhao Jun as Wang Dun (CCTV, 2007)
    Soldiers Sortie as Cheng Cai (Yunnan TV, 2007)
    Beach as Xiao Wei (2003)
    Re Xie Zhong Hun Zhi Du Xing Shi Wei as Zhu Yi Jun (CCTV, 2003)

    As a Director

    Beijing Love Story (Zhejiang TV, 2012)

    As a Screenwriter
    Beijing Love Story (Zhejiang TV, 2012)

    TV Series Theme Songs

    Gu Shi Gu Shi (故事故事) Story Story, Beijing Love Story insert song (2012)
    Shi Jian (时间) Time, Beijing Love Story insert song (2012)
    Chen Yuan (尘缘), Pretty Maid opening theme song singer, lyricist and songwriter (2010)
    Nian Qing Wu Ji Xian (年轻无极限) Youth is Limitless, Beach insert song (2003)

    Chen Si Cheng as Prince Yang Jun in Mulan vs modern.
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    I love Chen Si Cheng, thank you for posting Chen Si Cheng

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