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Thread: Agent X ft. Tang Yan and Luo Jin

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    Default Agent X ft. Tang Yan and Luo Jin


    • Title: X女特工 / X Nu (Nv) Te Gong
    • English title: Agent X
    • Genre: Action idol drama
    • Episodes: 30
    • Broadcast network: TBA
    • Broadcast period: TBA

    During a mission, Zhong Li and her superior, an elite agent by the name of He Jun Feng accidentally met. Two wholly different people are seemingly pulled together by fate, and sparks of love result. They are quarrelsome lovers, and often argue;yet they are a couple whether in life or death,will help each other without reason at critical moments, and risk their lives to finish one mission after the other. Yet...dangerous fights, suffocating betrayals, a fated love story and the dazzling society....everything will be ready soon.

    Production Credits

    • Production company: CGP

    • Filming period: 2012-Jan-30 start
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    Whoa whoa whoa Luo Jin is in this too?!!! XD (Not to mention I also like the second female lead, Lv Yi!)

    Ok, officially excited for this now! I usually don't watch modern-day Asian dramas but I do love spy/agent flicks and also love this cast, so I am suckered in. ^_^ I hope this is sufficiently exciting and intriguing!

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    Haha, although Beauty in Troubled Times hasn't aired yet, for some reason I actually like Luo Jin/Tang Yan better than Roy/Tang Yan. I don't do real life shipping anyway, and I don't really tv-ship them like I do with Shi-harem, but I feel like I may like their chemistry better.

    Or maybe it's because I like Luo Jin?

    Although, tbh, I do think Lv Yi as an actress has a bit more depth than TY usually.

    click to show/hide spoilers

    Oh gawd, I just watched the Beauty in Troubled Times Trailer 1, and there's a scene in 1.33 that's exactly like how 17 Prince was with Lian Er. Now I'm praying the show wouldn't be tacky, although I wasn't expecting much but I like the trio. Now I hope TY's character's not a typical republican era Mary Sue. But I suppose that's not a bad thing considering her penchant for little demon girls and cute bubbly types (as noted aptly by one spcnet user)

    Luo Jin's not usually the type of guy to be attractive to me either but idk > ..

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    More stills and BTS, starting page 3.
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