As you're all no doubt aware, Wuxiapedia is pretty awesome. But it hasn't been updated in a long time, for whatever reason, and so it's never lived up to its potential, or to the goal it set out in its About page:

Wuxiapedia aims to be a knowledge base of this genre by providing the database and tools for fans to contribute and share their knowledge and passion of fictions, adaptations and related topics to wuxia.
That page also quotes Ken Cheng's post which started the idea for Wuxiapedia.

It was a great idea then, and it's still a great idea, so I present to you another attempt to realize this goal: Wuxia Wiki. It uses Mediawiki, the same wiki software that Wikipedia uses.

Right now it's pretty basic. I've set up a couple sections on the frontpage, but I want everyone to feel free to add whatever sections/content you feel the wiki should have. As with Wikipedia, we can use the Talk pages to talk about changes when needed.

So basically, Wuxia Wiki is an attempt to continue where Wuxiapedia left off by making it so anyone can add content to the wiki. The focus with Wuxia Wiki is to take the information aspect of Wuxiapedia and expand on it; its focus will not be on providing a repository of translations, though it can be used for that as well if translators want to upload there work there. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing page after page of information about books by many wuxia authors, and page after page of discussion of terms relevant to wuxia. Hopefully this project will help to revive interest in wuxia and perhaps lead to more translations.