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Thread: Student, 19, sacked by Chinese restaurant for being WHITE wins £5,000

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    Default Student, 19, sacked by Chinese restaurant for being WHITE wins £5,000

    Student, 19, sacked by Chinese restaurant for being WHITE wins £5,000 race discrimination case

    • David O'Neill's hours dropped after new manager was brought in

    He has now won a £5,000 pay-out after it found he had been discriminated against.Mr O’Neill started working at the Ocean Dragon restaurant, in the centre of Birmingham, in May 2010. When a Chinese manager took over in October that year, he cut Mr O’Neill’s shifts from 25 hours a week to six – and eventually to nothing.

    The student asked for more work, but he was ‘fobbed off’ and told there was none.Signs inside the restaurant’s staff areas had been changed into Chinese so he could not understand them.The final straw came when he found out that one of the Chinese employees had racked up a 60-hour week. He was told by a fellow employee: ‘You’ve got no chance of getting any more hours – they’re all going to the new staff.’

    Mr O’Neill, who studies at Staffordshire University, said: ‘I was quite happy to work alongside the Chinese staff even though I was the only non-Chinese employee.‘But the manager obviously wasn’t happy working with me.‘I felt I was being discriminated against because I was white. I was frustrated, angry and upset. They were treating me in a manner which was clearly racist.

    Do you think he shall be sacked of being White in Chinese restaurant ,anyways is normal when you see Chinese working in western restaurant while is odd to see white working in Chinese restaurant,agree?

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    He should not be sacked because of his skin color. I'm happy that he won the lawsuit.
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    very sad, he shouldn't be discriminated because of his skin color.

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    Sadly, discrimination will always be a part of us no matter what. I'm glad he won though.
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