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    This is probably a few years old, but if anyone has not yet seen this anime- Baccano

    Please do so.

    Free view at youtube by funimation

    Series about a group of immortals mainly in the prohibition era, based on hit Japanese light novels.

    Awesomely funny, and poignant too. Caution regarding graphic description of violence.

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    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
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    I watched this series on Netflix dubbed of all things! And I still liked it! The acting was cheesy in English, but the story and the old 1800's theme to it is really cool. It's also short for a series and quick and easy to watch. I highly recommend it as well.

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