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Thread: Three in one Parody, BU Bu Jing Xin, Gong and Huan Zhu Ge Ge

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    Talking Three in one Parody, BU Bu Jing Xin, Gong and Huan Zhu Ge Ge

    If Zhang Xiao or Qingchuan come to Xiao Yan Zi's Body, Would She become Huan Zhu Ge Ge?

    Qingchuan tossed her body on the bed, left, right, left, right, she felt bored has been along day staying in bed. She pressed number in her cell phone but no one picked her call. If only her mom did not forbid her to touch computer, now she would have played GTA, she loved violent so much, she’s so addicted to full blood chopped bodies, and felt satisfied if someone died before her, unfortunately she couldn’t kill someone in real life, how much she wanted to kill someone without getting arrested, and her number one target was her handsome fiancé. “He is not bald, I want bald guy as my fiancé, I always drooling whenever I see shiny bald forehead, that because I never see my own bald butt,” she took a long sighed,” May be I’m not belong this era!”

    Then she turned on tv, she flipped the channel to Hunan TV, it reran Huan Zhu Ge Ge again, “TV definitely need other Qing dynasty series, I want more bald princes! One Wu Age isn’t enough for me, and his character’s not challenging at all, so composed, I suck on wild guy!” and then she got bored again watching old Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Her eyes widened when infotainment reported behind the scene remake Huan Zhu Ge Ge, the reporter was interviewing the little cheerful girl with mole in her chin, “From your face, I guess you play as Concubine Ling, do you?” asked the dumb new reporter.

    “Don’t you see my cute tassels in my hair do? Does Concubine Ling wear them?” Her cheerfulness turned to angst.

    “Ehm, sorry, I don’t see you wearing pants, so you just cameo, where is the next little swallow?” The reporter blushed, how embarrassing not recognize a maid and thought her as a concubine.

    “SHE IS RIGHT BEFORE YOU!” Li Sheng roared with flame as her background. The reporter frightened and ran away from her in a blink of eyes. Seeing the flame around Li Sheng, Benjamin headed to her with beef in his hand. “XYZ don’t cease your fire! I want make barbeque, “ He said with excellent American accent.

    “Don’t worry, I have to prolong it along the story, my XYZ would become the hottest XYZ!” She grinned happily to Benjamin but smirked as she peeked on Zhang Rui. “I miss my delicious pork because his belief!”
    Back to Qingchuan

    “Bullshit! This remake will be biggest trash, the white guy will ruin the nice story, and this is not historically accurate! I have to come to the shooting location and fix it, I won’t let Qiong Yao butchered her masterpiece, if Yu Zheng will, I don’t care, he still young and has many women, but Qiong Yao is just widower!"

    After that she flopped down from the window and went heading to fake forbidden city to find the shooting crew.

    Her mom opened her door room, and surprised that she didn’t find her daughter, “Oh my, as I thought before, she run away, I should lock her window with super big padlock, I have to find another Qingchuan to replace her!” She mumbled. She didn’t regret Qingchuan left, she just move on preparing her biggest dream, make engagement party at her antique gallery, “My will unstoppable” Mrs. Luo laughed menacingly.

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????
    Qingchuan strode to the fake palace, her sweat was streamed all over body, “Uh so hot, why don’t they make greenery shades at first, this is so plain and dull, all of the cherry trees are plastic, shame, shame, shame!”

    The scene was being shot the duel between Xiao Yan Zi and Saiya, XYZ swung her sword encounter Saiya’s whip. Qingchuan ran toward them, and shouted, “Li Sheng you should use 9 sections chain rather than sword, or don’t you have Vicki’s persistent to mastering that weapon?” QC sneered her.

    “Of course I could, but the director told me to use sword, how could I don’t comply his order? Why do you brag other people, can you use the 9 sections chain yourself? Dare you beat me with that weapon, ha?”

    Suddenly, from nowhere Li Sheng threw 9 sections chain to QC, and she caught it gracefully like pro. Li Sheng had been trained by martial art director, and she practiced sword stance every day so she would become most capable XYZ, it’s easy to defeated CQ who just relied on her gut to move the chain. She couldn’t control her chain to attack Li Sheng and end up hurt herself, knew that her enemy idle, she stabbed her.

    “Cruuut!” blood splattered her body. She laid lifeless and moveless on the ground. Then siren roared along the road brought culprits to be jailed. The HZGG remake was over, all the crew become suspects murder case, they are proven had the killing happen.

    A flying soul drifted in time tunnel on jet speed before the tunnel shaking violently. It’s belong to Qingchuan. Suddenly she landed very smoothly in soft bed but everything turn black at QC eyes, she could not see, but she could feel the pain in her chest.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++
    Zhang Xiao strolled after work, she looked for antic box for caging her cat. Her destination was an antique gallery which open premiere today, it gave 99% discount today! She smiled as she arrived the gallery, the gallery was full red banners and red bow. She smiled admiring the gallery decoration. “If only I were the owner!” while she thought it before someone grab her hand and drag her from behind, the attacker has paralyzed her nerve, so she couldn’t defend nor scream.

    The crazy old woman dressed her a nice red dress, and she could only glare her rude action. “You forget your name and your name is Qingchuan now! Qingchuan, Qingchuan, Qingchuan my beloved daughter!” The old woman swung her pendulum to hypnotized Zhang Xiao. After that she led the Zhang Qiao or the new Qingchuan to the gallery.
    Zhang Xiao smiled at the boy who claiming his self as QC’s fiancé, as he kiss her hand. “The boy’s so handsome, QC must be stupid girl, she run away from such hunk,” she thought. Then she sightseeing the antique in gallery. Everyone peered her as she strolling around gallery with disbelief look.

    “QC you must be in Korea lately, a full jewelry lady approached her, her face full surprised seeing the new QC.
    “I work at office along week, Why I should go to Korea?” Zhang Xiao wondered.

    “Your face change a lot!” She studied ZX face closely.
    “Is it better?” ZX pointed her face.

    “No, you are getting uglier, but never mind, you seems being nicer to me,” replied Old Lady.

    “Thank, you flatter me so much!” She smiled happily.

    Zhang Xiao was humming happily, she got new lad and rich in law, she wandering around the gallery, her eyes widened when she saw an ink washed painting on the wall. Ma Er Tai Ruo Xi, the name is written under the woman painting, “Someone has painted me without my permit, so that would be ok, if I get my picture back to my home,” She wanted to grab the painting but it flew away outside the gallery. She ran after it, ran, ran, and ran like catching flying kite.

    The gallery attendant didn’t recognize ZX as new QC, so she shouted when someone tried to grab the most precious painting in gallery, “Someone stole the painting!” She ran after to catch ZX hoping she would get prize for Mrs. Luo for catching a thief.

    Another one parroted her, “Thief, thief!” Everyone attention changed to the voices, and flocking outside gallery to help the attendant catch thief.

    The painting flew away to the forest, but Zhang Xiao was near-sighted so it so blur to watch the painting away. Instead went to the forest she headed to bustling street. She pondered while ran, where did the painting fly away? Then a painful spell stroke her, she flew away like the painting, before she hit the billboard, and electrocuted by wild wire. Her soul flew away left her body, it flew to very long tunnel, it’s the longest tunnel that she ever went through

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    Mr.dingdong :ha ha it's really cross over! Zhang Xiao become Qing Chuan, I really like the way QC get in to past, murdered by New Xiao Yan Zi then go to real Xiao Yan Zi body!
    Cheerrry : discount 99%??? i don't want read this lousy fanfic, i will go to antique straight now!!!
    MRs.Luo : Why my attendant don't recognize ZX as QC?? did I failed hypnotized her?

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