PM from poster RedCatWithASword


I'm a non-Chinese speaker who has taken upon himself and a few other fans of the cartoon "Hong Mao Lan Tu Qi Xia Zhuan" to promote that said cartoon to the rest of the world through the production/ public-release of English Fansubs of the entire series. We are in need of help with the creation of these subtitles, and I would like to request for such help on the forums here. We specifically need time code editors and translators. As it is a wuxia-based cartoon, does that go in the wuxia translations forum, or does it still go to the anime forum? If there is no applicable place that my requests can go on this site, do you know of any place that I can post it on?

If you'd like, we've completed the first 10 episodes; here's a playlist for them if you're interested in seeing what we've done so far: