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Thread: Battle Among the Clans

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    Default Battle Among the Clans

    Finally got to re-watching this series after seeing it 20+ years ago. Great series, fantastic acting, love Eddie Kwan in here. Okay, as usual, I've got several questions. Hopefully, someone here remembers this series well enough to help me out. TIA!

    1) can someone interpret the poetry at the end for me? My Chinese isn't advanced enough, sadly, to understand that last bit.

    2) how did the bombs get on the boat? It seemed like the Macau woman surprised Hing and Gwan so how could they have planted the bombs?

    3) what do you think happens after the ending? Think Gwan will marry Wan-Chi and live a crime-free life? Or do you think he'll go back to the US alone? I'm inclined to think the former.

    4) was there a scene where shu-mei rejects the proposal from that suitor? It was probably cut out from my set. If so, what did she tell him?

    5) when shu-mei was dying, Gwan promised her that he wouldn't seek revenge but didn't he break that promise by going after her killer? I guess, is it because he went back to help his father, that he wasn't avenging her death?

    6) was there a scene in the show where the 4 brothers got along they way they did at the end of the title song? If so, I must have missed it or it was again cut.

    Thanks again for your help!
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    Default Battle Among the Clans

    What? Chow Yun Fat plays Eddie Kwan's adopted father? In real life, they're only 7 years apart. Chow Yun Fat even looks too young to have the son and daughter in this series. Just some early observations from episode 1.

    Ken, did you watch this one?
    I just love how you Captivate My Mind

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