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    The Empire looks at a man and gives him a label; heroes and villains, but names alone can never explain the price of these roads. How could these words explain Koshin's loneliness, Kenshuko's losses, or Kutsu's ghosts? The world would never accept the truth of the world that we "heroes" live in. To believe in us, it cannot.

    They walk their own road. They fight their own battles.

    For them, that is enough.

    Mirumoto Nikkan

    This is from the epilogue 3 of the novel sword master found in the link below..

    Dear all,

    I came across this novel long back.. and read it some 5 years ago.. accidentally found the link again and wanted to upload the entire novel.. but since i am unsure about the copyright issues, rules and regulations about directly copying and pasting, so thought it is better to post the link..

    It's an awesome sword fighting novel..

    Change the number from 1.htm to 2.htm and so on till chapter 65..

    there are 3 epiloges as well

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    Another novel! .... thanks for the link .. it has been quite quiet around here ....

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