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Thread: Syria protesters attack Chinese embassy in Libya in response to the Chinese vetoes

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    Default Syria protesters attack Chinese embassy in Libya in response to the Chinese vetoes

    Syria protesters attack Chinese embassy in Libya
    Tripoli - Syrian and Libyan protesters attacked the Chinese embassy in Libya in Monday, in response to the Chinese vetoes of the in response to the Chinese vetoes of the UNSC proposal on Syria
    After hurling eggs, rocks and tomatoes at the embassy the mob took a break to respect the Muslim prayer hour.

    Following an attack on the Russian embassy in Libya on Sunday, protesters turned their attention to the Chinese embassy on Monday. Demonstrators, comprising Libyans and Syrians, enraged by the Chinese-Russian veto of the UN proposal over Syria, attacked the Tripoli based Chinese embassy but were prevented from storming inside.
    According to Reuters protesters hurled rocks, tomatoes and eggs at the embassy. They also succeeded in smashing several windows and spraying graffiti on the building. No embassy staff were hurt in the attack as security forces managed to keep the mob at bay.


    Do China make the right decision to veto the UNSC proposal on Syria?

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    What is the UN proposal that China-Russia vetoed?
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    Why can't people "take a step back and enjoy the great plain and sky"? Why can't they mind their own business and leave the authority alone?

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